The Barber 9


 The Barber 9

I staggered to my feet, drained and fucked almost raw. Nancy reached out and made a grab for my flagging cock as it passed.

“No, baby,” I moaned. “Not right now. You girls have wiped me out. ”

This comment started a storm of protests from my now four lovers.

“But Daddy!” Alexis exclaimed. “You have to do Raven now! You promised!”

“Yeah,” Raven chimed in. “It's my turn! I want you to fuck my butt!”

“Aw,” Nancy chided, grinning and stroking my shaft. “Is your big cock all tired? Did the sex-starved little girls wear you out?”

Natalie just lay there, looking up at me, expectantly. Her mother had just agreed to let me fuck her adolescent ass, taking her anal cherry. She obviously didn't want Nancy to change her mind.

“Girls, I need a break,” I said. “I'm sorry. I've cum more times in the last two days than in the past two years. Let's go get something to eat.

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“Stay here, girls,” Nancy said, climbing out of bed to stand naked beside me. I was struck again by just how tiny she is – barely reaching my shoulder – as she grabbed my hand and led me out of the room.

“Natalie is very serious about losing her anal virginity,” Nancy said, once we were out of earshot. “I'm not saying you have to do her right now, but is there any way to appease her? And she has to be prepared. You can't just shove that big thing of yours up her ass like you did to me. You'd rip her in half. ”

I thought for a moment, coming up with an idea. I went to Alexis room, where I found the bag of anal toys I'd bought earlier. Grabbing the bag, I carried it with me to my bedroom, where we found the girls moaning and groaning in a daisy chain on the middle of my bed.

“God, I've created three monsters,” I said, grinning at Nancy. “Three, young, sex-starved monsters. Break it up, girls. I have to work with Natalie for a few minutes. ”

“Goodie!” the youngest girl said. “I'm going to get my butt fucked!”

“Yes and no,” I said.

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   I went on to explain that she had to be loosened up first. I reached into the bag.

“That's where these come in, baby girl,” I said, pulling a set of butt plugs from the bag. “I need to put one of these inside you and you need to keep it there for a while. Roll over on your stomach. ”

Natalie did as she was instructed and Nancy climbed on the bed beside her. Natalie lay her head in her mother's lap, for the first time looking apprehensive.

I sat down on the other side of the pair, taking the bottle of lubricant from the bedside table. I placed the tip between the young girl's cheeks, squirting a generous amount of the viscous liquid onto her delicate flesh.

“Oooh,” Natalie groaned. “That's cold!”

“Relax, sweetheart,” Nancy said, rubbing her daughter's back gently. “It'll warm up soon. I promise. ”

I started gently working my fingers around the rim of the tight, young ass in front of me, eliciting moans of pleasure. Nancy and the other girls watched, fascinated, as I started working the tip of my finger just inside her sphincter.



Nancy groaned as I slowly worked my finger into her ass, arching her hips slightly to make the penetration easier. I slid slowly in and out, adding just a bit at a time, until my finger was buried to the knuckle in her tight shitter.

“Oh, god,” she moaned. “That feels … weird. Good, but weird. ”

As I worked my finger slowly in and out of her young daughter's ass, Nancy slid off the bed, dropped to her knees in front of me and started working my cock with her sucking mouth. I was pretty sure even Nancy's oral talents weren't going to be enough to restore my erection without several hours rest – or chemical assistance.

Meanwhile, Raven and Alexis decided to get in on the act as well. My daughter picked up one of the toys laying around the bed, rolled her older friend onto her back and started working the device into Raven's bald pussy.

Natalie was moaning constantly now as I worked my finger slowly and gently in her ass. I could feel my cock trying to stiffen in Nancy's sucking mouth. With my free hand, a stroked Natalie's back, then reached around and cupped her tiny tits.

“Oh, yeah,” the young girl moaned. “Oh, yeah. That feels good.

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   I like that. Pinch my boobies. Mmmm, yeah, like that. ”

Natalie started arching her back. She pulled herself forward and slamming down onto my finger, fucking herself harder as I felt her sphincter relaxing.

I picked up the smallest plug, about twice as big around as my finger, a slowly slid it into her ass. Nancy groaned a little bit as it widened out, stretching her hole wider before it snapped shut around the shaft, locking it into her ass. I gave her a little swat on the butt as it seated itself deep in her bowels.

“OK,” I said, standing and pulling my semi-hard cock out of Nancy's sucking mouth. “Who's for some breakfast?”

“I had my morning sausage,” Nancy said, pouting. “I want it back. ”

“Later, greedy,” I said, pulling her to her feet. “Food now. I'm famished. ”

She rose on her tiptoes, pulled my head down and gave me a kiss that would wake the dead, driving her tongue deep into my mouth.

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“Come on, girls,” Nancy said, breaking away. “Breakfast. ”

Natalie rolled over onto her back to sit up, wincing as the plug was driven deeper into her ass by her own weight. Alexis popped the vibrator out of Raven's dripping pussy, leaving her friend panting, humping at the air.

“Oh, shit!” Raven moaned. “I was just about to cum, too. ”

I pulled a pair of shorts on to, um, remove temptation from their sight. Also, I didn't relish the idea of having my goodies flopping around where they might get hit by flying grease. The girls remained naked, much to my delight.

Still complaining, Raven rose to her feet at Alexis' urging. Natalie, too, stood and, walking a bit bow-legged, followed the rest of the group down the hall and into the kitchen.

“Oh, that feels weird,” Natalie said. “How long do I have to keep it up there? It's moving around every time I take a step. ”

“Does it hurt?” I asked, concerned.

“No,” she said, thoughtfully.

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   “It really feels good, once you get used to it. It's kinda like what your cock feels like in my pussy. ”

The girls sat around the big table in the kitchen while I got to cooking and Nancy pulled milk and juice from the refrigerator before starting the coffee. Natalie lowered herself delicately into the chair, squirming around trying to find a comfortable position with the base of the plug pressed into the cushion.

Soon, I was serving up hot pancakes with lots of butter and syrup, with bacon and sausage on the sides. The food was attacked with gusto as we all set about replenishing our oh so wonderfully depleted energy reserves.

Once everything was gone, the girls loaded up the dishwasher and set the cycle, Natalie walking almost normally as she adjusted to her anal invader. At one point Alexis, with an almost-evil grin on her face, pinned the younger girl against the edge of the sink. She slid her hand down her friend's back and pushed hard against the base of the plug, making Natalie groan deep in her throat.

“Ummm,” Natalie said. “Oh, shit! That feels good!”

“Alexis, stop it,” I said. “Don't torture your friend. ”

“But, Daddy,” she began.

“But, Daddy, nothing,” I said firmly. “Back to work.

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“Yes, Daddy,” Alexis said, releasing her younger friend.

“But, I liked it!” Natalie said.

“Please, I feel like I could cum any minute! Can't I cum?”

“Not right now, baby,” Nancy said. “So, what are we going to do now?” she asked me.

“Um,” Natalie interrupted, sounding embarrassed. “I, um, have to go to the bathroom. The thing in my butt's in the way. ”

Nancy looked at me. “I'll handle it,” she said.

I motioned her to come closer and whispered in her ear, instructing her to use the next larger size plug when Natalie was finished. Looking over, I noted Raven and Alexis looked tired. I ordered them back to bed, telling them Natalie would be joining them when she was done in the bathroom.

“Rest,” I said. “No fooling around. Understand?”

“Yes, Daddy,” they said in unison.

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I went looking for Nancy and Natalie, following Alexis and Raven down the hall, enjoying the sight of their little naked asses twitching as they walked. I kissed them both before they turned in to Alexis' room and watched them collapse on the bed. They were asleep in seconds, Raven spooning against Alexis' back, a hand cupping one of my baby's tits.

Nancy was standing outside the door to the bathroom, looking equally exhausted. Natalie was still inside, she said. She'd given her daughter the larger butt plug with instructions to put it in herself or call one of us if she had problems.

Almost as soon as the words were out of her mouth, the bathroom door opened and Natalie came out, once again walking slightly bow-legged with the larger toy buried in her preteen ass.

“It fit,” she said, her voice slightly strained at the new sensations. “It's spreading my butt really wide. Will I be able to take your cock there soon?”

“Yes, baby,” I said, gathering her and her mother into my arms. “Right now, though, let's go lie down and get some rest. ”

We all three climbed into my bed, Nancy in front of me, sandwiched between my body and her daughter's. My still-recovering cock was nestled between the cheeks of Nancy's ass and my hand cupped a soft-yet-firm breast.

I woke a few hours later. It was still light outside, but it obviously was much later in the day.

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   I couldn't immediately register where I was. All I knew was I'd been having a wonderful, highly-erotic dream.

As my sleep-fogged brain cleared I realized it wasn't a dream. There was a hot, wet mouth wrapped around my rock-hard cock, tight lips sliding up and down the shaft, a rough tongue moving around the head.

I looked down and saw the beaming face of Natalie, a look of pure lust in her eyes. Nancy was nowhere to be found. She returned moments later, drying her hair, obviously just out of the shower.

“Oh, good,” she said. “You're up. ”

“In more ways than one,” I groaned, relishing the newly-discovered cock sucking skills of her young daughter. “I was having an amazing dream. Reality is better. ”

Nancy laughed.

“I wondered how long you could stay asleep with her doing that,” she said. “And it looks like you're all recharged.

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“Um, yeah,” I moaned. “But if she keeps that up I'm going to lose that charge soon. ”

“Nat, if you want Daddy to fuck you in the ass, you'd better stop now,” Nancy chided.

My cock surged hearing her call me Daddy again. It took all my willpower not to fill the young girl's sucking mouth with my tongue. She pulled away with an audible pop, licking her lips.

“OK, Mommy,” Natalie said. “Can you take this thing out of my butt and put this thing in it, please?”

Nancy and I laughed. The petite girl was insatiable. Lucky me.

“Lay down on your stomach,” Nancy instructed. “Pull a pillow under your hips to raise your butt in the air. ”

As soon as Natalie was positioned to her satisfaction, Nancy grabbed the end of the butt plug, twisting it around in her daughter's ass. Natalie groaned deep in her throat, almost a growl of pleasure, as her mother slowly slid the toy from her depths.

As soon as the tool was free, I went down to inspect Natalie's ass as Nancy left the room, carrying the slightly-soiled plug to the bathroom.


   I heard water running as she apparently rinsed the toy before returning with a damp, warm cloth and wiped the slightly-open entrance to Natalie's bowels.

“Mmmm, Mommy,” Natalie moaned, pressing her ass against her mother's hand. “That feels good. ”

“Just relax, baby,” Nancy said. “Daddy's going to go very slowly. Be sure and tell us if anything he does hurts too much. ”

I picked up the lube as Nancy stepped away and sat in a chair across the room. She pulled her feet up onto the seat, spread her pussy open with her fingers and started lazily toying with her slit as I prepared to fuck her preteen daughter's ass for the first time.

I looked closely at the young girl's hole. It was definitely more open than it had been that morning when I pressed my finger where my cock was about to go. Before I applied the lube, I leaned down and placed a kiss on each kiss before running the tip of my tongue through her crack and over her back door.

Natalie jumped as she felt my tongue pass across her anus and pressed her ass back against my face. I slipped my right hand around her thigh, teasing her hairless pussy with my finger tips, sliding one inside her still-tight vaginal portal.

I ate her ass as I fingered her pussy and had the young cutie writhing and moaning in no time. Natalie had been aroused for so long, stimulated by the butt plugs and anticipation, it didn't take her long to cum, squirting her youthful juices onto my tongue.

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“Oh, Daddy!” she cried. “Oh, shit! Oh, fuck, I'm cumming!”

“Mmmm,” Nancy moaned from across the room. “Mmmmmeeee ttttoooooo!”

My cock was throbbing, leaking copious amounts of precum onto the sheets as I licked and fingered Natalie's most sensitive flesh. Keeping my finger buried in her pussy, I squirted a generous amount of lube directly into her spit-soaked asshole, working it in with my thumb as I prepared her for my cock.

Her ass was still so tight. I questioned again if she'd be able to take my adult cock in her tiny body. I kept working my thumb in and out of her ass, adding more and more lube to her hole, until it was dripping down her pussy.

“Please, fuck my ass!” Natalie cried. “God, I'm sooo hot! Fuck my baby butt!”

“Yeah, Daddy,” Alexis said behind me. “Fuck her butt. ”

I turned to find Raven and my daughter standing in the doorway, Alexis standing in front of her friend, their bodies pressed tightly together as they leaned against the frame. Raven had one hand buried between Alexis' legs, probing her pussy. My daughter's hand was behind her obviously returning the favor.

“You sure about this, baby?” I asked Natalie. “It could still hurt some.

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   My cock is bigger than either plug you wore today. ”

“Yes, Daddy,” the youngster said, arching her back more to get more of my finger into her pussy and my thumb in her ass.

“I've, like, never been more sure of anything in my life!”

I pulled my digits from her body and squirted more lube into the palm of my hand, smearing it along the tight skin of my raging cock. I marveled at the look of the shaft, the head an almost-angry purple, veins throbbing in time with the beat of my heart.

After wiping my hand on the towel Nancy had left on the bed, I grasped Natalie's slim, almost-boyish hips, spreading the cheeks of her ass with my thumbs. I instructed Natalie to take my cock in her tiny hand and guide it into position.

She quickly slotted the head of my cock against her puckered sphincter. She pushed back as soon as it was in position. This drove about half the large, plum-shaped head through the protective ring of muscle. We groaned in unison at the sensation.

“God, Daddy!” Nat said. “That's sooo big!”

“Do you want me to stop, baby?” I asked. “Is it too much for you?”

“Aa … almost,” she panted. “Keep going! Put your cock in my butt!”

I pressed forward harder, feeling the full tip of my cock penetrate the young girl's ass. She groaned again, almost a cry of pain, as the head and about an inch of the shaft came to rest inside her rectum, the lubricant easing the passage.



Natalie was unbelievably tight. The walls of her ass gripped my cock, conforming to every curve and ridge of the shaft, as I pressed slowly inside. I started a very slow rhythm, fucking just a millimeter at a time into her backside, gaining depth with each stroke.

A couple of times, Natalie asked me to stop, to give her time to adjust to the new sensations coursing through her body. She never once asked me to pull out, though, determined she was going to take my entire, 7. 5 inch cock into her ass and get fucked just like her mother had.

“Oh, shit,” Nancy moaned. “That is so exciting to watch! You're fucking my baby girl in the ass, just like you fucked me in the ass! How's it feel, baby?”

“Great, Momma!” Natalie groaned in reply. “It feels like I've gotta take a gigantic poop, but … OH!”

As she was talking, I drove the last half-inch of cock into her ass. My pubic hair was pressed tightly against Natalie's upturned ass, my balls rubbing against her pussy and clitoris.

“Ah, FUCK!” Nancy groaned. The sight of her 12-year-old daughter with an adult cock buried in her ass was apparently too much for her. She drove herself over the edge into a crashing orgasm with her fingers.

As Nancy came, I slipped my cock about an inch out of Natalie's ass, then pressed back inside. The young girl groaned as I bottomed out again, prying her ass hole as wide as it would go around the base of my shaft.

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On the other side of the room, Alexis and Raven had collapsed onto the floor, the show on the bed forgotten as they rolled once again into a 69. With Raven on top this time, the two older girls concentrated on giving each other pleasure, even as I increased the rhythm of my thrusts into Natalie's clenching ass.

No coherent words were being spoken. The room was awash in moans and groans, punctuated by the wet sound of fingers and tongues in pussies and the firm slap of thighs on upturned, adolescent ass cheeks. It took me about 10 minutes, but I was eventually giving Natalie a proper ass fuck, my cock sliding in and out of her bowels from head to base.

From her end, Natalie was growling deeply in her throat in time with my thrusts. She pressed herself back against my groin each time I bottomed out, meeting me stroke-for-stroke as I pounded her young ass.

I reached around and cupped her tits with one hand while the other drifted down to her pussy, massaging her clit, pressing a finger inside her snatch. The reaction was almost immediate as Natalie arched up off the bed, an orgasm ripping through her body.

“Oh, FUCK!” she cried again. “Oh, shit! I'm … I'm … Ccc … Cummmmmmiinnnnnnngggg!”

Natalie's young body locked, her muscles tensing, her asshole gripping my cock. I literally couldn't move. Any attempt to pull out of her probably would have filleted the skin from my cock.

Raven and Alexis weren't far behind, the sounds of Natalie's orgasm driving them over the top. They were thrashing around on the floor in each other's arms with lips mashed to pussies as they soaked each other's faces with their girl cum.

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Meanwhile, Natalie's ass muscles were twitching in rapid-fire succession around the shaft of my cock, milking me like a clenching fist. I could feel the cum starting to stir in my balls, a familiar tingling sensation building at the base of my cock.

That tingling suddenly exploded. It rushed up my spine to detonate in my head even as my semen rocketed from my shaft to coat Natalie's bowels, filling her to the brim. Her ass was so tight there was no room for my cum and it was forced back out around the seal of her sphincter to flow down and coat my balls before dripping onto the bed.

“Oh, shit!” I cried as shot after shot of cum flooded Natalie's bowels.

“Gggggrrrrrrhhhhh!” was all she could say in reply.

Nancy came down first, collapsing in the chair, her legs splayed wide with her gaping pussy dripping. She slowly pulled her fingers from her snatch, brought them to her face and licked them clean. I moaned at the sight as I collapsed to the side, dragging Natalie with me, my dribbling cock still buried inside her twitching ass.

“Oh, Daddy,” Natalie and Nancy moaned in unison from opposite sides of the room. The looked across at each other and laughed out loud.

“Mmmm,” Natalie said, snuggling her ass back against me as we curled up on the bed. “I like your cock in my butt, Daddy. Can I keep it there?”

Well, I'm probably going to need it back eventually,” I said.

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   “I mean, your mom is going to want to use it occasionally and I'm sure Raven and Alexis would like to have it, too. ”

“OK,” she said, dreamily. “I guess I can share. ”

With that, she just fell asleep, curled up against me as my spent shaft deflated in her bowels. In the ensuing quiet, Nancy and I looked at each other, then turned our attention to the renewed sounds of pleasure coming from the floor.

Alexis and Raven were still going at each other. Raven was lying on her back, legs spread wide and hooked under Alexis arms. Alexis was perched on Raven's face while pounding a large dildo in and out of her friend's cunt.

“Oh, shit, Rave!” Alexis moaned. “I'm cumming again! Cumming all over your face! God, I love your tongue in my pussy!”

“Mmmph!” Raven moaned, muffled by Alexis' cunt. It was clear she was in the throes of a massive orgasm as well at the hands – and dildo – of my daughter.

I just looked back at Nancy, sitting there with a satisfied grin on her face, and shrugged.

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Croatia is a booming and popular tourist destination in Europe due to its rich cultural history, beautiful coastal towns, and gorgeous natural landscape. There are many possibilities to experience Croatia's various riches, from the historic city of Dubrovnik to the lovely beaches of the Adriatic coast.
During the trips, customers get the chance to see the breathtaking cities of Croatia, pay a visit to historical places, indulge in a broad variety of regional specialties, and travel around the nation to discover its scenic surroundings. In addition, escorted vacations in Croatia are often taken advantage of as the ideal chance to take advantage of the services provided by GFE escorts.