The Beast Within


Gleefully she bounded down the stairs, her still damp hair in a ponytail down her back. Mom was fully decked out in her finest dress, as if she was going to church or something, but Jennie was too happy to worry about it right now. But she noticed her mom staring at her sternly. “What?” she asked, fully knowing ‘what’. But she felt rebellious, and any chance to tick her mom off was welcome. “You are not wearing that!” her mom griped, and Jennie spread her arms innocently. “What, it’s just a t-shirt and jeans?” she hid her grin. She arched her shoulders back, making her perky breasts jut out more. Yeah mom, I am a woman too now, she thought hotly. Your little baby girl is gone! “I bought you a dress just for today, Jennie! Where is it?” her mom asked irritably. “Oh, it’s upstairs, got crinkled,” Jennie replied offhandedly, previously having made sure of that fact by bundling it up into a ball and sitting on it. “Oh… okay,” mom said disappointedly. “Go find something else then, I have bought you many dresses. ” “But what is wrong with this, I wear it all the time?” Jennie said, pushing her luck and enjoying it. Mom glared at her. “I am sure your brother wouldn’t like to see his sister dressed like that! You look like-“ “Like what?” Jennie cut in sharply, but her mother said nothing, just glared angrily at her.


   “I look like what?” Jennie said again, an angry blush on her face as she stood in front of her mother. “Just get in the car before we are late,” her mom ordered, but Jennie stared at her. “No! I want to know what you were going to say!” she yelled angrily. “Get in the car, Jennie!” her mom ordered again, louder this time. “What were you going to call me, mom? A whore? A slut-“ Jennie started, but a hard slap across the face silenced her, and she stared in surprise at her mom, who glared at her still. Mom had NEVER slapped her before! Damn that fucking religious shit! “I told you to get in the car, Jennie,” her mom growled in a low voice. Jennie just turned around, trying to bite down the angry tears as she marched out the door towards the car. “Yes master!” she said angrily, still pushing her defiance. But she heard nothing but her mom closing the front door after them and locking it as she got in the car and angrily slammed the door. She knew she was being a little childish, but the slap across the face had rattled her. “May Jesus forgive you, Jennie!” her mom said through clenched teeth as she got into the car and started it. “I sure hope you don’t make Ronald upset!” Jennie just huffed. “Nothing can be worse that having that ugly name you gave him!” she muttered under her breath. “What was that?!” her mom glared at her. Jennie rolled her eyes.

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   “Oh, nothing mom, nothing,” she gave a fake smile. You bitch! Her mind screamed, but she looked out the window a tear running down her face. Damn her mom for wrecking this day! They left the car in the station parking lot, and Jennie had to hustle to keep up with her mom who almost ran through the vestibule. She barely had time to give a teasing grin to a guy checking her out as they rushed around the corner to track 11 where Ronnie’s train would be. The train was there, and mom stopped dead, composing herself while Jennie scanned the crowd of passengers getting off. She couldn’t see him yet, but there were plenty of people on the train, so he would be out shortly. Absently she pulled the hair band off and whipped her head forward and back again, making her long brown hair flow down her back. Mom just frowned but said nothing, and Jennie grinned. A couple of guys passing by looked at her chest and she defiantly pulled her shoulders back and winked at them teasingly. She could hear them laugh and mumble something, and rolled her eyes. Damn guys were so easy! All you had to do was shake your ass and they fell over themselves like idiots. Her friend Linda said all you had to do was flash your boobs and guys would do anything for you. Maybe she should try it sometime, just for fun. That would REALLY make her mom froth at the mouth! Jennie grinned as she tried to figure out a way to make that happen. “Hey…” a deep voice made both her and her mom whip around, and Jennie stared in shock at her brother.

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   He was standing right there, and neither she nor mom had recognized him. He was wearing a leather jacket and jeans, long shaggy hair, and smoking a cigarette (at least she hoped it was just a cigarette, considering what she had heard about him,) and wearing webbed weightlifter gloves, like a bad copy of the guy in the Breakfast Club movie. What had happened to the brainiac he used to be before? You could throw him in with the dopers at school and he would fit right in! Nervously she smiled and looked at her mom. Don’t go all Jesus on him now! She begged silently, but her mom just smiled happily, tears in her eyes. “Ronald, my boy!” she said bravely and moved forward to hold him, but Ronnie just stood there, his face like a steel mask, and mom hesitated. “Let’s get going, my ass hurts from sitting on those stupid benches,” he said and picked up his suitcase. Jennie knew mom didn’t like foul language, but mom still laughed a little hesitantly. “Of course, I know it was a long trip. Are you hungry? I got your favorite dish ready at home!” mom gabbled on, as if she was lost out in space somewhere. “Yeah,” the cold voice answered as Jennie followed behind silently. She watched the person who was her brother as they got to the car and got in. Jennie took the backseat even without a word from her mother. She felt unreal and out of place. Her brother had been her best friend, her most aggravating pest and big brother ‘I’ll take care of you’ all in one. This person sitting in front of her was like a total stranger.

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   “You won’t believe how long we have waited for today, Ronald! We have SO much to talk about!” her mother babbled happily in the front as Jennie almost had to cry in disappointment of what the day had brought. “Sure thing,” Ronnie answered, and the tone was like a door slamming shut on any further conversation. Jennie heard the flick of a lighter, and she saw her mother’s shoulders tighten, but mom said nothing, just drove as smoke started to fill the car. “Hey, Ronnie, could you open the window, please?” Jennie said timidly, and received a grunt in return, but he rolled the window down, and she caught the appreciative look her mother gave her, and smiled bravely. Then she looked at Ronnie, and saw the hand holding the cigarette shake ever so slightly. Maybe he was nervous too? After all, he hadn’t seen them in four years, and things hadn’t gone too well for him with his father. She hesitantly reached out and put her hand on his shoulder from behind, and felt him tense up a moment before relaxing. There were serious muscles there, she felt. He wasn’t skinny and bony like he used to. “Hey…” he smiled at her, and in his eyes she saw her brother again, and she smiled back. Then the steel doors shut and he turned away again. Jennie kept her hand on his shoulder, squeezing lightly. Her brother was there somewhere, hiding behind the mask. Things would be good again, just like before, she knew it! “Damn, I could use a beer about now!” Jennie gasped as she heard him speak. A quick glance at her mother showed that she too was shocked, and she tensed, waiting for the holy wrath of Jesus and all that jazz, but mom said nothing for a few seconds.

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   “Jim let you drink beer?” she asked quietly after a moment. “Hah! Dad didn’t ‘let’ me do anything. Dad didn’t care… he never fucking cared at all. ” Ronnie said, the dead voice bitter now, and Jennie felt the muscles in his shoulder clench for a moment, and then relax again. “I care, honey,” mom said after a moment, and her hand grazed his arm. “But please don’t use that kind of language. ” “Yep, sure thing, no problem at all, Julia,” he laughed, and Jennie stared at him. Mom never let HER call her by name! And cursing! He was lucky he didn’t get exorcised by the holy church for that! She sat back, looking at her mom. Things were sure going to change! “What kind of beer do you like, Ronald?” Julia asked hesitantly, and Jennie gaped. Her mom talking about beer? Amazing! “The cheapest, and if you call me Ronald again I’ll spit on your windshield, mom,” Ronnie said, and Jennie couldn’t help but laugh. Julia glared at her, but then smiled herself. “I used to buy the cheapest when I was young too,” she chuckled. Then, true to form, she looked up towards the heavens, a contrite look on her face, and Jennie just KNEW she was silently praying for forgiveness. Jennie looked out the window and sighed. Maybe things wouldn’t change that much after all.

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  Jennie hesitantly pushed the door open and went into Ronnie’s room. Mom was downstairs fixing up supper, the special dish for him, and they had left him alone to get things organized, think and get used to things. He stood with his back to her, his jacket thrown carelessly on the bed, and his naked arms gleamed. The black tank top had some sort of skull design on the back, and she saw him idly taking a drink of the beer in his hand. If she hadn’t seen her mom go into the gas station and buy a six pack of Budweiser she would never have believed it, but Julia had been smiling the whole time and the other 5 beers were now in the fridge getting cold. “How you been, Jen?” Ronnie asked, still with his back to her, and Jennie hesitated, then moved up beside him. She smiled uncertainly at him, and he grinned at her. Then he put the beer down and threw the remains of his smoke out the window before he suddenly grabbed her and squeezed her so hard she lost her breath. She felt his powerful chest mashing her breasts, and even though he did smell a little of sweat from the long trip, there was another scent… a scent of man that somehow touched her. Curiously she sniffed it again before he let her go. Grinning he sat down on the bed, grabbing his coat and throwing it over his shoulder to make room for her. She smiled uncertainly, a little disturbed by the way the scent had affected her, and her eyes fell on the can of beer. Before he could say anything she grabbed it and drank deeply, the fizz burning her throat and making her couch a little, and he laughed. “Ease up, sis, you gotta have a few down before you can just chug it!” “Sorry,” she said sheepishly as she wiped the dregs off her lips. “Mom would kill me if she saw that,” and she giggled foolishly like a little girl.

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   “She doesn’t let me drink. ” “Oh, in that case, finish it,” he grinned and pushed the can at her mouth. “I got more downstairs. ” Jennie pushed the can aside and chuckled. “No… she will smell it on my breath, and then all hell breaks loose!” Ronnie turned away, messing with his coat. “One tic-tac a day keeps bad breath away!” he said in a high pitched voice and Jennie started laughing, remembering the stupid commercial. She looked at the can of beer in his hand. It didn’t really taste good. It was actually rather gross, but he was smiling at her and handing it to her, so she hesitantly took it. Her first taste of beer was still on her lips, and jumping into it she put the can to her mouth and started drinking. She didn’t rush it like the first time, and it actually went down rather smoothly. It still tasted like carbonated piss, though. Ronnie grinned at her and handed her a couple of tic-tacs. She smiled bravely as she put the empty can down and took them. Anything to get that taste out of her mouth.

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   She could feel the warmth of it in her stomach, slowly spreading through her body. “Hey, Rona… Hey Ronnie and Jennie! Dinner is ready!” mom yelled from downstairs and Jennie quickly popped the tic tacs in her mouth. “Chew them and flush them around in your mouth,” Ronnie grinned as he stood up. Jennie nodded as she watched him, the strange feeling in her gut, the same feeling she had gotten when smelling him. He seemed oblivious to it though, and just grinned at her as they headed down the stairs. A loud scream jarred her out of sleep and she bolted out of bed as a loud crashing noise came from downstairs. For a moment she stood outside the door listening, but there were no more sounds. She looked at the alarm clock and saw it was 2. 26 am just as she heard her mother’s bedroom door open and close. Quickly she went out in the hallway, looking at her mother who headed down the stairs quickly, wearing her nightgown and a robe. They could both see light from the livingroom, and hesitantly approached. As they turned the corner, they saw Ronnie in front of the stereo system wearing what looked like just a pair of black sweatpants. “Oh, sorry, the volume was a little too high,” he grinned as he noticed them. Jennie just stared at him, the weird tingle in her gut insistent now as her eyes caressed his chest. Julia frowned at him.

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   “What are you listening to, son?” she asked as they both heard the metal music. Ronnie grinned and stretched, making the tingle in Jennie’s gut howl. She could feel the tingle going up to her breasts now too, and looked nervously at her mom. What was wrong with her? She had never felt like this! “Oh, just some Iron Maiden,” he chuckled, and Jennie knew that wouldn’t be popular with Julia. But Julia just smiled uncertainly. “Maybe you should go to bed, Rona- Ronnie,” she suggested. “It is very late. ” “Ah… well… not all that tired yet,” he replied and she shrugged. “Just keep the sound down, then. And I will see you tomorrow,” she smiled at him before turning and walking up the stairs. Jennie stepped forward, eager to hang with him, and saw his momentary glance at her body. She was wearing her regular night clothes, a pair of panties and a cut off tank top, and she blushed deeply red as she crossed her arms, covering her breasts. But the look was gone, replaced with the steel mask, and she stammered hesitantly. “I’ll just go and… I’ll just go,” she stuttered and fled up the stairs to her room. Breathing heavily she leaned against her door, the fire between her legs almost driving her insane.

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   Her own brother! She must be sick! Almost without thinking her hand went between her legs, cupping her pussy and pressing against it, and she gasped as the fire blossomed into a raging storm. Fighting it she removed her hand, her knees shaking. “No… no… I am not like that… no…” she argued with herself as her hand again moved, seeking to ease the pressure.
    Her head leaned back against the door as the raging storm demanded something from her. “Just… just a moment…” she sighed as her hand rubbed hesitantly. Ohhh… his arms around her earlier… the gleam of the light over his naked chest… The hand between her legs became more forceful, and her knees shook. Denying it, fighting it all the way her hand slipped into her panties, and her fingers touched her clit. “Ohhhmmmfff…” she groaned, her other hand over her mouth as her fingers danced over her groin. Her mouth opened and she bit her arm to keep from making sound as the hunger drove her higher and higher until her pussy exploded with pleasure and she sank helplessly down the door, her legs unable to hold her up as the quivers shot through her. Her arm fell limply from her mouth as she breathed heavily, the flashes in her head slowly fading. Oh GOD that was amazing! When she had caught her breath again she got to her feet, her knees still shaking. Idly she looked at her arm, and was amazed at the deep teeth marks in it. She had even drawn blood in one or two places. Looking nervously at the wall separating her room from mom’s she slipped under the blankets. Mom couldn’t have heard, could she? She wanted so much to go down to the living room, but what if she got all weird again? What if he knew? Her heart beat so hard she was surprised the bed didn’t shake with it.


       What if… No, she should just stay in bed, and maybe it would be gone by morning. Her hands were jittery, aching to reach for her pussy again, but she fought it back. What was wrong with her? She had never felt like that with any other guy, and now she was all freaky over her brother? And damn this blanket is too hot! She whipped it off, laying there with the cool breeze from the halfway open window caressing her, and she felt a shiver between her legs as the breeze hit the juices on the insides of her thighs. And then she was downstairs, hesitantly heading for the livingroom. She was wearing sweatpants and a regular t-shirt now, although there were enough butterflies in her stomach to overwhelm a small village. The low music was still playing, but she heard no other sounds. As she turned the brave smile faded as she saw him in the couch. He sat sleeping, his arms over the back of the couch and his head leaned back. His chest was still bare, and it looked like he had just drifted off. He held a lit smoke in his hand, and it had almost burned out. Jennie didn’t make any sound as she approached him, the jittering in her pussy starting over again as she leaned over and grabbed the smoke, squelching a yelp as she accidentally touched the glow of it. Making a face she dropped the butt into a small bowl that he had used as an ashtray, and then she moved over to the stereo and turned it off. Ronnie had not moved at all while she was there, and she turned again to face him. Swallowing deeply she inched her way closer to him on the couch until she finally snuggled up to him, rested her head against his chest and closed her eyes, his strong and steady heartbeat lulling her to sleep. She was momentarily disoriented when she woke up.


       She was lying alone on the couch, and someone had put a blanket over her. Groggily she sat up, her hair a total mess as she rubbed the sand out of her eyes. When her head cleared up she heard low voices from the kitchen, and she got up a little shakily. “Hi honey!” her mother smiled as Jennie stood a little hesitant in the doorway, not wanting to intrude on the mom/son chat that she knew her mom had wanted. She smiled timidly at Ronnie, uncertain on what he would think about her curling up to him like she had used to do before he left with dad. Would he think she was childish? He was relaxed now, at ease with things, it seemed. The steel mask was momentarily gone. “I was just suggesting to Ronnie that you could show him around town so he can meet some new friends!” her mom said all enthusiasm. Jennie shrugged her shoulders. “Yeah… no problem, mom,” she replied a little sheepishly. How? She didn’t know where the dopers or punks hung out. And he probably wouldn’t fit in with her crowd either. Ronnie turned his head to face her and rolled his eyes so Jennie couldn’t help but grin. “Hang on, Ron, I just need to grab a shower and change,” she smiled and headed for the stairs as her mom went off on her happy bubbly ‘you are going to love this town, Ronnie’ thing. She could imagine the weary sigh from him.

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       Damn, mom had no clue at all, did she? Rushing into her room she picked out some clothes along with clean panties and bra. The turned at the bathroom door, looked at the clothes she held and went slowly back to her room. Maybe…? No… Mom would go all freaky. And then she dropped the plain jeans and t-shirt and reached under her bed for the ‘other’ clothes anyway. The clothes mom didn’t know about and wouldn’t like… She heard mom laugh in the kitchen as she timidly came down the stairs. It was so long since she had heard that laugh. Ever since Julia had gotten religion she had been dull and sour, and Jennie had missed it so much! She didn’t want to ruin it now, and wearing this cutoff jeans shorts and tube top would certainly cause a fight. She had looked at herself in the mirror, and even though Linda looked really hot like this, she felt almost naked herself. Linda wasn’t as… developed as her, so it wasn’t so exposing. Stopping at the bottom of the stairs she turned to go back up as she heard a shocked gasp behind her. “Oh my God! WHAT are you wearing Jennie?!” her mom burst out, and she turned around again, staring down at the floor and blushing hotly. Now Ronnie came out of the kitchen and looked at her too. “I… I’m sorry mom,” Jennie said in a whisper, still staring at the floor. Her mother huffed. “Yeah, I should think so! You are NOT going outside looking like that! I can’t believe you! Do you want people to think that my daughter is some common-“ she started, but Ronnie cut her off.

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       “Huh, what is so special about that? Girls wear less than that every day where I come from,” he said diffidently, his hand waving in a ‘brush off’ manner. “Really,” Julia said, her voice dripping contempt. “That may be, but my daughter is not going out like that, and I don’t care if girls go naked where you come from, Ronnie,” she said harshly. Jennie held her breath as she saw them staring at each other. The steel mask flashed in his eyes momentarily, and then he relaxed and laughed. “Worried about the boys, mom? Thinking sin is just outside the door waiting for your little girl to come out?” Julia looked away, a hurt expression on her face. “You are laughing at me,” she said in a low voice. “You think I am being foolish for worrying about my daughter?” She looked at him. “Maybe if I had been a better mom for you things wouldn’t have been-“ “Yeah, well, a little late for that now, isn’t it?” he growled, the laughter gone. “But I am telling you, anyone who messes with her messes with me, all right?” And he held his hand out and clenched it to a fist. “Besides,” he smiled disarmingly, “we are here, and this is now. You can’t help what happened… mom,” he reached for her hand and squeezed it. “Anyways… me and Jen are going out, so you just chill and have a beer or something,” he grinned at her, and she smiled weakly. Jennie almost burst out laughing, but silenced when her mom looked at her. “If you want to wear those… clothes, go ahead,” she said in grudging defeat.

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       “Just… just stay out of sight, okay?”.
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