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My mother is a slender, curvaceous sensual creature.   Filling a size 4 waist, she boasts well formed C cup breasts, smooth golden brown skin, (owing to our native American lineage), weighing about 130 lbs. she has just enough weight to fill in the curves, and just enough skinny to make a petite form that is rivaled by no other.   W 
hen I was in high school my friends used to comment on how hot the thought my mom was.   How they’d like to bone her—no offence dude.   And how, jokingly, if it were their mother they’d dive into the pits of hell just to partake of that fruit.   The whole time during these conversations I would sit quietly playing innocent, though inside I was waging Armageddon level wars on my conscience.   I knew it was wrong to have the thoughts that I was having, but I couldn’t help it.   In these mental battles reason always won out in the end.   (To my more than slight disappointment).  As things progressed, however, I found myself trying to see her naked as often as I could. And I would touch her more than normal, rub against her in the hallways do anything I could to satisfy the desire consuming me.   I was filled with the deep and passionate wish to be with my mother.   Seeing my mother nude was not much of a challenge, it was not getting caught that was the trick.   So I started setting up ways for me to “accidentally” be wherever it just so happened that I could see my mother’s naked angelic body.    I had dreams about her silky hair brushing my face as we lay together, but it was not to be.

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    Eventually, as the battles were getting more and more difficult to handle, my sister Kaylee bloomed.   Obviously this didn’t help my situation any, for now I was direly wishing to have the two women that I could never be with.  Desperate I threw myself into the dating scene full fury. But no matter how many women I dated, and slept with, and no matter how hard I tried to fill my head with thoughts of other women.   I could never rid my mind or my heart of the intense desire for that which was forbidden.  I longed to plunge into that ripe, fertile womb from which I had emerged.   I hungrily desired to enter the forbidden young flower who was my now drop dead gorgeous sister.   The battles for my sanity raged on.  I was waging one of these wars one evening, when my sister came into my room and sat next to me on my bed.   Now, my sister is about four feet ten inches tall tops.   She has beautiful brown hair to the middle of her back, vivid blue eyes and, unlike the rest of the family, milky white, smooth, lovely soft skin.   Having her sit so close broke my thoughts mid battle, and I stared, eyes half open, at this angel who haunted my dreams.  “Kyle I want to do something with you.   You’re never home anymore and we never get to spend any time together anymore”Waking from my near stupor I grunted,“Like what?”“Like anything! I never get to see you these days.   Let’s go swim or something.


  ”(There was a pool in our backyard that my father built before he died)“Ok”, I said, “let me change and ill meet you out there. ”“Great” she beamed, see you in a minute!As she left I watched her gently swaying hips while she exited shutting the door behind her.   ‘Oh god’ I thought, ‘I can’t think like this I’m about to go in the pool. ’  (And wouldn’t that just be embarrassing).   Shoving the thoughts aside I quickly changes and went to the pool.  We lived in Spirit Lake Idaho at the time and our house was by the woods.   Actually come to think of it the woods were our backyard.   When I got to the pool I stood on the edge clearing my mind.   Inhaling the scent of the spruce, and fir trees that dotted the landscape I smiled.   I loved this place it was like being in the center of peace.   Smiling I dived into the cold water.   I swam several laps before looking up.   When I finally did I saw the most stunning sight that I could ever recall seeing.   My sister Kaylee was standing by the edge of the pool watching me and wearing the smallest teal blue bikini I had aver seen.   The French cut swimsuit showed off her creamy legs, perfect round ass, and taught, fit tummy extremely efficiently.

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    I started to get hard under the water and was trying to hide that fact when she shouted “think fast” and dove under the water grabbing my ankle and pulling.   Caught off guard I went under.   Coming up sputtering I was thankful for the distraction.   Though I tried unsuccessfully to turn my thoughts in an acceptable direction, throughout the time in the pool I found myself staring far too often.  We got engaged in a game of tag that had us chasing one another around the pool and grappling.   Obviously I enjoyed this way too much.   But for the most part it was innocent fun.   Though my thought were straying ever further down that dark and forbidden path which I so longed to tread.  After an hour, having exhausted ourselves, we went back inside.   We left our swimsuits on because we were too lazy to change.   Sitting in our living room we had a conversation.   Kaylee told me about how school was going, and I talked about work.   Eventually we moved on to romance and I talked about the girls I had been seeing, and she talked about the guys that were trying to date her.   (For some reason she refused to have a boyfriend, and rarely dated though there were plenty of guys asking) somehow that topic got us started talking about sex.   I joked about some of my flings, and she told me about her experiences.

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    (This was an interesting topic seeing as I knew how few guys she actually went out with. ).   Then she told me that many of her girlfriends thought that I was hot, and kept saying how much they’d love to sleep with me and that, “if he were my brother I’d be all over him. ”  “Well, I am your brother wanna have a go?” I said jokingly.   Then, realizing just what I had said I froze.   I wasn’t sure how shed react to that.   She was silent.   Daring to look I was confused at the thoughtful look on her face.  “Uh, sorry, that was a little off” I said, forcing a light chuckle, “sorry”.  Almost interrupting me she said, “Do you think it’s wrong to want that?”Stunned I stared at her, mi mind racing.   I didn’t know what to think.   I wanted this so badly, but my battles were on that very issue.   Yes I thought it was wrong for me to want that, but I did, and. . .

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   Interrupting my thoughts she stuttered, “I’m sorry, I didn’t, I mean… I’m going to bed goodnight. ”Jumping up she started to leave.  “No” I said, “stay, please”. Stopping she turned and looked at me looking ready to bolt.   Thinking quickly I said “Kaylee I don’t think it’s wrong to want that at all. ” ‘Alright’ I thought here it goes all or nothing time. ’  “In fact Kaylee, I want it too.   I have for a long time, but I was scared you wouldn’t want it and you’d hate me for it. ”  Her face showing a confusing mix of hope and deer in the headlights fear she said quietly, “so… you… you mean you feel that way too? I was embarrassed whenever my girlfriends talked like that, because I agreed with them, and I was scared to want it. ”She sat delicately next to me taking my hand in hers, a plethora of emotions showing through her face.   “I love you Kaylee” I said relief flooding every part of my body.   “I love you too Kyle.   I love you so much”This moment will be etched perfectly in my memory forever.   The moment when all of my desperate moral battles came to naught, and I gave in to desire as I leaned over and gently kissed my sisters lips.
      Reaching her arms behind me she returned my kiss passionately.

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        Luckily for us my mother was working, and would be till four in the morning, because neither one of us could have stopped now for anything.   We kissed passionately, letting loose all the desire we felt for each other.   Opening the floodgates of pent up emotion.   The agony of release was pure bliss.   A billion different emotions bursting into full bloom all at once, and all coalescing into a deep and burning passion as we started fondling each other.   Our hands roamed freely sometimes grasping the other’s hand, sometimes fondling forbidden places.   Breaking our as yet continuous first kiss, we looked one another’s eyes.   “Let’s do it” I said.   Voicing the thought that had been silently careening about in our minds.   “I love you Kyle” she said as I stood to remove my swimming trunks.   After I had pulled them off she stood and embraced me pressing her lips to mine.   “Take off my top Kyle” she moaned into our kiss.   I reached around her to fumble with the snap on her bikini top.   Upon getting it undone I pulled it from between us letting it drop to the floor.  As she pressed against me I felt he nipples digging into my skin like nails.

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        Hooking my thumbs into her swimsuit bottom I pulled it down kneeling to help her step out of it.   From that position I could smell her arousal powerfully and, unable to resist, I pressed my face to that forbidden muff and proceeded to feast.   I was in heaven tasting the wonderful flavor of my sister’s juices feeling her hands on my head as she pressed herself into my happy mouth.   After what seemed an hour of joyfully eating my sister I felt her tense up, and spasms rocked her body.   The orgasm tore through her so hard her knees buckled and I caught her weight on my shoulders.  Holding her up, I guided her twitching body to the couch where I continued my assault on her womanhood.   When she finally came down, she weakly pulled me onto her and embraced me as she lay there whispering “I love you Kyle”“I love you too Kaylee. ” I said.   I was still needing to release the immense pressure in my nether regions so, as we lay there I spread her legs while kissing her gently.   “Can I put it in?” I asked.   “Yes please, oh god I love you Kyle” she moaned.   Never had any phrase made me happier in my life.   I was shaking with pent-up lust as I positioned myself over this long coveted entrance to heaven.   After all the time that I had spent desperately wishing for this, I was finally there.   I had finally achieved the goal I thought I would never reach.

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        I finally ended the wars between desire and conscience.   Pressing myself slowly into her I shuddered.   Damn she was tight.   She gasped as I pressed myself into her deeply.   I fell into a stride, both of us moaning and kissing, serenaded by whispers of “I love you”.   I felt my climax building, and began thrusting harder, and as deeply as I could.   Looking deep into her eyes I said “Kaylee I’m gonna cum! I love you so much!”  “Oh yes” she moaned come inside me! I want you to come in me!”reaching that peak I kissed her deeply as I exploded into her desperately with all the pent up passion I had inside me.   Then, spent I rolled off onto the soft carpeted floor pulling her with me.   And there, with her lying on top of me, we lay in each other’s arms soaking in the afterglow telling one another how much we loved each other, and allowing the heat of our bodies, and our weariness from the evenings exertions carry us off to sleep.  .
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