The Brady Bunch - Part 4


As soon as they were inside both boys stripped off theirshorts and began tugging on their cocks, Tom asking Bobbyto tell him again about getting laid. Bobby was a littlenervous about talking so close to the door, so they movedinto the passageway, stroking their dicks as they walked. They hadn't gone very far when they heard voices, girlsvoices, from somewhere up ahead. Bobby was the first torealize that the sounds were coming through the wall, andthat they must be alongside the girls locker room or shower. It was funny, but the voices seemed to be loudest in spots,and the spots were marked by large pieces of drywall leaningagainst the opposite wall. Both boys were stumped, standingthere butt-naked, holding their cocks in one hand, listeningto the voices. Tom was shining the flashlight over the wall,when a sudden twinkle caught both their eyes. Investigating, they discovered a hinge, fitted flush and covered with dirt. A little searching uncovered a second, slightly higher hinge. Something was here, but how did it open? Bobby had an idea. He grabbed a piece of the cut out drywall and held it againstthe wall with one edge lined up with the hinge. Sure enough,feeling around at the other edge his fingers found a verysmall indentation in the wood. About the right size for anail to be inserted, of which there were plenty lying around. When they finally pried it open it was everything they hadhoped. They were looking directly into the girls locker room. It was empty at the moment, but in 20 minutes or so a classwould be finishing and there would be 30 or so sophomore girlsshowering and dressing.

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   Bobby had only seen two-way mirrorson TV, but he figured that's what they were looking through. Plus the fact they were looking out over sinks and counters. They went to each of the cut out pieces of drywall and foundthe same thing, small doors that looked through mirrors intothe girls locker room. The last two were even moresurprising. One was the mirror in the women's coaches office,and the last was in the girls shower. Neither of them hadeven known there was a mirror in the shower. There certainlywasn't in any shower they had ever been in. Gym class was over, and 30 sweaty girls poured into thelocker room. As they watched the girls strip their cocksthickened and lengthened. Neither had ever seen so many tits,asses, and pussies before. Bobby stroked his cock, watchingSandy Morgan strip. She was the best built girl in school,with tits even bigger than Jan's. He followed her in themirrors, watching her jugs bounce and swing as she walked tothe shower. His cock throbbing, he slowly jerked himself off,watching her lather her tits, squishing them under her hands,rolling them around, making sure they were clean. She washedher stomach, then slid the soap between her thighs andscrubbed her pussy.

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   Next was her ass, which she washed withboth hands, which made her boobs stick out even further. Bobby slowed his pumping, not wanting to cum to soon. Hefondled his balls, rolled them between his fingers, massagedhis rod with both hands. He watched her towel herself off,then begin to dress. She pulled on a pair of pink lacepanties, then the matching bra. Bobby was just about toswitch to another girl when Sandy started walking straighttoward him. She came to the mirror he was behind, set down alittle bag, and began to apply her makeup. She wasn't morethan a foot away, and she was in her underwear. With a lowgroan Bobby began to cum, spurting thick, creamy goo at thewall, all the while staring at Sandy's lace covered boobs. When he was finished Bobby looked around for Tom, who wasdown at the shower. He watched as his friends cock began tosquirt, the cum splattering against the wall. The boysquickly closed the shutters, rubbing dirt on the hinges, thenheaded back. They both had Math 2nd period, and that was oneclass you had better not be late for. Greg was deep in Marcia's pussy, enjoying the quiet ofthe house and the warmth of her cunt. Group fucks were fun,but Greg really liked boning Marcia one-on-one.

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   The otherswould be home later, but for now it was his cock, her cuntand plenty of time. Carol entered the house through the kitchen. They hadclosed a major deal at work, and to celebrate they had giveneverybody the rest of the day off. She was headed for thestairs and a shower when she heard a groan coming from the TVroom. She walked to the half-open door and peeked inside, notreally sure what she would see, but not expecting to see heroldest daughter and her step-son fucking on the couch. Shewas stunned, and completely at a loss. She felt she shouldprotest, but they weren't really related, and they were bothold enough to make up their own minds. As she watched Gregpulled out, stroked his shaft several times, then began tocum on Marcia's snatch and stomach. When he finished herubbed his cock in the gooey mass on her belly, then slid itslowly back into her cunt. Without realizing it, Carol was becoming aroused. Thelonger she watched, the harder her nipples became. Her handspressed against her stomach, then slid upward to her breasts. She massaged them through her blouse and bra, rolling andsqueezing them. Her fingers flew through the buttons, thenopened the blouse. She cupped her boobs, bra and all, thenslid her fingers inside the bra, lifting each tit clear andallowing them to hang over the bracups.

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   While her left handcontinued to play with her boobs, her right began its slow,sensual descent down her stomach, heading for her pussy. Shepressed her silk panties against her mound, then slipped afinger inside and stroked her pussy lips. She watched as Marcia suddenly lunged up againstGreg, her body taut, every muscle spasming with the force ofher orgasm. When she finally subsided Greg pulled out, stillrock hard, and told Marcia to lean against the back of thecouch so he could fuck her doggy style. As she watched Gregenter her daughter from behind, Carol lifted her skirt,bunching it around her waist, and removed her soaked panties. Watching Greg and Marcia fuck, she began alternately rubbingher pussy and finger-fucking it. She couldn't remember thelast time she had been this hot. When her orgasm hit sheleaned against the door frame, a loud moan escaping from herthroat. Greg and Marcia were startled by the sudden moan comingfrom behind them. Greg pulled out and turned quickly, thenfroze when he saw his step-mother leaning against the door,her clothes in disarray, two fingers in her snatch. There hadnever been any doubt in his mind that he would fuck hisstep-mother one day, and he wasn't going to let thisincredible opportunity get away. He moved toward Carol,stopping in front of her and dropping to his knees. He pulledher fingers from her snatch and pushed his face against her,burying his tongue as deeply as he could in her hot, slickpussy. She responded as he had hoped she would, her fingerslocking in his hair and pulling him hard into her. He couldhear her whimpering as he alternately licked, sucked, andtongue fucked her cunt.

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   Carol knew she shouldn't do this, but the mouth on herpussy felt so good, and it had been such a long time sinceshe had been eaten. She felt herself peaking again, and allthought fled. She gave herself to her orgasm, her bodytingling with power. Greg stood up, still gripping her ass, and lifted hereasily. Her legs opened, wrapped around him as he had knownthey would. He lowered her to his cock, leaned her againstthe wall, and thrust upward as hard as he could, slamming hislong, thick prick into her all at once. He held her there,fucking as hard as he could, uncaring about anything exceptthe fire in his balls. He thrust as deeply as possible intoCarol's pussy, his body smashed against hers, and pumped hishot, gooey load into her. Carol felt the cock inside her explode. Mike had nevercum this intensely in all the years they had been married. Itwas unlike any fuck she had ever experienced, this huge cockerupting inside her. She slid over the edge, her third orgasmshattering her, ripping long, low moans from her. Marcia watched the two of them come back to reality. Herfingers danced across her pussy, stroking and thrusting,keeping her aroused. She saw Greg pull out of her mother,take her by the hand, and lead her to the couch.

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   Carol sat next to her daughter, a little afraid of whatshe knew was coming, but aroused enough to go with it. Shehadn't been with another woman since college. Marcia strokedCarol's thigh, then leaned toward her pressed her lips to hermothers. Carol's mouth opened slowly, allowing Marcia'stongue inside. With her eyes closed, Carol couldn't tell thedifference between her daughter's tongue and any other shehad played with. When she responded to the kiss Marcia cameinto her arms, plastering her body against her mothers. Marcia broke the kiss, and began the slide downwards,kissing and licking Carols full, round boobs, then tonguingher way down her stomach. She slid to the floor, spread hermother's legs, and buried her face in hot, steamy pussy. Greg stood beside them, playing with his cock, watchingMarcia eat the cunt he had so recently been fucking. He wasat that strange stage, not hard enough to fuck, really, buttoo hard to put it away. He knew how to take care of that. Stepping up behind Marcia, he straddled her, moved close tothe couch, and reached for Carol. His fingers wrapped in herhair, then he pulled her close and rubbed his cock againsther face. Carol removed one hand from Marcia's hair and tookhold of the prick in her face, guiding it to her mouth. Shesucked the head into her mouth, working it with her tongue.

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  Greg stood still, allowing Carol to suck him any way shewanted. Carol had never had a bone this big in her mouth. Shesucked several inches in, then rubbed the underside of thehead with her tongue. A sudden stiffening told her how Gregfelt. She sucked harder, then circled it with her free handand began pumping it, back and forth, sucking each time shestroked toward her mouth. She felt it stiffen some more, andknew it was ready. She wanted to be fucked by that monsterdick again. Greg pulled away from Carol, lifted Marcia to the couch,and draped her across the back, butt up. He turned Carolaround, and lay her next to Marcia. He stroked the twopussies, then moved up against Carol and pushed his rod intoher. He fucked her slowly, thrusting all the way in andpulling all the way back. After 10 strokes he pulled out andentered Marcia, fucking her the same way. He stayed inMarcia, gradually picking up speed, until he was fucking herthe way he always did, fast and hard. He wanted Carol to seeher daughter get off, and he wanted to be the cock gettingher off. When Marcia began banging back against him he knewshe was getting close.

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   He thrust harder, driving deep. Hecould feel her hot juices flowing around his pole, could feelher cunt clenching and relaxing. When it was over he pulledout, grabbed Carol by the hips, and slammed home in onestroke. He fucked her the way he had earlier, all power andspeed, banging against her soft ass with each stroke. Hemanaged to hold himself back until her orgasm began, then hepumped another load deep into his step mother's pussy. Continued in part 5. . . More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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