The Childhood Confessions of Heather W. - Chapter One


Mostly though, it was so my dad and I could indulge in the secret ‘incest sex games’ we always played. By ‘sex games,’ I mean actual fucking – my tall, good-looking father sticking his grown-up penis into my little-girl pussy or up my KY-lubricated asshole. And, yes, he’d had a vasectomy years earlier. After all, he’d been doing it to me since I was 9-years-old and calling me his ‘hot pants sweetie’ all that time. He also told me I had an amazing cunt for such a little girl. And that I came really fast (and hard) for a kid. My mom would literally kill us if she knew! But I was seriously into fucking (my favorite thing in the world!), hanging onto the headboard with both hands and arching my skinny back with my knees spread while my dad fucked me like crazy. Once, at a Red Roof Inn when I was 10, I got so carried away I pulled the headboard off the wall and down on top of us! That was scary, but we ended up sliding off the bed and finishing on the floor. His dick felt so good in me, I wouldn’t let my dad stop fucking me until we were done!Anyway, my father really liked my new St. Katherine’s Elementary School uniform, so I brought it along – just the bottom part, actually, the navy plaid skirt and knee socks and even my shoes, but without the panties or the blouse or my 30AA training bra (how embarrassing at 12 years old!). He liked my bare little titties, too, even when (at 9 or 10) I didn’t wear a bra. He’d kiss and suck on my tiny pink nipples until they were all pointy and poking out anyway. Of course, I’d be breathing hard and trembling with anticipation by then – I knew my pussy was next! And he loved my pussy even before I got any hair on it. I always got so sexually excited holding myself open for him with my fingers, showing him everything, knowing my glistening, pink little cunt was the most important thing in the world to him. He told me it was and I believed him. And after I got my new school uniform in the sixth grade, he liked me to stand over him with no panties and with my feet apart, while he looked up my skirt, right up my skinny bare legs into my pussy and asshole.

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   Then he’d have me squat down so he could see better, then finally squat down on his face so my pussy and butt-crack would spread open. Or I’d straddle him on my hands and knees with my crotch pressed into his face, his tongue in my pussy and his finger up my butthole. If we did that, he always made me suck his standing cock until he ‘ejaculated’ in my mouth, so we could ‘climax’ together. Those were the proper words he taught me. Also, even when I was a 9-year-old, my tiny clit was very prominent (and sensitive!), sticking out beyond its little fleshy hood. Every time my dad ate me out in those days, he’d lick all around it with his tongue, taking a very long time and getting very close to it, even spreading open the slick lips around it with his fingers, but never actually TOUCHING it. It would drive me wild!Pretty soon, I’d be squirming around and BEGGING him to kiss it, panting hoarsely and almost crying I was so frustrated – and only then would he FINALLY lick it directly. And during this, he’d never let me touch it with my own fingers. “Please lick my clit, Daddy!” I’d urge. “Please!”“Be patient,” he’d tell me. “Just kiss it! Please, Daddy!! Or let ME touch it! PLEASE!!” Of course, as soon as my dad finally licked my pulsating little clit, I would come instantly! Every time. And then a second time! Sometimes I‘d come so good, little jets of pee would squirt out, in his face! “You pissed again,” he’d laugh, as if it was a good thing. “Right in my mouth!” Anyway, the other thing was: after the headboard incident, if my dad and I were in a motel room, we’d fuck on the floor so the bed wouldn’t make so much squeaking noise (and so I wouldn’t pull down another headboard!). He’d put a pillow on the carpet under my narrow hips, then get down between my bare legs and slowly push his thick cock into my very tight pussy, an inch at a time, until the entire 7” length was buried in me. “Ohhhh God!” I’d moan as it went in.

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   “Daddy, that feels so good in my cunt!”He loved it when I talked dirty at that young age, the dirtier the better, and he’d also taught me all the right dirty words, as had Maureen, my babysitter, earlier. “I love your big cock in my twat!” I’d tell him. “I’m just a third-grader, but you can fuck me as hard and fast as you want!”Dirty talk from me always made his cock throb just a bit more urgently while it slid into me. Once inside me, instead of just holding me down and fucking me flat, he’d always start by rocking against my swollen pubic mound, pressing into it gently with his own. Which would get me even wetter and more excited! He’d settle into me, then, without pumping or pulling out even slightly, cradled between my spread-apart slender thighs. I loved the feel of his rigid cock, deliciously warm and twitching in my pussy, but I wanted to 'do it!'“Start fucking me, Daddy, start fucking me!” I’d groan. “Make me come!”And this was when I was only 9! So then, pulling slowly back until the head of his cock seemed ready to pop out (a sensation that drove me crazy!), he’d suddenly thrust back into my cunt with such a smooth, fluid motion I could feel EVERY bit of the stiffened length sliding wetly into me, the fleshy head and every vein and ripple, it seemed! The sudden slippery friction of it always made my legs even shakier!And I could never keep from crying out with a sharp little gasp when he did that, even if we needed to be absolutely quiet (in certain motels!). “Daddy, my GOD!!” I panted, clutching at his back. “I want you to fuck me!” He’d stop for a long moment, wetly encased within me all the way, his hot balls pressed against my narrow butt, and use just the tiny muscles at the base of his cock to make it twitch within me (which always drove me even wilder!). Then he’d slowly pull out and do EXACTLY the same thing, thrusting back into me so fluidly I’d cry out again – but never knowing when he was going to actually start fucking me for real. I was only in the third grade, but he was already making me totally crazy!“Daddy, you’re making my cunt feel so good!” I gasped, trembling uncontrollably. “But I want to come!”My pussy was so wet, I could feel the slick moisture finding its way down into my butt-crack. I was brimming over with my own oily wetness, a river of it between my legs, my bare ass in a huge wet spot. And then, sliding one hand under my tight little butt, my father would easily find and slip his finger entirely up my asshole, which always made to gasp out sharply, too. “I LOVE it,” I begged, “but please fuck me!”He smiled.

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   “Are you close to coming yet, sweetie?”“Really close, Daddy. Just fuck me!”He laughed. “I want you really, really, REALLY close!”“I’ll come a bunch if you start fucking me! I promise, Daddy!” And by the time he started fucking me, with long, fast thrusts that made me want his rigid cock pounding into me even faster, we were both so fully aroused it was only moments before he made me come, and then kept me coming! I could always come again and again once I started, even at that young age. “This is a sin, Daddy!” I said once, breathing hotly into his ear. He was screwing me so good I could barely see straight. “But I love it when you fuck me!”“You have the sweetest cunt!” he said. “Ohhhhhhh, it feels so good! Uh…uh…uh…ohhhhhhh, fuck, keep doing it!”I always made that “…uh…uh…uh…uh…uh!” panting noise, even when I was a kid, as if every thrust of his cock knocked the wind out of me, but it didn’t – it just FELT so good in my pussy it made a raspy breathing sound come out of me!“Christ, Heather, you’re so slippery in there!” he said. “And tight!”And then he REALLY started fucking me!“Daddy, I’m coming already!” I groaned raggedly. “I told you I would!”And I came so hard it made me grunt real loud, as if I’d been kicked in the side!Like: climax exploded with the purest wet heat imaginable, indescribable waves of pleasure radiating outward from my cunt, across my skinny open thighs, all the way up to my taut little nipples and down to my widely-spread toes. I stretched out with everything I had!My God, I was so alive! I could even feel it around his finger in my slippery, twitching asshole. “Ohhhh God, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!!!” I moaned hoarsely. “Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop, keep fucking me! Ohhhh, fuck, Daddy, I’m coming again!”It made me gasp breathlessly, my second orgasm, coming so soon after the first. I shuddered and groaned with the most delicious pleasure possible, all the more intense because I knew exactly how wrong it was to let my own father fuck me. For God’s sake, even though I was only a dumb kid, I was a Catholic girl!The indecent idea of incest even then got me so insanely excited sexually!Still wracked from head to toe with pleasure so intense I thought I’d catch fire, I dug my heels into the carpet and pressed my pussy up into my dad’s pelvic bone, grinding my crotch into his to get all the sensation I could out of my clit. My groaning and squirming was too much for him to withstand.

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   My two panting orgasms triggered a multitude of tight spasms in my already tight cunt – and so he ejaculated only a split-moment later, pushing his cock deeply into me as his semen finally escaped in thick white arcs, spurting hotly up my clenching twat-hole. “I came so GOOD!!” I managed weakly, my breath catching in my throat. And yet we still kept fucking for several long seconds, trying to get every last ounce of sweaty pleasure out of each other, before we finally sagged together in a tangled heap. “You’ve killed me,” he moaned, after, lying between my sprawled-open legs. He half-raised himself so I could breathe. “Heather, you’re the best fuck I ever had. ”“Daddy, you always say that,” I told him. “Now get your dick hard and do it to me again. I want to keep fucking. We’re just getting started. ”And so it went, all night usually. “Do you want to put your cock in my asshole next?” I continued, which always got it stiff again in record time. For all the indecent appeal incestuous sex held for me, incestuous anal sex had an even more perverted appeal due to its ‘dirty’ nature. It had taken many weekends of shaky, well-lubricated effort to finally get my dad’s big dick into my skinny little ass, but it was worth it. If getting fucked by my father excited me at that young age, getting fucked in my hot asshole by my own father excited me even more.

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   Doing it, I always came extra-good. I’d even spent many highly-aroused weeknights in bed, fingerfucking myself in front as usual, but working my fingers and other KY-lubricated objects into my butthole at the same time as ‘homework. ’Also, the moment I had an orgasm during ‘backdoor sex,’ my asshole and slick butt-cheeks always tightened spasmodically to squeeze the hot cum out of my dad’s thrusting cock like a well-greased hand! We both loved that particular sensation!“Daddy, I can feel your dick jerking in my asshole!” I’d pant each time. “I can feel you coming!”“You’re little ass is so perfect!” he’d say, shooting hot streams of cum up it. “I love you, sweetie!”“I love you too, Daddy! That’s why I let you do such dirty things to me!”Whenever he fucked me in the ass (except when we did it in the car), he usually laid me facedown on the floor with my skinny hips over two pillows, my bare little butt sticking up in the air. Lying on pillows like that raised and spread my narrow butt-cheeks wider apart so my dad’s dick, coated with plenty of K-Y Jelly, would slide even deeper into my ass. For such a skinny girl, I could already take his thick 7” cock entirely into my asshole. And I came really good every time. “It went all the way in!” he’d say, always amazed. “My whole cock is in your little butthole again!” “I love having your big dick in there,” I told him. “So fuck me in the butt!”Whenever my dad butt-fucked me, I’d squirm my sweaty ass back into him, pumping my hips to meet his thrusts, and finally, when he started to come, I’d also use the little muscles in my hot puckered asshole to help suck every drop of semen from his spurting cock. “Fuck my ass deeper!” I gasped, loving it. “Oh God, ohhhh God…uh…uh…uh…fill my butt with cum! Ohhhhh! What we’re doing is so filthy!”“Your mom never made me come this good!” he told me once. “You’re so much sexier! And dirtier!”My God, I was a better fuck than my own mother! And when we were done, I even loved the dirty ‘sucking’ sound it made when he pulled his cock wetly out of my tight asshole, his slippery cum draining into my narrow ass-crack and onto the backs of my slim bare legs. And sometimes, because I knew it excited him, I’d wipe his dirty cum out of my butt and off the backs of my legs and lick it off my fingers while he watched.

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   Everything about anal sex got me insanely excited, even when my dad sometimes unexpectedly pulled me across his lap in my school uniform, flipped up my skirt, pulled down my panties and spanked my bare ass until it was stinging and red. That really hurt! But then he’d bend me over the chair on my knees and fuck me in the ass to make it feel really good again! * * * Anyway, traveling to see him in Elgin, I knew I’d be spending more time in his bed (and on his floor!) than mine, but also that we had to maintain the illusion we were a normal father and daughter. Even the groaning sex noises I made when my dad fucked me had to be kept to a minimum. And I had to wear at least my panties and (training) bra if I was in his room when housekeeping walked in. I’d act like I was his dumb kid innocently watching TV who didn’t realize the sexual implications of a 12-year-old girl in her skimpy underwear in a motel room with her handsome dad. For your further information, I didn’t regret one indecent thing we’d ever done. I’d started the whole father-daughter incest thing myself, anyway, by jacking him off and giving him a blowjob in the car on the drive back to my mom’s house a few years earlier, like I said, when I was 9 and my cousin Charlotte was 6. I’d already been doing dirty stuff with my babysitter, Maureen, and the boys she snuck over, and a few other kids, for three years, since I was six myself. And I’d been doing dirty stuff to Charlotte for the last year or so, licking her pussy under the covers every time she stayed over, which was more and more often. And little Charlotte was really into it – she came like she had a lit fuse! And she almost smothered me many times, clamping her sweaty bare thighs around my face when she did it. Anyway, for six months or so before my dad and I actually DID anything (since I’d been about 8), I’d do little things around him to get his attention, in a sexual way. Like I’d let him catch glimpses of my bare pussy when my skimpy little-kid robe fell open. Or sitting in his lap, I’d squirm around until I could definitely feel his dick get hard beneath me! I’d make certain my robe fell open yet again, and I’d stretch out – reaching across for the TV Guide or something – not paying any attention, so he’d have to close my robe for me. And I noticed it took him just a little longer each time to close it, especially when I started spreading my legs apart as I stretched out. That kind of stuff really works, by the way!I also started asking a lot of questions about S-E-X. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   And I touched myself absently in certain spots while we talked, so he’d know I was sexually excited by our ‘scientific’ father-daughter talks. “But, Daddy,” I asked once, in his lap with my robe partly open, “what does it TASTE like – semen, I mean?”That one flustered him. “Well, not too good, I imagine, but some girls seem to like it. ”“How does it get in their mouth?” I asked, sincerely, as if I hadn’t been the one to ask in the first place. “Do they suck the man’s penis or something?”And while I asked, my little hand was absently inside my robe, squeezing myself as if I suddenly had to pee, while I rocked back and forth slightly in his lap, looking up at him with my big blue innocent eyes (I definitely had the ‘innocent little girl’ act down, and still do). It wasn’t too far from sex questions to adult video Friday and Saturday night’s at my dad’s, the best-kept secret in the world, a father and his elementary school child watching full-color, XXX porn, for ‘educational’ purposes. And, or course, I knew he was secretly masturbating every chance he’d get, and he knew I was doing SOMETHING, though he wasn’t quite certain what. But there was still a semblance of propriety there, a father-daughter normalcy, so we just watched – and discussed it all in increasingly explicit detail (gradually using ‘fuck’ and ‘cunt’ and ‘cock,’ for instance, which excited us both) – for at least a couple of months of urgently needed (but willfully repressed) sexual relief. On the actual weekend we finally DID something, we’d watched a few sex videos the Saturday night before, like we always did. One in particular was about a father fucking his two young daughters. It got us both really excited. We ended up watching all the good parts five and six times. “Daddy, he’s fucking his own daughters!” I said, and that’s exactly how explicitly we were talking by then. “It’s so…dirty! He keeps making them come!”“But it’s fun to watch, isn’t it?” he asked, lying on the floor in front of the TV. “I love it,” I admitted.

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   “Let’s watch that part again where his cum goes into his younger daughter’s mouth!”I could tell my dad was secretly jacking off, because he didn’t hide it that well under his robe anymore. I was in my robe, too, without panties, sitting on the couch behind him, barefoot with my heel under me, pressed directly into my 9-year-old wet cunt. And I kept rocking slightly back and forth on it. The rocking and the multiple viewings of the ‘good parts’ in the incest video and my dad pulling on his dick very slowly under his robe kept making me wetter and more crazily excited by the second. I barely managed to hold back from having an orgasm, or even breathing too hard, but it wasn’t easy. I was literally shaky, my heartbeat starting to pound in my ears. But, even with all the sneaky little seducing and fantasizing I’d done, I didn’t want to seem TOO weird to my own father. Not yet. And not unless I was absolutely certain he wanted me to!When I went to bed, I fingered myself about fifty times, thinking about the video and about my dad! As always, he’d been secretly jacking off and I’d been secretly watching him! But this time, seeing how close we were getting to real, not imagined, incest, I wondered if I was TOO weird, getting so turned on by it all – but then, just thinking about it got me even more excited!In the car on the two-hour or so ride home on Sunday, in broad daylight, with both of us talking about sex and the videos, especially the one about incest, one thing led to another and I finally blurted out:“Daddy, I know you jack off when we’re watching those movies. ”He acted real surprised and embarrassed. “Sweetie, you can tell?“I want to do it FOR you,” I offered, instead of answering. “Like the girls in the video – before we get to my mom’s. ”“Heather, my God!!”And before my dad knew it, I had his zipper down and his hard cock sticking straight up while I expertly masturbated him. Of course, later I realized he’d wanted it to happen all along, he just didn’t really expect it. He wasn’t an idiot, after all.

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   But then I managed to surprise him further. “Daddy, let me suck it!” I begged him. “I want to use my mouth!”“No, you’re too young for that,” he said. “You’re only in the third grade! Just keep jacking me off!” And I WAS jacking him off, extremely well, I thought, my skinny fingers tightly around his stiff cock, my small hand rapidly moving up and down. It was easy enough, then, to simply lean down into his lap and put the swollen head of his throbbing dick into my mouth. Which, of course, being quite the young, hopelessly eager slut already, I did. Which made him jerk with a little moan of surprise and tighten his hands on the steering wheel as soon as my hot mouth found him. Sucking him and jacking him off even faster, I starting using my tongue the way I’d learned with Maureen’s many boyfriends. Startled, all my dad could do was drive. And watch. “You’re making me come,” he said a quick moment later. “God, you sweet little whore!”And he ejaculated with such an explosive load of semen that first time, I was barely able to swallow all of it! It poured out in thick strands of warm, gluey liquid, instantly filling my mouth and throat. It was like a geyser! “Jesus, I’m coming in my own kid’s mouth!” he gasped. I choked a little with surprise at the amount, but I got most of it down, swallowing two or three times. It made my fingers all sticky, too, the excess running out of my mouth and down the shaft, but I kept jacking my dad off even though my fingers started slipping up and down on it.

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   I let him finish, feeling his cock throb and jerk as several last quick streams of cum spurted into my mouth. Still sucking him, though, I squeezed his cock with my fingers again and he finally groaned that he was done. “I loved it, daddy,” I told him when I sat back, wiping my mouth with my hand. “Doing real sex stuff with you. ”His gooey cum was on my chin and on my face and in my hair and even on the front of my tee-shirt. I tried wiping at some of it, then licked what I could off my fingers the way Maureen taught me while my dad looked on with genuine surprise. “We have to keep this a secret, or your mom’ll kill me,” he said. “Damn, there’s cum all over you!”“My pussy’s all wet, too,” I let him know. “And my underwear’s soaked. I’m very…sexually aroused. ”A phrase from one of my dad’s early talks. “Heather, do you need to…masturbate?” he asked. “I won’t look. ”“You can look,” I said. “Well, put down the back of your seat so no one else can see you,” he suggested.


  I found the catch on the side of my seat and let the seatback down all the way. Then I undid my jeans, raised my butt up and pushed them (but not my underwear) down past my knees to my ankles, leaving them around my tennis shoes. All of a sudden it felt funny half-laying there in my panties and cum-spotted tee-shirt next to my dad in the middle of the afternoon. My skinny legs felt very bare and the huge wet spot in the front of my underwear was so dark it was clearly visible. I could even smell it. He looked over at me and said, “God, your crotch is soaking wet. ”“I want to do it, but I’m embarrassed,” I admitted. “Making myself come. ”Keeping my hands on each side of me, I was clenching the outer edges of the seat. I closed my eyes and nervously started jiggling my bare legs open and closed real fast. “It seems too weird,” I added. “I told you I won’t look,” he said. “Okay,” I finally said, because I really DID want to do it. Then I slid my right hand into the front of my panties. “Don’t look, and then you can look when I’m doing it.

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  ”After all, it WAS my dad, and to my own surprise, I really WAS embarrassed. With my hand in my panties, my fingertips immediately found my clit and I jerked with a little sigh at the touch and swallowed real hard. I rubbed around the slightly raised, slippery little center to start, but not directly on it yet. My breathing got faster right away, though. My thin legs were suddenly trembling at the thought of what I was doing, and then a moment later I was trembling all over. I found myself hoping my dad wouldn’t notice how badly I was shaking. Once again, I didn’t want him to think his daughter was too weird!I scooted my butt forward slightly and spread my knees wider, to give my hand inside my panties more room. Then, with my tennis shoes braced on the car floor in the tangle of my jeans, and lying back in the seat, I started masturbating faster. “Ohhh…” I couldn’t help but moan. “Uh…uh…uhhh!” I looked over to my dad to see if he was looking, but he kept his eyes on the road, his hands on the wheel. His wet cock, still poking out of his zipper, was quickly getting hard again, though. I closed my eyes and kept at it, my butt starting to squirm in the seat. Moments later, my feet still braced on the floor for leverage, I started rocking my little ass forward and back, working my crotch against the motion of my fingers on my clit, my cunt so wet I could smell it even more. My breathing got even faster. I started rubbing directly on my tingling clit, which made me about jump out of my skin! “Uhhhhhh!” I groaned.

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   “Does it feel good enough to look yet?” my dad finally asked, my panting suddenly impossible to ignore. My tiny nipples were as hard as rocks and my butt was in a slick puddle inside my underwear!“You can look,” I managed. “Oh…uhhh…ohhh…ummm!I was making little noises in my throat and my left hand kept tightening on the edge of the seat I was holding, squeezing it. I started jerking my slim hips up with a little moan every few seconds, my bare thighs tensing repeatedly as my fingers continued to manipulate my now throbbing clit. Inside my underwear, the thickened lips of my pussy were so swollen and sensitive I could actually feel them pressing against the tight cotton fabric. Instead of just a big wet spot, my entire crotch was now sopping wet. If my breathing was shaky, my legs were even shakier. I kept rapidly jerking my hips up and down and moaning out loud as if I was fucking! I didn’t know if I should be embarrassed or not, but it felt too good to stop. “I can’t believe you’re only 9!” my dad said, watching me masturbate for the first time in his life. “You must love fingerfucking yourself!”“I do,” I panted. “Should I take off my underpants, too?”“I thought you were shy,” he said. “Don't you want to look at my cunt?”And with my eyes closed, I raised up, hooked my thumbs in my panties and pushed them down over my knees, letting them drop to my ankles. Then I spread my skinny legs all the way apart and said:“Here’s my pussy, if you want to see it. ” I held it open with my left hand and started masturbating my clit again with my right hand so he could watch me do it. “Do you like it?”“It’s beautiful,” he said.

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   “It’s the sweetest little pussy I ever saw. ”“Do you like watching me rub it?” I started fingering myself faster. “Ohhh Daddy, it REALLY feels good when I do it fast like this!”“I love you so much, sweetie!” he said. “You’re such an angel!”“Daddy! Daddy! I want to do sex stuff like in that movie! Ohh…uh…uh…uhhh! My pussy’s so wet and tingling! It’s like I can’t breathe!”“Heather, you’re giving me another big hard-on!” “Touch my pussy,” I begged him. “You can do ANYTHING to me! I’ll never tell!”When my father’s fingertips touched my bare inner thigh, and then my cunt, and finally found my trembling clit by slipping under my own fingers, I came in about two seconds, bucking in the seat as if I had an electric cattle-prod up my butt. My breath caught in my throat as wave after wave of the most indecent pleasure possible washed over me, my bare ass squirming wildly. “Daddy, it’s so good! Ohhhhhh! Keep touching it like that! Uh…Uh…Uh…Uh …UHHHHHHH!!!”And while I was still coming, I reached over with my left hand and easily found my dad’s hard, throbbing cock, standing straight up again in the middle of his lap. I squeezed it, then started jacking him off again. “I have to pull over into a rest area,” my dad said breathlessly. “I think you need to suck my dick again but I don’t want to run into something and choke you. ”“Okay,” I smiled weakly at him, melting into the seat with a soft little moan but hardly out of pent-up sexual energy. “And then I need to come about five more times! Do you want to try licking my pussy…?”* * *That night, after he dropped me off, I couldn’t get to sleep because I masturbated so much thinking about what I’d done, what my dad had done to me, and what I still wanted to do! I was only a 9-year-old in the third grade, but I already was a genuine slut! The idea of sex with my own father, and watching the family sex in that dirty video, had aroused me tremendously, even at my young age, and that very next weekend I talked him into actually fucking me. NEXT: Chapter Two – I Finally Get My First Fuck.