The Childhood Confessions of Heather W.


Boys 13, 14 and 15-years-old have actually tried to pick me up!I’m divorced, but I have a professional job and an ex-husband who’s generous with both child support and his time when it comes to our children, James, 11, and Lucy, who just turned 9. I’m active in the PTA and I volunteer at local charities. I also have sex with both of my children, my own father and even my younger cousin, Charlotte (and her 8-year-old son, Brad). Just thinking about incest gets the entire crotch of my pants wet. So does illicit sex in any form, especially with underage boys and girls. Sometimes I get so excited, I literally can’t control myself. In fact, there’s nothing you can imagine sexually that I haven’t tried. My secret sex life would scandalize every normal person I know. The truth is, I was the ‘easy’ girl in school, willing to ‘put out’ for anyone who wanted me. I actually started masturbating when I was only 6-years-old, making myself come repeatedly until I fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion. But my earliest memory of sex (also in the first grade) was humping the top edge of our couch until I got a surprise orgasm that left me sweaty and panting. My 13-year-old babysitter, Maureen, showed me how. She was exactly the kind of oversexed slut I would eventually become. She molested every little boy or girl she ever watched and had sex with several of the kid’s parents, including my dad. When I got older, I learned she was the ‘gangbang’ girl at school, instantly willing to spread her legs for anyone with a heartbeat and a dick. She was famous for letting 11 guys fuck her in the boys’ bathroom during a basketball game one night when she was high.

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  Also, some older kids paid her to suck-off a dog so they could watch. Then they all jacked off in her face, pissed in her mouth or held her down and fucked her in the ass until she cried. “Heather, do you want to do something that feels good?” she asked me, that first time. “Okay. ” “It’s naughty,” she said. “Can you keep it a secret?”“I think so,” I told her. Maureen was mature for her age, with skin-tight jeans, very noticeable boobs, up-swept auburn hair and adult-looking make-up. And she’d gotten my young attention, that was for sure. “Why is it naughty?” I asked. “Because it feels good where you pee,” she said. “In my nookie?”Maureen had already taught me that dirty word, and even touched me there several times, through my underpants only. Once or twice she’d even rubbed me (and squeezed me) there until it got all wet inside. It made my legs all shaky, too, but she made me promise never to tell. This time, she put her hand on my back and started rubbing it lightly through my cotton top. She moved her fingers in a little circle, like she did sometimes when we were alone.

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   Then she moved her hand down to the back of my shorts and did the same thing, rubbing my butt in a little circle through the lightweight fabric until it started feeling sort of exciting. “Do you want to do it?” she asked. And she gave my butt a real slow squeeze that sent a little shiver through me, right between my legs. When I didn’t protest, she slid her hand up and then down INSIDE my shorts! Then she squeezed my butt again, this time through just my underpants! “It’ll feel real good,” Maureen promised. “Okay,” I agreed (to WHATEVER naughty thing it was). “You have to take off your shoes,” she said. “And your shorts. ”“Okay. ”I kicked off my shoes and she helped me push down my shorts. Then, without asking, she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of my underpants and pushed them down as well. She pushed them right down to my ankles and made me step out of them. I was suddenly naked from the waist down! I could feel the air on my bare butt and the backs of my legs and on the little bulge of my nookie. Then Maureen sat on the couch and made me stand right in front of her. “Spread your legs so I can see,” she told me. So I spread my feet apart and stood there.

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   And my 13-year-old oversexed babysitter took a very good look at the tiny slit between my legs, my nookie. Then she touched it with her finger, and kept touching it, and touched it even more, until it was all slippery and wet, like those times before when she’d squeezed it. And the more she touched it, the wetter it got. And the wetter it got, the better it felt, and the more I liked it. In fact, I REALLY liked it. “Does that feel good?” she asked me. “Yes!”With her fingertips, she then traced up and down the pink outer lips of my nookie, probing very gently and massaging me (but without pushing a finger in too deep), until those little pink lips in front got real slick and grew even thicker and more sensitive. Throughout, she paid particular attention to the little protruding part near the top of my slit, my ‘little girl clit,’ she told me, and that was where the sensations felt so good I nearly asked her to “Stay RIGHT THERE!” - but I was too shy to say it. She also kept putting her hand between my legs, from underneath, and squeezing my entire pubic area, the small bare mound itself alive with sensation, but pressing her thumb into my ‘little girl clit’ as well, which made my legs tremble even more every time she did it. And then she reached around and cupped my bare ass with both hands, then spread my cheeks apart until I felt WIDE OPEN back there. And she half-turned me and touched my butthole with her fingertip (which I felt open slightly at her touch), and because her finger was so slippery she pushed it all the way into my butt! Which was so unexpected, I made a surprised little noise! “Ohh!”And felt my butthole tighten on her finger! Which made Maureen smile. It didn’t feel bad, really, just different, especially because she didn’t take her finger out right away, just moved it in and out a few times, in my butt, real slow, watching my face with that same little smile, before finally sliding it out. “Heather, sit here on the couch,” she told me, getting up, and I could tell she was starting to breathe faster. “And spread your legs. ”So I sat on the edge of the cushion and spread my knees apart as she asked, feeling my nookie open wetly as well.

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   It was so wet, I could feel the wetness down in the crack of my butt! Even in my butthole where her finger had been. My cotton top was already sweaty and clinging and getting uncomfortable, too, but I wanted Maureen to keep touching my nookie, so I laid back on my elbows without a complaint and let her do whatever she wanted. Then she surprised me by getting down on her knees in front of me. With her fingers, she held open the slippery wet lips of my 6-year-old nookie and tried to look inside me!“Do you ever talk dirty?” Maureen asked. Her face was so close to my nookie I could feel her hot breath on it. It almost seemed like she wanted to kiss it, her lips were so close to it!. “Heather, do you know any dirty words besides nookie?” she asked again. “Like poop or pee?” I asked. “No,” she told me. “I mean another word for nookie. ”I had no idea, so I just shook my head. My breath was starting to get all shaky, too. My heart was also beating faster. I could really feel it in my chest! And I could feel the oily wetness of my nookie on my bare inner thighs as well. Maureen’s fingers were so slick with it, every little move she made between my legs caused me to breathe even faster.

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  “This is your cunt,” she told me. “It’s a very dirty word. ” She made me touch it, too, my cunt, with my fingers, up at the top where it felt the best. But she kept touching me there as well. Then she made me slip my fingers into my cunt, just past the really sensitive lips that were so swollen and slippery in front. “It feels all hot inside!” I had to laugh. “And tingly. ”“But it feels real good, too, doesn’t it?” she asked. “It feels REALLY good,” I admitted. “Better than ANYTHING I ever felt!” Kneeling in front of me, Maureen continued exploring my cunt with her fingers (and made me do the same!) until I was squirming around and making little crying out noises. I could barely keep my bare ass on the couch! In fact, my sweaty little butt kept jerking up off the cushion on its own, my heels digging into the carpet and my knees spreading wider, every time one of us touched my ‘little girl clit’ at the top! “This isn’t even the best part!” she told me. And she made me climb up onto the couch back so I was straddling it, naked from the waist down, like riding a horse. Then she pressed my balled up panties under my cunt to absorb the wetness and pushed my bare little ass down so my crotch was pressed tightly against them. “Now just rock back and forth,” she told me. “It’s called fucking.

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  ”“It’ll get the couch all wet!” I said. “We’ll dry it with your mom’s hair dryer. ”And so she got me started, pushing me along, so I’d get the feel of it. Pretty soon, I was pumping my narrow hips on my own, my knees holding on tight, breathing hard and literally fucking the couch! And throughout, she kept squeezing my bare butt with both hands and touching my wet cunt from behind, even after I started coming! She even stuck her finger all the way up my butthole again and started sliding it in and out. “It feels so GOOD, Maureen!” I gasped, my legs trembling uncontrollably. “Uhhhhh! Uhhh! Uhhhh!”And I had the first orgasm of my young life, still in the first grade, after about fifteen sweaty but wildly exciting minutes of dry-humping my mom’s couch with my 13-year-old babysitter’s finger up my asshole! It was like something incredibly delicious suddenly exploded in my sweet little cunt, then somehow reached out instantly to every square inch of my skinny young body in an indescribable way! I was also acutely aware of Maureen’s finger probing in my hot asshole, which was joined by a second one alongside it just as I came, and her working both of them rapidly in and out of my butt. “Ohhhhh, Maureen, I can’t breathe!” “You’re coming!!” she laughed. “Keep pumping your little ass!”“Uhhhh uhhh uhhhh!” I panted, straining to get every ounce of pleasure out of my little 6-year-old cunt. “I love it! It’s almost like I can taste it!! It feels so good!”“Your asshole keeps grabbing my finger!”“OHHHHH!” was all I could manage, my entire body on fire and jerking wildly. “UH UHHH UHHHHH!!!”“Christ, you come so good!” Maureen laughed. “And you fuck like a little whore!”* * *“Let’s go to your room,” she said, as soon as I went limp with a final gasp. “And see how many more times we can make you come. ” And she grabbed up my shorts and panties and took me to my bedroom and used her fingers to make me come again and again. She made me lay on my back with my legs apart and did it with her fingers each time, with me squirming around like crazy at her experienced touch. And every time I came, it felt just as good as the first time on the couch.

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   Then she pushed down her own jeans and soaking wet panties and laid down beside me on the bed and made me do it to her. When she spread her legs apart, I could smell her wetness and actually feel the heat between her bare thighs! And I caught on very fast, my young fingers probing eagerly into her hairy 13-year-old cunt. It was real easy to find her distended clit, too. It was really slippery, even more than mine! And I also pushed my fingers all the way into her, almost my whole hand going into her sopping wet cunt, but she mostly had me stay right on her clit, rubbing it and squeezing it and even pulling at it a little when she started breathing real fast!She showed me exactly what to do and it was really fun. When she started having her first orgasm (she had about nine!), she actually kissed me on the mouth! That was fun too. We did it with our tongues, kissing, which I’d never done before either, but I liked it. After that afternoon with Maureen, I fingered myself every night until I fell asleep from sweaty exhaustion. I couldn’t get enough of it. I was extremely over-sexed!And the very next time Maureen was over, she started licking my 6-year-old cunt the second my mom and stepfather were out the door! And she made me start licking hers! I mean really licking it, for a long time, doing what she told me was a ‘69’, until we’d both come again and again and again! Maureen also liked getting me up on my hands and knees, pressing her face into my sweaty little butt-crack and licking me from behind. She loved using her tongue, in my pussy AND my asshole, to make me come. And then we’d trade places. I got really good at licking her pussy and her butt! The first time I stuck my face in her butt and licked her asshole, it seemed weird to me, to be sticking my tongue in another girl’s butt, but then I got to really like it. It was fun. And Maureen loved it! It got so I could tell when she was ready to come just by what her butthole was doing! Like I said, weird, huh?She also showed me how to get on my bike in the garage and fuck the seat, pressing into it with my cunt through my shorts or jeans until I’d come two or three times!Later, because she knew I wouldn’t tell, Maureen started sneaking boys in, sometimes more than one at a time. I’d stand guard, watching for my parents out the front window, while they used my narrow twin bed to do oral sex or fuck.

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   I’d always walk in on them and watch them doing it and they always let me. In fact, Maureen liked it when I watched. She made sure I saw EVERYTHING, especially if two or three boys took turns on her. Sometimes, she’d pull me into bed to lay next to her while they did it! I’d hold her hand real tight while they fucked her!“This is my kid sister,” she’d tell them, lying to them. “I like having her next to me when I fuck. ”As you can guess, Maureen sometimes fingerfucked me or we'd lick each other while the boys watched, and some of the boys started touching my tits or my cunt or my asshole, too, and a few even licked me down there. I also learned how to give a blow-job that summer, and to swallow it fast so it didn’t taste bad, but it was ALL a lot of fun. I even stuck my tongue up a boy's ass once! Maureen taught me a lot. After that, I did a lot of dirty stuff with a lot of younger and older kids, boys and girls both, and quite a few adults, too. And I started secretly watching porno with my dad the weekends I stayed there. I also willingly started playing ‘sex games’ with him when I was 9, in the third grade, like jacking him off and doing blow jobs and 69’s. He was the first one to fuck me, too. It was all my idea, but he definitely went along with it. By the fifth grade, I was ‘doing it’ every chance I could with older boys, younger kids I was babysitting, my dad, and even one of my mom’s friends who was terrified he was going to get caught with his dick inside me (or while I was giving him a blow job in his car!). I was also fucking myself at night with bananas, hot dogs, cucumbers, a catsup bottle or anything I could push up my pussy with a finger-full of my mom’s K-Y jelly.

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   I would literally fuck myself through endless multiple orgams until my arm went numb! In the sixth grade, I remember letting two boys fuck me with a 16 oz. Pepsi bottle. It took some real effort to get it even partway into my cunt, but it was really fun. And when they finally started screwing me with it, taking turns pushing it into me really fast, I got so excited I made them both fuck me for real afterwards. Also, I found out I loved making guys come (the younger the better) and I loved watching it shoot out their cocks. Also, I loved swallowing it and getting it on my face and licking it off my fingers while they watched. My God, I sucked so many dicks!In junior high, a half-dozen boys from another school who didn’t know me jacked off into a glass and I drank it on a bet. Later I got into the backseat of their car and let them take turns fucking me. Cum leaked out of my pussy for two straight days. My dad got real ‘erect’ and shaky when I told him the details. Then he fucked me about 6 times in a row, making me tell him all about it every time he did it to me! Of course, we always screwed a lot anyway because we both loved doing it together. I’ve never been paid to have sex, but I’m definitely an out-of-control secret slut. Once, at a sleazy motel gangbang with my dad and some of his swinger club friends when I was 15, we lost count after I had over 30 orgasms. They fucked me so much, they thought they’d hurt me (one guy said my pussy started to smell like tuna fish!), but I let them just keep doing it to me. They finally stopped, but not me! God only knows what my limit is.

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   As a youngster, I seduced many other children. As a babysitter, I invented games that involved oral sex, anal sex, masturbation and regular fucking. I once taught two little grade-school brothers how to fuck each other in the ass using Vaseline. I sucked their dicks and let them fuck me in the ass, too. I played ‘sex games’ with a 5-year-old girl I was babysitting, then showed her how to lick my pussy. Then I licked her little pussy from underneath while she squatted on my face, and she came really good. That was always how it went. I licked every little girl’s pussy I ever watched and sucked or fucked every single boy. Even the very, very young ones! (I know - I definitely must be sick). When I was 11, my best friend Kathy and I jacked off her dog, Rusty, about a hundred times in her bedroom with the door closed! We did it into the same cum-encrusted towel and hid it after. Sometimes, when it was still sticky, we’d put our fingers in it or dare each other to smell it! Once when Kathy wasn’t looking, I licked it, just to see what it tasted like! We were too afraid (or embarrassed) to put Rusty’s dog-dick in our mouths, but we constantly talked about doing practice blow jobs on him! Jacking him off until his cum spurted into the towel got us both excited and breathing heavy, though, so we always did mutual masturbation or gave oral sex to each other. And we almost got caught doing 69 by her parents or my mom and step-dad many times! They'd have killed us if they’d known!A few years later, when we were both 15, Kathy admitted she HAD sucked her dog’s dick when I wasn’t there! Through the fourth and fifth grades, she gave Rusty secret blowjobs every day, making him ejaculate a river of dog-cum with her mouth! “My God, did you swallow it!?” I asked. “I swallowed it all,” she admitted. “I was a real cum-freak!”“Why didn’t you tell me?!” I said. “It was too perverted!”“It was perverted jacking him off,” I reminded her.


   “But we did THAT together!”Of course, by age 15, I’d been doing every dirty sexual thing imaginable, with adults and other children, both younger and older, and that included several very perverted episodes of ‘dog fun. ’ Parents, do you know what your kids are doing tonight?Also, I should admit, as a young-looking 29-year-old mom, I’m still sexually attracted to ‘very young’ sex partners. I don’t know if THAT makes me a sex pervert or not, but I refuse going into details about it with my therapist. Sometimes I pick a busy video arcade miles away and pretend to look for one of my children, just a regular mom asking the kids for help. I give the kids quarters for video games, waiting for my supposed child to show up. Believe it or not, most boys and girls that age, usually 9 to 12, love to talk about sex, especially with a young mom in tight jeans worried about her own kid. In fact, they love to shock, so we always end up talking about EVERYTHING. The first time I say ‘fuck’ to kids that age, boys or girls, they go crazy. If there’s two or three of them, I love to ask what they know about sex. The talk gets real dirty, real fast. They love to say ‘fuck’ right back to me, and ‘cunt’ and ‘pussy’ and ‘cock. ’ Talking dirty to a grown-up gets them very excited. And more than one 11 or 12-year-old boy has asked me for a date! Or wants to see my boobs! I also love it when I find a slutty pre-teen girl hanging around with two or more boys - there’s always a lot of sexual tension there, just waiting to be exploited. When it becomes obvious my child isn’t coming, I ask for directions to a nearby arcade. They always want to drive over with me.

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   In the car, it’s always fun. I ask who wants to ‘date’ me. I ask who wants to ‘make out’ with me. I ask if they’ve ever ‘done it. ’ If a girl is with them, I ask if she’s ‘done it’ with them. The answers are always fun and surprising and encouraging. And asking gets them crazy. I let them know one ‘date’ might not be enough for me. I tell them I love giving blow jobs or ‘doing it’ with young boys. That always gets it started. Even if they’re suddenly so nervous they start shaking, the kids usually know several good places to park. Just one video arcade example, with three boys I’d met: I ‘made out’ in the car one night with a 12-year-old boy, letting him touch my bare tits and put his fingers in my pussy, while the two excited younger boys watched. Then we went to an isolated picnic table they knew about behind a closed strip mall. When I let the 12-year-old start fucking me, the other two kids got so nervous they kept running off to pee in the bushes. But they kept coming back to watch.

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   And as soon as the 12-year-old finished and pulled his wet little dick out of me, each of the younger boys finally took a turn fucking me, too. Much more about those adventures later. Anyway, for years, the single most arousing memory of my life was the first time my father’s cock was entirely in my little cunt (when I was 9), after several lengthy but exciting (and well-lubricated) attempts to get it into me. When we finally fucked, with me straddling my dad, he made me masturbate at the same time so it would be good for me, too. My first orgasm of the night hit me like a solid wall of bricks, and then he slid his finger up my throbbing asshole, just like Maureen had done (because I told him about it). I jerked and strained like an electric current was coursing through my twat. And whenever I masturbated after that, for years, I always went back to that night. Now, however, the two most exciting experiences of my life are the first time I had sex with my own son and, of course, the first time I went down on my little daughter. When James (at 8-years-old) filled my mouth with his sweet young cum (the clear fluid shooting against my tongue, while his pencil-thin cock jerked out its liquid load from his small balls), I came so hard fingerfucking myself I almost passed out in the car. That’s right, the car - because I love doing dirty things in a car. Any car. The station wagon was parked in the garage, the garage door closed, our groceries still in the back, because I was too sexually aroused at the time to wait until we got inside. “Mom!” he said after, his blue eyes wide with surprise. “You made my pee feel so good!” “It wasn’t pee, honey,” I said. “James, do you know what fucking is?” He shook his head.

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   “No, but I know the word. ”“Let’s get the groceries into the house,” I said. “And I’ll teach you something that feels REALLY good. ”“In my penis?”“Exactly,” I told him. “And in my pussy. ” Nothing is sicker than incest, I guess, but that’s why it gets me so worked up. I’ve been having sex with my son James for three years. He can fuck me several times a night, if I let him stay up. And if I crawl into bed with my daughter Lucy, she pushes down her pj’s and spreads her skinny legs so I can lick her juicy little twat. Of course, her brother licks her juicy little twat now, too. Like me, she looks like an innocent little angel, but has multiple orgasms easy and often. It’s all our own dirty little family secret. And, yes, my dad’s in on it, too. Sick, huh?Anyway, as I’ve already said, I’m currently in therapy, but it’s just that I love sex and want sex every minute of every day. My pussy’s always wet, my asshole willing, my nipples and clit alert for sensation.

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   At swinger’s parties, I’ve 69’ed with girls while their fathers jacked off on us. At an incest party arranged over the Internet, I did a double-penetration with a father (in my pussy) and very young son (in my ass) that got me so excited I pissed all over when we came. We got a round of applause for it. I’ll do anything to achieve sexual pleasure. Anything. I know I need to change, and I should want to change, but it feels too good having orgasms. And, basically, I just love sex. Anyway, as I mentioned at the beginning: believe what you want. NEXT: Chapter One - I Spend Quality Time With My Father.