The Crack Of Dawn


Mentally shrugging her shoulders, Norma reached in the closet and pulled out a red sheath dress and shinnied into it. Foregoing hose, she slipped on a pair of red heels to match her outfit and moved toward the door and down the stairs to where Dawn sat in the living room leafing through a magazine. ------------------------Hearing a sound, Dawn glanced towards the staircase and saw her mother coming down. The older woman was wearing a tight red dress that really showed off her figure and Dawn felt her stomach turn a sudden somersault. 'Oh wow,' she thought to herself, mom's really going to do it. . . she's gonna let Rick get it on with her. '"Hey mom," she said aloud. "You look great!""I can't believe I am doing this Dawn," Norma laughed nervously as she moved across the room to sit down on the sofa beside her daughter. "Are you sure this is a good idea, honey? I mean with Rick being your husband and all. ""Sure! It's a great idea mom! Damn. . . Rick is gonna lose his cool when he sees you all dolled up like this. ""Were you telling me the truth when you said you and Rick were swingers Dawn? I mean.

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  . . do the two of you really have sex with other people? Honest?""Honest," Dawn laughed. "We started swinging even before we got married mom. Both of us like sex. We like it a lot! All kinds of sex. ""All kinds?" Norma echoed. "What do you mean honey?""Rick and I are both bi, mom. We like to swing both ways. ""Both ways? You mean. . . you have sex with women too? And Rick likes to. . .

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  ""Uh-hunh. Don't look so shocked mom. This is the 90's. . . remember?""Oh my," Norma laughed nervously. "This will take some getting used to I'm afraid. ""Haven't you ever fooled around with another woman mom?""No. . . never. ""Well. . . haven't you ever at least thought about it?" Sliding over on the sofa closer to her, Dawn casually rested her hand on the older woman's knee.

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   "Tell the truth now mom. . . haven't you ever wondered about it?""I. . . I guess maybe I have a few times," Norma said, acutely aware of Dawns on her knee. She was also aware of a tingling sensation deep in the pit of her stomach. She gasped audibly as she felt the girl's hand sliding up under the hem of her dress, fingers curving into the hollow between her thighs. . . Dawn was so sexually aroused she was shaking as she lightly brushed her fingers against her mothers panty covered crotch. Through the thin fabric of the panties, she could feel the already swollen lips of her pussy. "Dawn," Norma said huskily, ". .

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  . what. . . what are you doing?""Relax mom," Dawn said, snuggling up beside her and nibbling at her earlobe. Then she kissed her way across the Norma's cheek until her mouth found trembling lips. Kissing her deeply, Dawn slipped her hand inside the front of the panties and gently brushed her fingers against the damp and swollen lips of her mothers pussy. . Sucking eagerly at her daughter's tongue, Norma was well beyond the point where she could have stopped. Spreading her legs wider to afford the girls searching fingers even better access, she moaned softly as Dawn sensuously rubbed her panty covered cunt lips. . . Breaking off the kiss, Dawn slipped off of the sofa to her knees on the carpeted floor and positioned herself between Norma's legs. Sliding her hands up under the hem of the red dress, she pulled Norma's panties down and free of her feet. Tossing them aside, she gently but firmly pushed the woman's knees wider apart, then dipped her head down until her tongue touched the aromatic flesh of Norma's cunt.

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  The sensation of her daughter's mouth and tongue on her pussy pushed Norma completely over the edge. Moaning softly, she hooked her legs over the girl's shoulders and reached down to press Dawns face even deeper into her crotch. "That's it baby. . . that's it. . . don't stop. . . oh please. . . don't stop," Norma slurred as she squirmed herself against Dawns talented mouth and tongue, ".

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  . . yes. . . there. . . yes. . . yessss. . . "Sucking and licking at her mother's clitoris, Dawn could feel her own orgasm beginning to build inside her.

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   Moving her tongue in a rapid flicking movement, she pressed her hand in beneath her chin and pushed two fingers deep into Norma's pussy and began finger-fucking the older woman even as she tongued her. She could feel Norma's hips bucking in the throes of a massive orgasm and could hear her mothers keening cry somewhere above her head as her own orgasm pulsed and throbbed. . . ------------------------Sometime later, after they had caught their breath again, Norma and Dawn sat close beside one another on the sofa holding hands. It was Dawn who was the first to speak of it. "Well mom. . . what do you think now?""I think that I will never be the same again," Norma laughed softly. "It was wonderful, darling. . . truly wonderful. I never dreamed it could be like that with another woman.

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  ""I could tell you liked it," Dawn giggled. "I thought for a minute that you were gonna bounce yourself completely off of the sofa when you came. ""Oh you," Norma laughed again, ". . . stop it. . . you're embarrassing me you little imp. "Norma took a deep, nerve steadying breath. "It couldn't have been too much fun for you though honey. I mean. . . well.

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  . . you were doing all the giving and not too much of the getting. I was wondering if. . . if you w. . wanted me to do it for you. ""You mean go down on me?" Dawn asked. "You wanna do it to me mom?"I. . . well. .

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  it j. . just seems so unfair that you did it to me and you didn't get anything in return is all. " Norma said weakly. "I mean. . . ""C'mon mom," Dawn giggled, ". . . stop beating around the bush. Are you saying that you would like to go down on me?""W. . well. .


  . that sounds rather crude the way you put it honey, but I g. . guess that's what I am getting at. "Dawn glanced at the watch on her wrist. "Well, Rick won't be home for at least another forty-five minutes. . . " She stood up and quickly took off her jeans and blouse. Not wearing a bra, she skimmed her panties down and kicked them aside. "Lay down on your back mom. "Her eyes glued to the triangular patch of her daughter's pubic hair, Norma lay down on her back as the girl climbed onto the sofa to straddle her head. Her heart was hammering as Dawn slowly lowered herself, then she closed her eyes and tentatively reached out with her tongue as her daughter's pussy touched her lips. . .

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