The Curious Sister


Realizing I wasn't alone, I stopped the tape and zipped up. I heard footsteps in the kitchen, and head that way. When I entered the kitchen there was my 16-year-old sister, standing in a wet, black cut off T-shirt, which showed off her firm breasts and gave the world an eye full of her firm stomach. " What happened to you?" I asked. "Nothing! I just was over at a friends house and some jerks sprayed us with water hoses!" She yelled back. "Sorry, you need a towel or something?""No! I am fine, just go back down stairs and leave me alone. ""Fine. "I took about two steps down the stairs when she asked me when mom and dad where supposed to call. "They have already called, they say high," I said. "They're enjoy their cruise?" she asked with a smile. "Of course, they don't have to be home with us!" I said jokingly. With that I head down the stairs and to back to my favorite chair in the living room. I turned on the TV and flipped around. It was going to be a while now before I could resume my porno. At about 10 o'clock, I heard my sister go into her room and shut the door. Now was my chance to jerk-off.

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  I pushed play and resumed watching the movie. The pizza guy had just got of the phone inviting all of his buddies over to screw the blonde chick, when the blonde chick started giving him a blowjob. She took his dick in her mouth all the way, and then pulled it all the way out before she settled into a nice steady motion. The guy groaned and played with her hair and kept saying "oh yeah, good!" over and over. I was rock hard at this point and closing my eyes trying to picture that same chick giving me a blowjob, when I heard a soft moan. I snapped my eyes open and looked at the TV. The blonde chick was now bent over and taking it up the ass and moaning. But for some strange reason, I felt like I was being watched. I got up and step- out of my pants and walked over to the staircase that led up stairs, and listened. I could hear the TV on my sister's room and other household electronics humming, but nothing that sounded like that moan I had heard. So, I shrugged it off and went back to the living room to finish my movie, when I noticed the door to the furnace room was slightly open. This struck me as odd, because I knew nobody else had been downstairs all day, and I knew the door was shut when I went up and talked to my sister, because the door faced right out into the living room right at about where I usually sat. I walk over to it and shut it, and resumed my movie. It wasn't long before I was back into my pace when I glanced over at the furnace room door out of the corner of my eye, and saw it open. Not only open, but I could make out my sister standing there watching me.

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   I didn't know what to do. Do I continue jerking off and then go to my room and act like nothing happened? Or do I go over to there and confront her. To think, my little sister, who didn't like talking about sex, or even hearing the word itself, was a voyeur. I then found myself picturing my sister in all sorts of positions naked and posing for me. Flaunting her firm body and her gorgeous tits. It was more than I could take. I came. I spew cum all over the couch and myself. I couldn't believe it. Then from the furnace room, I heard that soft moan again. I grabbed a near by towel and quickly cleaned up, and tossed it behind the couch. I had to confront her about this. I knew I did. So I pulled my pants up and walked over to the furnace room door, and opened it and flicked on the light. There was sister, with her shirt untucked and her jeans half zipped, trying to hide behind some boxes.

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   "Come on out, I know you've been watching me. Come on out and let's talk about it. "She slowly crept out from behind the boxes, and out the door. Her face was very red. She sat down in the lazyboy just next to the couch. She stared down at the floor. " Well, how long have you been watching me?" I asked. "For the past 3 months. " She replied. "Well I don't know what to say, I mean you always go around complaining about how everything has to do with sex, and how your friends wont shut-up about it. ""Yeah well. . . . .

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  . . . ""Well what? " " Well, I don't know, I am just curious that's all, I mean all my friends try and set me up with these guys who are real cute and everything, but they just don't . . . . . . . . . ""Fuck you?" I said. "Yeah, its like they always want to wait until prom night or something. " She replied.

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  "Well, just ask for it, I mean guys love a girl that puts out, especially hot ones like you. ""You mean that?" she said with a smile. "Yeah. Guys like girls who put out, just ask for it, just tell the guy, hey fuck me. ""Okay, Fuck me. ""What?""You heard me, fuck me. "I stared at me sister with my mouth gaping wide open. She wants me to fuck her?"You want me to fuck you?" I asked. "Yes, every since I started watching you, I have always dreamed about you fucking me, so what do say huh? Will ya do it?"I stood there, not knowing what to say. I looked my sister over and started thinking to myself, yeah she is hot, yeah she has seen you naked why not see her naked, but something inside of just kept say, no don't do it, she is your sister. While my mind was saying no, my dick wasn't. It pressed against my pants, I was almost completely rock hard by this point, when my sister jumped into me and started riding my crouch. "Oh my god, what are you doing!" I gasped at her. "Helping you make up your mind. " She said.

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  With that, she reached down and pulled her shirt off, giving me a perfect view of her tits. "You like that huh?""Oh yeah. . . . " "Then suck on one. " She said. And pushed her right tit into my mouth. I slowly started sucking on her tit, tracing her nipple with my tongue, and fondling her other tit with my hand. She let out a soft moan and began riding my crouch harder. I moaned at the incredible feeling I was getting in my dick. She then pulled away from me and removed her jeans. "MM, oh yeah, just ask for it. Right brother?" She said with a smile. By now, any hint of guilt I might have had was gone.

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   I unzipped my pants and pulled my hard dick and started stroking away. "Yeah just ask. " I replied. "MMMMM good. "She then climbed back onto my lap and started kissing me, shoving her tongue in my mouth, all the while stroking my dick. "Oh man, your hand feels so good," I said. "You like me jerking you off?" She asked with a smile. "Oh god yes. ""Then you'll love this. "She climbed off me and got down on her knees right in front of my rock hard cock. "Ready?" She asked with a smile?"Yeah do it!" I replied. With out another word she started sucking and licking away at my cock. I leaned my head back and moaned. I was getting a blowjob from my sister! Oh man. Who would have guessed.

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  After about 20 more minutes of her sucking on my dick, the phone rang, and startled us. It was my parents, they where just calling to see if where doing okay. After a short chat my sister hung up the phone and walked back over to me on the couch. She smiled at me and sat down next to me. She grabbed my dick and finished jerking me off. I shot my load all over her chest and belly. She smiled as I leaned over and started licking her clean. That night we slept together in my room and enjoyed each other. We had sex, and talked about sex for the rest of that week my parents where gone, but those are stories for another time. This is fiction/fantasy/fact. No names were mentioned nor shall any be. I love to hear some feed back, email me at phenix@looksmart. comMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.