The Delight of Amber


It wasn’t my fault. Ok, so I was the adult and I’m supposed to be the responsible one, but she practically begged for it. Yes, I know it’s a crime and most people would think I’m a sick, perverted bastard for what I’ve done, but let me tell you how it all happened. Then tell me if you’d have done anything differently. I had a pretty good life. I’d married my high school sweetheart the moment we’d both finished college, and things were rough for the first few years. But as time passed and my financial planning business finally started to be in the black, we began talking about starting a family. I thought I’d have a bit more time up my sleeve, but my wife became pregant the very month she stopped taking the pill, and 9 months later our beautiful baby girl was born. We named her Amber and doted on her every move. Amber learnt very early in life that she had her daddy wrapped around her little finger, and took full advantage of the fact. If her mother said no to whatever she wanted, she just had to climb onto my lap and wrap her arms around my neck and say “please daddy” and i’d melt and say yes. As the years passed and Amber grew up, I was amazed at how gorgeous she was becoming. With her long blonde hair, big blue eyes, flawless skin and just the beginnings of a luscious, curvy body, I knew I’d have a hard time keeping the boys hands off her. When I look back now after everything that’s happened, that thought is ironic. Everything started to change when Amber turned 13. I began to notice how whenever her mother wasn’t around, Amber would be lounging around the house in all sorts of tight, revealing clothes.

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   She’d sprawl on the floor in front of the TV in the tiniest of lace panties, her thighs spread slightly so I could see the thin fabric pressed up against her pussy. Her breasts had started to develop a year or so before, and it seemed they were always about to burst out of the top of her tight cotton tank tops. Oh God, and her nipples. Why were they ALWAYS so damn erect? They seemed to be screaming at me to stare at them. Which I tried not to do, but when they’re always there, how could I help it? Was it my imagination or did Amber seem to bend over alot in front of me? If she wasn’t letting me see down the front of her top, frantically looking for a peek at her nipples, she seemed to be dropping things often and bending over as I watched her panties inch up over her perfect ass. As you can imagine, I was in a continual state of arousal, and my wife enjoyed the benefits of my hard cock numerous times as I fucked the shit out of her while I thought about Amber’s luscious body. Fate has a way of stepping in and fucking up your whole life. I figure it was fate that made the ice on my mother-in-laws front steps, and fate that made the old girl slip, and fate that broke both her hips. Naturally my wife was frantic and quickly packed her suitcase to fly interstate to take care of her mother, which left Amber and I at home by ourselves. At first I was terrified at the thought of being alone with my daughter for weeks on end. Which was ridiculous, of course. She was innocent and it wasn’t her fault that I was having such lascivious thoughts. I just had to get past this obsession and everything would be alright. However, events seemed to be conspiring against me. Firstly, I walked in on Amber by accident as she was getting out of the shower and was struck motionless at the sight of her naked body.

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   Her perfect little breasts with the nipples swollen and practically begging for me to suck on them. Her flat taut stomach and long toned legs were exquisite. But it was her pussy on full view, without a hair in sight that made my mouth water. My cock was instantly rock hard and throbbing and it seemed to take Amber a long, long time before she reached for her towel and wrapped it around her body. I quickly mumbled an apology but she just smiled and said it was ok. I managed to make a fast exit and locked myself in my bedroom, dropping my trousers within seconds and stroking my cock frantically till I came all over my hand. That probably wasn’t my proudest father moment, but what’s a guy to do after a sight like that?The second event was a few days later when I came home from work to find Amber lying on the couch and complaining how she had pulled a muscle in her thigh during gym class that day. After watching her limp around the house grimacing with every step, I offered to go buy her some deep heat ligament lotion, hoping that would fix her problem. Upon my return, I gave her the tube and thought that would be the end of it. But within minutes she was back in the lounge room in just her tiny lace panties and thin cotton tank top, whining because she couldn’t reach the area properly and asking me to help her. How could I possibly refuse when my baby girl was in pain? She lay down on the floor in front of me and I knelt down between her spread legs and asked her exactly where it hurt. I groaned silently when Amber reached back behind herself as she pulled her panties into the crack of her ass, and told me the pain was from her left buttock to down the back of her thigh. I squeezed the ointment into the palm of my hand and began to softly rub it into her leg, willing my brain to think about dead kittens or nuclear physics or anything that wouldn’t make me think about the tight hot body beneath my hands. Hearing Amber groan as my fingers pressed into the muscle of her upper thigh was excruciating. As my hands travelled higher up her leg, I noticed that Amber seemed to spread her thighs even further apart, giving me a birds eye view of the tiny scrap of lace covering her young pussy.


   I was throbbing with the need to rip those panties off with my teeth. “Wait daddy, you’ll get the stuff on my panties,” Amber whispered as if she’d read my mind, and rose up on all fours in front of me and slid her panties down her legs and threw them to one side. As she lay down again on the floor in front of me, her legs spread wide around my kneeling body, I watched the lips of her pussy pull open and I could have died right then and gone to heaven a happy man. “Can you do my other leg as well please daddy, cuz that’s kinda sore too,” she said as she smiled at me over her shoulder. My hands shook as I poured more ointment into my hands and massaged them up the backs of her legs. Amber groaned and mumbled how good that felt as my two hands covered the cheeks of her ass and squeezed. Her skin was so smooth and soft, yet her legs and ass were toned and tight. I continued the massage for some time, and with each moan from Amber my actions grew somewhat bolder. I know it was wrong but my hands worked their way closer and closer to the inside of her thighs. Would she let me touch her pussy? I could smell the rich musky scent that was drifting upwards from her spread pussy and it was making my mouth water. Inch by inch, my thumbs reached higher up her inner thighs, and it seemed that Amber was arching her back somewhat, pushing back against my hands. Finally I slid one of my hands slightly higher and rubbed my thumb across the stretched lips of her young cunt. Amber groaned deeply and I nearly exploded in my pants as I felt how wet her pussy was. I couldn’t seem to stop myself as my whole hand reached down between my baby girls legs and my fingers ran back and forth along her hot wet slit. Amber was panting and writhing on the carpet in front of me as my fingers reached under her and found her swollen clit.

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   “Does that feel good, baby?” I whispered. “Mmmm, yes daddy” she moaned and I rubbed her little clit in circles as I watched her perfect ass jiggle up and down. My other hand was rubbing and squeezing my rock hard cock through my pants as I frigged my baby daughter and within minutes she started jerking up and down against my fingers as her breathing became hitched. “That’s it baby, cum for daddy” I grunted as her whole body began to shake. My cock exploded in my pants as Amber began to grunt, her pussy gushing hot juices against the palm of my hand as she orgasmed. When we’d both recovered our breath, Amber smiled at me over her shoulder and thanked me for the great massage and flounced out of the room like the cat who’d eaten the canary. I sat there flabbergasted at what had just taken place, yet not so astounded as to not lick her virgin pussy juices off my hand. God, she tasted so hot. I decided to act as if nothing had happened, and it seemed that Amber had come to the same decision. Life went on for the next few days as normal. Well, as normal as it can be with a 13 year old walking around the house in all states of semi-nakedness. I’d finally admitted to myself that my daughter was a little tease, as she bent down in front of the open refrigerator door nearly ever morning, offering me the perfect view of her tight buttocks and lace covered snatch. I’m sure she planned for her bedroom door to be open that morning as I walked past, so I could see her sleeping on her bed with the sheets kicked off and her tank top twisted up uncovering one of her breasts. My cock seemed to be constantly rock hard and I was wanking 3 or 4 times per day as each accidental flash from my daughter sent me scurrying off to my bedroom. It had always been a family tradition in our house that Friday night was movie night.

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   When I came home from work, I asked Amber if she wanted to come with me to the video store, but she said there was no need as she already had a movie that she’d borrowed from one of her friends from school. Upon inspection of the movie cover and seeing it was one of the current horror flicks, I told her she was too young and would be too scared. She begged and pleaded and swore it’d be ok because I’d be there with her and finally I relented. I settled into my favorite recliner chair and Amber spread out in front of me on the floor in her usual lace panties and short t-shirt. She was soon engrossed in the story and I was slowly rubbing my hard cock as I stared at her ass and remembered how hot and wet her pussy had been against my hand. Something must have happened in the movie because suddenly Amber jumped to her feet and scurried over to me, hopping onto my lap and wrapping her arms around my neck as she buried her head against my shoulder. I grunted softly as I felt her tight ass press against my cock, but wrapped my arms around my baby girl and laughed softly into her hair. “I told you that you’d be scared,” I said as I pulled her tightly against my chest, feeling her small nipples rub against the front of my t-shirt. I grunted slightly as she slid down my body a little so she could look up into my eyes, her pussy rubbing down over the length of my cock which throbbed between her spread legs. My hands skimmed down over her back to the juicy globes of her ass and I pulled her towards me, grinding her cunt against my cock. “I’m not scared anymore, daddy,” she whispered as she gripped my shoulders and rocked her pussy up and down against my throbbing cock. I groaned as I watched my baby grinding against my cock, soft little moans escaping from her parted lips. My hand slid up underneath her tiny t-shirt, moving up across her flat stomach until I reached her tight hard nipple. My fingers ran back and forth across her nipple, feeling it get bigger and bigger, until I pinched it softly. Amber groaned and thrust her cunt harder against me.

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   Both my hands gripped the hem of her t-shirt and drew it slowly over her head and threw it aside. “God, you’re so beautiful,” I breathed as my hands slid up and squeezed her budding breasts softly. Amber moaned as I lent forward and captured her with my mouth, sucking her whole breast as my tongue flickered back and forth across her nipple. Her skin tasted so sweet and hearing her panting as she contined to dry hump my throbbing cock was so fucking sexy. I was going to cum in my pants again if I didn’t stop her rubbing against me. My hands slid down to her hips and I held her still above me, kneeling over my lap. My mouth moved to her other breast as I grasped the thin fabric of her panties in my hands and ripped them apart. My right hand slipped between her spread thighs and my fingers rubbed against her hot wet pussy. “Oh daddy, that feels so good,” she panted as she moved her hips back and forth, grinding against my searching fingers, “you make my pussy so wet when you touch it. ” I groaned against her breast as I heard her words, my fingers spreading her pussy lips apart as I pressed my middle finger slowly into her hot, virgin cunt. Fuck, she was so tight. The muscles of her vagina clenched my finger rhythmically, as I pushed my finger deeper into my baby girl. The tip of my finger felt the barrier of her hymen and I pulled back slightly, groaning at the evidence of her virginity. My thumb reached upwards and found her swollen clit, rubbing it softly as I began to thrust my finger slowly in and out of my daughter. Amber was grunting with pleasure each time I pushed my finger inside her, and whimpering each time I withdrew.

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   I released her swollen nipple from my mouth and reached up and pulled her face down to mine, pushing my tongue against her lips until they parted for my thrusting tongue. I don’t know if Amber had ever tongue kissed before, but she seemed to get the hang of it quickly, sucking on my tongue and pushing her own tongue into my mouth. I pulled my finger out of my baby’s cunt and quickly unzipped my jeans, pulling my rock hard cock out of my boxer shorts as I kissed her. As I grasped her hands in mine and pulled them towards my cock, I pulled my lips away from her hot sweet mouth and looked into her eyes. “Baby I’ve gotta feel your hands on my cock. Please Amber, stroke it for me,” I begged as I wrapped her hands around me and showed her how to slide them up and down. Amber stared at my cock in awe as she worked both her hands up and down the length, sliding her fingers across the head which was covered in pre-cum and making me moan. “Oh yes baby, that’s a good girl, just like that,” I groaned as I pushed my hand between her open thighs again and pushed my finger into her dripping cunt. “Fuck, you’re so tight Amber. Do you like having your daddy’s finger inside your pussy? Tell me baby, I need to hear it. ”“Oh. . . oh. .

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  . yes daddy. . . mmmm,” she panted as she rode my finger. “Mmm yeah, you’re daddy’s bad girl. You like having your daddy finger fuck your cunt, don’t you? Oh that’s it baby, stroke my cock harder. Tell daddy how much you like having his cock in your hand,” I moaned as I slowly pushed a second finger into my daughters tight pussy. Amber groaned loudly as she felt my second finger slide inside her. “Oh yeah daddy, don’t stop. I love having your fingers inside me. Oh. . yeah. .

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  . that’s it. . . . mmmm, your cock is so big and hard. ” Her hips rocked back and forth as she fucked herself against my hand. I could feel my balls start to tighten and knew I wouldn’t last much longer. As I wrapped my lips around one of her hard nipples and sucked, my other hand found my babys clit and rubbed it back and forth as I fingered her. Suddenly Amber’s whole body froze in mid thrust, then she began shaking madly as she grunted against my hand. I pulled my mouth from her nipple as I looked into her eyes and saw the pleasure flowing across her face. I could feel the muscles of her cunt clenching my fingers as I thrust faster and faster, rubbing her clit as she orgasmed. Her pussy gushed hot juices as she squeezed my cock with her tiny little hands and I exploded all over her stomach and tits. Stream after stream of my hot cum spurted all over my baby girl as I moaned Amber’s name aloud. I looked down and saw some of my cum hanging off the tip of her nipple and reached down and caught it with my finger, raising it to Amber’s lips.

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  “Taste it baby, taste daddy’s cum like a good girl,” I whispered and then groaned softly as I watched her baby pink tongue hesitantly lick my cum off the tip of my finger. “Do you like that, baby?” “Mmm, yes daddy. It tastes hot and salty,” Amber smiled at me as she licked at my finger again. I reached down and scooped more of my cum from her stomach onto my finger and brought it back to her mouth. I pushed my finger between her lips and watched as she wrapped them tightly around my finger and sucked as her tongue licked up the cum inside. “Oh yeah baby, you’re gonna be a good little cocksucker, aren’t you?” I moaned, mesmerized by her hot wet mouth. My fingers were still inside her tight pussy and I slowly pulled them out, hearing her moan around my finger at the loss of them. “Here baby, try your own cum now. Taste how sweet your pussy is, Amber. ” She gladly switched her mouth from one hand to the other, and moaned as her tiny pink tongue slid up and down my fingers, licking up all of her cunt cream. My daughter was so fucking sexy and my mind was going crazy imagining her riding my cock, or sucking on my hard cock until I exploded in her hot mouth. But as I looked at her droopy eyes, I could tell she was exhausted and needed to sleep. I pushed her gently onto the arm of the chair as I stood up and pulled up my jeans, then picked up my totally naked daughter in my arms and carried her to her bedroom. As I placed her down on the bed, I kissed her soft lips and pulled the blankets up over her gorgeous body. “I love you Amber, and even though what we did tonight was wrong, I loved every second of it,” I whispered.


   “It can’t be wrong when it feels so good, daddy,” she replied. “Well baby, if your mummy ever found out that we touch each other, she’d take you away from me and never let me see you again. We can only continue to touch each other if you swear on my life that you will never tell anybody. Do you swear, Amber?”“Yes, daddy, I swear. I’ll never tell anyone. Will you touch me again, daddy?” she replied around a huge yawn. “Soon baby,” I laughed. “Go to sleep now. There’s lots of other things we can do to each other that feel good, and I’ll teach all of them to you soon. I promise”As I left my daughters bedroom, I looked at her snuggled under the pink covers, and felt the guilt slam into me. She was only 13, for God’s sake. But even though the guilt nearly drowned me, in the back of my mind I was already planning how I could get my cock inside my baby daughter’s tight, wet cunt. I’d love to hear any thoughts, feedback, criticisms, etc that any of you have. Feel free to email me at intentional. malice@hotmail.

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  com and I hope you enjoyed my story. Love, Megan.

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