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        ÂThe 19th century was a time of marked contrasts with scientific knowledge increasing while at the same time superstitions and theory frequently masqueraded as accepted fact. ÂIt was also a period of tremendous disease and early death creating a fascination with a whole host of new “scientific” ways to gain and maintain health. ÂThe people of that period were often sincere, religious, and as easily manipulated by skillful charlatans. Â

Hence there arose a whole host of therapists who preyed upon the general lack of knowledge of human sexuality. ÂWith so little understanding of female sexuality in the general population and the women themselves, the only person in most towns who could cause difficulties for such traveling therapists would be the town physician. ÂBut for the doctors objection would be unthinkable, given that servicing the women’s unmet sexual needs formed a large part of his income. ÂFemales were diagnosed with female hysteria for nearly every symptom and would then undergo "pelvic massage, that is undergo manual stimulation of the woman's genitals by the doctor to cause what professionals of that time called "hysterical paroxysm", what we’d call an orgasm, sometimes serveral orgasms were stimulated, depending upon the situation. ÂNeedless to say the woman felt better and it assured continued treatments as well as continued payments to the doctor.

What follows is a work of fiction—it is however, true to the facts of the era and while fictionalized here, the occurrences portrayed occurred and reoccurred in towns all over the United States, especially in the central and upper Mid-western states of that time.   Â


                 Â        Â        ÂThe Special Demonstration



The special rail coaches had been shunted into the siding at Flores, Iowa in the predawn hours of a summer morning 1860 and by sun up any public space on a tree, fence, or building bore a sign promising an amazing demonstration that evening by the newly arrived doctor from the east demonstrating the astonishing results of the new discoveries in the field of massage therapy and physio-science. Â ÂThe posters spoke of the many benefits of this course of treatment and of the many disease conditions it could help or cure, from back trouble to hysteria. Â Â ÂThe small rail city had little in the way of entertainment and a good many of the townspeople decided to visit the train of Doctor William H. Jacobs.

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That evening seventy or eighty of the towns two hundred residents we standing before the presentation stage that was ingeniously built into the last of the three car personal train sitting on the siding. ÂThe side of the car folded away displaying a 15-foot wide hardwood stage with multiple curtain layers in front and along the back wall making it impossible to tell the true depth of the stage compartment although in truth it ran about two-thirds of the cars width leaving only room behind for a hall leading to the performance entrances to the stage. ÂThe rest of the private car contained dressing and treatment rooms. Â

        ÂSarah Wilson’s father owned the general store and her mother was the teacher of the local one room schoolhouse making Sara’s life compact and supervised. ÂSchool during the day, afternoons helping in the store, and Sundays at church where here family were leading members.  ÂLike many denominations of that period hers worried over the evils of self-pollution as they phrased it among other euphoniums for masturbation although the proper word was almost never used being considered too course of polite company or conversation. ÂThe outcome of all this was that Sarah like so many countless boys and girls had endured many nights, in her earlier years, with her hands tied to the bedrails for fear that she might, if left to her own devices, corrupt herself.

ÂEven in washing she had been schooled to never touch for pleasure and never more that absolutely necessary. Sarah had been a good girl and when she joined the crowd that evening she was fifteen years old, chaste, unquestionably a virgin and viewed as standing in the upper tier of society, economically, morally, and culturally. Â

Glancing about she noticed 17-year old Henry Wittcomb, the son of the district manager for the railroad, a fellow church member, and one of the best looking boys in town. ÂHe caught her glance and waved from across the crowd, but she shyly averted her eyes, secretly thrilled he’d noticed her.  Â

        ÂDoctor Jacobs it turned out was a young man from who’d graduated he told the crowd from the Philadelphia College of Massage and Physical Sciences which was in truth nothing more than an office producing for a reasonable fee fancy diplomas in degrees which had never before existed. Â

He had something of the personality of a circus ringmaster and he spotted Joseph Maccough walking at the edge of the crowd and invited him up to the stage. ÂOld Joe did after so good natured urging from friends and neighbors. ÂJoe almost blushed as the doctor’s young female assistant seated him on a chair at center stage the young doctor in his spotless while coat knelt smoothly before him and quickly took his hands in his, discarding the left hand he held the right in his probing with gentle fingers and proclaimed to Joe, “You are in pain in this hand all the time aren’t you. ”

        Â“Yes”, Joseph replied.

        Â“Before I go on confirm for your friends and neighbors that we’ve never met before, never have spoke and do not know each other. ”Â

        Â“All that is true. ”

        Â“You broke this hand a year perhaps slightly more ago and you’ve never fully recovered. From the nature of the injury you fell, probably from a wagon and put the hand out to break your fall. ”

        ÂSuddenly the crowd was applauding the doctor’s skill for everyone know old Joe had broken the hand when he fell from a hay wagon gathering the first load of hay the previous spring. ÂNobody knew that the young man had seen Joe earlier in the day, had seen him wince in pain opening a door and with some discreet inquiries learned his story long before Joe appeared in the crowd that evening.

        Â“Now I wonder of there is a young lady in this town, a teenager who is know for her self-control who would volunteer to be a subject for tonight’s demonstration of the therapies benefits. ” He asked the crowd. ÂSarah looked about the group. ÂThere were many middle aged and older folks and not a few young men, but not very many young women her age. ÂThere was Ester Banks standing some feet to her left, but she’d never do.

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  ÂShe was known to have lost herself to giggling in the congregational church over some private thought during the Christmas program last winter. Besides she fancied Henry too and Sarah certainly was not going to allow such a demonstration to draw his attention to Easter. Â

Sarah had almost worked up her courage to raise her hand when the doctor announced that as compensation for the volunteer’s time they not only would receive tonight’s treatment, but any others they desired for the entire week the doctor would be in town as well as “this 5 dollar gold piece. ” Five whole dollars!ÂHer mind was made up and she raised her hand thankful that her dad was still working and her mother at home with her little brother so no one would overrule her. Â

        ÂAmid the happy sounds of applause the female doctor’s assistant helped her to the backstage section of the car and showed her the massage chair. ÂIt was enclosed in a tent-like structure with only an opening for her neck.

“That protects your privacy,” the woman explained. ÂShe showed Sarah a small cubically shaped room with some hooks on the walls. Talk off all your clothes and hang them here. ÂThen I’ll help you get settled.

        ÂSarah, suddenly had second thoughts, but how could she walk back out after volunteering in front of everybody?“Naked?” She questioned.

“Yes, but don’t worry. ÂNo one will ever see anything except your head.

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  ÂThey won’t know how you’re dressed under the cover. “Hurry!”ÂShe urged. “Everyone is waiting. ”

        Â Feeling trapped but too proud to admit it Sarah bravely pulled off her clothes trying to act like she stood naked in front of other women all the time and meekly followed the woman to the chair. ÂIt was different from anything she’d ever seen. ÂThere was very little to sit on. ÂVery much like an outhouse seat it provide a partial rim open in front to sit on, but also had support running under the thighs and heavy arm rests for her arms. ÂLast there was an upper back support providing so balance. ÂShe gingerly sat where the girl directed feeling she’d fall out any moment and with thankfulness felt the young woman’s hands tightening heavily padded straps over each thigh greatly stabilizing her perch. ÂHer forearms were secured in similar fashion then her lower legs just above the foot. ÂThe woman carefully closed the curtains about her fastening the neck opening securely. Â

Belatedly realizing her completely vulnerable state, Sarah had just decided she wanted out when the woman pulled back to curtain revealing the crowd who cheered her wildly, even Henry. She smiled weakly back at him. The man in white walked behind her where there was a small stool like a milking stool and an opening for his arms although no one could see what he was doing with his hands.

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Sarah’s first impression was of the warm hands and warm oil on the small of her back as his hands rubbed and skillfully brought her pleasures she hadn’t known her skin capable of. ÂJust as she started to relax those same hands were ever so carefully cupping her full breasts bringing an involuntary blush of humiliation to her face. ÂThe woman who’d helper her change noticed and shouted to the crowd to, “notice the increased circulation bringing back the flush of health to her checks after less than a minute. ”

Sarah was in turmoil. ÂThe man was skillfully manipulating her breasts quickly seeking her cutely upturned, and markedly sensitive nipples. ÂNow he was gently pinching, turning and twisting, as well as tugging at her responsive pink tips. ÂShe struggled against the straps, but she couldn’t move. ÂA strangely new, yet oddly welcome and swelling wet sensation was beginning between her legs. ÂA deep animalistic moan broke from her lips, hushing the crowd in fascination.

“Oh God help me!” She cried out as his fingers moved down and started probing the wetness of her womanhood. ÂHis fingers ever so skillfully began building up this new sensation. ÂHe did not attack her hidden clit but instead worked her wet labia brushing every so softly over her engorged center of pleasure, nearly making her beg for more.

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  ÂShe was so wet down there that she was sure she somehow had urinated on herself. ÂHer breath was coming in unusual gasps and sighs while perspiration beaded on her brow and covered her chest.

The crowd looked on awestruck as her transformation. ÂWhatever the doctor was doing she was having quite a reaction. ÂAs they watched this young woman trembled and her head began to loll from side to side a nearly continual moaning cry of pleasure coming from her.

“This can’t be happening to me. ” Sarah thought as the man’s hands now worked the well oiled pathway from her dripping sex to her increasingly responsive nipples, Sarah’s back arching trying to get way from and at the same time encourage his actions.

From somewhere seeming far away Sarah could hear the female assistant explaining how the massage increased circulation and was especially helpful for female problems. ÂSee how it energizing the whole being, reacting like a athletic contestant in extreme exertion. ÂThis way it purifies the entire body. ”

“I can’t take another second.

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  â€ Sarah thought and then thought she couldn’t endure it if the man stopped. ÂShe was desperate her moans becoming cries of urgency. ÂThe man knew her stage and a finger entered her virgin tightness bring evermore pleasure, more than she knew she was able to attain. ÂThen a second finger wormed its way inside her anal passage. ÂShe literally screamed in extreme pleasure and terror at this never before considered action, them she shrieked again as fingers concentrated on her tiny node of pleasure and for the first and only time in her life she experienced an orgasm. ÂHer cries tapered to rhythmic moans coming in time to doctor’s incredibly skilled fingers inside her vagina and anus timing the thrusts with the contractions her body was having for the first time, Hence he was helping her ride the waves of pleasure that had just consumed her.

The audience stood dumbfounded. ÂThe young woman’s hair was sweat soaked. He breath still came in pained gasps, her body clearly was shuddering with some type of great contractions causing her head to quiver. ÂWith every shudder she seemed to sink ever deeper into an astonishing state of relaxation and a dumb, but happy grin was increasingly plastered on her face. ÂNearly every woman and a good many men began making plans to visit this doctor and every husband there knew he’d have to pay for his wife to visit the doctor.

The curtain closed amid the cheers of the crowd. ÂThe fingers left her body and the doctor rushed out of this now private area to work the crowd and schedule appointments. ÂThe woman untied Sarah’s restraints and helped the shaken girl stand and then used a towel to dry her off.

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  ÂSarah was amazed at how sensitive her nipples and sex had become as the girl ran the rough towel all over her body and astonished at what must be her own fluids covering her sex her buttocks, her anal opening and literally causing a small puddle under the chair. ÂWhen she at last got dressed and the woman handed her the gold piece. “You’d be welcome anytime, she assured her”Â

Sara could think of nothing else all the way home the new wet feeling beginning once more between her legs.


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