The Discovery


“See,” I whispered, “I told you something was going on. ” “Wow,” Ashleigh replied, “This is crazy. ” We were hiding in the bathroom, lights off, with the door cracked, peering into my parents room. Dad was having his way with someone, but it sure as hell wasn’t my mother. She was pretty, probably around my mom’s age, but with blonde hair that hung a little past her shoulders, whereas my mother has dark brown hair. Sporting her birthday suit, she was in decent shape. Her leg muscles were pretty defined, but that could have been because she was bouncing so hard on top of my dad. She had nice breast. I was amazed at the size of her nipples. . They were huge! My dad was moaning with his head kicked back. It looked like she was good at what she was doing. Ashleigh and I sat there and watched them until it was over, then we slowly exited the bathroom via the hall.
“Wow,” Ashleigh said once we reached our bedroom, “I can’t believe this. ” “I know,” I answered, “what are we going to do?” It was a lot to take in. I just learned what sex is for heaven’s sake and now I had witnessed it first hand.

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   “What do you mean what are we going to do?” Ashleigh said. Before I could answer her, she was answering herself. “We’re not going to do anything Kailyn… we can’t. ”
With that I crawled over her into bed. It was late and I was tired. I figured we’d talk about it the next day. It didn’t take that long.
“Kailyn, I’m serious. You can’t say anything to mom. It would hurt her so much. I know you can’t keep your mouth shut but you are going to have to this time. I’m so serious. If she finds out they are going to fight and they’ll probably get a divorce. We just have to be quiet about this and act like nothing happened. Promise me Kai, promise me you’ll keep your mouth shut!” She was really upset.

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   “I promise,” I whispered.
I meant it. . I mean, why would I tell mom? I thought it was kind of cool. I knew someone had been coming over at night after Ashleigh and I had gone to bed. It had been going on since my mom started working nights. And then, ever since they had that class at school I had been wanting to know more about it. Sex, as we were told, was the act of a man and a woman in love coming together to reproduce. The man’s penis entered the woman’s vagina and released sperm, which fertilized an egg and grew into a baby. Was this woman going to have my dad’s baby? And if so, how did he plan on not telling my mother? It was an awful lot for an 10 and a half year old to take in. I’d talk to Ashleigh about it tomorrow. I went to sleep visualizing my father and that woman in my head. There was a whole lot more to this sex thing than they had let on at school. It looked kind of fun!
The next morning my mom woke us up with a smile. She had cooked us pancakes and sausage.

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   Ashleigh and I ate and acted as if nothing had happened the night before. After we got dressed we began our walk to the bus stop. Ashleigh finally broke the silence.
“Kailyn, I should have believed you. ”
“It’s ok Ash,” I said. “Sooooo, now what?”
“Now nothing. . Nothing. . I don’t even want to talk about it. We‘re going to act normal and not say anything to anyone. ”
Well, there went my chance of getting my answers that way.
That night Ashleigh went to spend the night with a friend. She was never home on the weekends. Usually my dad and I would go eat lunch while my mother slept.

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   We’d come home and play outside until she woke up. We’d eat a simple dinner, then she’d get ready for work. Dad and I would rent movies or he’d let my friends come over to sleep. Tonight was no different. We played with the dog outside, came in and ordered pizza. We ate the pizza on paper plates and as mom walked out the front door, we had just curled up together on the sofa to watch a movie.
As soon as she walked out the door, I started in on my dad. “Daddy,” I said, “you know how you tell me if I ever have any questions I can come to you. . And you know how to always tell me to never lie?” “Of course, honey. Is there something you want to know?”
I reached behind him and grabbed the remote to turn down the TV. “Okay well last night I saw that girl. ”
“Ummm, what girl?” My dad was visibly nervous.
“Don’t worry dad. I’m not going to tell mom.

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   I just saw her… and you… and I was wondering what you were doing with her… and if that is what sex is. ”
“Kailyn…” he started to stammer. “I, uh, I don’t know what you are talking about. ”
“Dad, the woman with the blonde hair. I saw her on top of you. She was naked and you kept saying how good it felt. I saw her. I watched you. You were sweating and you had your hands on her waist helping her bounce on top of you. Daddy, is she going to have a baby?”
My dad’s eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head. “WHAT? Wait, no, baby. I’m sorry. Well, wait…” He took a deep breath. “You must have seen Misty. She’s a friend I work with.

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   She comes over sometimes to help me. We weren’t really having sex. Not sex like you learned about in school. And no… No way is she going to have a baby! But you are right about us not being able to tell mommy. Your mommy loves me and wants me to be happy. Misty makes daddy happy, but I’m not sure mommy would understand that. So we can never ever tell mommy what you saw, or Ashleigh, because Ashleigh might tell your mom. ”
“Okay dad,” I said, “its not a big deal. I won’t tell mommy. I want you to be happy too. ” I smiled. “It looked like it felt good. I liked watching you. If you weren’t having sex, what were you doing?”
“Kailyn, if I tell you these things you must promise to never ever tell ANYONE about this. You can’t even say this word around anyone else but me, ok?”
“I promise daddy.

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“Well, Misty comes over for me to fuck her… Fucking is sex, but you don’t have to be married or in love with the person you are doing it with. It doesn’t make babies this way. Misty has a husband and is married too, but he doesn’t fuck her. He has sex with her. She would rather be fucked than have sex. ” “Daddy, does it feel good when you fuck?”
My dad squirmed a little when I said that. Like that word had some type of effect on him. “Yes,” he answered weakly.
“Well daddy, could you fuck me? I want to feel like that. I want to make you feel good too. ”
“No, honey, daddies can’t fuck their daughters. That’s against the law. I could go to jail for a long, long time if I did that with you. ”
“But Dad, I wouldn’t tell anyone. I promise.

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   Please fuck me. I want to know what it feels like. ”
My dad was starting to act different. He whimpered, “Kailyn, my angel, I wish I could make you feel that good. But even if I was going to, it would hurt you really bad, if I could do it at all. ”
“Well, why would it hurt?”
“Because Daddy is a lot bigger than you. ”
“Just try Daddy. . Please, please fuck me. ”
When I said that my daddy stood up and picked me up. He carried me down the hall to his room, where he put me down on the bed.
“I can’t fuck you Kai. I won’t hurt you. But I can show you how to fuck yourself. You just have to promise me you will never tell anyone about this.

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   I could get in big trouble if anyone ever found out. ”
“I PROMISE! Just come on Dad. ”
With that he pulled my night shirt over my head. I only had on a pair of white cotton panties under it. He took off his shirt and pants and there was something sticking out of his boxer shorts.
“WOW DAD! Is that your penis?”
He laughed, “Yes baby, and that is why I can’t fuck you right away. ”
“Gotcha. ” I lay back down on the bed and he pulls my panties down off my feet.
“Okay baby, spread your legs and scoot down to the edge of the bed. Let your legs hang and I’m going to kneel in front of you and teach you how to make yourself feel just as good as Misty felt.

    I obeyed. “Good girl baby. Now give me your hand and I’m going to put it on your pussy. This is your pussy. ” He touched the top of my vagina.

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       “And I have to tell you, you have a beautiful pussy. ”
    “Thanks daddy. ”
    “Now take your finger and feel inside your pussy lips for a little bump. That’s your clit. It is what will make you feel so good. All you have to do is rub it. ”
    I felt inside of myself and found what my daddy was telling me about. As soon as I touched it I knew what Misty was moaning about. Wow!
    “Daddy, will you rub it for me?”
    My dad reached out and placed his hand on my “pussy. ” He took my clit between his fingers and rolled it lightly. I started laughing it felt so good. It felt like he was tickling me on the inside. “Oh daddy,” I whispered.
    “Ok baby, there’s something else I want to do. It’s going to make you feel even better than this.


    “Really daddy? Please do it. ”
    “Well, I’m going to kiss your clit. When I kiss it, I’m going to use my tongue on it. Then I’m going to stick my little finger inside your pussy hole and rub inside of your pussy. Its going to feel really really good. ”
    “Oh daddy,” I couldn’t even think straight. His mouth was on my pussy. He was licking my clit like it was his last meal. His finger penetrated me and curled to rub around to explore the inside of my body. I was in heaven. “Please don’t stop. ”
    “Okay baby. I’m going to stop licking you for a minute. I have my pointer finger inside your pussy and my thumb is on your clit. I want to make you do something called cum.

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       I’m going to start licking you again in a second and I’m not going to stop until you cum. ”
    “What is cum daddy? How do I do it?”
    “You are going to have an orgasm. You’ll know what it is when it happens. Just relax and give me a second. You’ll be cumming all over yourself in just a few minutes. ”
    My dad put my legs on his shoulders and dived into my pussy. He was sucking my clit with his fingers inside my pussy, pumping them in and out. He’d pull back and lick the lips of my vagina and rub my clit with his thumb. I had never in my life felt like this. I wanted more. I wanted to cum. I wanted to have this orgasm. I felt like I was going to explode…. And then I did.
    I couldn’t stop it.

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       My legs started shaking, my butt cheeks tightened, my clit was throbbing. My daddy stuck his tongue into my pussy hole and pushed hard on my clit. My legs locked around his head. I couldn’t even breathe. My pussy was convulsing around his mouth and fingers and I was in total shock. I had never in my life even imagined I could feel like that. At that moment, I knew why Misty came over to help my dad.
    “Oh my God Daddy. ” My dad’s face was all wet when he sat up. He smiled. “Did it feel good to you?”
    “Well, yeah. . It felt good. But now I have another problem. ”
    “A problem? What dad?”
    He stood up.

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       His penis was HUGE and there was stuff dripping off the tip of it. “What is that?”
    “Well, that’s MY cum. A little bit of it anyway. My penis, well my cock, is wanting to orgasm. Do you want to help it cum?”
    “Yes daddy… can I?”
    “Well, you’ll have to lick me like I licked you. Can you put your mouth around it?”
    I licked my lips and put my lips around the tip of his cock. “Squeeze it with your lips baby girl, and move your tongue on the top of it. Just try not to bite it with your teeth. ”
    I did as I was told. My mouth barely fit around it.
    Daddy spit in his hand and began rubbing his cock very hard. He took my hand and put it under his and jerked his cock even harder. All of a sudden his body began to shake and he let go of his cock. I took my mouth off of it and his cum squirted me all over. Daddy laughed and apologized.

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       He said he’d be cleaner next time. . .
    After daddy cleaned me up he took me to the bathroom and told me to shower. He made me swear not to tell a living sole about us being together. He even said my pussy tasted better than Misty’s and my mom’s.
    “Wow, “ I thought to myself as I washed my body. When I got out of the shower my dad was asleep on the bed. I picked up my nightshirt and panties and put them on. I put the movie we rented in the VCR and lay down on the bed with my dad. I covered us up and watched the first 15 minutes of the movie before drifting off to sleep.
    And that was the first time I ever had an orgasm. I had a lot more after that. I’ll write about those experiences later.

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