The Evans Family 2


"Well, when I cleaned out the bank account and gathered the money from selling the house I sent it by Western Union to a box we had set up before so it would be safe. I forgot to bring enough money for us to live off until we get there. " Said June. "Well then how will we get money for our trip?" asked May. A smile came to Brian's face as they rested in the motel parking lot. June looked at her son, "I know that look, what's on your mind tiger?" she asked sexily. "You guys remember that XXX place I pointed out as we passed through that last little town?" he asked. Both his mother and sister nodded. "Well how much do you think they'd pay for a live 3-way. " He continued. "I LOVE IT!!" screeched May. "I don't care how much they would pay us!" she continued. June laughed at the enthusiasm of her horny little daughter. "I must admit it has been a dark fantasy of mine, but a family 3-way? Do you think they would really go for it?" she asked. Brian smiled, "This hick town? I don't think they'd have a problem, besides its not like we are going to tell them we are family. " "Pllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssssseeeeeeeeee mommmmmmyy!!!" begged May.

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  Both Brian and June laughed as May practically hit her head on the roof. "Lets do it. " She sighed. Part 2As Brian, June and May drove to the XXX Fun Theatre they all talked about the sexy 3-way they were about to have. Leaving his two bubbly and horny women in the car Brian left to talk to the manager. Returning not five minutes later with a huge smile on his face. "He'll give us 2 grand for our show. He said 5 grand if he could join in but I said no to that. " Brian reported. "Two Thousand dollars?" asked a bewildered May. Brian smiled, "YES now come on, we can go on anytime. Besides, I'm hungry. " He said as his mother and sister walked to the door. Once inside they went to their makeshift dressing room where they all found their skimpy outfits, which they would be wearing at the start of the show. Once dressed they went back stage where they were put into their "cage" for the viewing pleasure of the public.

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   It wasn't really a cage but was the area where all the fun would take place. As Brian looked at his mother and sister each on one arm he got an instant erection in his own skimpy bottoms. Looking at his well-developed mother and blossoming sister was too much for his pussy craving cock. Their fleshy little outfits, barely covering their pussies or tits left little to the imagination. As they were introduced by the manager none of the 3 Evan's family members were paying attention. They were all perched atop a mountain of white-hot lust. With the crowd hooting in the background May began to dance against a pole. Brian took his mother close and began kissing her passionately. Feeling her soft delicate tongue pass through his lips. Moaning into his mother he rubbed her back as they kissed madly. His hands all over his body as he squeezed her hot tight ass. June could feel her son's raging hardon and couldn't wait to have his whole nine inches buried in her snatch. Breaking the kiss June licked her way down her son's chest. Toying with each nipple she licked and then kissed them as she came to her son's crotch. Grabbing the fabric with her teeth she slowly began to unveil the main attraction.

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  A gasp came from some of the few women and even a few men as Brian's huge meatstick came into view. June began to kiss and lick the head as her mind lost all control and all sense except for the cock in front of her. Losing her tolerance to toy with herself and her son June greedily took Brian's cock in her mouth. Sucking it good and hard as she played with his hairy balls. Brian let out a moan of total satisfaction. Looking over at his sister he smiled. She loved this. With her top now somewhere in the crowd he called his sister over to him. Her breasts bouncing as she sexily walked towards him. Grabbing her hot, horny little body he kissed her madly. May melt against him as they embraced. Now it was Brian's turn as he traced his tongue down his sister's body. Licking and sucking on her tits. Meanwhile June ran her tongue along Brian's shaft as she sucked eagerly. She felt him start to fuck her face as she sucked.


  The entire room was filled with hooting and yelling. June, May and Brian were all lost in incest paradise. Brian got weak knees as his mother sucked hungrily on his cock. May danced teasingly over her brother. Smiling Brian reached up and began to pull May's skimpy little bottoms down. May kicked them away and then brought her wet, hot little cunt down to his face as he buried himself in her hot pussy. Losing herself in the erotic pleasure her brother's tongue was having on her cunt May moaned loudly. "Mmmmm FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK YEEEESSS BRIAN" she yelled. Hearing her tongue moan and yell was too much for June. Joining her son and daughter in naked splendour she stripped for the crowd and then slid down on her son's rigid love pole. May turned around on her brother's face to face her mother. Joining her mother in a passionate embrace the two women kissed madly as mother fucked her sons cock madly and daughter ground her cunt into her brother's face. Brian was in heaven. Thrusting his hips up to meet his mother riding his cock. At the same time he slid his tongue deep up his sisters warm pussy.

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  . Feeling his mother's tight pussy was amazing and his pounded back at her. Giving it as good as he got. Suddenly May began to spasm as she experienced her first orgasm of the night. Lift her leaking cunt from her brothers face she bent over beside him and began to lick her juices from his face. Not to be outdone June began to fuck her son even harder than before. Thrusting her hungry cunt farther and farther down his big fat cock. Reaching up Brian grabbed his mother's tits and kneaded them as he fucked her. Finally after holding out for as long as possible Brian gave out and shot his load in his mother's sweet pussy. June moaned and had an orgasm at the exact same time as her sons cum flooded her pussy. Lifting off of her son's cock June sighed. Sperm ran down her legs as she turned to May. Brian would need time to recoup. Lying back on the floor, letting Brian's cum soak into her cunt she called May to her face. Eagerly the horny little slut came to her mother.

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   Moaning and bouncing on her face as her mother began eating her out. Watching May's tits bounce freely and his mother and sister together brought Brian's cock back to life in record time. Slithering between his mother's legs once more he began to fuck her in a more traditional style. June moaned into May's cunt as she felt her son enter her once more. Her pussy quaked with sensations as he began to pound her cunt harder and deeper with each thrust. May once again turned to face her brother. Sliding her tongue deep down his throat as they fucked their mother. Feeling her son's cum soaked thick hard cock in her cunt so soon after their last fuck was amazing. Hornily she bucked back to meet his thrust. Moaning loudly into her daughter. Just as Brian was about to cum for a second time he pulled reluctantly out of his mother and slid his cock into his sister's waiting mouth. Her hot 14-year-old tongue slithered over his cock as he deepthroated her. Loving the feel of his cock down her throat May sucked even harder. Feeling an orgasm rise in her own body as her mom's tongue filtered through her cunt. She knew Brian was close and sucked greedily on his head until he exploded forcefully into her mouth.

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  Smiling Brian pulled out of his sister's mouth. His cum leaking out the outsides of her mouth. May went to her mother for some more girl on girl action. Getting in 69-position mother and daughter locked into a lustful embrace. May could taste her brothers cum in her mother's cunt and got even hornier because of it. June meanwhile was being showered with her daughters cum as she ate her out, loving the taste of her daughter's cunt. Not wanting to be left out Brian came up behind his sister's hot tight ass. Moving down he kissed and then proceeded to lick her asshole. Getting it all nice and lubed up for her anal invasion. When May felt her brother getting ready to buttfuck her she giggled into her mother's cunt. Bucking her own pussy down into her mother her thighs went around her head as her mother vigorously ate some pussy. Lining his cock up to May's asshole Brian rammed it home. Feeling at home in her extremely tight little ass he began to fuck her like a madman. His thrusts so strong his mother and sister were affected as they ate each other out. May clenched her ass muscles as her brother entered her from behind.

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   Moaning in sheer delight. She ground her ass and cunt between her brother and mother. Revelling in the dual excitement of tongue and cock. Brian's hairy balls slapped against her ass and thighs as he fucked her harder and harder. Pounding her hot little ass with his big fat cock. Feeling himself near orgasm he tried to hold out for as long as possible. May's ass however, was much too tight. She began to milk his cock as he shot his hot warm sperm deep up her ass. She yelled in delight as her brother pelted her asshole with his gorgeous cum. Smiling Brian pulled from his sister with a 'pop. ' Lazily he fell on his back. Seizing an opportunity May lifted off of her mother. Extremely close to an orgasm she rammed herself down on her brothers big pole. Brian moaned as his little sister began to ride his cock like a pro. It seemed like she was always riding his cock.

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   For the past two weeks she wanted nothing but. Calling his mother over to him June straddled her sons face. Licking his lips Brian began to eat out his mother's soppy cunt. Tasting his own cum mixed in with his mothers as he ate his horny mother out. She ground her pussy against him as he grabbed her ass for better control. Meanwhile May continued to fuck her brothers his cock. Fucking herself harder and harder she began to experience orgasm after orgasm after orgasm as they fucked in front of the people. Finally Brian blew his nuts in his sisters hot cunt. Filling her pussy with his warm sperm he relaxed as his mother washed his face with her juices. Moving down beside her brother May began to kiss him passionately. June, like May slid down on the other side of Brian as the family experienced a 3-way kiss. Spent and totally exhausted the show ended. June looked around for the first time. The room was packed. There wasn't even standing room.

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   Money littered their fuck area as the customers showed their exhilaration for the show. Helping his naked family up Brian led them to the back. Part 3Now back on the road Brian smiled. His mother and sister were curled up in the backseat sleeping together. They were naked only for the blankets covering them as he drove. His cock got hard as he thought about the past two weeks. His mother at 40 was still as hot and horny as any woman alive. Her big full breasts, hot tight ass and always-wet cunt were going to be heaven to wake up to everyday. His little sister was on her way to becoming one of the hottest girls alive. Her breasts were equal to her mom's and she was only 14. So young and so horny. "I've got my own family harem. " Brian whispered. "I cant wait until my next adventure. " He smiled as continued on the drive to their new home.


  By Cokeman* I hope you like this story. This is my second story in what I hope will be a series. I have many more ideas for these three and would welcome and suggestions for another adventure. If you have liked these I will write more. I welcome any and all comments. I can be reached at darin_kenneth@hotmail. comMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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