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He looked at me with disbelief and said that I can't do that as he has bought a special dress for her to wear on the day. I told her that I will wear it for him and will go to the hotel. He said that but sis the dress is some what ……sexy. I smiled and told him not to worry. Then after some time he left and told that he would come the nest day. Next day in the evening he came with a packet in his hands. He handed it over to me. I took it and went to my room. I opened it and it was also having a card addressing to his wife, Maria "Dear Maria, please wear this sexy dress for me and having nothing under it I want to feel your pussy clean of hair. Remove them with the cream. " The card was dating a week ago. The pack was also having a hair removing cream which was much costly and with a very good fragrant. I smiled and took the cream and moved to the bathroom. There I removed my pussy hair and made my pussy very soft. Then I took my bath and came out. Then I wore my dress.

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   It was so sexy that my whole the back was naked and from the front only my nipples were covered by the dress and whole the remaining breast was naked. The dress was coming just to the half of my thighs. I was looking just like a whore but in this dress I was going to celebrate the birth day party of my brother. I thanked God that no one was at home at that time. When I came out my brother became still as he saw me. His eyes glued to my body as he was mesmerized by the beauty and nudity of my body. I waved my hand in front of his eyes and he came in senses and said that sis you are really a beautiful woman. Then we left for the hotel in his car. Through the way to the hotel he continued to peep at my near naked body. I smiled in my heart that yet at this age I could attract the young persons with my body. After parking the car as we moved to the hotel gate a friend of my brother came met. He smiled at me and said to my brother, "Hey buddy, nice hot and sexy cunt. Go and just fuck this hot bitch hard. I wish to fuck this whore someday. .

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  . " With this he pinched my breast at the naked point and I just got red. Jim tried to say something to him but he left. My brother looked at me and with hesitation said I am sorry sis for that. I smiled at him and while massaging my breast I said to him that you should be ready to accept this type of comments while taking your sister out in such a sexy dress. Don't you think that I am looking just like a whore? Further I said don't worry no one here knows us as brother and sister. Then we entered the hotel and took our booked table. There we cut the cake and I said happy birth day to my brother. His eyes were yet on my naked breasts. Then we had some drink and at that time the hotel started the music for dance. Jim offered me to go for dance. I accepted it and then I moved to the dance floor with my brother in a near naked condition. There he wrapped his hand around my naked back and pulled my body to him. My breasts pressed to his chest. We started the dance.

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   He was looking deep in my eyes. I started to feel his erection through his pants on my naked thighs. My nipples started to get stiff and my pussy began to wet. After a little time the wetness started to flow down to my naked thighs as I was wearing no panty. Then my brother's face came down and he placed his lips on my mine and glued to them. He started to suck my lips and I also started to involved in him. I opened my mouth and his tongue moved into my mouth and I started to suck my own brother's tongue. His left hand moved to my naked breast and he started to massage it. Right hand reached down my dress and on my naked ass. Now my brother was feeling my naked body with his hands. We were so excited that we did not care for anyone. My brother whispered in my ear, lets go to our room. I want to fuck you sis. I said ok lets go. Then we left the floor and moved in the lift.

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   Here my brother again took me in his arms and began to kiss me. Then he pulled the remaining dress down from my breasts and made my breasts naked and then started to suck my nipples. I was also much excited. Then we reached to required floor and then we came out of the lift. I was in the same naked condition. A couple passed by us and they looked at my naked breasts and smiled but I did not care to hide my nudity. Then we entered our room. As I closed the door my brother Jim pushed my down on my feet and asked me to suck him. I pulled down his pants and took his erect cock out and began to kiss it. Then I took it in my mouth and began to suck my real younger brother's cock. It was such a nice and hard fuck stick. Then my brother took my head in both hands and began to fuck my face with his strokes. He wanted to push his cock deep in my throat. After a short while he unloaded his cock in my throat and I began to gulp down my own brother's cum. Then he took me to the bed and lay me down there and now my pussy got naked with this.

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   He began to kiss and lick my pussy. I was so hot that immediately I started to cum. And my brother began to lick my fluid. Then he got stiff again he stood up and put his cock head at the opening of my pussy and with a single thrust he pushed his whole cock deep in my pussy. I cried with pain only once. Then he began to fuck my pussy with his cock. I wrapped my legs around his back and he started to move his cock in and out of my hot and wet pussy. I cried oh my dear brother please fuck me hard. Fuck me like a whore. Ohhhhhhhh please push it deep in your sister's cunt. Hey brother your cock is feeling so good in my pussy. Ohhhh fuck me harder and harder. He was ramming his cock with full force into my pussy. Then he make me stand on all my fours and pushed his cock in my wet pussy from behind and began to fuck me and reached around me to front to play with my clit. Then after a short while he came in me.


   He released his load in my pussy. My brother's semen flushed against the walls of my pussy and I also collapsed with the pleasure. We lay there for a longer time and when we wake up he looked at me and we smiled. He said hey sis it was not good. I smiled and took his cock in my hand and said don't worry no one will know about it you can take it as a birth day gift from a sister for her brother. Then he pushed my head to his cock and with a smile I again took it in my mouth and began to suck it which again had got the life. Then and there we again enjoyed with sex and next day we came back home. He thanked me for celebrating his birthday in such a hot and sexy way. He also thanked for the most precious gift of his life. We promised to have more sex next time when we would get the chance. .

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