The massage


Topic: The MassageThrowing myself down the sofa, a sharp pain spiked through my back, it had been a long day on the building site, we were a labourer down today and being the new start, I had to fill the gap.  
Hissing as the pain kicked in I watched my sister Gerri (Geraldine) look over at me wondering what I was doing.  
“You okay Pete” Gerri said watching me wince then nod; I sat explaining about the day that I had at work as she sat listening.  
“You know, if you want I can give you a back rub” Gerri said with a wry smile watching me roll over onto my back on the sofa as another jolt of pain course through my body.  
“It’s okay, I was thinking about having a bath, maybe that might help a little” I said refusing her offer then lying on the sofa for about ten minutes before heading for a bath.  
After half an hour of soaking, it hadn’t seemed to have done much to improve my condition, grabbing the white bath towel; I wandered along the hallway then headed up to my room and lay down on my bed trying to deal with the occasional spasms of pain.  
I guess I had been in my room for about ten minutes, when Gerri chapped on the door.  
“Pete, are you okay” Gerri shouted through the door as I shouted back telling her that I was fine.  
“Can I come in” Gerri shouted then turned the handle stepping into my room watching me lie on my stomach on the bed.  
Gerri stood there in her short black school skirt and white blouse looking down at me sympathetically before sitting on the edge of the bed.  
“Where does it hurt?” Gerri asked as I lay with my eyes shut feeling her place her warm soft hand on the base of my back and press gently.  
“Yeah, right there” I winced feeling her pressure inflict a little pain.  
“You know, if you could swallow your pride for one minute, I could give you a back rub” Gerri said as I lay shaking my head.  
“Come on Pete, I let you rub my back after gymnastics” Gerri pleaded as I thought about what she had said. Little did she know that I got as much pleasure out of rubbing her as she did out of getting a massage.  
“I know but it’s different for guys” I said turning my head slightly watching her reaction out of the corner of my eye.

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   Gerri gave a confused look.  
“I don’t follow” Gerri said as her brain raced trying to understand what I meant.  
“Listen, never mind it’s not important” I added watching her give me a weird look.  
“You know if you tell me, I might understand” Gerri said continuing to rub my back gently; her fingers seemed to be loosening the damaged muscle slightly.  
“Okay, the last time I got a back rub, it done more than ease my muscles” I said feeling the blood run to my face.  
“Gerri sat looking at me for a couple of seconds then her face changed flashing shock.  
“Oooh, I see” Gerri said watching me nod.  
“But if it is me that’s doing it, maybe that might not happen” Gerri said believing her argument made sense.  
“Yeah, but if it did happen, I don’t think I could live with myself” I said watching her nod then stare at the bed sheets.  
Gerri gave me a wry smile then looked back at the sheets.  
“Remember when you gave me a massage just before Christmas” Gerri stopped looking at me as I nodded wondering where she was taking this.  
“And you rubbed my legs” Gerri said watching me nod.  
“Well, it sort of bothered me” Gerri stopped then smiled “But I got over it, after all it wasn’t like you meant to do it”  
I sat looking at my innocent sister as my mind raced; Gerri was fourteen and didn’t seem to date too often. She was really cute looking, but it never dawned on me that she actually thought about sex.  
“You mean” I asked watching her blush and nod.

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“Wow, sis, I didn’t know” I said watching her smile then answer “it’s not the sort of thing you want to tell your brother after he has just given you a massage. Is it?” Gerri said with a smile.  
“Guess not” I said lost for words watching her smile.  
“So if it did bother you, then I guess I would be okay with it, because I know that it is something that happens from time to time” Gerri said continuing to press her case.  
“I’m not going to hear the end of this if I say no, am I” I asked watching her grin and shake her head.  
“Okay, on your head be it” I said turning over to my stomach then watching her disappear out of the room.  
Five minutes later Gerri appeared back in a short skirt and tight white tee-shirt explaining that she couldn’t sit on top of me like I had done to her in her school uniform. I nodded then felt her climb on top of my butt then start to gently rub my back.  
 Her fingers seemed to find ever sore bit and worked wonders, five minutes later she asked if I was okay, I explained that other than my legs and butt being sore, especially as she was sitting on them. I was fine.  
Gerri just laughed then stopped. “If you want I can give your legs a rub too” Gerri said innocently as I thought about it.  
“Listen Gerri I won’t refuse, but don’t blame me if you reach too far up and get the wrong response” I said listening to her laugh.  
Within seconds Gerri was sitting on the edge of the bed massaging my calves nicely, doing each leg with both hands pressing into the muscle with her thumbs.  
“Oh yeah, that’s good” I groaned starting to enjoy her touch a little too much.

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Gerri’s hand slipped up by my knees then found a sore bit along the back of my leg as I let out a groan.  
“Your muscle is really tight here” Gerri added then continued to push her hand up my leg letting her hands slip under the bath towel.  
“Gerri, just be careful” I groaned feeling her hands push further up then stop and slide back down again.  
“It’s okay, I know what I’m doing” Gerri said then pushed her hands back up my legs again. A few more rubs then suddenly I realised that her hands seemed to be pushing my towel up slightly.  
“Okay maybe it is innocent enough” I thought lying enjoying her touch then feeling her move her hands to the other leg and start on that one.  
It didn’t take long before her hands were under my towel as her thumbs pressed deep into my muscle.  
A few rubs later and the other side of the towel had ridden up slightly.  
Gerri returned to my right leg then started working it again, a few strokes later my towel had risen again. Gerri swiftly moved to the left leg as I lay wondering whether she was actually using this massage as a ruse to have a look at a guy in more detail. “Gerri, if my towel gets any higher, it won’t leave anything to your imagination” I said then decided to add a little extra onto the end of the statement. “Listen, it doesn’t bother me, but your only fourteen, things like that can have a profound effect on a girl of your age” I added listening to her laugh. “Aw come on, it’s not like I’ve never seen your bum before” Gerri laughed as I thought about her comment. A few weeks earlier Gerri had walked into my room after I had a shower and saw me bending over and drying my legs. “Okay point taken, but just be careful” I added feeling her hand slip up the towel again.

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  “You know I could do the top of your leg if you would let me, I promise I won’t look” Gerri added as I thought about it. “Gerri do where you want but don’t blame me, if it all goes wrong” I added closing my eyes then listening to her move on the bed. “Okay lift a bit till I move your towel” Gerri said as I lifted myself feeling my semi erect cock slide downwards as I lay on the bed, not something that I really wanted but she did promise not to look. Gerri sat on the bed pushing her hands up my right leg finding the crease of my leg then pressing gently. “Oh shit, that is sore there” I groaned feeling a muscle ooze pain. “Okay, I’ll give it a rub” Gerri said then left her hands at the top of my leg and started pressing gently. Within seconds she was sliding her hand across my leg pressing the sore bit. “How’s that” Gerri whispered as I lay nodding. Gerri’s hands started working back up and down my legs for about a minute then something clicked. Her left hand was stroking the inside of my leg and her fingers seemed to be moving further inside my leg. I sat debating with myself if this was deliberate or not, yet the more I thought about it, the more profound affect it had on my now hardening cock. I had to know how far she was going to take this; I sat hastily working out a plan. “Ouch” I hissed feeling her stop then look at me. “Where you just touched was sore” I said trying to ease her concerns. “Where” Gerri asked as I slipped my hand behind my leg then realised that the towel was that high that she could see everything.

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  “Just there, where you pressed” I said putting my finger into the inside of my right leg. “Oh sorry, do you want me to give it a rub too” Gerri said as I lay facing away from her nodding. “Listen Gerri, your really close to” I stopped then added “my bits, just be careful, push too hard and well” I stopped listening to her laugh. “Trust me, I’ll try my best” Gerri added then slipped her hands up to where I had pointed as I lay with my face pressed into the pillow taking in every move of her hands. It took about a minute before her fingers brushed against my pubic hairs gently, at first I thought it was accidental, but a few strokes later it happened again. Gerri kept pressing as her fingers continued to brush my pubic hairs. I had to make a comment but it had to sound innocent and make her look innocent at the same time. “You know, I never realised what you are doing was so nice” I said feeling her hands stop. “I bet you don’t even realise that you’re tickling my hairs” I added listening to her laugh. “Really” she said trying to sound shocked “I didn’t realise I was doing it” she said as I sat smiling into my pillow. “How? Is it nice” Gerri asked as I nodded into my pillow waiting to see her next move. “You know, if you roll over, I could rub your legs and try and tickle at the same time” Gerri said then quickly added “I promise, I’ll watch what I’m doing. ”“Eh, I think I have a little problem though” I added rolling slightly and watching her face, Gerri tried to pull a confused look but it didn’t work. “You know” I added watching her smile then look at me “Oh I see” Gerri added. “You know it wouldn’t bother me, you know seeing your towel like that” Gerri said rather flustered as I nodded then rolled onto my back keeping a firm hold of my towel.

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  “Tell you what I will let you tickle me for a couple of minutes then you can finish by doing my chest and shoulders” I added watching her smile then nod. Gerri slipped her hand underneath my towel then slowly inched her hand up the inside of my leg until she found a few public hairs then tickled them gently. Lying on the bed with my hand resting on my hard cock, I closed my eyes and let out a gentle moan then shifted slightly opening my legs wider. Gerri sat tickling for a minute as I felt her finger push the hairs slightly harder as her fingers started to get closer to my balls, as I lay letting out the occasional moan of pleasure. Within seconds Gerri’s finger grazed gently against  my balls almost unnoticeably as I let out another gentle moan. A few seconds later another soft graze, another gentle moan. The next time she did it I let out a gentle moan then removed my hand from my now hard cock in the hope that her hand would push up the slit in the towel and force my towel to part. “Oh shit, that’s nice” I groaned feeling her press again this time her finger slid gently up my ball sack then back onto the hairs. “Do you mind me doing that” Gerri whispered as I shook my head keeping my eyes shut realising that it was now intentional. “Oh yeah, that is amazing” I groaned feeling  my cock strain against the towel. Gerri sat gently tickling my ball sack with each stroke her finger moved marginally up my sack, getting closer to my now rock hard cock.
    “Oh Gerri” I groaned keeping my eyes shut feeling her finger millimetres away from the base of my cock. “Oh shit” I groaned then felt her finger graze the base of my cock. “Oh fuck Gerri, do that again” I groaned feeling her finger press against my cock again. “Oh, I want you to touch it so badly” I groaned feeling her finger touch the base of my hard cock then suddenly feeling her hand gently wrap around my hard cock.

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      “Oh that’s amazing” I groaned feeling her gently start to work my foreskin back. Gerri sat gently working my cock for a few seconds then whispered “Pete, can I see it”. Opening my eyes I pulled at my towel as Gerri held my cock firm letting her eyes drop down to my 7 inch cock as she worked it gently.
    “Is that nice” I asked watching her small nipples straining through her tight tee shirt. Gerri sat nodding as she watched my cock being manipulated by her hand. Slipping my hand off my own leg, I rested it gently on her knee, watching her glance up at my face. “Gerri, can I touch you” I groaned watching her nod then open her legs a little. Pushing my hand up her warm legs it didn’t take me long before feeling her moist panties sticking to her pussy. “Gerri, take them off…. please” I groaned feeling her hand stop then watching her rise from the bed, hitching up her skirt before pulling her red panties down and stepping out of them. Gerri sat down on the bed as I slipped my fingers up her skirt feeling her  delicate little bush brushing against my fingers, pushing through the hairs I finally found the top of her moist lips then pressed gently finding her clit instantly. “Oh Pete” Gerri moaned as her voice quivered. Gerri grabbed my hard cock again and started to stroke it gently, her hand worked slowly as I sat watching her hand gently slip my foreskin back and forth. “Gerri, would you like to sit on top of me and massage my shoulders” I groaned watching her stop her hand and look at me for a second then nod. Gerri stood up then kneeled on the bed throwing her left leg over me as I lay holding my cock watching her stare at me.

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      Gerri slowly lowered her body down as I felt my cock brush through her pubic hair then press gently at her pussy. “oh Gerri” I groaned feeling my cock push into her tight lubricated pussy watching her close her eyes then continue to lower herself down taking me deeper inside her tight little pussy. I sat watching Gerri’s skirt hiding her modesty as she lifted herself gently then smiled before dropping back down on my cock again. Within seconds Gerri was riding my hard cock gracefully as I sat looking at her short white skirt desperate to see my own cock plunge deep inside her. Lifting her skirt slowly watching Gerri’s eyes follow my hands I sat watching my hard cock disappear into her, enjoying the sight of her thin brown pubic hairs. “Is that nice” I asked watching Gerri’s gaze drift up to my face as she nodded. Listen, are you on the pill” I asked watching her smile and nod. “Can I cum inside you” I asked feeling Gerri start to increase the pace. “If you want” Geri hissed watching me drop her skirt then grab at her small B cup breasts through her top. “Oh Gerri, we need to do this more often” I groaned feeling her starting to really start to force herself onto me moaning gently. “Oh Pete, I’m Cumming” Gerri hissed as I watched her body shake as she stopped then sat still for a few seconds. Giving Gerri a knowing grin as my hips kept thrusting upwards “Well did you finally get what you wanted” I asked watching her laugh and nod. “Good then roll over onto your hands and knees, and give me what I want” I grinned watching her laugh then slip off then roll kneeling doggie style across the bed. Standing on the floor and guiding Gerri’s butt back in line with my feet, when she was finally in place, I stepped forward lining my cock up with her glistening lips then gave a good thrust. “Oh fuck, I’m going to really pound that pussy of yours” I grunted listening to Gerri laugh.

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      “Oh thanks bro, so I’m just a fuck hole to you now” Gerri said with a grin turning her head slightly watching me thrust back into her. “Oh fuck, you are still tight” I groaned grabbing her hips then pulling her back onto me as I forcibly tried to impale her on my cock. A few more thrusts and I felt my cock start its merry dance inside her pussy. “Aaarrrghh” I grunted feeling my cock start to fire the first shot of warm cum into her wet pussy. A few seconds later I was finished filling her pussy with my love juice, pulling my cock out slowly then stopping just as the tip slipped out. Guiding my cock up a little, I pushed open her bum cheeks and looked at her ripe little hole, then pressed my cock against her gently. “Eh, what are you doing” Gerri asked feeling me apply a little pressure then watching my still hard cock nudge gently into her tight little bum.
    “I just wanted to feel what it was like” I groaned feeling my cock head barely enter her tight little bum. “Pete, I would rather not do that right now” Gerri said as I held myself still allowing her to get used to the feeling of my cock head. “But I’m not saying no entirely” Gerri said turning round and looking at me as I gave her a little smile then let my cock slip back out. Gerri and I headed for a shower, deciding after what we had just done, there wouldn’t be any harm in showering together. I stood in the shower watching her small boobs in front of my eyes, Gerri must have realised that I was enjoying the sight then grabbed my hands and guided them to her breasts as I slowly fingered her nipples. “A quick feel right now, and next time I will let you touch them properly” Gerri said watching me nod. We had hardly stepped out of the shower when we heard a car stop in the driveway. Gerri and I shot through to our own rooms and stood drying as our mum pottered about downstairs.

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      Throwing my clothes on, I headed down and explained that I had just been in the shower and that Gerri was upstairs taking one as she was going out tonight. When Gerri appeared downstairs, my mum asked where she was going; Gerri gave her a confused look. My mum looked at me wondering what I was talking about. “I thought you said you wanted to go over and see Ryan” I said trying to get her to play along. “Yeah I was going to, but he has to go out” Gerri said finally getting the message. My mum started pottering about as I drew Gerri a look, Gerri just smiled then headed through to the living room. The following day I headed home after work sore again from another day labouring. The problem was where Gerri decided to kiss better wasn’t one of the places that was sore. But she didn’t get any complaints out of me.  

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