The monster on the bus


The monster on the bus

I don’t normally do big dick stories. Usually they are just pretty stupid with a guy bragging about his big dick. However with this story it seemed to fit so I went with it.

Brian couldn’t believe his mother made him go on this stupid state to state bus tour. Oh sure, they went to fun places but in between the fun they were cooped up on a stuffy bus. My mother had wanted the vacation as a way of celebrating making it without my father. He had left her for his secretary about a year and a half ago. And now, that stupid bus was broke down. We were going to be stranded here while another bus was sent out to us… 500 miles away. To make matters even worse, we had another bus from the same company loading up right beside us.

We had spent the day at the beach and had headed back to the bus in time to change back into our street close in the community bathroom/changing room they had there at the beach. The bus driver told us that the bus had broke down and we had to wait on another bus that would not be here until the middle of the night. A lot of us were complaining, especially because there was another bus loading up right beside us that was not all the way full. The people on the other bus heard our complaints and started complaining themselves. They thought like us, there was no need in us being stranded, we could just bus with them. The bus drivers didn’t like the idea at all.

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   They said there would be barely enough room for us but not enough room for our bags. Nearly everyone laughed at the bus drivers and said just put some of the bags on our old bus and bus them to us with the bus that is incoming.

Long story short, they finally relented and let us board the other bus but some of us would have to sit on our companions lap and we had to leave right then. My mother ran and got our carry on bags and I grabbed two of our suit cases and we rushed over to the bus to find a seat. We found a seat, but as I suspected she was going to have to sit on my lap. We hadn’t had a chance to change so I was standing there in a pair of swim trunks and a t-shirt and my mother was wearing a 2 piece bikini with a wrap. Yes, her bottom piece was a damned thong. No, I didn’t find myself unable to resist looking at her thong. It’s my mother’s ass. If anything I was embarrassed that she had decided to wear it, and now she was going to have to sit on my lap with it. Well at least she had the wrap. I say embarrassed but only because she was my mother. Looking at her honestly she was very fit and had a good shape to her. Athletic would be a good description.

I got into the seat next to the window and had my mother hang on so I could get the suit cases situated on the seat next to me.

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   Once I got them in the seat it was easy to see she would not be able to slide by them. I told my mother I would put them in my lap and as she slid in I would slide them behind her as she got into my lap. She looked at me and said don’t be silly and started climbing over them. I think she thought it was going to be a lot easier than it turned out to be. At one point she nearly fell and nearly had her ass in the air for everyone to see her little string thong. It really was kind of funny. She turned herself over to keep from sticking her ass out in the air and I had to catch her to keep her from hitting her head on the side of the bus. I helped her get turned around and sitting right on my lap which was a hell of a job since she had her hands full with our pillows, blankets and carry on bags. Once I finally had her turned around the only place for my arms was on the window sill and the suit cases. We were literally stuffed in.

The bus started off and we were finally on the road. I had gotten settled and was getting relaxed with the drive when my mother turned toward the window and whispered my name.

“Brian, I have a problem. ”

“What is it mom?”

I could see she was embarrassed but at the same time holding back a grin.

“This is really embarrassing.

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“Just spit it out. ”

“I can’t. ”

“Mom, just…” I said exasperatedly until she interrupted me.

“I have to pass gas. ”

“You had to tell me about it? You couldn’t have just snuck it out?”

She didn’t say anything, she just had this half grin on her face as I heard this really low rumble. If I didn’t know better I would have thought it was her stomach growling.

“Oh my God, you are farting on me right now!” I said in a half whisper. I just couldn’t believe my mother was actually farting on my lap. I could actually feel the warmth of her fart on my lap. My mother started laughing, and I guess in an effort to fan it up to my nose she started bouncing on my lap what little bit she could.

Then all of a sudden we both stopped and froze. Some how my dick had found its way out of my swim trunks. I guess the velcro had worked its way open with her bouncing around. Oh I wasn’t hard at all, but on soft I am a good 4 inches and it was smashed on its side between my leg and her right ass cheek.

“Please tell me that isn’t what I think it is.

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  ” My mother whispered.

“Mom, just don’t move and everything will be fine. ”

“Everything will be fine? My son’s hardon is pressing between my legs. Nothing is fine. ”

“First, it is not pressing between your legs, it is against your cheek, and second I do not have a hardon. ”

“Do not lie to me right now, I can feel it against my damned crotch and on my ass. You can not tell me that you do not have a hardon, they are not that big soft mister. ”

I couldn’t believe she was getting angry with me. Like this was my fault or something. She was the one who farted and then decided to be funny and bounce on my lap. That really pretty well pissed me off when she started acting like I was doing something wrong when I knew I didn’t.

“I am not lying to you. ” I said through gritted teeth.

I am pretty sure she knew I was angry because she didn’t say anything back. We just sat there, with my dick against whatever of hers and her sitting still on my lap.

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   Neither one of us dared try moving because we didn’t want to make the situation any worse. As it was she was right. My dick was lying against her crotch and her ass cheek. I could even feel that the side of it was wedged between her lips. Oh it wasn’t going inside of her, nor was it in danger of going inside of her. It was bent, and where it was bent was wedged barely between her lips. Luckily it didn’t hurt or anything. The head was between her lips and her tail bone and because of her constant and unshifting weight it was basically stuck right where it was. If it was someone else, it would be a different story, I would start getting hard. But this was my mother. No way was I getting hard for my mother.

“I’m sorry. ” My mother whispered back to me.

“Don’t worry about it. ”

“No really Brian.

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   I am sorry. I should not have accused you of lying and I certainly should not have accused you of getting hard for your old mother. If I had not been bouncing around this would not have happened. I am really sorry. ”

“Mom, it’s not your fault either. This is no ones fault. I am sorry for getting mad too. I guess it was embarrassing and neither one of us handled it very good. ”

“Yeah, your right. ” My mother calmly said.

We sat in silence for what had to be a good ten minutes, neither one of us moving at all. Believe it or not, I didn’t get a hardon at all. Sure, if there was friction, it may have happen, but there was none.

“How big is it?”

“What? Mom, I can’t believe you’re asking me that. ” I said indignantly.

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“I’m sorry. ” My mother said. I could see her face turning red.

I thought about it for a second and realize how ridiculous I was being. Here I was, my mother in my lap and my dick was poking her right in the crotch. Her asking me how big it is was not the time to get embarrassed.

“Eleven and ¾ inches. ” I said quietly.

“Jesus, where the hell did you get that from? You damn sure didn’t get it from your father. He was 5 inches on a good day. ”

I kind of chuckled and said, ”well that’s more information that what I wanted to know. How much farther do we have?”

That really made my mother laugh. She turned her head and said as quietly as she could, “That’s usually something your child asks in the back seat, not something your child asks in your back seat. ”

“Mom, you are a pervert!” I joshed her.

“Well, this situation doesn’t really call for modesty does it.

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   We have about 1 more hour I think before we stop. ”

We giggled a little bit more and then just kinda sat in silence, both of us staring out the window. About 15 minutes later I felt something kind of tickle me in the crotch area. I didn’t know what it was and didn’t want to say anything every few seconds I felt something move down there. Finally after a few minutes of this I had to ask her.

“What is that?”

“What is what?”

“Every few seconds something feels like it’s moving down there. ”

“It is trying to get in me. ”

“What? No it is not!”

“Yes it is. You might not be able to feel it because it is on the side but I surely can and I am trying to squeeze it out of me. ”

“Well, stop it before you make it worse. ”

“I can’t help it, it’s automatic. ”

“Well try. Just relax. So far we have not moved and it has not gotten any worse. If we start moving we might jinx ourselves.

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“Brian, I’m scared. ”

“What? Why? Stop moving. Your bathing suit is in the way anyway. ”

“That monster will rip me and my little string bathing suit in half and I will be stuck here in front of all these people and won’t be able to do or say a damn thing about it. ”

“Mom, calm down, you’re getting yourself worked up. Stop clenching. ”

“I can’t help it. It’s too big. ”

She was working herself into a frenzy now. Oh she was relatively still, and quiet, but I could tell she was working herself up. And what’s worse, her clenching was starting to affect me. I wasn’t getting horny or anything, but I could tell the blood was starting to flow down to my dick as a result of the stimulation. I could also tell that it was starting to have an affect on her too. Instead of just pinching me when she clenched her lips were now barely sliding against me. She was literally squeezing me out of her.


   Only problem was that it was going right back to where it started. She was also getting warmer down there. This was absolutely horrible.

“It hurts. It’s really starting to hurt. ”

“I’m sorry mom. I really don’t know what to do. ”

“Well, we have to do something. I can not let that monster inside of me. ”

I knew it had to be hurting. I have had sex a few times and I have never been able to get it all the way into any girl’s pussy. Hell, most didn’t even take it half way. Just has much as it is about twice as long as an average dick it is about twice as thick as an average dick to. Even though I was only about half erect she was taking sideways basically. Just then I got an idea.



“Mom, I have an idea. ”

“Oh, God, I’ve heard that before. ” We both kind of chuckled at that.

“If I push my hips into the seat and clench my umm… my dick, it should just flip up behind you.

“Anything would be better than this. I feel like I am taking two of them inside me. ”

“Well, mom there is a catch. ”

“What? What do you mean a catch. ”

“I need to be harder to make it work like that. ”

“What? How damned hard do you have to be. No we are doing this now. If you get any bigger your going to start tearing me and I do not think I can keep myself composed if that starts happening. ”

“Okay mom, tell me when to go. ”

“Now. ”

I knew it was too early.

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   I just hoped maybe I would slide up the side of her cheek by sheer luck. I figured it was probably not going to move much at all and would end up lubricating things even more and we would end up with more of my bent dick inside of her. But I had to try anyway. I whispered a count to three and as hard as I could I moved my hips into the seat and clench my dick muscle. What I had not anticipated was mom made her own effort and lift ever so lightly. I guess she thought she was helping but what ended up happening was the worse thing that could happen. The head of my dick ended up popping to the inside of her lips. We both froze. I tried wiggling my hips around but the only thing I was doing was lubricating myself even more with her pussy juices… and getting myself a lot harder. By this time I have to admit I was getting horny, but I was still doing a pretty good job of ignoring it. I felt my mother trembling while she tried to hold herself up. My back was cramping from trying to push myself into the seat. Then she started sliding down. Slowly. She fought it all the way.

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   Now I have to make another admission, this felt heavenly. It was such a slow tease without meaning to be a tease. I could feel her entire body tremble on the tip of my dick. And the lower she got, the more of my dick felt that tremble. I was now about 2/3 hard and had to be a good 7 inches. I felt my mother finally settle into my lap and knew it was pointless to hold my hips into the seat any longer. I didn’t want to let go suddenly though so I had to kind of ease the rest of it into her. I heard my mother whimper and I have to tell you I could not tell if it was a satisfying whimper or a whimper of defeat.

“I’m really ver…”

“Juss no talking” she interrupted me. And yes, she was slurring.

I knew she had to be turned on. I slid into her too damned easily. You don’t fit a dick this big into any pussy without some sort of lubrication. I also knew there was another problem though. I had another 4 to 5 inches to give her.

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   Scratch that, make it another 2 or 3, I know I had to have swelled to 9 or 10 inches by now. This has to be the deepest I have ever been, at all, ever. And her pussy was still trembling. It’s almost like it was quivering or vibrating. But she did not move her hips at all. No grinding or anything like that. She was perfectly still. I was getting so extremely turned on. I couldn’t believe it but I really, really wanted to just grab her hips and pull her to me. This is the deepest I have ever been in a pussy and it felt absolutely wonderful.

“Is it all the way in yet honey?”

“Yes mom, I am sorry. ”

“Shhh. You mean I have nearly 12 inches in me? I didn’t think I would ever be able to fit something that big in me. ” The whole time she is talking to me she has her eyes closed and has almost a hint of a smile on her lips. If I didn’t know better I would say she was almost proud of herself.

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“It’s only about 10 inches right now. I’m really sorry mom. ”

“I said shhh, no more of that. How do you ever get girls to take this monster. ”

“This is the deepest I have ever been. ”

“It feels so big. I feel so full. It feels like I can feel it all the way up to my tummy. ”

Right then I felt her pull her legs together and put her feet between my feet. Then she push her feet and legs outward pushing my feet and legs open. Leaving her feet at my feet she closed her legs again and seemed to settle farther into my lap. This whole time mind you, I am growing and growing and growing. I knew I had to be full length and she still had that hint of a smile on her lips.

I heard her whisper, “Oh God that’s so good. ” And she started grinding her hips.

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   I was surprised at how much she was able to move her hips while keeping her upper body still. It’s funny, I had not even thought about the other people on the bus until just now. I looked around but they were completely oblivious to us. I couldn’t believe it. My own mother was grinding her pussy on my cock. You see, now it’s a cock. You don’t have a dick or a penis when it is stuffed this far into someone. No, my cock was buried nearly a foot into my mothers quivering pussy and she was in lala land because of it. I was so deep into her I could feel her pussy lips kissing my nuts, as if coaxing my sperm out of them and thanking them for making my cock so damned hard. This whole time my mother still has her eyes closed and is moaning, “so hard, so full, so big”. She is also grinding that deliciously vibrating pussy on my dick. If felt so wonderful. I had never felt myself so enveloped into a pussy ever. If her pussy lips were really trying to coax my sperm out of my nuts she was sure near getting it. Then she tensed up.

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“Oh God, I am cuming on my sons cock, on my sons 12 inch cock. ” She whispered. (I know, but I wasn’t going to correct her though). And then she did something that was absolutely amazing. She yawned and stretched, arching her back in the process. It also tensed every muscle she had and it was like giving my dick a bear hug. It also gave her a chance to express a little bit of joy without looking like she was getting that joy from her sons monster cock stuffed into her overheated quivering pussy. That was too much for me though. I swear, I didn’t just cum. My cock violently barfed cum into my mom’s pussy and it felt fucking wonderful. It was everything I could do to keep from burying my tongue into her mouth, and to be honest, I don’t think she would have even tried to stop me.

After a moment we both knew we had to calm down. She returned to looking out the window and I decided to stare out the window too for lack of anything else to do. Neither one of us dared say anything about it. After a while my dick soften but it never slipped out of her.

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   I couldn’t believe it but we very shortly started pulling into the town where we were going to stop. I think my juice had pretty well leaked out of her but I am sure she still had some inside her. Once we stopped we had to wait till most of the people were off the bus because the only way for us to get out was for me to push the suit case off the seat. I know my mother certainly was not going to climb over them again not knowing where her bikini was on her ass. We eventually got changed in the hotel we stopped. We went to our hotel room and didn’t mention anything about this the whole time. We pretty much both went to sleep, (in separate beds). I know I was really wore out.

To be continued…
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