The Next Chapter with Kristin, Greg and Dr. Kenner


Kristin woke early this Friday morning she was excited about finally seeing Dr. Kenner together with Greg. The events of a few weeks ago had been discussed with the doctor and Kristin had been very pleased with Dr. Kenner’s suggestion that she and Greg come in together for full physical exams. Kristin and Greg had discussed their brief sexual encounter on a couple occasions and Kristin had stressed to Greg that it had occurred in the heat of sudden passion but that it was not something that either need be ashamed of.
Kristin had told Greg that at 13 he was in the early stages of sexual development and that there were countless risks of being confused and misled by misinformation and silly old wives tales. She assured him that Dr. Kenner would enlighten them both on the subject and that she would plot a course for his journey of sexual self discovery. Kristin did not share with Greg the fact that Dr. Lisa Kenner concurred with her that she Greg’s 33 year old mother would be his constant companion on that journey of sexual discovery.
Kristin enjoyed a very open and in fact intimate relationship with Dr. Lisa Kenner. Dr. Kenner was both compassionate and enabling toward Kristin as she dealt with the abandonment by her husband and single parenthood. Lisa Kenner was a qualified general practitioner and she had been instrumental in Kristin’s recovery from sexual hopelessness after her husband left.
Just about every thing Kristin knew about sexual self satisfaction she has learned from Lisa Kenner.

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   It was Dr. Kenner who had opened Kristin’s mind to unconventional sexual fulfillment. During her first physical with Dr. Kenner, during her vaginal exam Dr. Kenner asked Kristin if she felt discomfort. Kristin responded no and was surprised when Lisa asked if she felt pleasure but instinctively answered Yes.
From that point forward Kristin and Dr. Kenner had explored the full range of sexual self and mutual fulfillment techniques and Kristin had grown to regard Lisa as her best friend and confident. No one had ever eaten Kristin’s cunt as Lisa Kenner could and Lisa often assured Kristin that she had the very best tongue that she had ever had inserted into her labia.
This morning Kristin knew that a whole new chapter in her relationship with Dr. Kenner was to begin and that Greg would be part of this adventure and in fact the main character. Dr. Kenner had suggested to Kristin that both she and Greg have complete physicals and that no mention be made to Greg that she was aware of the previous sexual encounter between her and Greg. Dr. Kenner had a plan that would if followed create a comfortable atmosphere for Greg and create a level of curiosity that would enable all three of them to explore both Mom and son’s sexuality.

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Dr. Kenner suggested that she would conduct Greg’ Physical first and that during the course of his exam she would call Kristin in to review his history and to ask questions about his development. Kristin could feel the moisture in her pussy each time she silently said to her self “Greg’s development” There appointment was for 10:00 and Kristin was committed to dressing for both Lisa Kenner as she always did and for Greg’s arousal as well.
Kristin chose beige stockings and a white garter belt, a white push up bra, a short pink skirt, a tight white blouse and white three inch heals. Greg wore jeans and a polo shirt and they were off. When the arrived at doctors office the receptionist said that Dr. Kenner was with a patient and that she would see them shortly.
Kristin took a seat directly in front of the receptionist as she always did. Laura the receptionist was a woman in her late fifties with graying reddish hair and attractive for her age. She dressed in a manner that some was too young for her age but Kristin did not feel that way. Kristin had always been a bit turned on by Laura and they had often had conversations that were somewhat provocative regarding Lisa Kenner’s relationships with her female patients; Laura had often said that Dr. Kenner was the best thing that ever happened to young women patients in the community.
Kristin was sure that Laura, also a patient of Dr. Kenner’s was also intimate with the doctor as she was. On many occasions Kristin was sure that her provocative discussions with Laura were provoked by Kristin sitting directly in front of Laura and not too discreetly providing a clear view of her panty less cunt for Laura.

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   Kristin immediately spread her legs in her hiked up pink shirt and eagerly awaited Dr. Kenner’s call for Greg so that her chat with Laura could begin.
Within 5 minutes Dr. Kenner emerged from her office and greeted Kristin and Greg. She announced that she would see Greg first and that she would call Kristin if she or Greg needs to discuss anything with her. Kristin could feel herself embarking on a mother fantasy concerning Laura as Dr. Kenner and Greg disappeared into the examining room. .