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Topic: The Night I`d Fucked My Motherhello everyone.  Let me began by telling you alittle something about myself. My name is Ronnie i`m 25 years old 5`9 193pounds fairly build even dow i`m not into sports. I`m married now to a very beautiful women i met years after the story i`m about to tell you guys and gals. Plus i have two wonderful children. . . .     Here where my story really began. I was raised up by my mom by herself since my dad decided that it was best that he lived his life alone because he thought it was hard enough to do alone then to care for two other people. My mom got help from family and friends all though my life. Then she met a guy named Phil. They married after only two months and my mom and i moved into his house. All was going very well the first year. Phil and my mom had a baby togather my half-sister dana. so everything was perfect intil i was almost 13 then thing started to change.

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   My mom and Phil started to fight a lot and things got worst. By the time i was 13 my mom was already pissed at Phil and wanted out of the marriage. Let me descibe my mother for you people before i go any further. She is 5`6 long blonde hair that's gos down to her back, shes about 125 or so pounds very nice C-cup breasts and a very very nicely shape ass. Ok so now my mom cant stand to be around Phil. Whenever hes not at home shes happy talking a lot to me and playing with my half-sister then when hes home she just looks at him like "why'? I kinda feel sad for her at times then i`ll just keep to myself trying my best to stay out of it. Well one night while Phil was out with his drinking buddies.   My mom and i decides to watch some t. v and play games with Dana. After about a hour or so my kid sister was out like a light under to coffee table and my mom was looking off at the clock and door. Deep down i wanted to know why her and phil are acting like they have been, so i asked ''mom, whats wrong with you and Phil''? she`d just looked at me with a strange look and said '' baby , i dont what to put you and Dana in the middle of all the problems between phil and i''. ''But mom'' i`d asked back '' i want to know if theres something i can do to help with your relationship with Phil''. ''No , your to young to know about things like this'' she said with a very sad look on her face. At that moment the phone rang and mom answer`d it. it was Phil.

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   they started fighting on the phone my mom agrueing silently trying not to wake Dana. I`d just sat there and heard all of the conversion after about 8 minutes she hang up the phone and picked dana off the floor and i could see tears in her eyes. After she took Dana into her room i heard her bedroom door slam shut very hard, i thought that my mom had woke`in dana from she sleep, so i went to check and found that she was still sound asleep. I then went into my room and start to think about things when my mom called out my name from her room.   So i went to her door and it was ajar so i stepped in to find her sitting at the end of her bed crying when she ask me would i be mad if she left Phil. So i asked her again,, Whats wrong mom , what did he say''? she looked at me in the eyes with tears running down her beautiful face and said '' i think Phil been cheating on me''. i then say '' mom what makes you say that''? she said that Phil had start lying about working late and now he`d called saying that he was gonna be out late tonight with his friends. So i ask`d '' mom so you dont think that's true''? She just look at me with a sudden look and said '' baby i`m 41 years old, i think i`ll know if i`m being cheated on''. ''Ok'' i said then ask`d her why would he be cheating on her. she replied back with tears still running down her pretty face '' honey, about 4 months ago i found a girl number and his pants pockets and he denied it by telling me it was his friend who got the number from a girl at a bar while they were having a guys night out ,but by mistake put it in his pocket and forgetting about it''   I just look at her listening while looking into her pretty eyes while thinking how can Phil be out drinking and maybe sleeping with another woman when my mom who is very sexy and sweet to the bone is right here waiting for his dumbass. . <wait a sec. > did i just say to myself that my mom was <sexy> holyshit. i was getting very Hot on the inside while thinking about all the things she was saying.   Then she went silent like something had came to her mind.

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   She said ''Fuck it, you know what i`m not evening going to stress it any more'' ''wow'', i said to myself. My mom just cussed right in front of me. She said if i was tried of listening to her bitch and wine i could leave. i said back real fast like ''No! mom its fine i really enjoy being here talking and listening to your feelings about Phil and everything. Finally a sexy smile came over her beautiful face and said '' i glad you dont mind listening to me honey , your growing up so fast and i want you and me to beable to talk about anything and everything that gos on in our`re lifes from this point on. then she said but its late and Phil should be home soon so we better get to bed soon. She give me a hug and kiss gentle on my lips like a mother but it made me even hotter then i was already. So i got up and left her room and went back to my room. I`d laid in bed thinking about her and how hot she`d had me in her room. By now my dick was really hard and poke`in out of my boxers. i started to slowly jerk-off and it was feeling really damn good i was on the path to cumming went i heard a crash in the livingroom .   I jump out of bed and ran though my bedroom door to find phil laying on the floor passed out cold. mom was standing over him asking me to help her get him to their room. <thank god> we didn't live in a up stairs house. So we grabbed him by his pant-legs and drag him into the bedroom and somehow got him onto the bed and my mom said thanks and i should get back to bed now.

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   So about 20minutes gos by and i heard a sound coming from the hallway. So i got up again and looked out my door and saw my mother standing then by her bedroom door crying and i could see a black wrapper in her hand so i asked if she was ok then she look at me with more tears then the last time and said '' that fucking son-of-a-bitch is really fucking cheating on me'' . I said how do you know this time and then she opened her hand up to show me the black wrapper and it was really a condem wrapper. I just looked at the floor and said out loud " Fucking asshole'' . And i went to hug her for comfort and said '' sorry mom, i really though you was just imaging things. All this time i didn't even realize what she was wearing. . it was a light blue sheer nightgown with her hair pulled up perfectly and she had put on some make-up with dark blue lipstick and eye liner. I guess she was gonna try to make him love her again and after i`d when to bed got all dressed up for him. Well after she`d calmed down abit she said she was going to lay down in the livingroom and try to go to sleep. So again i went back to my room and got back into bed. after about a hour or so by this time it was around 3:30am i was still thinking about my mom in her nightgown and how sexy she looked with my bedroom door silently  open up and my mom carefully tip-toe in.   I guess she though i was asleep and then she slowly got into my bed when i turned my head she show me awake and told me that its cold and uncomfortable in the living room and she would be happy if i had no problem with her sleeping in my bed.  I said no but why not Dana`s room and she laughed and said '' Had i ever tried sleeping in a childs bed. I just laughed back ''No, but i`m fine with you in here mom''.

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   So at first we`d just laid there taking about things and i notice that she never even changed her nightgown and wonder if she even noticed that she was still wearing it.   Well after about 30minutes of talking more it now being after 5am we`re still laying there my mom started asked me if i would be happy if we moved into our`re own place without Phil and i said ''mom, i would be happy anywhere with you , i dont care if it was on the streets''. she said '' i love Ronnie, and i know we dont need anyone but each other and maybe i should quit trying to find a good man and just let it be us''. after she had said that she laid her head down on my chest and i could feel her hot breath on me and i started to get very hott and i could feel my cock getting very hard under my boxers and thin bed covers my mom looked up at me and said ''Ronnie honey are you ok''? I said ''yea mom, i`m fine'' Then she said "No , it sounds like your horny''. I said "No im not,are you''? What a question to be asked i said to myself. I was shocked when she whispered back ''yes,very much indeed''. Then she asked me what was i getting so horny about at 5am? I`d just replied back very quietly '' you wearing that nightgown mom is whats making me horny''. she quietly laugh back almost as-if joking '' is it just the nightgown or the old lady wearing it''? I said still whispering '' both, and your not old mom your very beautiful even at 41 you still look like a very sexy 30''. ''Awwww'' she said. then '' you called me sexy Ronnie'' and '' i guess its true if my own son can say it even if he has a hardon while saying at'' And then kinda laugh.   I was almost thinking about she was messing with me and playing around like a mother/son would do. But then out of no-where she said ''Well i guess you and i are not going go to sleep with me making you horny wearing my nightgown, i would take it off but i didnt put on any panties before putting it on tonight''. I almost creamed myself when she said no panties, i must of had the biggest hardon i ever had in my short 13year life but the she said very sexy like low voice '' Well i guess if we need to go to sleep before Phil and Dana wake up we better take care of this problem we`re having baby'' and i was about to say ''how'' when her finger came over my mouth and she said another sexy low voice ''shhh try very hard not to make a sound''. And she sat up on my bed and placed her legs on both sides of my whist and i was scared but excited at the same time. then she asked me to take my dick out of my boxers and as i did she bend down and kissed me on my lips slow and gentle at first then i felt her tongue slid into my mouth and holy-shit i was thinking my mother <MY MOTHER> is fucking freach-kissing me like i was a grown man.

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   Then with my hand still taking my dick out of my boxers my mom lower`d herself down onto my cock her pussy was so wet  fuck. . I felt my dick slid in with eases all the way to my cockbase after she came to a stop i heard a lite moan coming from her.   I never felt anything is fucking hot and wet in my life , she then slowly started to rock back and forward making low moan under her breath. I raises my hands and cupped her C-cup tits, wow they were so soft and warm. After about a minute of me rubbing her tits her moans got abit louder '' O-yea baby just like that, your doing so fucking gooood baby , i wanna fuck you alittle harder Ronnie ,ok baby'' I said ''O fuck mommy please fuck me harder PLEASE!! '' She then put her whole hand over my mouth as if she was really trying not to make me screem and then with a force like movements started jumping hard up and down my cock like a mad woman if anything was gonna wake up someone it was gonna be the sound of my bed jumping and sliding across the floor. With my mother fucking me like this i was deep in her pussy i knew i was about to cum like a monster ''OOOOOOO FUCK MOMMY'' i said under her hand ''I CUMMMMINNNGGGG'' FUCK. i wonder if my mom was going to get up before i started cumming but she just kept on fucking me crazy and the it happen '' OOOOO FUCK STOP MOM I`M CUMMING'' and she stop I felt my ball burst like waterballoans. i could feel my boy cum spurt up inside my mom`s pussy and i just laid there with her still on top of my dick with cum still full up her cunt like water in a glasscup. . After about 2 minutes she fell down onto my chest we could feel each other`s hearts racing a mile a minute. After another minute or two she finally said as she was getting off of me '' wow baby you are really good at fucking''. i said back still panting '' WHHAAT MAADDE YOOUU WAANNAA HAVVE SSEXX WIITHH WITHH MEE''? she replied back with a sexy smile ''Well if its gonna be just you and me then you might-as-well be the one whos giving me dick and the next time we fuck we`ll be in our`re new home and i promise you wont have to be SO fucking quiet''. And she rolled over and said " Now go to sleep baby''.  i hope you enjoy my story and i sorry if i missed typed anything.

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   you guys have a good one bye. .
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