The Silken Family Trap Part V


The Silken Family Trap – Part V
Michele Nylons
As my first load exploded deep in my Sister, I felt her cunt walls quiver as her own orgasm erupted. She bucked back against me to meet my thrusts and at the same time increased the frantic lapping at Mom’s cunt. She buried her head deeper inside Mom’s nyloned thighs and pushed her tongue hard against Mom’s clitty.
This had the effect of invoking a shuddering orgasm in Mom. Her whole body quivered and her heels drummed against the bed as she came. Mom’s lips clamped down on my balls and her tongue became frantic as it slobbered around my tight hard testicles.
We were all coming at once. Mother, Brother, Sister, the girls in their sheerest nylon pantyhose and panties, slutty makeup and uniforms. It was certainly a silken family V
An hour later I was on my way to school. I couldn’t help thinking about the exquisite sexual fantasy that I had just lived, fucking my Sister and my Mom. I was semi-hard as I relived the last few hours of the morning. Mom had made me and Eileen go to school, she told us that we should behave as normal so no one would suspect what was going on in the privacy of our house. She gave us both late notes; some bullshit about a sick family member who we had gone to visit in hospital. Mom said we would have to talk about our family secret tonight and decide just how we were going to keep having our family fun and keep it a secret.
All day at school I fantasised about how I had fucked Mom. She, fully clothed with her tight white uniform skirt rucked around her ass as I slammed into her, past her torn hose and panties.

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   By the time I left school at half three I was horny as hell. I knew Mom wouldn’t be home until six but I couldn’t wait, I walked the half dozen blocks to the hospital where she worked.
I sometimes went there to see Mom at work, I love staring at the pretty nurses in their tight white uniforms, silky pantyhose, and cute little hats. A few of the older nurses who knew Mom would often come over and say hello and ruffle my hair. If only they knew I wanted to throw them down on the nearest bed and fuck them in their crisp white uniforms. A nurse named Janet who I guessed to be in her mid 40s came over to me as I sat on the bench near Mom’s workstation at the end of the ward.
"Hi Mike," she said.
"Your Mom is occupied with a patient right now, the ward has been really busy today," Janet said as she rushed past.
"Wait in the Matron’s office out of the way and I’ll tell her you’re here. "
I went into the Matrons small office that was next to long counter where Mom did her paperwork when she wasn’t busy in ward. I closed the door behind me and sat in an armchair that was pulled up to the desk. I looked around the office and lazily rubbed my semi-hard cock through my jeans. I wondered what the fuck I was doing here, but I was so horny for Mom. I could go home and probably fuck my sister Eileen, but I was hot for Mom after this morning’s session.
A small rubbish bin in the corner caught my attention.

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   Hanging half out of the bin was the leg of a pair of pantyhose. I checked to make sure the door was closed then wondered over and removed the pantyhose from the bin. They were white, control top and I could see the ladder torn in one leg that was reason Matron had discarded them.
I lifted the gusset of the hose to my face and inhaled the smell of Matrons cunt. The smell was still strong, so the hose must have been discarded not that long ago. I walked over to locker in the corner and opened it. Inside were two white skirts with matching blouses on hangers. Matron was a stout woman looking at the size of them. I found nothing else there to excite me so I returned to the armchair.
I was so horny now that I had to do something about it. I eased my zipper down and freed my hard cock. I slid one leg the silky nylon pantyhose over my cock and started to gently stroke it.
Just then the door flew open and in came Mom. She looked flustered and had obviously been working hard.
"Jesus Mike, why are you here Son, cant whatever it is wait until after………………"
Then she stopped mid sentence as she saw what I was doing.

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"For fuck sake Mike, if you get caught doing that here they’ll lock you up and fire me. Can’t you at least leave yourself alone until you get home?" Mom said sounding exasperated.
"Well no Mom," I said getting up out of the chair.
"I just can’t stop thinking about what we did today. "
"Well Son, there is a time and place for that. What we did this morning and last night is illegal; so at least lets leave that behaviour at home," Mom said, sounding cross.
I took a step towards her; I would have looked a real sight with the stocking hanging off my cock if anyone walked in.
"Please Mom," I pleaded and put my arms around her. I crushed my lips against hers, tasting the lipstick as it smeared on my lips. I pulled her close to me and I felt her move against me as my hard cock pushed against her leg through her skirt. She rubbed her lower body against me, dry humping me through her skirt.
"Ok Mike, I’ll let you have something quick, but then you must leave ok?" Mom said, reaching behind herself to engage the lock on the door.
"Matron is gone for the day, but I can only spare a few minutes so it will have to be very quick Mike. "
Mom eased herself out my grasp and went to the desk where she bent over. She reached back and lifted her skirt and pushed her lovely round ass towards me.

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"Help yourself to Mommy Mike," she said seductively as she looked around me and smiled.
I needed no further invitation. I pulled the flimsy stockings off my cock and threw them back towards the bin where I had found them and stepped behind my mother. Her ass was raised towards me, the firm cheeks glimmering in the sheen of her pantyhose. I noticed that today she was just wearing a white nylon thong, the thin strand of silky white material running up the crack of her ass, visible through the nylon gusset of her hose.
"Come on Son, give Mommy a quickie, you started it, now hurry up and finish," she panted, and wiggled her ass at me.
I stepped between her parted legs, the rough material of my denim jeans whispering on the nylons that encased her legs. I reached out and placed one hand on each of the globes of her ass and pushed my cock into the crack. As I rubbed my cock up and down the crack of my Mother’s ass, my penis was stimulated by the feel of her pantyhose, Mom started to push back on me and gently rotate her ass.
"Mikey, you have to be quick Son," she panted again.
"I’m enjoying this as much you are now, but we might get caught if you don’t hurry. "
I needed no further urging; I pushed a finger into the crotch of Mom’s pantyhose and popped it through the sheer nylon. Then I put both hands into the small hole I had made and tore the hole in the pantyhose covering Mom’s cunt until it was big enough for my purpose. I eased the thin strip of material covering her cunt to one side and slid myself inside my Mother until I was buried to the hilt.
"Oh Mom," I gasped.

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"This feels so good. "
"Oh do me Mike, do me son. " Mom panted.
I started a steady thrusting, pushing my cock in and out of Mom’s cunt. Mom pushed back with each thrust, burying my cock deep inside her and rubbing her sweet nyloned ass against my balls. Mom was panting now.
"Do me Mike, give your Mom a good fucking, push that young cock of yours in and out of Mommies pussy," she chanted.
"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee," she hissed, and I felt her cunt spasm around my cock.
I was making my Mom come. Her tight cunt gripped my cock and she pushed back against me, forcing her clitty against me as I humped. My cock expanded and blew its load. A torrent of hot semen washed into my Mom’s cunt and she gasped and shuddered again.
I nearly fell over as I leaned over my her, grabbing her stockinged thighs and pulling her back on me, impaling my Mommy as I shot my sticky gism deep inside her.
Just then the door rattled,
"Jean? Jean? Are you in there," I heard one of the nurses saying. Mom answered,
"Just a minute Carol.

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   I’ll be out soon. I’m changing my nylons because I caught them on Mister Simpson’s bed. "
Mom was cool as cucumber; bent over the desk with my cock buried in her she told lies as easy as pie. I felt Mom squeeze her cuntal muscles and push my deflating penis out on her. She turned around and took a handkerchief from her pocket and took hold of my flaccid penis and wiped it. She zipped my fly and patted it then leaned forward and gently kissed my lips. She bought her finger up to her lips,
"Shhhh," she whispered. And began to wipe the hankie between her thighs, soaking up my come.
"Well Mister Simpson needs his five o’clock meds Jean, torn nylons or no torn nylons. Please hurry," nurse Carol said through the door.
"On my way Carol," Mom said and smoothed down her skirt. She pointed to the corner of the room that would be in the blind spot from the door and I tip toed over there. Mom opened the door,
"There, that’s better," she said motioning to her legs to Carol to continue the charade of the torn nylons. She quickly glanced my way and winked as Carol turned away. Mom quickly flicked the back of her skirt up exposing her gauzy nyloned thighs and ass, she tipped me another wink and walked off.

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I waited for about two minutes and was about to leave when a large woman who I estimated to be in her mid forties entered the room. It had to be Matron!
"Who are you sonny," she asked in a not too friendly manner.
"I’m Mike. My Mom is a nurse here, Jean. " I stammered. The room reeked of sex; she must have been able to smell it.
"Well what are you doing in my office Mike," she asked.
"I was doing my homework waiting for Mom," I lied. It was a stupid lie because I had no books with me. Matron looked at me quizzically and said,
"Well I have work to do Mike, best you wait for your Mom outside," she said.
"Ok Ma'am, I will. " I said and squeezed past her towards the door. Up close she was quite pretty, as some larger women are. She had a round open face framed with red hair worn in a loose bob. Her eyes were huge and a deep blue.

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   She too obviously believed like Mom, that more was better when it came to makeup because her eyes were painted and heavily mascaraed and her lips were a cherry red. She was just the sort of woman I fantasised about when I wanked.
I had to look down of course. Yes! Glimmering taupe pantyhose encased her legs that were large but well shaped. They were long and tapered out of her tight, dark blue, business suit skirt. I saw that she saw me looking at her legs and she smiled. She reached in the bin next to her desk,
"Here Mike," she smirked and handed the pantyhose that only minutes before had been stretched around my cock.
"You might as well keep them, by the look of the that little wet patch and the smell of semen, you were been busy with them before I came in," Matron said, a smile on her face.
"Maybe next time you visit I’ll let you take these off," she said pulling on the gossamer sheer nylons on her legs.
I was just flabbergasted and almost beyond speech.
"Thanks Ma’am, I would love to," I stammered and walked out the door my head spinning. I heard her laughing to herself as I walked away stuffing her pantyhose into my pocket.
"But I bet you are the sort of lad who would have more fun If I left them on," she chuckled after me.
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