The Stepfather


I had just awaken from a night of heavy drinking when I heard the front door of my mothers condo open, and close. I was just about to open the spare bedroom door, but I heard someone walking up the stairs. I opened it only a little, just to see who it was. My stedfather, Marty, was walking toward the door to my mothers room. I found it odd that he was here, seeing that my mother had divorced him six months prier to this. He opened my mothers bedroom door, and walked in. He started to remove his tie, and them his suit jacket. He unbuckled his belt and pulled his shirt off revealing a slightly bigger gut than he had the last time I had seen him. He was darkly tanned. I never knew how he would get so tan. I figured he had to be going to a tanning salon. Just as I he was about to remove his pants, another man walked into the doorway (scaring the shit out of me) and he also started to remove his clothes. I watched, not really understanding what I was seeing. The other man removed his pants unveiling a set of pink girl's boy shorts that clung tight to his butt, almost thong-like. Marty pulled his pants and underwear off in one tug, letting his almost completely shaved penis flop out. The other man pulled off the thong-like underwear, and I could see that he was just as tan (if no tanner) than Marty.

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  He was slightly muscular, small in appearance next to Marty (225-230 lbs). I know understood wha they were there to do.

I had always suspected Marty of being gay (or bisexual). He was always tan (we've already been over this), he was always looking out of my mothers bedroom window at the 20-something guy who was always shirtless (sometimes wearing nothing but small shorts) who lives across the courtyard. I also stare at this man, that's how I know. I am bisexual and lets face it, I would ride him for ours. Marty also tries to invite this guy over (i thibk his name is Carl) when he knows we won't be home. "Come by for a beer," he'd say. Carl never would, though. Marty would also leave the bathroom door open when he would shower. The bedroom I am hiding in has a clear view to this bathroom. Back when I was in high school, I would wake up early so I could try and see him naked. It wasn't hard. He's walked around the house with nothing but a small t-shirt on, you could see everything. He didn't shave back then though, so I really didn't look much.

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   I never caught him doing anything like masturbating, or anything. I've heard him and my mom having sex before, but that was about it. Until this day, that is.

Marty was sitting on the bed removing his socks, the other man turned slightly. His belly button was peirced his a diamond studding ring that fell and swung loosely over his navel. His penis was completely shaved. He looked more like a girl than a man. He was not hard. Marty, on the other habd, was. I opened the door a little more, and heard Marty say, "It's over there. " The other man walked out of sight and I heard a drawer open. Marty stood, and laid facedown on the bed. "Hurry up, man," Marty said. "We have until 1 to get back. "

"We have plenty of time," the other man said walking back into sight.

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   I had to move a little bit to get a better look. The man walked behind Marty, and I assume he put himself inside of my stepfather because a few seconds later they were rocking back and forth, bed squeaking. For atleast a minute the only sound was the squeak, then I slowly heard a soft moan. I didn't know who it belonged too. The skin on skin slap was heard as well. This went on for a few more minutes before the unknown man pulled away. Marty flipped over, and the man turned around, finally giving me a look at his face. It was Piper from Marty's dealer. I knew he was gay, everyone did. My mom walked in on him and another man on Thanksgiving in 2007.

Piper sat down on Marty's lap, and again they started rocking. Piper began to moan loudly. Girlish moans. A few minutes later, Marty moaned loud, thrust hard four or five times, and grabbed Piper by the hips. Piper laid back, still willinging his hips on Marty's lap.

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   Whispering something, Piper got up. Soft now. Marty stood and walked to the bathroom. Closing the door, Piper sat back on the bed. I wanted to go in there and see what happens. I was honestly about to open the door, and go in but I had no idea what to do if Piper wanted to.

The only time I had had gay anything, was a party when I was still in high school. I had a body crush on this kid Erin. He was a tad bit over weight, he shaved, and he was a friend. I wanted to do ANYTHING with him. One night at my friend Tyler's house, Erin had passed out drubk in a bedroom, I went in and just wanted to see his penis, but ended up giving him my first blowjob, and I even tried to put him in me. He was lying on his back on the floor, I pulled my shorts down and tried to put him in using my spit. I had only used a dildo once or twice before and wasn't used to it. He fit, but when I tried to move up and down it hurt too much. I gave him a handjob until he came, and was too afraid to let any in my mouth, but I did eat some.

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I thought back on this, and decided to go in. I opened the door just at Marty started the shower. I walked in without hesitation, and Piper covered himself, his voice going back to a manly tone when he said, "Who're you?" I told him to Shhh, and moved his hand away from his soft penis. I pulled my shirt off, and he shook his head no. I started to pull my pants down, and he stopped me, half of my hardening self showing, "Stop. " he said, looking toward the bathroom. "Let's go in here," I said. I walked out, and into my room. Piper follwed quickly. I pulled my pants off. He looked at me. I weigh 260 lbs, I'm pale, and hairless. It must've been a sight. I bent down, and kissed his waist. I could feel the belly button ring on my forehead.

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   I could feel his smooth skin on my lips. I put him in my mouth soft. He was hardening. I didn't want him to cum. I stood up, and he said, "Floor would be quieter. "

He lied down, and I straddled him. I could feel his erection poking my asshole, I shoved him in. It hurt for a few second but felt better after a second or two. I began to bounce slowly, and I really felt the urge to moan. I let out soft oh's and ah's. I didn't notice it at the time, but I wss bouncing hard, and fast. I began touching his belly butting ring, he asked me questions like "Have you done this before?" and "Are you done with school?" I answered all of his questions while bouncing on him. I noticed I was softening, and I pulled off of him. He stood, and I hardened staring at his tan ass. I put myself in, first time doing so, and pumped quickly.

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   He said "Ow, not so fast, cowboy. "

I had to cum. I pulled him closer, and said, "I have to cum," and he started thrusting his butt into my dick, and said, "Go ahead," moans, "come on. " He said 'come on' a few more times under his breath, and I couldn't come. We kept at it for a minute or so, and he pulld away. "Marty will be out in a few minutes, I have to go back in there. " I said, "Let's just be quick. " Piper waked back to me, and sat on the bed. I let him suck me, but only for a second, and then he turned and got up. "Let's just keep going," he said, pushing hs ass out. I put myself back in him, and once again, standing doggystyle. He was hard, and I felt him jerking off. Two minutes later, he was cuming. Afterward, he said, "Just keep going, cowboy. " The bathroom door in my mothers room opened, and Piper stopped.

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   I held him, and kept pumping. I was cuming.

Piper walked away, my erection slumping as it came out. Piper gave me one last look, and left the room. I watched Piper put his thong-like underwear back on, and get back into his suit with Marty. They both went downstairs and left 10 minutes later. Piper hasn't ben around since he's only Marty's friend. I'll never forget what happened, and I still jerk off to it (sometimes to Carl across the courtyard).

I have only had one other gay experience after this. I was with this guy at the movies, and instead of watching the movie, we ditched and fucked in the staff bathroom. Well, I rode him for about 10 minutes, and that was that. We went back into the movie, and then went home. I hope to have more sex adventures to post on here. Untel then. So long.

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