The Supergirls - Chapter 3 - Sara


"What you meant to do doesn't matter daddy!" she almost snarled at him. "What happened is that you broke something I liked very much. And now you will suffer for it quite dearly. Get over here. "Terrified her father crawled to her, and began to kiss his luscious young daughter’s heels, adoration and penitence oozing out of his every gesture. If that lamp hadn't been a gift from her late grandmother, Sara might have forgiven him. But that was not the case. His forgiveness would have to be well earned. She reached down and twisted her fingers in his hair, seizing a fistful and pulling him to his feet. His lip trembled, and his eyes were beginning to dampen. "You are so fucking pathetic," she raged at him "Do you honestly think I will allow you to get away with this daddy?""No, Mistress. I'm just so afraid of what my punishment might be, even though it was an accident that I…" he was cut off by a brisk slap to the face by his luscious little girl. For the next few moments the ultra sexy teenager began to slap her father hard across his face with first the back of her right hand and then the back of her left. The blows came quick and hard, and her father bit his lip to hold his pained cries to himself. He made no attempt whatsoever to try and stop her from beating him. That would have been fruitless, because despite the fact that he was 6’5 and weighed 260lbs of rock solid muscle his gorgeous fourteen year old daughter was far stronger then he could ever hope to be.

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  As he felt the heat rising in his face, he could tell that the ferocity of her slaps was beginning to slow. He silently thanked God for the reprieve. The humiliation that he felt in these moments was staggering, and he was often reduced to tears by it. Tears that his sadistically sexy young daughter would sometimes kiss away. "Get up, and wait for me in my bedroom. " Sara suddenly ordered. With a startled gasp, he seemed to spring up, and he went quickly up the stairs to the master bedroom. Without wasting anytime he went right to her enormous circular bed, and dropped to his knees keeping his head low, and his eyes on the floor. He wasn’t sure exactly how long he waited before Sara finally joined him, but when she did he was able to see her walk inside the bedroom thanks to a mirror off to the side of her night stand. Even though he was looking down he was able to get a glimpse of the stunning young Supergirl. She was still wearing the black leather bustier and he couldn’t help but notice that it was straining to contain her huge, voluptuous breasts, not to mention the fact that her nipples were at least an inch long and steel hard. The rest of her erotic outfit consisted of a tiny, thread like black thong that rode high on her lushly curved hips and a pair of black, granny boots with wicked five inch heels. The sight of his fourteen year old daughter never failed to excite the well hung stud and this time was no exception as his enormous eleven inch cock throbbed noticeably between his legs. Sara quickly moved out of his view and although he dared not look up he soon heard her walk into one of her closets. She returned a short time later and moved behind him.

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   Suddenly she grabbed a handful of her father’s hair and pushed him onto the bed. He soon felt her perfectly manicured fingernails drawing lines of white pain across his ass cheeks, and he gasped deeply. “Daddy,” she whispered seductively. “Since you broke something of mine I have decided that I will break something of yours. ” And with that she began to massage the crack of her father’s trembling ass with an oily lubricant. At first, he relaxed into the massage, feeling amazing pleasure, but then suddenly he realized the purpose of the lubricant, and what she meant to do to him. "Mistress, please! Don’t do it, I’m begging you, anything but that!" he pleaded, trying to crane his head far enough around to see her. "You are so cute when you’re scared daddy," Sara giggled while pushing his head back down on the soft comforter. "Now, you're going to suffer, in order to learn what it feels like when you break my things. "That’s when he felt the hard rubber moving against his ass, sliding wetly along his crack. Sara had brought out the one toy that she had previously only threatened him with and although he had never seen it, he was definitely feeling it now. His daughter’s strap-on dildo. He took a deep, resigned breath, trying to relax as his own body heat warmed the firm, rubbery toy that slithered against him with each movement of his daughter’s hips. Swallowing hard, he tried to brace himself, but each time she would press the tip against the entrance to his tight asshole, she would let it slide away again, torturing him with uncertainty. In spite of himself, he felt his own cock continue to stay hard against the foot of the bed.

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   How this threat of complete violation, the claiming of his most intimate area of his body, by his fourteen year old daughter, excited him, he would never be able to explain. But the feeling was very real none the less. Finally, tired of teasing him Sara smiled wickedly as she guided the shaft of her strap on to the entrance of her father’s virgin ass. Starting slowly she pushed it into him with a spiraling motion. He gasped and writhed beneath her as the dildo, which wasn't even the thickest that she owned, opened his rear passage and began to sink into his depths. He choked back a cry of deliciously mixed sensations, burying his face in the comforter, hands gripping it tightly. She pushed with her hips and leaned down, placing her mouth next to his ear. "If you need to daddy, I will allow you to cry. ” She cooed softly. “But if I hear anything else from you I swear I will fuck you like this every night for the next month, do you understand?" she whispered into his ear, her voice husky with her own passion. His only reply was a vigorous nod of his head, and a long groan that had been held in with no small amount of discipline. "Good boy," she told him, while running her hands down his back as she pushed the dildo even deeper inside him, until it completely disappeared. His cries were an almost constant rhythm now, as he lifted his ass to her, all the better to take this strange, but deep sensation that his teenage daughter offered him. With a loving smile, she began a slow rhythm with her hips, beginning to slide the obscene toy in and out of her father’s defenseless ass, only a couple of inches each way. She didn't want after all to tear her poor father apart.

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   Just teach him a good lesson. He continued to cry beneath his little girl’s invasive attentions. The dildo felt huge inside him, like it was stretching him wider than was possible, but the wet friction of it against his inner walls was sending electric shocks through all of his nerves. He wasn't even conscious of the fact that he was moving his hips in time to her thrusts, which grew stronger, more forceful. "God help me," he thought. "She's actually fucking me in the ass, and I think I'm enjoying it. "Sara thrust into him harder now, holding his hips in her hands for support. He was being very responsive, bathing in every new sensation that this punishment was flooding him with. Meanwhile Sara’s free hand wandered over her own magnificent body. Her fingers pinched lightly at her nipples, then stroked her own perfect ass. Then they played their way from her body to his, rubbing the backs of his thighs, where they brushed against his engorged cock. She smiled wickedly as she traced her razor sharp fingernails over her father’s imposing hard-on, as she him squirm beneath her. Using her fingertips, not her nails, she gently plucked at the soft, hot skin that sheathed his steely member, drawing a rising cry from him as her hips went from thrusting to pounding. Listening to his rapid breathing, Sara could tell that her father wouldn't last much longer. Everything she was putting him through was too much all at once for him to be able to withstand anymore.

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   She wrapped the fingers of her right hand around his enormous cock, stroking it in time with the hard, deep unrelenting strokes of her hips, which drove her dildo deep into his bowels. Her father responded by tipping his head back and crying out louder than she had ever heard him before, his body jerking and spasming. His manhood throbbed in her hand, and hot cum pumped out of it in thick pearly jets that pooled on the soft pink comforter. As he came, she held her hips tightly against his ass, holding the dildo deep inside him, wanting his rectal muscles to get a good workout by squeezing the hard rubber with all their strength. When she was finally finished, he slumped forward, weak, limp, and sweaty. As she slowly drew the dildo out of his deepest chamber, he shuddered and broke down into helpless sobs. In seconds, the strap-on hit the floor, and Sara drew her father into her arms. He hugged her desperately, sobbing apologies and promises to her, and she wiped his tears away tenderly. Her brave, strong daddy had taken his punishment well, and she could finally show him the tenderness that she knew he needed. Soon, the tears stopped, and she rolled him over onto the bed and on his back. Next she crawled on top of him and slid every steel hard inch of her father’s cock into her scalding young cunt. He moaned loudly with contentment as his stunning little girl began to fuck him. There was no doubt that this was wear he wanted to be. Beneath his ultra sexy fourteen year old daughter, his manhood buried in her scalding young cunt as she used and abused him to satisfy her own perverted desires. He belonged to his magnificent little girl body and soul and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  I hope you enjoyed this story. Please let me know what you think about Sara and the way she treats her father. .
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