The Three gals and myself.


Let me be honest with you. This is a true story.
I was 18 years old and my sister (I have three sisters)is two years younger than me. Her name is Rachel. Her two tits were a dynamite size A with pointy nipples which sticks out about a inch and a half.
One weekend out of many weekends, my parents decides to go fishing for the weekend but this time they left us at home (later to find out that they were going to a swinging party. Yeah, my parents were wild. )
My sister and I were alone at the house while the other siblings were at their friend's house or at my grandmother's house. Since I was the eldest, I had to be the one to take care of things around the house. Not to mention that we have a pool in the backyard and I had nothing to do, so I decided to go swimming during the day and get a tan.
My sister comes outside to the pool to get my attention, since I am not able to hear at all. She asked me if she can invite two of her friends over. (No, I had never met them before this time. ) I figured since my parents were away for three days, Why not? So I tell my sister that they have to go swimming in the pool when they get here.
WHY? she asked. Because I said so.

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   Either they go swimming, or they do not come here at all. (I was in a bad mood at that time because I really wanted to go fishing with my parents. )
About two hours later after I got out of the pool, my sister's two friends came over. Michelle and Laura was their names. We greeted each other after my sister introduced us. I asked if they were hungry and I was about to cook dinner. They were hungry as heck. So I cooked dinner.
Let me describe you to how everybody looked. I have a muscular body with a few added pounds and a 6 inch cock (at the time. Rachel is a small little girl 4 feet tall (never grew an inch since she was 14 years old and she is now 28 years old and still four feet tall. ) Michelle was another small girl like my sister, only except she has an ass. Laura was a little tall but still small girl like my sister.
All of us was in the dining room eating dinner when my sister asked me if we could watch a dirty movie in the living room. I was like, are you crazy? NO! But only if I can watch it with you.

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   Laura freaked out and said, now it is party time!
I got sleepy during the movie because I had woke up early that morning for my run since I was on a track team. So I went to my bedroom and laid on the bed. I had this black bulb in my room which gives it a distinct dark room with a small light on, so i do not bump into anything in my room since i had a drum set in there.
About two hours later which was about 10 at night, my sister came into my room and asked me if I would make them some milkshake since I make KILLER milkshake. I went downstairs and I see all three girls were still watching a dirty movie. And I noticed that all three girls were wet.
After I made the milkshake, I go back to bed and fall asleep, but not for long. (I am not sure of the order, but read on. ) One of the girls came into my room and i barely could tell who it was. She kissed me and starting rubbing on my cock to get it really hard. I did not move or resist any of the affection since it has been a long time since I had any loving. At the same time, I noticed that the other two girls came in my room. (A large queen size bed in my room, while others had full size bed. except my parents, they had a king size bed. )
One girl starts sucking on my dick while i was fingering two girls.

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   Wondering which one was my sister. Eventually I had three blowjobs thru the whole time.  I noticed that they were talking (I am a deaf guy) and all of sudden a girl gets on top of my rock hard cock and another girl puts her pussy on my lips.
The girl that was on my cock begin to slide my cock inside of her and I felt that she was going to tear my dick off because she was so tight. And I felt something pop further inside of her. So i must of broke her hymen. Her nails were squeezing the heck out of my chest with her nails digging in me. OW!!! I yelled. take it easy on my chest girls. Next thing i felt was somebody was sucking on my nipples.
The girls swapped out and i was eating a pussy again while one was on my dick. this went on for about a hour. Each of the girls, i think, came about three times. I still had not cummed yet.
So i told one girl that i was going to fuck one girl hard and cum.

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   so the lucky girl needs to be laying down and spred their legs out for me. Not sure of which girl it was, but I was fucking this girl out of her mind. She was moaning and groaning below me till she had another orgasm and at the same time, it send me over the edge. So i fucked her some more and I came deep inside of her pussy.
After a few minutes, all three girls left my room as i lay on the bed, exhausted. I got up to go to the bathroom to take a shower since i had been sweating during the sex. I walked out the door and my sister was standing there. She was going to come into my room and ask me to do something. She asked me if i could make more milkshake for the girls. I did not say anything at the time.
I got in the shower and cleaned up. I went into the kitchen with a towel around me and made the milkshake. All three girls had towels on them as well. I knew i had sex with all three girls and I wanted to know who i cummed inside of. But i did not want to make it obvious.

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   So i asked my sister to come to my room for a second.
She came into my room and she dropped her towel and laid down on the bed, thinking that i wanted to fuck her again. (I had not wanted to fuck her at the time) but her body was so perfect. I asked her who the lucky girl was tonight? She said for me to figure it out myself.
I started to finger my sister when the other two girls came into my room. I asked one of them to turn on the lights so i can talk to them.
I asked them who was the lucky girl that i camed inside of. They said the same thing that my sister said. Figure it out yourself.
so Laura starts sucking my dick again while i was fingering my sister. She was very warm, but not sticky. So it had to be Michelle or Laura. So i asked Michelle to come closer to me. I fingered her and she was not sticky at all. So I stood Laura up and I fingered her and she was not sticky at all.

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   So who in the heck did i cum inside of?
So I laid Laura down on the bed and I fuck her hard and I cummed inside of her. then I laid Michelle down and I fucked her hard and cummed inside of her. Then I asked my sister to ride me till i cum. Not long after that, I cummed inside of her.
Now Let me go back, I had to wait like a hour between each girl before i had sex with them again because I was so tired, I needed to rest.
About two days later, I asked my sister who was the lucky girl. She gave me a wink and said, I think you know who the lucky girl was. And Bro, it felt good.
More stories to come. . . . . .

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