The Trip, Part 2


‘Uncle Russ’ continues his trip with his sweet young cheerleader…
Sue was snoozing and I was thinking: What had I gotten myself into? How did I go from a trusted friend and ‘Uncle Russ’ to a horny, older guy with his hands in a 16-year-old cheerleader’s panties? Yikes! But I sure did love the sexy fun we had!
As we were approaching Dallas/Fort Worth Airport Sue awoke and after a moment of orientation she smiled at me and squeezed my arm and we handed over our blankets and trash and all the other things that flight attendants seem to want at the last minute. We had folded the blanket so the gob of cum was hidden and gave each other conspiratorial nudges and grins. I don’t know if they just hand them out again or they launder them….
We had a few minutes and I leaned to Sue and said, “You are certainly full of surprises!” She looked at me with a look that said, ‘Why! What do you mean?’   and, I said,” That didn’t seem like a beginners hand job. You have done that before?”
“Didn’t you like it? Wasn’t it good?” and she began to look worried. I immediately reassured her that it was terrific and I just wondered…well…. where she had learned such a grown-up skill.
“Promise that you will never tell?” I looked askance and mentioned that I was already far too deeply gone into a felony to be telling anyone anything. Sue giggled and nodded and shocked me again: “ I have been meeting my Sunday school leader for secret sex sessions for three years”.
“ Three years !!!” I spoke aloud and a few heads turned and Sue placed her exquisitely scented finger over my lips and shushed me. “Shh! Not so loud! Yes, well, maybe two and a half years. I was thirteen when I was old enough to enter his group. I will tell you sometime how it all began but that is how I know how to cum and how to give good hand jobs and maybe a few other things. ” She looked mischievously as she straightened her tiny skirt for the final landing.
I had to know more but she was not telling as we approached the airfield and our seat backs and tray tables were in their fully upright and locked positions.
We took a taxi to the conference center where we were going to stay and Sue was very excited to be at a National Cheering Conference.

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   It didn’t bother me that I was going to be immersed in a sea of sexy teens, all trim and shapely and wearing those cute little outfits. And, after hearing the hints of Sue’s experiences, I was planning to learn more, experience more and then go directly to jail!
My desire to be surrounded by a bevy of teen beauties was immediately met by hundreds of them in a very tight group around the hotel desk. Whenever I am in a situation like that I try to be cool and touch as many asses and tits and bare arms as I can get away with and with all that I had to choose from and rub up against I was getting lots of casual ‘feels’. One lovely black girl noticed that I had touched her bare leg. She smiled and playfully slapped my hand away. That was fun and Sue saw the whole thing.
Sue rubbed up against me and whispered in my ear “You are one dirty old man, aren’t you!!? I saw you feeling all those girls! You are lucky they are all as horny and excited as I am!” her hot breath in my ear was making my cock slide down the leg of my pants, again. Then, we got our key and went up to our room: 269. The suggestion of the room number was not lost on me. I was having visions of a wet and wild 69 time with my mysterious young charge. God!! Was I really going to get to suck on this sweet teen’s cunt?
Sue squealed when she saw the room! She dropped all her things and jumped on the big queen bed and flopped back. I stood in awe as her legs opened and I got my first look at the silky pink panties that I had so secretly fingered on the plane.
She knew what she was doing! She looked at me and wiggled and posed on the bed as her skirt rose up and up (in time with my cock) until the tiny panties were in full view along with her perfect teen tummy.
    The cloth over her honey pot was dark and kind of crooked. A tiny part of her luscious labia (mmmm, say that ten times fast!) was peeking out.

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       I stared and slowly got closer.
    “Want it, Uncle Russ? Want my little slutty panty cunty?” I tried to be cool and walked to the ‘honor bar’ and poked through the goodies.
    “There is something to eat over here, Uncle Russ” and I looked to see her sweet young fingers of one hand tugging her tiny pink panties aside from her downy pussy and the other hand pointing seductively at the puffiest, wettest most seductive cunt in the universe!
    “Cum on, Uncle Russie! Eat your Baby Suzie! Eat my horny panty cunty!” I was literally frozen in place. Every fantasy in my long life flashed in front of my eyes and paled in comparison to this moment. I wasn’t really trying to tease her by lingering at the side of the big bed. She seemed to think she needed to try harder to get me to dive into her treasures. “Cum on! Eat me Unkie Russie! You know you want to! My tiny pussy is so hot and horny! See how puffy and wet it is?” and a finger stroked the swollen slit.
    Suddenly she clamped her thighs together and ,”Oh my gosh! I didn’t think! I bet I am too gooey and stinky for you to do that to me! Oh! I will shower, right now!” And she began to slide off the bed.
    That was it for me! I dove to my knees and placed my hands on her knees and spread them as she sighed and laid back. I slipped my hands under her panty elastic and tugged them as loose as I could with her legs open like that. “Rip’em, Unkie! Rip my wet, smelly, cunty panties right off so you can eat me good!”
    The panties were the tiny kind with just a thin ribbon / elastic between the front and back so as her thighs were open and her knees were up and her cunt was almost in plain view I snapped the elastic and the tiny secret cloth hung to one side. I kissed and licked my way past those exquisite cupped areas just before those legs turned into cunt. I nibbled at her ass and I slipped my tongue into heaven as, just for a moment, I felt Hell biting at my ass. But with her appreciative moans and “Yessss” I licked her cunt scented with our former fun and her new passion. Her clitty was almost large enough to suck.

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       As I tried she squealed and talked me to the climax.
    “Yessss, Unkie! There! There, it is sooo good! Eat me Unkie! Eat my slutty teenie cuntie! I am soo close, Unkie! O…. . ooo. . ” And as her cunt gushed a new dose of wet nectar and her thighs clamped to my head, she yelled a sound that would make any cheerleader coach proud. (I’m sure you can imagine!)
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