The trip


“ Oh my God! Feel my panties!   My cunt is so hot and wet for you! Oh! Touch me!!”
I was having a hard time believing my eyes as I glanced over at the paperback book that my young seat-mate was reading and got a look at the dialog.
Perhaps I should go back in the story a bit…. I am always open for an adventure and when I was asked by my old college buddy to escort his teen daughter to a cheering competition in Dallas I readily agreed. [An all expense-paid-trip first class , I might mention!] We had the whole trip planned and the agent had reserved a two bedroom suite in the hotel that was hosting the competition.
So, as we browsed in the Hudson News in the airport I bought an antique car magazine and Sue bought a teen mag and some sort of adventure novel. Or so I thought!
So, I am in my aisle seat and trying not to be too obvious while glancing over to look at each page as she turned them. I know I am a bit of an old fogie and probably out of touch with the teens of today but I was a bit startled to see what she was reading.
As I shifted in my seat and pretended to get more comfortable I could see that she had attached the cover of the historical novel from the shop to the innards of this hot porn and she was reading feverishly.
“Oh yes! Lance! Yes! Oh your cock is so hard and hot! Oh yes! Touch me there! Feel me! Pull my panties down!” and on and on until ‘Lance’ moans “Yes, Princess! I want you so badly. You feel so hot and sexy. Your panties are so wet from your horny cunt. Quietly, my sexy sweet, or your father, the King, will discover us and I will be banished from the kingdom ” and ……. .   you get the picture….
I will have to admit that the words were getting me a bit horny and it seemed that this lovely 16 year old cutie might be way ahead of me. She was shifting in her seat and one hand was moving, almost un noticeable under the airline blanket that we all recieved for the night flight to Dallas.

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   The thought that she was probably touching her pussy really got to me.
I have always admired Sue as she grew up. Never had a real naughty thoughts until I thought about the suite that we would share and the bathroom that we would definitely share. I began imagining surprise glimpses of her in her panties or in nothing at all. Maybe checking in on her in her room and seeing her sprawled on the bed with he thighs parted and her pointy teen nipples jutting through her nightie.
OK! Maybe I did have a naughty thought or two but I never, in a million years, imagined that she may be interested in the type of stuff she was reading and enjoying.
As she got more and more engrossed in what she was doing I rubbed my hardening cock through my pants under my ‘all hiding’ blanket. ‘Lance’ and the princess were fucking in a secret corner of the palace and really enjoying each other. I read on and it seemed that it was easier and easier to see the pages. Finally, I noticed that I could see better because Sue was sharing the book with me on purpose! I glanced at her and she was smiling and slid her ‘free’ hand from under the blanket and shook it right under my nose!   “You are naughty! You were reading over my shoulder!” And the wonderful scent of her aroused pussy made me giddy!
“And…. AND! were you playing with yourself under the blanket?” I still couldn’t tell if she was ok with all this or if I was in a peck of trouble. So, I said with a sly smile,”Takes one to know one. ” And she giggled and said, “I guess you got me there!”
I was feeling pretty bold and the loss of blood in my brain left me with my ‘pecker-brain’ to think with so I flipped up the armrest between us and slid my right hand under the blanket and into her pretty little lap and suggested, ”Why don’t we both read the story and I will add to your pleasure and you can keep both hands on the book?” “Oh, Uncle Russ!”, she has always called me that, “You are so naughty! That would be so horny!”
I was delirious with sex! My hand slid between her smooth thighs and as she opened her legs to me we both read about ‘Lance’ and his trusty cock and the princess and her willing cunt and the multi-orgasmic passion that people in those stories seem to be able to cum up with.
My fingers felt Sue’s silky panties. The crotch was wet and smooth.

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   I slid a finger, then two under the elastic and felt the softest, the puffiest, the wettest pussy lips that I ever remember feeling! I groaned as my fingers thrilled her up and down her horny slit.
    I toyed with her clit and entered between her inner lips and had a wonderful time exploring this slippery forbidden area.
    As the story reached the crescendo, so did she! I could feel the thrust of her pussy onto my fingers and her shudder and the look of ecstasy on her face was enough to make me fear that I would cum in my pants. “Oh, Uncle Russ! Oh jezus, oh yes, yes, rub my clit, finger my cunt! Do it to me! Yessssssssss!!!!!!”
    All of this was in a barely audible whisper and I was pretty sure that we were not observed. She cuddled up to me and did not make any move to remove my hand from her panties. “May I return the favor?” she whispered as her hand went to my fly.
    “Be careful!” “Oh, I will. ” And she had my cock out and was slowly jerking it to full hardness. My foreskin was sliding up over the head and then down as it followed the soft movements of her hand. My pre-cum had everything plenty slippery and she seemed to know exactly what she was doing.
    “Like it this way, Uncle Russ? Like to have your cock secretly rubbed like this? Like to feel my little hand on your cock while yours is still in my wet panties and touching my tiny cunt?”
    As she said these sexy words and the feeling rose and I was trying to remain reasonably still she finished me off with, “I think I will be your little slut for the rest of this trip! Woodga you like me to be your little, baby, teen slutty cunt slut, huh, Uncle Russ, wouldga, huh?”
    My cock spurted! And she giggled as it got all over her hand and the blanket and, probably, my pants.
    Hmm, maybe one of those bedrooms would not be used much…….
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