The Tropical Island


    "Look, Daddy, there's another island!" thirteen-year-old Mia said.

    Robert put down his paper and looked out the plane's window. "Yes, yes. Another beautiful island, sweetie. "

    "We should go live there. It's so beautiful"

    "Maybe we will someday," Robert said to his daughter. He looked at William, who was shaking his head. "You were the same way when you were younger, Will," he said.

    "Yeah, I doubt that," replied William. He put his headphones back in and resumed playing with his iPod. Mia kept looking out of the plane's window, fascinated. Robert went back to reading his paper.

    Mr. Robert Hayne was a successful businessman; he was the CEO of a global company that produced various types of software. His partners in Japan needed him to review a new business prospect, so he took his private jet, along with his thirteen-year-old daughter, Mia, and sixteen-year-old son, William, along with him. Mia wanted to come to be with her dad, and Will wanted to come in hopes of seeing some of the newest electronics, so Robert decided to bring them along.

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   They could stay at the hotel the first day while he was in a meeting, and then they could all explore Tokyo together for the remaining three days. That was the plan, at least.

    "Hello Mr. Hayne, this is your pilot speaking. There is a large storm in our flight path, so we're going to have to bypass our stop in Hawaii and fly to the south. It will probably be an hour or two longer. "

    Robert sighed. "It looks like we'll be landing in Japan a little behind schedule. And we won't be stopping in Hawaii. "

    "But my iPod is about to die!"  William whined.

    "I told you to bring your charger," his father told him.

    "This sucks. I'll just buy one in Tokyo. " He got up and put his iPod on the table. "I'm going to go watch a movie.

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    "Oh! Let's watch The Hunger Games!" Mia chimed. "Can we please?"

    "Fine," William said. "Let's go. " They both got up and went to the back room to watch the movie. Robert sighed again.

    "Well, at least they're sort of getting along. " He put his paper down and looked out the window. Big black clouds were starting to cover the deep-blue ocean. "We're in for a long flight. " He took his glasses off and leaned back in the chair. After a while, he started snoring.

    "Hello? Mr. Hayne? Are you there?" Robert woke up suddenly. He rubbed his eyes and got up from the chair. Sleepily, he walked over to the intercom.

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   He pressed a button and started talking into the microphone. "Yes, what is it?"

    "We sort of have a problem. We're out of fuel. " The pilot said.

    "What? How? We shouldn't have bypassed Hawaii. We could have refueled. . . "

    "The storm made it too dangerous. And even if we had of, I don't think it would do any good, sir. When I fueled up in San Diego, I made sure we had enough to get us all the way to Japan. I think we have a leak, sir. "

    "A leak, how did we spring a leak? Aren't you supposed to check. . .

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    "Mr. Hayne, listen to me. The engines are already beginning to stall, and we're already descending. " Alarmed, Robert looked out the window. All he could see was grey. They were no longer floating above a sea of clouds. They were inside the cloud. "We need to evacuate the plane. Get your kids and the parachutes. "

    Robert stood for a second, baffled. Suddenly, his senses returned to him and he ran to the back room. "Hi, daddy," Mia greeted him as he entered.

    "Listen sweetie, we need to go. Reach under the bed and grab the parachutes, Will. Come on Mia.



    Tears filled Mia's eyes. "What's going on, daddy?"

    "Don't worry, honey. Let's get going. " Robert grabbed Mia's hand and they walked to the front of the plane, with William following them with two parachutes. When they entered the cockpit, the pilot already had the door open. All he had was a parachute for himself. "Kids, you’re going to have to share. " Said Robert. He quickly strapped them together to the parachute. "You're going to have to jump. Count to five and then pull the cord. If you can, try and land on an island if there is one. Don't worry, I'll find you guys. I love you. "

    "I love you too, dad.

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  " Will said. Mia was crying too hard to say anything. Robert took his face in his hands. "It will be ok, sweetie. Just stick with Will until I find you. " He kissed her on the forehead. "I love you. "

    "Love you too," Mia chocked. William slowly walked to the door and looked back at his dad. Robert nodded at his son to go. He took a deep breath and jumped out into the grey sky.

    "Get me down from her!" Mia screamed. The kids had landed on a tropical island. Because of the clouds and the mist, it was impossible to tell how big the island was, what it looked like, or if the pilot or their father had landed on it. They had landed in a tree, and Will had cut himself down with his pocket knife.

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   He had unhooked himself from his sister and climbed down the tree, not realizing that Mia was too afraid to move. So he climbed back up and helped her down.

    "Where are we?" She asked.

    "I don't know. " Will said. "But we need to find water and then wait for our dad. Everything will be all right. " Will decided to just leave the useless parachute in the tree, and they started walking through the jungle. It was dense with trees and plants, and there were insects everywhere. They didn't see any animals other than bugs and birds, although occasionally they would hear something rustling in the bushes. There were hundreds of different flowers and plants, and Mia was determined to observe them all. Will was starting to get frustrated; they had walked for at least an hour and it felt like they had hardly moved at all because of Mia. Every new thing she saw meant stopping for a few minutes to inspect it. Finally, Will grabbed her hand and dragged her. Finally, after a half hour of wandering through dense vegetation, they found a small, narrow path.

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    "Maybe it will lead us to water," Will said. On the path, they walked for another half hour.

    "My feet hurt," Mia said.

    "Just quit complaining," Will said. "We have to find water. "

    "How big is this island?" Mia said. "We've been walking forever. "

    "I don't know," said Will. "Just keep walking. "

    They walked a little while longer and then reached an old wrought iron gate and fence. Vines and trees were growing throw it; it looked to be ancient. "Wow, what do you think is on the other side?" Mia said, eyes bulging.

    "I don't know," Will said, examining it. Beyond the gate seemed different. It was still dense jungle, but there was more light coming through the trees.

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    "Let's keep going. " Mia said.

    "Oh, so now you don't have a problem with walking," Will snorted sarcastically.

    They walked up to the gate and pushed it open. It gave a loud squeak. They stopped and waited for a second, but nothing happened. They decided that the coast was clear and walked through the gate. Immediately through the gate, Will smelled a sweet, flowery smell. He started to feel different. He wasn't as afraid or tense. He couldn't describe it, but there was something different here, it just seemed like a happier place. "Maybe it's just because there's some sun coming through the trees here," he thought. As they walked farther, the feeling increased. Instead of feeling tired of walking, he felt a new spring in his step. His mood got better, and there was something stirring inside him, but he couldn't tell what.

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   He looked over at Mia and guessed that she was feeling the same. The farther they went down the path, the stronger the sweet aroma became.

    Pretty soon, they came to a big clearing. There was a crystal clear spring with a waterfall feeding into it. Around the spring were multiple fruit trees. The grass around the trees was a bright, luscious green, and colorful flowers were growing everywhere. Butterflies and hummingbirds were busily flying from flower to flower. The sweet nectar smell was sickeningly sweet, and the sun cast its warmth over their bodies. A cool breeze blew through their hair. The scene was amazingly beautiful. The children stared at everything with sparkling eyes. "It's so pretty," Mia said.

    "It is," Will said. The happy feeling inside him was exploding. His heart beat fast and he could feel his blood flowing through his veins.


   Something about the water attracted him. He wanted to strip down and jump right in. Apparently, Mia was thinking the same thing. "Let's go swimming!" she squealed. She pulled her pants and panties down and then yanked off her shirt. He watched his sister's naked butt as she ran into the water. "Oh, it feels so good! It's so warm!" she said. Almost instinctively, Will stripped down to his boxers. Throwing caution to the wind, he pulled down his boxers and his six inch dick popped out. He threw all his clothes down and then ran into the water. The spring felt different than anything he had ever felt before. The water was very warm, and it felt thicker than normal. As he completely submerged himself, the fresh water tingled on his skin. It felt amazing. "Oh, my God, this is great!" he said.

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   He swam up to his sister and splashed her. Together, they played in the water. They played for what seemed like hours, and neither of them noticed that the sun stayed in the same spot in the sky.

    After hours of frolicking in the revitalizing water, Mia and Will started to feel tired. They both waded to the shore and laid down in the warm grass. Their wet, naked bodies glistened in the sunlight. Their skin still tingled, and it felt softer than before. Will was exhausted. Between the swimming and the heavenly aroma, Will was getting groggy. With the warm sun on his naked body, he felt like he could lay there forever. . .

    Will opened his eyes. He must have dozed off. It was impossible to tell how long he had slept, though, because the sun was still in its same place.

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   His body was dry, so he figured he had been out for a while. He breathed in the sweet air. He closed his eyes. Something about this wonderful place was making him lazy. The sun was so warm and the grass was so soft on his naked body, he felt at peace there. He was well-rested, but he felt like laying there a while longer, just to relax. He looked over at his sister. She was still laying there, naked. Her eyes were open, but she looked to be laying there in a daze, soaking in all the wonderful sensations of this place. He looked down at her body. It had been a while since he had seen her naked. Being siblings, they had bathed together when they were young, but they had long since stopped that. He looked at her pink nipples. They were small, but they were beginning to develop. He looked down to her little pussy.

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   It was completely bald. He looked over her silky smooth skin. His sister was very attractive for thirteen. He started to feel soothing stirring inside him. The more he looked at his naked sister, the stronger the feeling got. "No," he thought. "I shouldn't. . . " As he breathed in the sweet smell, his thoughts scattered. "Why shouldn't I?" he thought. He pondered it for a few minutes. "Hmmm. . .

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   she's my sister! That's why!"

    Alarmed that he had forgotten Mia was his loving sister, he tried to shift his attention to something else. So he shifted his attention to a rock by the spring. That was where they had left all their clothes. To his mild surprise, they were gone. With the sweet aroma filling his lungs and the refreshing warmth all over his skin, however, his panic melted away. "Oh, well," he thought. "We'll just go naked. "

    A while later, after he zoned out for a little bit, his sense came back to him. He was more aware now and he sat up and looked around. The sun was still in the same place. "That's odd," he thought. He looked over at Mia. She was starting to wake up as well. She rubbed her eyes and sat up. "Hey Willy," she said.



    "Hey Mia. "

    She looked around. "How long did we sleep?"

    "I don't know. "

    She looked over at the rock. "What happened to our clothes?"

    "They're gone," Will said.

    "Oh," she replied. "Well, I guess we'll be naked from now on. "

    They both laughed. "Works for me," Will said. They stood up. Their legs were weak from laying down, so they stood there looking around for a second. Nothing had changed since they dozed off. The sun had frozen in its place, not a cloud in the sky. Fruit trees and vivid green grass surrounded the spring, and the cool breeze was still blowing. Will could still smell the sweet aroma, which he now guessed to be coming from the fruit trees.

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   While he looked around, he heard Mia's stomach growl.

    "I'm hungry," she said.

    "Me too," Will replied. "Let's go see what kind of fruit grows on those trees. " They walk over and inspected the trees. All the trees seemed to have the same fruit; a good-sized yellow fruit that looked some-what like a peach. Mia walked over and tried to pick one, but she wasn't tall enough. So Will followed her and picked one. He handed it to her and she looked at it.

    "It looks delicious," she said. She brought it to her nose and sniffed it. "Oh, and it smell so good, too. "

    "So it was the trees," Will thought as he picked another one of the sweet fruit. As he brought it to his mouth, Mia watched, making sure it was safe. He bit down on it and the sweet juice gushed into his mouth.

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   His eyes opened wide and his whole body relaxed. The juice was sweeter than pure sugar. It felt sparkly and warm in his mouth. As he swallowed, the warmth went down his throat and spread throughout his body. He became energized and filled with ecstasy. With new enthusiasm, he ate the rest of the fruit. Mia watched him eating the fruit down to the core. She deemed it as safe, so she took her first bite. Immediately the warmth filled her body and she hungered for more. They quickly finished their first fruit and Will pick two more. One by one, they ate the magical fruit until they had to climb the tree. They ate and ate with no signs of stopping, and with each fruit that they ate, they felt more and more energized. The feeling Will had felt when he first got here returned, stronger than ever. he handed another fruit to his sister, and as he did, he noticed her smooth, young body. Lust filled him.

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   He couldn't hide it anymore, his cock sprang up. He wanted her, but a voice inside him told him "no!" But with each fruit he ate, the voice grew softer and softer.

    Finally, after engorging themselves with the wonderful fruit, they pick the last one off of the tree. "Let me have it, please," Mia whined. "I need more. "

    "No, I wanted it," Will laughed.

    Mia smiled. "Oh, it's on, now. " She ran at him and pushed him to the ground.

    "No!!!" Will laughed as she pinned him down. He gently tried to fight back, but she grabbed the fruit from his hand. Now it was his mission to get back the fruit, so he tried to push her off. Quickly, she restrained him by sitting right on his face. Now, her naked butt and pussy were touching Will's face. The sensation burned within him.

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   He no longer cared about the fruit. He breathed in the sweet smell of his sister's young pussy. He felt it dripping it's juices on his chin. "She feels it, too. " Will thought. "She wants it. " Still a voice inside him told him no, told him that she was his sister, told him that she was too young. But his lust overpowered it. As Mia accepted victory and took a bite of the fruit, her brother stuck his tongue out and started licking her wet pussy. She dropped the fruit. "Ooooooh!" She moaned. Her back arched and she pushed her slit closer to his mouth. "Ooooooooooh, Will," she moaned.

    Will licked his sister's virgin pussy wildly. Her young juices tasted sweet, almost like that fruit.

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   He couldn't get enough and stuck his tongue in as deep as it would go. He grabbed her  hips and pulled her closer. She rubbed his chest. "Oh, Will! Don't stop!" Will licked and sucked all the juice from his sister's pussy that he could. He ran his hands down her silky thighs and licked away. He no longer cared about the fruit, or that their plane had crashed, or that they were on a strange island. All he could think about was his sister’s sweet clit. His mission was to give her first orgasm, and he worked hard at it. Pretty soon, Mia started to clench his chest. Her back arched even more and a flood of her juices sprayed onto Will's face. When she finally stopped squirting, Will licked the juice from his lips while Mia climbed off of him and laid down next to him.
    "That was amazing," she whispered. "It felt so good. "

    Will leaned over and gently brushed her nipples with his fingers. "Do you know what will feel even better, babe?"

    "What?" Mia asked, eager for more.


   Will grinned. Slowly, he leaned in and kissed her. Mia shuddered as he brought his had to her cheek. She wrapped her arms around his back. Will pulled back for a second and stared into her eyes. "You're going to have to trust me. "

    "Ok, Will," she whispered. So he leaned down and kissed her again. This time, he pushed his tongue into her mouth. She let it in with no resistance and gave him some tongue back. They made out for a few more minutes and then Will sat up. Mia watched him as he looked around. Even with his overpowering lust, he knew that Mia was a virgin, and he didn't want to hurt her. He spotted the fruit that she had dropped on the ground and picked it up. "Here," he said, handing it to her.

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   "Take a deep breath and eat this, it'll make you relax. " She grabbed the fruit and did as instructed. Closing her eyes, she inhaled deeply. The sweet smell filled her lungs and her body relaxed. She felt the happiness and lust flood into her. Then she ate the remainder of the fruit. The warmth spread to all parts of her body, and her pussy burned from lack of attention.

    Will saw his sister's pussy start to moisten, so he decided to go for it. He rubbed his hard cock until it was standing at its full seven inches. He rubbed it around her pussy lips, teasing her. She started to breath wildly and moans. "Oh, Willy. Do it, please, do it Willy. " Slowly, he pushed his cock into his sister's slit. She was so incredibly tight, he had a hard time pushing it in.

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   Mia laid there, eyes closed, her mouth wide open. She had brought one hand to her breast and was now gently rubbing herself. Will continued to push, ever so slowly, as to not hurt her. His patience was wearing thin, though. Her tight pussy clenched around his cock.

    Pretty soon, he felt some resistance. He looked at her face and saw the pleasure she was feeling. "Here it goes," he thought. "Hey, Mia," he said. "This is probably going to hurt. Just take a deep breath and try to relax. " She slowly breathed in. When she did this, Will rammed himself all the way inside her. Her hymen snapped and Will's pubic hair was now tickling her pussy lips. Mia let out a yelp.

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   Her eyes teared up, but she still had a looked of pleasure on her. Regardless, he still gave her some time to recover. He paused, with his dick all the way inside her, until she was ready.

    A few seconds later, she said, "Keep going, Willy. Please keep going. " So Will slowly started to pump in and out. A few more tears appeared in the corner of Mia's eyes, but she kept moaning. "Oooooohhhh, yes. Faster, Willy!" He started to go faster and faster, while still being careful not to hurt her. Almost instantly, her pussy tightened and her back arched. She let out a loud groan and juices from her orgasm squirted everywhere. This hardly deterred Willy, he kept humping her wildly. He had lost all self control now. No longer did he care if she hurt or not. He was fucking his little sister, and he was loving every second.

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    Mia was breathing heavily. As her brother pounded her pussy, she panted and moaned. Now her hands had moved from her nipples to clenching the ground. It felt amazing. At thirteen, she had never experienced anything like it before. Mia didn't care that it was her brother, she loved the feeling of her pussy being fucked like crazy.

    Will closed his eyes and listened to his balls slap against her cute butt. He was getting close, very close, and another one of her orgasms would send him over the edge, too. It wasn't long that he had to wait. Her pussy tightened around his cock and she let out another moan. As her juices squirted, Will couldn't hold back. His balls emptied and his cock erupted in his sister's womb. He shot load after load of his cum inside her until it started dripping out. "Oh, Mia!" he moaned. When he was finished, his cock popped out.


   Mia breathed a deep breath. "Willy, that felt amazing. I love you so much. "

    "I do too," Will said. He sat down and took a deep breath, as well. The burning sensation was still within him. He wasn't quite satisfied yet. He was young, and he was still ready to go. "Hey, babe, if you're up for it, you should turn over and get on your hands and knees. "

    Mia didn't want to disappoint her brother, and she, too, wanted to be fucked some more, so she quickly obeyed. She got onto her hands and knees, pointing her perfect butt straight at her brother. He marveled at it for a second. It was perfectly shaped. He gave her cheeks a playful squeeze and then separated them. He dove right in, tonguing her pink hole.

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   He gently flicked his tongue around it, then poked it into her rectum. "Oh, yeah!" Mia moaned. She brought one hand down and started rubbing her clit. Will continued to lick her puckered hole, then he licked his finger. He quickly slid it in, and Mia gasped. "Oh, God," she groaned. "More, more!" Will slowly pushed in a second finger, and then later a third. Mia stuck a few fingers in her pussy, as well.

    When Will was content on stretching her butthole out, he moved close and pushed his cock in. He instantly moaned. He butt was so tight! It was even tighter then her pussy. He didn't think that his whole cock would even fit. But she told him to keep going, so he pushed deeper. By now, Mia was fingering her pussy wildly. "Oh, come on Will, you can go deeper than that!" Slowly, he pushed until he was all the way in.

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   When he got to this point, he wasted no time. His sister wanted it, so he gave it to her. He thrusted in and out as fast as he could. They were both moaning, and his balls were slapping against her. Mia started tensing up, and she squirted her juices all down his thighs. Will couldn't hold out as long this time, so he shot his load pretty quickly. His balls were empty quicker this time, but he still filled his sister's butt with his cum.

    When he pulled his cock out, it was starting to go limp. Satisfied, he laid down in the soft, cool grass. She laid next to him, and he pulled her close. They both gazed into the cloudless sky. The sun, of course, was still in the same spot. The breezed was still blowing, and the air still smelled sweet and seductive. They sighed. "I love it here," they both said.

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   They lay their, the warm sun kissing their young, naked bodies.

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Escort girls in Batumi - The pleasure of having an escort female in Batumi is not only about the physical attraction between the two of you

The bustling city of Batumi, which is located on the Georgian coast of the Black Sea, is a veritable treasure trove of beautiful scenery, cultural experiences, and entertaining activities. Batumi is a city that never sleeps, and as a result, it has become a favourite destination for tourists due to its vibrant nightlife and the beautiful charm of its Escort ladies Batumi.

The mesmerising beauty of the Batumi escort ladies is another facet that contributes to the city of Batumi's allure; unlike the city's major architectural features or the coast's picture-perfect setting, the escort girls in Batumi are rather stunning. The grace, elegance, and refinement that these ladies exude is congruent with the character of the city that they call home. Their attractiveness is not limited to the surface; rather, it extends to the fact that they are shrewd, well-educated, and able to handle themselves with grace in any kind of social environment. Because of these characteristics, they are the ideal partners for any event, whether it be a professional conference, a social get-together, or a personal meeting.

Escort Batumi -
Escort females in Batumi have a stunning appearance that is the result of skillfully fusing eastern and western beauty standards. They are a sight to see due to their well-toned physique, bright skin, expressive eyes, and lush hair. In addition, they have excellent posture. They are well-groomed, trendy, and have an intuitive sense of style, all of which contribute to the overall allure of the person. Their attractiveness is a direct result of the healthy way of life they lead and the dedication they have to preserving both their physical and mental health.
Escort girls in Batumi -
Having sex with girls in Batumi is an experience that goes beyond the act itself physically. It is a voyage of discovery and exploration, with mutual respect and agreement serving as the guiding principles along the way. These ladies are masters in the art of lovemaking, and they know just how to take their partners to the highest possible level of pleasure during intimate encounters. They have an open mind, they aren't afraid to try new things, and they are eager to accommodate to the specific dreams and wishes of their customers. The primary goal here is to provide a cosy and risk-free setting in which both individuals may feel free to let loose and have a good time without any reservations.

Escort in Batumi
The nightlife in Batumi is bright and throbbing, and it provides a wide variety of possibilities for a variety of entertainment. This city provides a little bit of everything for everyone, from upscale clubs and nightclubs to quaint pubs and cafes. The nightclubs are a melting pot of local and international music, and the DJs perform a broad mix of tunes to keep the crowd on its feet and moving. In the bars and pubs, the atmosphere is more laid back, making it an ideal setting for having a drink while engaging in vibrant discussion.

Tourism in Batumi is a wonderful experience, and there are a variety of things to discover in the city. The city's architectural marvels, such as the Alphabet Tower and the Batumi Boulevard, provide visitors a look into the city's extensive past and vibrant culture. For those who find solace in being close to nature, the botanical garden, with all of its unique plant life, is a true paradise. The city's dining scene is a gourmet feast, featuring a mix of cuisines from across the world in addition to the traditional fare of the area. The local markets are a veritable treasure trove of traditional crafts and souvenirs, making them an ideal destination for visitors who wish to take a piece of Batumi back with them when they leave.
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