The twins


Hi my name is Melissa and I am 14 years old. I have a twin sister named Mary and she looks exactly like me. We both have a large B cup breasts and both have shaved pink tight pussys. We both have and obsession with sex. And it is not with guys it is with each other. Here is our story.
It all started when our parents went to Mexico for 2 weeks. We were 13 and old enough to stay alone for a while. A neighbor came over once a day and checked on us and took us places. Well our parents had been gone for about 2 days and we were suppose to go to a school football game but had been a little late getting ready so we decided to get in the shower together. Neither one of us had shaved pussy’s then and were pretty hairy for our age. When we got in the shower we just started off normal until I dropped the soap. I bent down to get it and when I did Mary jammed her middle finger in my pussy. I was stunned but it felt sooooo good I did not say anything. I was still bent over and she was still fingering me. I was moaning and then she just pulled it out.

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   I asked her why and she said she wanted to shaved my pussy. I gladly said sure.
She got out of the shower and went and got our dads extra electric cordless shaver. She came back and I laid down in the tub and she started to shave it. It felt so good because the shaver was vibrating against my pussy. After she was done shaving it she jammed the whole shaver in my pussy. I screamed out in pleasure. It was not very long but it was vibrating. While it was in there she ran to the kitchen and grabbed a cucumber. It was very long. When she got back she took the vibrator and put in about half of the cucumber in my pussy, right when she put it in I had my first orgasm not caused by myself. Then she positioned the other tip of the hard vegetable at her hole and then jammed it down. I could not believe it. We were both riding a large vegetable and it was ripping our pussy’s apart. It was so deep in us we would slap pussy’s every time we bucked back and forth.

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   After about 3 minutes we both had the biggest orgasms ever and our first ones.
After we both got back into the shower and I shaved her pussy. We got out and dried off. Then we went into the living room and brought out a box of vibrators. We found them in our mom’s closet. We took the 12 inch dildo and put it in my pussy. Then Mary put a 8 inch vibrator in my ass. It hurt at first but then it started to feel good, real good. I was in heaven. Then Mary stuck her dripping wet pussy in my face. I had a 12 inch dildo in my pussy, a 8 inch vibrator in my ass and a shaved juicy pussy in my face. I had like 2 orgasms within a minute and Mary was almost reaching climax. When she did my face got engulfed in her sweet juices. While I was licking them I had 3 orgasms. Mary helped me lick my face.

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That was my weekend with Mary. After that we ate each other out at least twice a day, usually more and fingered whenever we could. I would wear no panties with a skirt so she could finger me under the table at school lunch.
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