The un-forgetable night with my sister.


I''m going to cut to the chase, i am 18 my sister is 19 with red hair, about 34d breast and she has nice thicl legs. she came home so our dad went out to eat with us. we came back and my dad left for his buisness meeting. he likes to travel at night because the highways are less busy. anyways, back to the story. It was a regular night with my sister, just watching some tv and having random conversation. she went and took a shower and came back with that beautiful wet dark natural hair. i always use to play with her hair when we were little, i still do. i started getting turned on when she fell asleep. she awoke about an hour later to me rubbing one out. All she said finally! i was still a little nervous about her but it was all good. we started making out and soon she was sucking on my cock. she made that sexy gagging noise on my 6-inch cock. I pulled her up and we started having vaginal sex. i was about to come and i told her, so she did something i never would've expected! she turned around and bent over, to show me that tight little pink butthole. immediately, i started fucking it, soon i was exploding deep inside of her ass hole.

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   after we were done she let it drip on the floor, after it was dripping, she bent down and licked all of the cum that just came out of her ass and my cock and swallowed it. soon she started sucking me off again, and we were back to butt fucking again. her butthole was so warm and tight wet from cum. she moaned like i have never heard a woman moan before! soon i was coming in her, and she started to bounce like ball. it was great! after we were done she went and took another shower i joined her and every time she visits we have had anal sex. .