There Can Be Only One Ch 16


There Can Be Only One Ch 16

Over the past few days I made best use of my control over mum and Cathy at every opportunity that I could. Unfortunately dad came home just an hour after we got home so I could not exploit mum as much as I would have liked.

Tuesday evening mum was in a panic when Susie almost caught us with my hand probing mum’s cunt as she was washing dishes. It must have fuelled her passion because as soon as Susie left the kitchen, mum took my hand sliding it down her belly and did not release it until my hand was in contact with bare flesh under her skirt. Even though dad was watching TV next door…it did not stop her letting out a low moan as she shook to her climax with my fingers buried deep with her sopping cunt.

Using the excuse that she was helping me with my ‘schoolwork’, Cathy came into my bedroom both nights for a chat. Cathy was the ‘Lisa Simpson’ to my ‘Bart’ when it came to school…Cathy liked lessons where I did just enough so as to get a pass.

Our chats were mostly about how keen Vicky is to return here for me to fuck her some more. On both visits I toyed with Cathy’s tight pussy whilst she stroked my erect cock. We both enjoyed my teasing the snug passage, my finger stopping on feeling the thin film of her hymen. I was tempted to give it that one final push a few times but resisted as I wanted to do it when I had time to enjoy ‘popping her cherry’…with my dick. There was always a smile on her face when she said that I would NOT be “the one to pop hers” but we both knew fine well that it would be me…and not so far in the future.

Cathy left both times with my seed deep within her belly. She was getting used to the taste of my cum. She admitted that she hated the thick creamy texture of it as she swallowed…but swallow she always did.

Both Cathy and I were a little disappointed that mum insisted that Cathy had to stay at Vicky’s house this weekend as mum and dad were going to a wedding out of town.

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   Susie was not too pleased that she had to ‘baby sit’ me all weekend either. After the past few days it was going to be a huge comedown having to resort back to me masturbating myself.

Both Monday and Tuesday evenings I had Susie naked on the webcam with her openly masturbating in front of me using either a purple vibrator or this big pink dildo. I of course couldn’t show myself as I jerked to her performance due to the fact that she thought I was the guy that had watched her fuck her boyfriend in his car.

Mum had just dropped me home on Wednesday and left straight away to take Cathy to her girl guides.

“Hey Perv” Susie brushed past me with coke in one hand and a sandwich in the other.

I just smiled back…if she only knew how right she was.

As soon as the computer booted up I checked face book and left a few messages. I wasn’t due to chat with Susie until later tonight I couldn’t stop thinking about her and how I could get her for the perv remarks.

I opened up msn messenger…Susie was off line

I smiled when the message pinged a few minutes later.

“Nasty…is that you…thought we were chatting at 10. 30?”

“You are not showing as being on line” I hit back

“On invisible…don’t want people to know I am on…glad you are here…hang on…there…visible now?”

“Yes…why you glad”

“Don’t know…just. . . well you know”

“You like being naked and fucking yourself for me?”

“I suppose…don’t do it for anyone else though”

“Good…you naked now?”

“No…want me to switch on webcam and get naked?”

Ross’s cock was getting hard knowing that he was just about to see his sister’s nude body again…but he wanted more…seeing it in on the screen was exciting enough but seeing it in the flesh was infinitely better.



“Who else is in the house?” he asked knowing fine well that there was just the two of them.

“Just me and the perv…”

Fucking bitch…probably calls me that to all her friends.

“Switch on webcam and let me see you strip”


I hit the accept button and waited for the screen to come up…the image jumped initially as Susie adjusted the focus… “See me?”…I heard her voice soft through my speakers.

“Yes…now stand up and back a little and start to get naked…wait…wait…put on some music and dance as you strip. ” I typed and hit send…not wishing her to hear or see me.

“What…you want me to do a striptease?”

“Yes…and let me see a lot of tit and ass bounce”

She looked a little shocked and then I saw her playing with the keyboard until Beyonce came through on the speakers. I sat back and fished out my hardening cock.

She stood up and took a couple of paces back before starting to sway with the music. Nervously at first she started to slowly strip off and with each movement and exposure of flesh she got into the rhythm of the music and her confidence grew. By the time she was down to her white panties and bra her tits were like a pair of ferrets in a bag…trying to fight their way out and she was dancing like a pro stripper.

She had just started to lower the strap to her bra when there was faint knock on the door which to anyone observing me would have appeared to be like a great thunderous thump judging by the jump it made me do.

“Ross…Ross…you in there?”… Mum’s voice was soft and just about audible.

The door was half open by the time I minimised the chat screen.

“You busy?” I saw mum’s eyes dart down to my erect cock which was still standing proud and erect with the head shiny with precum…she blushed and managed to splutter an apologetic sorry. She stood motionless in the doorway with her mouth half open and her eyes fixed firmly on my crotch.

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It took me just a few seconds to take control of the situation.

“Come in mum…”

I could see her hesitate momentarily before she started to edge into the room…

“What about Susie…she might…” mum’s words were broken… “and your dad…I … I should be getting dinner ready. ”

I spun the chair around to face her…my right hand once again finding its way to my erect cock as I slowly stroked it in front of my mother. I beckoned her closer with my left hand. She closed the door and took the few steps that brought her before me.

She gasped as my left hand slid under her skirt and crept up her inner thigh. She neither said anything nor tried to stop me.

“Well…was I any good?”

Mum looked puzzled as she looked down at the speakers…instantly recognising the voice.

Releasing the grip I had on my cock, I took a hold of mum’s hand and pulled it towards the now vacant throbbing rod of flesh…her fingers automatically wrapping around it…her eyes still flicking between speakers and my face.

“Well?” Susie’s voice once more overriding that of Beyonce’s.

I maximised the chat window…

“Ohhh…. myyyyy…goooddddd” mums right hand left my cock and flew up to join her left hand as they covered her mouth on seeing her sweating, panting, and naked daughter.

I turned and started to type…mum’s gaze never leaving the monitor.

“Very good. Get the dildo and let me see you fuck yourself…”You could see the alarm in mum’s face as she momentarily looked at mine and then back at the screen to see her daughter rise from the chair and disappear from view.

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The sound of a drawer opening could be heard from the speakers and then Susie returned waving the big rubber cock with a large smile on her face.

“Ross…you…Susie…are you?” mum managed to stutter…her voice shaking

“No mum …not yet…but thanks to you I might well this weekend” referring to the fact that Susie and I would be all alone in the house this weekend. The smile on my face could not be any wider.

“Ready?”…there was an unmistakable excitement to Susie’s

Mum just stood there…her mouth still covered as she shook her head slowly side to screen watching Susie bring the pink head to her mouth. Susie looked as though it was not the first time she had sucked cock…Ross’s prick jumping at the very thought that those lips may well be wrapped around his cock if he had his way. Susie adjusted herself in the chair so that her legs were spread wide…the pink lips of her pussy puffy and moist.

We heard obscene sucking sounds emitting from the speakers as I rose from my chair and guided a stunned mum so that she stood in front of the desk…pushing on her shoulders so she leaned at the waist with her hands on the desk for support and her face not more than a foot away from the monitor screen and her backside sticking out.

Susie adjusted the camera so it pointed directly at her lower belly…her cunt clearly in focus showing the neatly trimmed bush above the shimmering pink gash.

Mum gasped out aloud as we watched Susie’s left hand spread her lips…the tiny little nub of her clit, hard and shiny like a miniature penis head, poking out of its protective hood. Another very loud audible gasp as Susie’s right hand brought the saliva coated plastic down, teasing her pussy a little…coating it in her own juices before slowly working it between her lips, her hungry cunt eagerly sucking in the rubber phallus.

Mum stood stock-still as I slowly raised the back of her skirt up. . . my face showing deep pleasure on seeing that she still obeys my request for her not to wear panties.

Mum’s head flew around to look at the smile on my face as I eased my own cock into the channel that it had grown to know so well in less than a week.

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   There was a soft moan before she turned to look at the monitor.

I leaned forward, one hand grasping mums left tit which swung fairly freely constrained only by a loose t shirt, feeling the soft flesh mould between my fingers, my right hand toyed with my mother’s clit, making her moan all the more.

My mouth close to mum’s ears I started to whisper obscene sex acts of what I was going to do to Susie…of what I was going to get her to do to her eldest…and what Susie was going to do in return. …words that only spurred her into shoving back to meetmy thrusting cock.

The room echoed with loud squishing sounds and feminine moans as both real and rubber cock abused the willing fuck tubes…

About ten minutes passed before stifled groans of sexual relief could be heard almost simultaneously…Susie’s being the most vocal.

It took a while before all of us came down from the sexual high. I withdrew my now shrinking cock from mum’s hole…more juice joining that which was already running down her inner thighs. Susie was slumped in her chair…eyes closed her sweaty chest heaving with three quarters of the rubber cock still embedded in her battered pussy.

I stood aside as mum stepped back and sank into my chair. I offered her my cock for her to clean with her mouth…an offer she did not object to.

Leaning over the keyboard I hit some keys and hit send.

“I have to go. Will be back at 10. 30…wear the Basque that you mentioned you had last night”

The sound of the message stirring Susie from her post orgasmic euphoria

“Ohh…ok…think mum is due home soon anyway…will go for a shower…glad you enjoyed the striptease. See you at 10.

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  30 Nasty…byeeeee” her voice making mum glance sideways at the monitor with my cock still in her mouth…my balls cradled in her right hand.

Susie blew a kiss before taking both her tits and juggling them up and down as if she was waving goodbye to me with them.

I closed the chat down.


Little was said as we sat at the table. Dad gave up trying to make conversation with us as we all were in our own world thinking of what we had done not an hour since.

. ==================================

Susie could not believe what she was doing as she handed Carol her camera.

“You sure?” Carol was still a little surprised in her best friend’s request.

“Ye…yes” Susie gulped…. “well not really…but I want to surprise Jason” she lied.

“But here??. . . in the middle of the morning…in broad daylight”

“We are far enough in the woods…no one will see us”. Susie unbuttoned her coat and pulled it open.

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There was a slight surprise on Carol’s face when she saw her friend naked beneath her coat except a white Basque, white stockings and white lacy panties.

“Take one of me like this…I want a few so I can choose the best one”

Carol raised the camera to her eye and clicked.

Susie lowered her hand and pulled aside her panties exposing the neatly trimmed pussy. “Another” she chirped.

Photo after photo was taken until finally carol took one of Susie leaning against a tree with one arm high above her head and two fingers of her other hand deep inside her wet pussy…her coat and panties lying at her feet.

“Let me see them”… she chirped as she started to redress.

Carol was checking each photo in reverse order that she had taken them…she admired the full body of her friend…envying Susie’s full DD’s compared to her measly B’s.

“Wow…is that Jason?”

“What…what you talking about?”

“You know fine well…this picture of a cock taken in your room?”

“What…. nooo…. what you talking about?” Susie had not checked her camera before she had handed it to Carol…and she of course knew nothing of the picture Ross had taken of his cock.

Susie grabbed the camera off her friend and gasped on seeing the picture.

“No use denying it…that’s why you want these pictures…You got one of Jason and he wants one of you” Carol laughed

Susie was confused…saying nothing as she was stuck for words…whose cock was it?

“Mind you…it sure is a nice looking one…” Carol kept on teasing her friend…”much bigger than I had imagined by the description you had given me”

Susie could not deny that it certainly was a much larger specimen than what Jason had…and in her mind she could only think of one cock that it could be…The Perv’s.

Susie was glad when finally her friend dropped her back home and drove off. She argued with Carol that it was her brother that had played some trick on her while Carol refused to accept her story and ribbed her endlessly about taking pictures of guy’s genitalia. Ross was going to get both barrels when he got home from school.

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Ross was not expecting Susie to send him…or rather ‘Nasty’ a picture of her in the Basque before lunch. He was sure he had pushed her too far by saying where he wanted the picture to be taken. He, along with the majority of fellow students were mentally stripping Adèle whose sexy French voice drifted across the class room floor.

He jumped in surprise when his phone vibrated and ‘pinged’ having forgotten to switch it off after the break…it was ten minutes before lunch.


“Who is this?” Susie text the message back to the unknown number on getting the anonymous text she received complementing her after the sender had obviously seeing the picture she had sent Nasty not 30 minutes ago and yet another one 5 minutes later. She was angry that Nasty may well be showing her pictures around.

Adèle sat in the teachers rest room during lunch contemplating her next move…regretting that she sent the message, but ever since she saw the first picture of the sexy girl yesterday she could not get her out of her mind. Although not at out and out lesbian Adèle definitely had a more liking to women than men.

She looked at the pictures again on Ross’s phone, the phone she had confiscated and told Ross to collect after last lesson this afternoon. She hesitated a moment before punching a few keys on the phone which sent copies to her own phone.

Adèle jumped when a message came on Ross’s phone…another message from Susan…the name of the girl she assumed to be sending Ross pictures. She opened it knowing that she shouldn’t do so, but already having opened the two previous ones and hoping it would be yet another picture she did so.

“You showing my pictures to friends?”

Adèle closed the message down shaking re-confirming that she should not have sent the message to Susan in the first place.

At 3. 30 Adèle, her face crimson with embarrassment handed back Ross’s phone when he came to collect it and said nothing…much to Ross’s surprise. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 



Ross immediately opened the three messages from Susie noting that they were previously looked at…he hoped that it was only Adèle that had viewed the pictures…he was confused by the last text message on the phone, although the two new pics of Susie were more than erotic.

Ross also noted that there three texts sent from his phone to a number he did not recognise.

All the way home he stayed silent in the back seat of the car trying to work out what could have happened…there was only one possible explanation…but surely not.

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