There Can Be Only One Ch 17


There Can Be Only One Ch 17

As Ross lay on his bed his mind was mulling over the plans that he had set in motion the previous evening. He knew that if things did not work out as he had hoped, his life would be over. He smiled…perhaps a little over dramatic, but his life could well be made most uncomfortable for him.

As he flicked through the pictures on his phone…his cock stirred slightly. He smiled at the reflected image of a completely naked woman taken in a bathroom mirror … no mistaking who it was in the photo. The previous picture, a headless body showing a pair of smallish tits and a neatly trimmed bush…a slightly bigger triangle of hair than his elder sister’s pubic patch…his smile grew on flicking back to the full face of the first picture…that of his French teacher.

He was rather pleased on how he managed to trick Adèle into taking and posting the pictures, each one progressively incriminating.

He had placed another ‘free’ sim card in an old phone, and in just two messages sent to , he had her fooled into her believing that Susie wished the French Mistress to use the new phone as this one was more private and no body new she had it.

The following dozen or so text messages exchanged between them, Ross had set up a meeting on the pretext that Susan was interested in meeting Adèle. The nature of the texts, and with the exchange of some pictures, there was no mistaking the meeting was going to be a sexual one. The meeting was arranged at his house at 11 the next day…Saturday morning.


His mum and dad had left before he had woken up this morning. He smiled once again at the number of times last night his mum had come into his room pleading with him not to do anything with his eldest sister…pleas that fell on deaf ears.

His mum knew that anything she said was going to be ignored especially after Ross took out his cock and instructed her to drop to her knees…an order she only momentarily hesitated acting on. She seemed to be all the more aroused with both her husband or eldest daughter still in the house.

He had surprised his mother as she packed the previous night when he walked into her bedroom and rummaged through their weekend case.

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   He found the three pairs of panties and threw them on the floor landing near the waste bin, ignoring his mother’s requests to allow her to wear them at the wedding. He also discarded the brand new unopened packet containing three pairs of tights.

“No panties…and definitely no tights…ohh and perhaps you should check your cunt is cleanly shaven…you never know ” …were his only words he spoke before leaving the room as quickly and as quietly as he had entered.

Susie sat at her dressing table just putting the finishing touches to her make up. She looked at the reflection in the mirror. The white robe open exposing the white undergarment that Nasty had insisted that she wore whilst in doors today. She smiled at the way it accented her full breasts…pushing them up and together…the way her waist was pulled in by the tight restricting bones of the basque. She looked down at her pussy, fighting the urge to touch the shiny pearl that begged to be caressed and teased.

She was still to talk to Ross about the picture of the cock that was left on her camera. She admitted to herself that it was a nice looking cock but it made her skin crawl at the thought of it being her brother’s. If it was any one else’s then…

Her thoughts were interrupted by the message on her phone…’Chat’

She immediately switched on her messenger and beamed when she say Nasty online…hoping that she could at least masturbate to completion.

She couldn’t explain why she didn’t just masturbate and be done…she just knew that Nasty would have been disappointed in her if she did. Fuck…she was accepting being controlled by an unknown blackmailer…and was enjoying it…or at least she would be enjoying it more if her damn cunt didn’t shout at her to plunge her dildo in it and get her off.

She was to be disappointed.

For the next hour Ross got his sister to work herself up only to shatter her dreams of being allowed to cum.

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   He watched his slutty sister fuck herself on webcam as he relayed his instructions to her through messages. He watched the big pink dildo plunge in and out of her juicy cunt ordering her not to cum. She would let out a shriek of frustration every time she saw the word “STOP”

The next part of his plan was set in motion. He had watched Susie work herself up to a sexual high and just as she was about to cum he commanded that she stop touching. Susie thought she was still talking to ‘Nasty’ and was getting more and more under his dominant influence. She seemed to get an extra kick from doing the things he ordered.

On the third time of her arousal he stopped her again causing Susie to emit an exasperated groan as he ordering her not to touch her cunt again until the next time they spoke. Susie was more than disappointed but agreed to his demand.

It was 10. 50

Their chat last night started with Susie being rather angry as Nasty admitted showing her picture to a friend but somehow he had got her aroused and had her agreeing to him showing her naked pictures to his friends…the thought of it being more than one friend got her even more aroused. He had even talked her into taking more pictures using the delayed timer on her camera and sending them to him so he could show how much of a slut she was. She liked it when he called her HIS slut.

She didn’t consider herself to be a slut at all, but somehow being called a personal slut seemed to make it ok…even arousing

Susie became a little concerned when Nasty had told her that a friend of his would be visiting her tomorrow about 11 and that Susie should just play along with whatever they wanted. Nasty would not go into any more details than that and steered the chat back onto sex…a topic that a frustrated Susie wanted at that moment.


At five to eleven a Ross started to prepare the next stage…he sure hoped it would go as he expected.

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   Grabbing the printed sheets and his camera, he stood close to the door…listening. His wait was less than 5 minutes he had expected it to be.

The sound of the doorbell ringing, followed by Susie’s door opening and slamming shut made Ross’s heart thump.

“Perv”…Ross jumped back away from the door as Susie pounded the door in passing, her own heart beating fast, not knowing who it was at the door but expecting a visitor that Nasty had sent around.

She thought she could smell her on sexual arousal as she sniffed her fingers…she should have quickly washed her hands at least. She knew she didn’t have time to wash her wet cunt and upper thighs. Susie just hoped the guest would not detect her arousal…for she still was aroused.

Ross waited a few seconds before creeping to the top of the stairs as silently as he could.

He could hear muffled voices at the front door before peeking around the top of the stairs he saw Susie lead Adèle into the family room. The voices became clearer as he crept down the stairs…the camera already switched on in movie mode.

He grinned listening to the conversation. You could tell that Adèle seemed to be more relaxed, believing that she was there at Susie’s invite, whilst Susie was totally confused as to why the woman was there…and even more surprised it being a woman.

Ross held the camera near the floor and hopefully out of sight of the two girls as they sat on the sofa directly opposite. He angled the viewer so that he could watch from his position just round the corner.

The conversation seemed strained as neither really knew what to say.

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   Susie was embarrassed to mention Nasty as she knew nothing about him except she was his plaything. Adèle could not mention how she got Susie’s pictures in the first place as she could be in trouble since Ross was a student…a 15 yo one at that.

A few complements were exchanged between the two of them on how beautiful the other looked and then pregnant pause.

Adèle leant forward to place her lips on a stunned Susie.

It took Susie by surprise and although uncomfortable loathed to break off the kiss…in fact she responded by kissing back. . . which was not that un expected taking into account her aroused state.

Susie had not kissed a girl since she was 13 and even then it was just her best pal as both never been kissed before wanted to see what it was like. There was nothing sexual and all it did was to make the girls burst into a fit of laughter. She was not laughing now.

Susie registered her robe being parted…and a hand first resting on her waist but only when the hand gently cupped her covered left breast did she react.

“Stop…what are you doing” breaking the kiss she spoke…the pitch of her voice high.

“But last night…. ” The sexy French accent drifted across the room.

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Adèle was referring to the text messages between her and ‘Susie’ where pictures were exchanged along with a few texts leaving Adèle no doubt that Susie was keen to meet with her.

Susie just stared at Adèle, completely puzzled to what she was talking about…she did nothing to remove the hand that gently caressed squeezed her left tit. The soft touch of Adèle hand sending shivers all through her aroused body.

Adèle reached into her handbag and pulled out her phone. She showed the pictures that Ross had sent her last night as he pretended to be Susie.

Susie for her part was shocked not realising that Nasty had sent a woman the pictures. She had thought that he had only shown her picture to one of his male pals.

“And these are the pictures I sent you” Adèle continued to try and explain her actions as to her reason for kissing Susie.

“I. . . I didn’t get those…” Susie just looked at the naked form of the girl in the pictures…they seemed only to make her cunt pulsate all the more.

The girls tried to figure out what was going on…both still being very guarded.

Ross’s cock had softened and he kept on swallowing from a dry mouth as the next phase of his plan was approaching rapidly…the most dangerous part. His timing had to be right.

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Adèle had noticed that Susie kept on looking at the phone, the picture of her fully naked.

“Do you like?”

Susie made eye contact with Adèle and just nodded. She wanted to say yes…and more besides, but the words just didn’t come out.

Adèle just leaned back into the kiss and Susie did not wait for those soft full lips to meet hers…she moved forward so the lips were not parted longer than they had to.

Ross delayed revealing himself from just around the corner. The images of the kissing couple became even more clear as he pressed the small zoom button.

If that first kiss sent shivers through Susie’s body the second sent a tidal shockwave from her lips down to her cunt. . . a cunt having been teased and denied for over 12 hours.

Adèle’s hand was not long in finding it’s way back onto Susie’s left tit.

Susies moans were muffled by Adèlelips pressed hard against hers…as her left breast was squeezed and moulded by the small delicate hand. She could feel her nipple start to harden under the expert manipulation.

As if trying to gain supremacy their tongues now fought each trying to gain the upper handattempting to pull their opponents tongue into a position so they can suck it into their own eager mouths.

Adèle’s hand eager to get at the flesh beneath the constraining garment slid over the top and fished the soft white orb out in one fluid movement.

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   Susie let out a large muffled groan as her erect nipple came in direct contact with the palm of Adèle’s hand.

Adèle pulled her lips reluctantly from Susie’s.

“Are we alone in the house?”

“Just the perv…but he probably still fast asleep…we wont see him …sleeps and wanks all day”

Ross’s immediate thoughts were that of how did she know…because prior to last week that’s what he did …often…. but then swearing silently to himself at his sister’s comment.

“The perv?”

“Yes…Ross the pervert…my brother the perv”

“ROSS…Ross Gorman?” Adèle hand immediately abandoned the tit she was grasping.

“Yes Ross Gorman…my brother” Susie looked puzzled again… “why do you know him?”

“I…I…he takes French…no?”

It took a second for it to sink in. “ohhh my godddd…you are his teacher?”

Ross rose from his crouched position and entered the room with the camera still purring silently in his hand. The girls both looked stunned as they sat there, and in perfect unison shouted out his name.

“No need to introduce my self I see…” There was an air of confidence about his voice…no wonder…he had them just where he wanted…it could not have panned out better for him.

Susie realising that Ross held a camera in his hand, she looked down to see her left tit fully exposed over the cup of her basque. Grabbing her robe and covering herself she started to hurl abuse at her grinning brother. Adèle just sat there with her eyes wide open.

Ross walked up to his sister and droppe the four sheets in her lap as she still ranted. She stopped and her mouth just dropped on seeing what was printed upon the top sheet. Adèle looked between Ross, his sister and what lay on her new lover’s lap.

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There blown up on an A4 photographic sheet was Susie in the woods…a smile upon her face as she stood wearing the basque, with both tits pulled out of the cups and her legs slightly bent at the knees, her fingers holding her cunt lips open, exposing her moist cunt.

She leafed to the next one…this one showed she was draped backwards over a fallen tree trunk…her left hand grasping her right tit whilst in her right hand she held a foot long broken branch at the entrance to her pussy. It looked like she was about to use it as a phallus and thrust it into her gaping hole.

Adèle let out a gasp on seeing the picture…quite dirty and erotic in its own way…but let out an audible shriek when the picture of her naked in front of the bathroom mirror was turned over.

Susie looked at the final picture, she remembers taking it herself last night. She was laying flat on the bed, looking over and between her long legs which were raised high and straight as far wide as she could get them. Her left hand held he pink dildo that was plunged half way in her cunt, whilst her right hand held the purple vibrator at the entrance to her asshole as if ready to invade the tight brown sphincter.

Slumped back in the sofa Susie looked up at Ross.

Ross remained silent.

“How…how did you get these perv…did Na…” Susie seemed stupid in saying his name but she did not know him by any other… “ Na…Nasty send them to you?”

“Stupid fuck…I am Nasty you fuck wit”

It took a second for it to register… “You. . . you mean…this morning…last night…all week…it was you?”

Ross just grinned and stayed silent…

Adèle…a scared confused look etched across her face.

“Ohhh my fucking godddd…. you fucking lil pervert….

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  FUCKING PERVERT…wait til mum and dad hears this”

“Ohh I don’t think they will hear about it”

“Like fuck they wont…. the whole fucking town…fucking country will hear about it. ”

“Ohh what. . . what will they hear…a nineteen year old does obscene webcam with his brother…sends him obscene pictures of her on his phone…invites his school teacher to a sordid lesbian sex act knowing that her younger brother…a minor…is in the house alone with her and her slut girlfriend. ”

“I didn’t invite any fucking one over …fucking shit head they wont…wont believe that”

Ross just pointed at the photos clutched in Susie’s hand before rewinding the digital video held in his hand. He stopped it…ohh this will look good…he showed both girls a still of them kissing whilst Adèle’s hand was holding Susie’s right breast.

“I think they might believe my story…don’t you?”

He held it close to Adèle’s face whose eyes were now tearing up.

“Guess teaching wont be your profession any more”…

Adèle burst into tears.

“You shit…you fuck…arsehole…” the insults flew from Susie’s mouth.

I just stood there grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat.

When there was a short break in the verbal abuse emitting from Susie’s mouth Adèle spoke softly for the first time since Ross entered the room.

I stared at her in silence at what she said but the smile upon my face indicated that is exactly what I want from them both.

Susie just looked at Adèle, jaw dropping as the words softly spoken in that sweet French accent sunk in.

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“What…you want to have sex …like fuck … with me…you want to fuck me…fucking no way PERVERT…I am your fucking sister for fuck sake…you can fuck your fucking slut here as much as you fucking want…PERVERT”?Susie broke into another myriad of expletives before rising from the couch, storming past me and pushing me aside, clutching the pictures in her hand.

Adèle just sat there staring up at me.

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