There Can Be Only One Ch9


As is customary in our house on a Saturday evening we all dig in and help mum clear up the dinner dishes so that mum and Cathy can go watch the latest episode of one of those stupid phone in and get rid of a wannabe on TV. Dad says he can’t stand them but he always sits and watches them with mum and Cathy.
Dad went off to grab his usual chair in the lounge whilst mum made him a cup of tea. The girls ran upstairs to do whatever they had to do before their programmes started. I hung back in the kitchen.
“Did you shave?”
I just stood an arms length away and stayed silent.
Mum nodded.
I smiled. My eyes were focused on mother’s breasts. The dress she was wearing was a pretty flowery one with buttons going all the way down the front to the hem. I raised my right hand and placed it firmly on her left tit. She took a sharp intake of breath, a quick glance towards the hall and the lounge before she grasped me by the wrist.
“Stop…stop this right now. ” She did not release my wrist after I allowed her to pull my hand away. “This has to stop Ross…its wrong”
“There can be only one”
“What…what are you talking about…Cathy said the same”
“You will find out soon enough…I will instruct Cathy to tell you…in the mean time lift my hand back up to your want to feel your go of my wrist…I have got a few e-mails to send and some photographs to run off”
Mum’s look was once again one of shock…her eyes grew wide.
“That’s blackmail”
I just smiled, neither acknowledging that what she said was true or false, although we both knew it was blackmail.

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   I started to turn and pull against mother’s grasp.
“Wait…wait…let me take dad’s tea to him. ”
“Come straight back”
She sighed.
“Alright…but we are going to talk young man”
Mum let go of my wrist, made dad his cup of tea and took it to him. I jumped up on the counter and sat facing down the kitchen into the hall. From that vantage point I could see if anyone was going to interrupt us. I was just adjusting my shorts to give my cock more room when mum returned. She stood before me about three feet away.
“Right young man…”
“What size tits are they mum?” I mum…I don’t want to keep on telling you…if you don’t answer me straight away…or do as I say then I WILL go upstairs and carry out my threat…Now what size are they?”
Mother gulped before answering in a quiet voice… “36 C”
“Wow…so what size are Susie’s…hers are bigger than yours…”
“Ross that’s your elder sister you are talking about…and I don’t know”
“Roughly?” I gave mum a look so that she knew I was wanting an answer.
 “I don’t know…about 36D. . . maybe DD”
“Wow…gonna have to see those some day”
“Ro…” I held my finger up to my mouth
“Show me yours”
“I cant…not here” mums head swung around to see if anyone was behind her.
“Face me…and undo some fucking buttons”
Mum was about to say something but thought better off it. She slowly started to undo the buttons of her dress from the top, pausing before going onto the next one hoping that the latest was enough.

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   I made her go all the way down to her belly button. I reached forward and pulled the dress apart so that her bra covered tits were visible.
The bra was a plain white one, no frills or lace, but her nipples appeared to be huge. They were trying to bore their way through the material of her bra.
I was fighting the urge to grasp them. I just sat and stared at those glorious melons. I noticed mums eyes were looking down at my crotch area. I followed her eyes down to my prick which was starting to tent in my shorts quite visibly.
“Come closer mum”
She took a couple of small steps forward. I could now reach out with both hands and take hold of the soft fleshy tits…which I did do just that. Mum gasped and gave me that pleading look once more. I ground her tits in my hands feeling her hard nipples against my palms. I grasped both nipples to which mum responded with a soft moan. I kept my attack on her tits, squeezing, pulling, twisting…moulding them in my palms.
I took a hold of the bottom of her bra cups and pulled them over her tits….

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  they bounced free and fell into my hands. They seemed to be a lot firmer in her bra. . . kind of more round…but the bare flesh on my hands felt heavenly. My cock was aching.
“Take my cock out and wank it”
“Ross…some one may come in”
“Do it”
Mum was halfway through turning her head towards the hall again when I grabbed both her nipples and pulled on them hard… mum yelped and looked back at me “Face me”
Her right hand made a tentative hold of my hard cock and gave it a squeeze through my shorts. I pulled again on her nipples, not quite as hard but hard enough.
“Take the fucking thing out”
“Ross…not here. . . please…some one may come”. I pulled on her engorged teats. Her response was to slide her hand over the top of the elasticated band and into my shorts. Her soft hand grasped my erection and pushing down on her wrist my cock came free from its constraints.

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“Wank it…don’t just hold it”
Mother took a deep breath before her hand slowly moved up and down. I continued to maul her tits as I looked at my mum’s hand playing with my erection. I noticed that mother’s breathing was becoming deeper and more erratic…
“Ok mum…I am just off” Mum’s head spun around and her hand stayed motionless grasping my cock. I looked over her shoulder. Fuck…I didn’t even see Susie come into the hall from the stairs; she was in the hall looking in the mirror giving her self the final preen before she left the house.
Mums voice sounded shaky
“Ok sweetheart…be back before 12 remember”
“Mum. . . I am almost 20”
“Keep wanking” I instructed
Mums hand started to slide very slowly up and down my throbbing member, her head still turned around looking at her daughter… she gulped before she spoke…
“You have just turned 19 and you know the rules of this house”
Susie let out a very loud audible sigh and turned and left the house slamming the door behind her.
I released mums tits and as I jumped off the counter mum and I stumbled slightly but not enough to fall nor enough for mum to let go of my cock.
Mum was standing before me, still slowly masturbating me, the top of her dress undone exposing her sagging tits with her bra pushed up over them.
My hand ran slowly down the front of her belly, snaking its way down towards her pussy. Her flesh felt warm and soft against my hand. . .

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   Mother gasped when my fingers touched her pubic mound. I could feel no hair…my cock throbbed in mother’s hand.
My fingers kept on sliding down
“Please son. . . no”
I ignored mum’s plea.
Fuck…she was soaking…her cunt was absolutely dripping. My fingers slid easily over her outer cunt lips which were parted …I could feel her hanging inner labia, soft and velvety…I let a finger probe between her inner cunt lips. Her cunt tried to suck my finger into the warm hole.
Mother’s breathing was becoming quite loud.
I found the little hard nub of her clit and started to rub.
She adjusted her stance. . . her legs parting slightly wider, she was pushing against my hand.

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   Her hand was gripping my cock harder and moving at a much faster rate.
“So close…so close” I heard mum muttering
I wanted to fuck her…I wanted to feel my cock sliding in that very channel that I came from.
I pulled my hand away and I heard a sigh full of disappointment.  Her hand stopped masturbating me but still grasped it tightly whilst her head swung around half expecting some one to be there. She turned to look at me wanting to ask why I had stopped but her mouth stayed closed.
I brought my fingers to my mouth and slowly sucked the cunt juice coated digit between my lips. Mother had the look of acceptance on her face.
 “You want to suck me off, don’t you?”
“Wha…no. . . Nooo. . . not here… not now”
“You will do it where and when I ask you to…understand…you cock sucking slut”
“Ross please don’t talk to me like that”
“But you are one mother. .

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  . aren’t you…. you loved sucking me off earlier…you want to taste my cream…you want me to face fuck that pretty face of yours…treat you like a whore” Her hand started to squeeze my cock and slowly slide up and down…fuck she was getting turned on by the verbal assault.
“I …I…”
“You want to suck me again don’t you MOTHER?”
Her head bowed… “Yes” was her hardly audible reply.
 “Yes what?”
“I wa…I want to suck you off…”
“You are a cock sucking slut aren’t you?”
“No… yes…no…I don’t know…Please son…”
I took a hold of Mum’s wrist, “Let’s go” and started to move towards the hall
“Go where?”
“To my room…we don’t want to get caught fucking”
“Wha…I never said we would do that. . . I said I wanted to suck you”
“Listen slut…you are mine to do as I want…your cunt belongs to me. ” Mum gasped…
I am going up mum…it takes about 10 minutes now for my computer to start up…hope you make it in time to prevent me from posting a few e-mails. ”
“But what am I going to say to dad…he knows I always watch TV at this time?”
“That’s up to you…think of something…ten minutes. ”
I was just about to leave, mum visibly shaking…you could see her mind was in turmoil.
Just then I saw the girls come down and were about to enter the lounge to watch pop idol or what ever show it was.
Just as they were about to enter the lounge I spun mum around so she faced Cathy and Vicky. Both girls let out a shriek.
Mum gasped on seeing the two girls looking at her dress fully ripped open, her bra pushed up over her slightly sagging tits and worst of all her hand still firmly grasping my cock.

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“What’s up with you two?” Dad’s voice bellowed in the distance
Mum let go of my cock and tried to spin back around and cover up but stayed as she was, after a quick rebuke from me
“Nothing Dad…just that Vicky tried to trip me”. They walked past the lounge door and straight up to the two of us.
“Wow…what you two been doing…if we had known”
I slid behind mum and put my arms around her grasping her two exposed tits in my hands and started to knead them
“Please no” mum spoke in a whisper.
I ignored her plea as I pulled on her engorged nipples.
“Seen mum’s cunt lately Cath?”
“Yes…I saw it after you shot your load all over it”
“Nooo… since then…show her mum. ”
Mum only got as far as the pl. , before I pulled hard on her tits…”Show her your cunt slut”
Mum’s hands dropped and slowly raised the dress up exposing her shaven haven. The girls gasped.
Cathy’s hand automatically went to feel it.
“Wow…smooth as a baby’s ass…and fuck. . . she is dripping…what you been doing to her”
“Nothing but a little fingering…the whore loves it”
“Your cock is hard…she been sucking it?”
“Nahh…just giving me a slow hand job…just about to take her and fuck her”
Mum let out a moan.
“What…when. .

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  . now…with dad here?”
“Dad is watching TV with you two…”
“Ohh no. . . We wanna watch you and mum fuck”
“No…maybe another time…besides…you two have to keep dad downstairs”
“How we going to do that?”
I let go of mum and stepped in between mum and the girls. I smiled and lowered both hands and took and grasped the two girls’ pussies with just the soft material of their skirts preventing actual contact with flesh. The girls let out another shriek.
“With these…you two are going to ‘accidentally’ keep flashing dad. ”
Mum made another noise behind me…I would have loved to see the expression on her face right now.
“Wha…no way”
“Yes way…and make sure he gets a real good eyeful. ”
“He will ground us for life”
I let go of the girls pussies and grabbed a hold of my cock. “It is one of these that will make him not ground you…”
The girls giggled “But its dad…”
“He’s not Vicky’s dad…Vicky…make sure he sees your cunt…and asshole. . . ”
I popped my erect cock back into my shorts and best I could and started to leave the kitchen.

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   The girls giggled. “Ten Minutes…” I spoke with some authority in my voice and left the kitchen just as Dad shouted the show is about to start.

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