There Can Be only One Chapter 12


Cathy  Gorman  Gorman  19
Ross Gorman  17
Alice Gorman  43
Vicky  (Cathy's friend)  16

Chapter 12
Sunday mornings were always the same. They all went to the eleven o’clock service except for Mr Gorman who coaches an under seventeen soccer team that play in a Sunday league. He is usually gone by the time we all get up although Mrs Gorman usually cooks him a big fry up for breakfast. If any of us wanted to have a cooked breakfast we know the rules…let mum know before she started to cook Dad’s Sunday treat. None of us usually take up that offer…
Dad shouted from the bottom of the stairs that it was time for us to get up. That’s his contribution to helping mum get us all out of our beds. I usually am the last to get up as Cathy usually grabs the general bathroom whilst Susie nips into mum and dad’s shower room.
I lay in my bed my mind flitted all of yesterday’s events…unable to stay focused for very long on one activity as one sexual thought leapt to the next. I had flung the duvet off and I was stroking my already hard cock.
I heard the two small taps on the door followed by a pause then a third tap before the door opened, Vicky slipped in and the door closed quickly after her. I did not miss a stroke as I looked at the small blonde girl dressed in Cathy’s pj’s…the top at least a size too small as her own budding tits stretched the fabric.
“So…sorry”… she stammered unsure whether she should turn and leave me to continue wanking on my own.
“That’s ok…what do you want?”
“Cath asked me to come in and see if you wanted me to help you get rid of your morning hard on”
“How did you know I have a hard on?”
She giggled… “All boys wake up with a morning erection…don’t they?”
I could not argue with her on that one…I can’t remember the last time I woke up without my morning glory…but usually my morning piss got rid of it.
“What’s Cathy doing?”
“She is having a quick shower after I…”she paused for a second… “She made me go down on her”
“Ok…come here and do the same for me…suck me off…we don’t have time for a fuck”
Vicky looked a little disappointed but quickly came over and jumped on the bed.
I closed my eyes and just let Vicky’s soft lips and eager mouth take care of my erection. .

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  . It did not take long before I was shooting my creamy jism down her throat. I hope that I would last longer next time my cock is the centre of the activity.
She sat up and smiled at me.
“That was nice…can we fuck later today?”
“Sure…count on it…”
Vicky leaned over and kissed me lightly on the lips, jumped up and quickly made her way to the door. She turned and smiled at me before slowly opening the door, peeking outside and as quickly as she entered the room she disappeared.
I needed a piss…desperately.
I quickly rose and throwing on a pair of shorts I left my room. Both bathrooms were being used by the girls so I bounded down the stairs to the cloakroom toilet and made it just in time as the amber liquid came flooding out.
“Ross…that’s the second time…shut the door when you are doing that…none of us are interested in seeing you do your ablutions. ”
“Ab what?”  I was kind of surprised on hearing my mother standing in the doorway behind me as my head spun around. . . but even more surprised that she neither closed the door nor walk away.
“Wanna shake it for me mum?” I laughed
“Don’t be so disgusting”…she gave me a nasty look before continuing on her way back upstairs.

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Returning to my room I switched on the computer and while it opened up I started to get dressed. I was only half dressed and checking my facebook messages when I heard mum shouting ‘leaving in five minutes’ as she past each of our rooms.
I was still sitting at the computer ‘checking’ when mum shouted up at me a few minutes later to get a move on.
“Fuck” I swore to myself and in less than three minutes I was dressed, teeth brushed and making my way downstairs.
As soon as Susie my elder sister saw me coming down the stairs she left the hall mirror making the final adjustments to her hair and ran out to the car…she wanted to beat me to the front seat. I could see Cathy and Vicky were already sitting in the back seat.
I walked past mum to grab an apple.
“Hurry up…we are going to be late”
We never are late for the service…being late to mum is not being there in time to gossip with the other ladies before they go into the church. We usually get there at least thirty minutes before the service begins.
Mum was dressed in a nice light blue suit with a white blouse under the jacket. She did look particularly attractive this morning. Mind you I look at my mother in a completely different way since yesterday’s events.
Mum was just running her lipstick over her pink lips when I came and stood next to her. Looking in the mirror I kind of ruffled my hair into place.
Mum dug into her purse and handed me her brush…I took it and ran it through my hair
“You wearing panties”
“You wearing panties…you had better not be”
“It’s Sunday and we are going to church…of course I am”
“Take them off”
“Nooo Ross…no”
“Want me to do it?” I stooped slightly and went to raise her skirt.

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   She stepped back
“Ross…please. . . we don’t have time for this…” she popped the lipstick in her purse and started to make her way to the door.
“I think I won’t go to church this morning mum…I have lots of school homework to do and a lot of COMPUTER work. ”
Mums face grew ashen; she knew exactly what I meant.
“Ross please…. ” I handed back her brush and pushed past her heading towards the stairs.
“Wait…wait…” she spoke quietly knowing she was a beaten woman.
She placed her purse on the hall table and slowly slid her hands under her skirt. She pulled them without her skirt rising higher than absolutely necessary…all I saw was a glimpse of lower thigh. I held my hand out for her to place them in it.
She gave the pale blue lacy panties to me with her head bowed in embarrassment. No wonder…they were warm and the crotch had a small damp patch forming.
“Good girl…when we get back I am going to FUCK you…again”
Mum gasped and turned bright red
I smiled…stuffing the panties into my pocket I joined the girls in the car with mum following right behind me.

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“You alright mum…you look a little flushed?”
“Yes fine thanks Susie…fine” She started the car and set off.
I took out mum’s panties and showed them to the girls…their lower jaws dropped slightly and their eyes widened in surprise.
They looked at each other and giggled then nodded. I saw two pairs of hands slide up their dresses and with a little shuffling and butt rising they slid down their panties and handed them to me.
I raised them both pairs to my nose and inhaled through my nose…both girls laughed which made mum look in the rear view mirror. I held the girls panties up so mum could make no mistake in what I was holding.
I leaned forward and whispered into mum’s ear… “Three down one to go”…then sat right back.
It dawned on mum exactly what I was meaning. I saw her head turn towards Susie as she shouted out. “Oh my god”
The girls stopped giggling and Susie’s head spun around from looking at the shops in the high street to face mum “What?”
“Noth. . . nothing…dear…just that. . .

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  well just that I think I may have left the grill on after cooking dads sausages” mum struggled to think of a reason
“Shouldn’t we turn around and see mum?”
“No…its ok…I remember now I did. . . ”
“Yes honey…its ok”
We lived in a small village about 10 miles from the town where our church was… our town was dead. It was all countryside and woods between village and town.
With the girls whispering and giggling all the time next to me…mum making small talk with Susie and with me thinking of fucking mum again when we got back home, the remainder of the journey was uneventful. The service was equally uneventful, although you could see mum was especially more careful as she got down on her knees to pray. I must admit my thoughts were not of a spiritual nature during the ninety minutes I sat through the service.
I was the first back into the car making sure I got to the front seat first. Susie didn’t argue but you could tell that she was not too pleased with me as she climbed in the back with the other two girls.
“Can you drop me off at the Mall please mum…I said I would meet Julie there”
“How will you get back?”
“I was hoping Dad might come and get me when I need a lift back”
“You have your dad wrapped around your little finger…ok. . . grab something to eat whilst you are there…and phone before five…dinner is going to be at six”
The short drive to the mall was spent in silence.
“Thanks mum” Susie got out of the car and ran towards the mall entrance as it had just started to rain.

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“Can we get a McDonalds for lunch mum?”
“No we cannot Cathy…you know fine well I do not approve of those fast foods. ” As mum started to drive off.
I smiled to myself and leaned over to Mum and whispered in her ear.
“Keen to get home for a fuck, are we mum?”
Mum let out a very audible gasp before shouting “ROSS GORMAN … you stop that right now”
“What did he do mum?”
My smile just broadened.
“Never you mind young girl…When we get home we are all going to have a serious talk” mums response was spoken with the authority of a determined mother
I was starting to get horny as I sat there and I knew that if I wanted to take care of my hardening cock when we got home it would have to be by my own hand as Dad usually gets home the same time as we do. I stroked my hardening cock through my pants. An action that did not go unnoticed by mum as I saw her eyes glance down.
“Might be a little awkward having a chat with Dad home mum…”
You could see mum’s mind working through what I had said and realised that it may well have consequences if we did start the chat when we got home.
There were lots of small clearings on the road where the council had made it possible to stop and park and take walks through the woods.
“We could have our chat here mum?”
“Here…stop in one of these lay-bys…where we won’t get disturbed by dad”. I of course had other plans than just talking…I had an erection to take care of.
Mum looked at me as if I were mad but once her eyes glanced down at me still blatantly rubbing my cock through my pants she realised that the chat couldn’t wait…she had to get it sorted once and for all. She waited until she was approaching a clearing and pulled off the road and parked.
The girls looked a little surprised as mum switched off the engine and turned in her seat to face us all.
“Right listen to me”….

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  mum started.   “This has to stop…I don’t know wha…”
I breathed in and undid my pants button and started to unzip. Mum just stopped talking and her eyes widened. I could see the girls wondering what was going on as they were safely buckled up in the back and could not see what I was doing…they sat in silence waiting for mum to continue.
I fished out my hard cock and exposed it. You could see mum shaking her head and trying to say no but nothing came out.
“Suck it” I commanded
The girls suddenly realising what was going on leant forward and both gasped on seeing my erect cock
“Pl…please Ross this has to stop…its wrong”
“We have gone through this mum…you are mine to control and use as I want…”
Mum gasped…”Please Ross…it’s so wrong…and the girls…not in front of the girls”
Never before in my young life had I wanted to force my mothers mouth onto my cock…I wanted her to be seen to be my slut…I wanted to let the world know she was in my control.
I leaned forward and placed my hands over her coat grasping her breasts. Mother shot back hard against her door
“Strip… take of your clothes”
All three gasped…Mums head spun around scanning outside…the girls mouths dropped in disbelief.
“There CAN be only ONE” I spoke with venom in my tone.
The girls looked at each other and then at mum.
“No Ross…”
She did not move as my hand rested on her knee and slid up her leg. Three pairs of eyes were looking at my hand as it disappeared under her coat and dress hem.   Mums legs were pressed closed.
“Spread them…let me feel my sluts cunt”
The girls giggled…mums voice was so low I could not make it out…but her legs parted slightly.

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“Wider slut”
Mum glanced at the girls but could not look them in the face for long…her head dropped as her legs spread enough for my hand to slide and touch her cunt…her wet cunt…the fucking bitch was randy.
I raised my arm exposing her upper thighs and eventually her shaven glistening cunt…the girls said nothing but look at her spread legs.
I started to slide a finger between her lips…feeling the soft silky walls of her vagina
I finger fucked her for a few seconds…my mother just staying silent with her head bowed. I withdrew my finger and offered it to Vicky…she took it in her mouth and sucked…making mother let out a low moan.
“Now strip slut…. ”
“Please Ross”
“Do what he says mum or I will and Ross can take my fucking cherry here in the back of the car…Ross…fuck me…I am fucking horny. . . ”
It was my turn to be shocked as I looked at my young sister…her hand already under her skirt fingering herself.
“Nooo…please no…I…I will do it” mum’s voice was once again one of accepting resignation…”Please promise me that you wont fuck Cathy…she is too young”
I looked at my mother…and almost felt sorry for her but once again my throbbing erection was dictating my actions.
“I FUCK who and when I like…understand slut…now get those fucking clothes off”
Mum looked about her again and slowly started to undo her coat buttons…her head never stopping from spinning around…
“Hurry up mum…we want to see Ross fuck his slut mother”
Mum gasped as she shot a look at Cathy…who was now openly fingering her pussy…as was Vicky.
“Vicky. . . get on your knees and get your tongue on your Mistress’s cunt…she shouldn’t have to do that herself.

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Cathy’s smile broadened as Vicky gasped…
“Ohh I forgot. . . thank you Ross…yes slut get down and kiss my cunt for me…”
Vicky was halfway towards doing as she was instructed when…
“Wait…” Cathy’s voice bellowed…”All sluts should be naked…strip off slut”
Vicky shot a look at Cathy as if she was going to defy her then thought better of it as her hand made its way to start to obey her mistress’s order. Mum had her coat off and was slowly starting to undo the buttons of her blouse.
“This is taking to long…” I leaned over and grabbed the handle of the car door and pushed the door open…”Get out and undress…when you are naked you can get back in”
“Ross please…I will be seen”
“Get the fuck out and strip…or take us all home now where I will fuck Cathy in front of your fucking eyes as all the pictures I have taken are being uploaded…don’t fucking question me again”
Mum’s eyes were watering as she slid out of the car and in a crouched position started to strip with much more urgency. I heard the back door open and Cathy giving much the same instruction to her best friend. Both were stripped in less than thirty seconds and clambered back into the car just as a passing motor sped by.
I raised myself off the seat and pulled my pants and underpants down past my knees before sitting back down with my erect cock sticking up…“Now suck me off”
Naked and defeated mum lowered her head and started to do as requested. I could hear the soft moans come from the back seat as Vicky’s mouth was locked on my younger sister’s pussy.
I eased back into the seat as I watched mum’s head start to bob up and down feeling her tongue wrap around my cock as it gently sucked. In the back I saw Cathy grind her cunt into Vicky’s face…her moans were louder as she started to belittle her friend verbally…her hands squeezing her budding breasts through her blouse and bra.
“Cathy. . .

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  lt me see your tits…pull your fucking tits out I wanna see them as mum sucks her son’s cock. ”
Cathy looked up at me, a smile upon her face as she quickly pulled the buttons apart and her bra up exposing her slowly developing buds. She started to pull on the hard nipples not taking her eyes from mine.
I laid my hands upon mum’s head and started to force her down further and quicker onto my throbbing cock…I started a barrage of insults and nasty name calling as I started to fuck her mouth.
“Mums masturbating” Cathy suddenly blurted out.
I looked down just in time to see mums hand fly away from between her legs and she pushed against my hands to lift her head off my cock.
“You fucking slut…you love this don’t you?”
Mum’s head could only shake trying to deny what I had just said.
“Get in the back with the others…SLUT”.
Mum looked a little unsure and scared but she quickly jumped out of the car and got into the back. For the first time mum did as I asked without questioning me…my face beamed.
“In the middle whore”
Mum clambered over Cathy and sat between the two young girls.
“Spread your legs…lift them over Cathy and Vicky. I want to see that slut cunt of my mother. ”
Mum gasped, but lifted a leg over one of the girls either side of her nearest leg, her cunt was glistening with cunt juice…her lips parted wide showing the inner pink walls of her pussy.
“Now masturbate”
The girls looked in shock as mum slowly started to play with her pussy…gently touching her clit as it poked out of its sheath.


“Suck her tits…bite them, chew them” I glanced at both girls as I told them what I wished.
Mum moaned louder as the girls leant forward and started to kiss and suck my mother’s breasts…
“Bite them sluts…. hurt the bitch…make her moan”
“Yesss. . . harder…”  I faintly heard mum’s words come out of her mouth.
“What…what did you say slut”
Mum looked right at me…waited but a second before replying…
“Bite my tits…bite your sluts tits hard…”
I moved quickly to position myself between the two front seats of the car my  hand flying to my cock and giving it a few strokes…that’s all it needed as my cum shot out right across landing mum’s tummy.
I leaned forward and grabbed Vicky’s head and pulled it off mum’s tit causing mum to yelp in pain and Vicky to scream at her hair being pulled. The second spurt landed on Vicky’s face with her mouth over my cock to catch the third and subsequent spurts.
Mum screamed as her climax overtook her and her ass lifted off the back seat the cum so strong. Cathy’s mouth left mums tit as she threw herself back in her seat as her fingers sent her over the edge.
It took a few minutes for us all to calm down, three panting and sweating bodies. The only one that had not cum was Vicky…she was frantically trying to make herself cum as we all burst out in laughter as her moans of frustration were the only sounds to be heard from her.
“Stop slut…you can cum when we get home…when I fuck you”
You could see that Vicky did not want to stop but her hand stopped touching her tight cunt and she smiled…”Promise”
I smiled back… “Promise…either my cock. .

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  . or mum’s tongue will get you off. ”
Mum gasped.
“Mmmmm…sounds good”
I noticed my glob of semen on mum’s belly and pointed to it looking at Cathy… “Lick it up”
Cathy glared at me as we all looked to see if she would obey.
Mother moaned as Cathy’s tongue ran across the sticky substance. We waited until her head came up with just saliva now covering mums belly.
As Cathy wiped her mouth with the back of her hand she uttered ‘gross’
Within ten minutes we were all dressed and pulling into the drive. We had beaten dad home.
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