There Can Be Only One Chapter 15


There Can Be Only OneChapter 15

Ross was surprised how easy in the end it was to get Susie to strip naked in front of the computer and even more surprised at the things his sister did when he asked her. God she even did things of her own accord which got him even hornier and had to stop stroking his cock or else he would have cum way too soon for his liking…he wanted this to last.

Of course Susie had no idea that it was her own brother watching on the other side of the monitor.

Susie hardly slept that night…she couldn’t believe what she did in front of her webcam and a complete stranger to boot. She didn’t even know his name…just to call him Watcher…or Nasty…and she chose the latter in the end.

In the beginning her secret ‘chatter’ used blackmail but by the end she was so turned on that she did things willingly. She wanted to please the faceless ‘lover’. God she even suggested things herself.

He refused to switch on his webcam so that she could see what he looked like and try as she could she couldn’t remember the face that peered into her boyfriend’s car window as they put on a show for him.

She now sat at the breakfast table wearing what she was told to wear by Nasty. That part was the easy part of his instruction…the second part was going to be much more difficult and embarrassing…if she could gather up enough courage to do it. She wanted to do it…her pussy was wet just thinking about doing it…but what if…

She just nibbled at the toast as her mind turned cartwheels. She could hardly look at Ross…who for some reason and with a smirk on his face kept on glancing over at her during breakfast.

She looked at her mum as she sat quietly and had hardly spoken a word. She was dressed in her work suit ready to go sell some houses or what ever she does three days a week. Susie thought her mum looked classy when she dressed for work in smart white blouse and navy blue dress suit.

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Her little sister was her usual moody self dressed in her school uniform, but even her chat was different…she couldn’t put her finger on exactly what was different. She and Ross didn’t seem to be at ‘war’ with each other. Dad had already left for work an hour earlier.

Susie ran over and over in her mind what she was told to do. Taking a big breath slowly undid the tie to her robe, hopefully un noticed by the others. Her movement when reaching across to get the marmalade was exaggerated and over excessive so as to be sure the robe opened. She sat back in the chair pretending to be unaware that the white lacy bra holding her full marble orbs were on full view to those at the table.

“Hmmm…Susie dear…your…your…” mum spoke and trying to point with her nodding head to alert Susie of her opened robe.

Susie did not need to look down…she knew that her lily white breasts looked perfect and filled the almost see through bra. She could feel her nipples trying to bore through the flimsy material. She should have pulled the robe back shut having fulfilled all what she was asked to do…give her brother a flash of her tits.

That’s all that Ross had wanted when he gave the instruction last night…just to see if ‘Nasty’ had his sister where he wanted her to be…under his control. What he didn’t realise was how horny last nights session had gotten his sister, and what she did next clearly surprised him.

“It’s nothing that the lil perv hasn’t been trying to see for years…. ” She looked directly at Ross and as she rose from her seat she grabbed the lapels of her robe and ripped them further apart thus fully exposing her body to the three pairs of bulging eyes on three shocked and stunned faces.

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All she wore beneath the robe was the bra and a small matching lacy thong…a perfectly proportioned body which after last nights show looked even better in the flesh to Ross’s young eyes.

“In fact” she continued… “There”…with one fluid movement she whipped her bra up and over her firm DD breasts. Her nipples were large and erect. . . the pink areola stood out even more against the full white expanse of soft flesh.

“Satisfied Perv”

Ross actually turned red.

“Susan Gorman” mum shrieked. Cathy just sat with her mouth agape.

“In fact…” Susie’s right hand dropped to her thong and with one jerk ripped it up exposing her wet puffy lips shimmering with her own juices. She winced as the thin cloth strip slid further up between her cheeks of her ass and giving herself a wedgie. “Satisfied now perv…you don’t have to try and sneak a look anymore…PERV”

“SUSAN GORMAN” mum shouted at the top of her voice.


Susie jumped on her bed she was shaking like a leaf but with a most satisfying smile that she had done what she was asked to do…even more. Just as well her first class in college was not until 11 that morning as she drifted off in her own fantasy world…her own thumping heart drowned out by the sound of her vibrator.


There was anger in her voice when mum spoke.

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“Ross…did you make Susie do that?”

I smiled…”No mum…Ross did not make Susie do that, I am as shocked as you are”.
Mum looked at me disbelievingly.

“Finish your breakfast…the two of you…and not a word about this to anyone”

Cathy and I looked at each other and we both burst out into laughter.

“Stop that…get to school…I really don’t know what’s come over you children”

As Cathy rose and stood by me I lifted up the back of her short school skirt to see her little tush covered in small white briefs. Cathy spun her head around and was about to speak. I knew what she was about to say.

“Ok…wear them to school…at home though. ”

The look on mum’s face was priceless.

She smiled and nodded…”Yes master”…which once again brought a large grin across her face. She skipped off into the hall. . . grabbing her books she bounded out the front door.

I knew by the expression on mum’s face that she knew what was coming next.

“Take them off” I said softly

“But Ross…I need to wear panties and tights with this skirt.

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“Take them off”

She stared right back at me for what must have been 30 seconds…I was just about to repeat my request when she spoke.

“What if I wear stockings and suspenders…I can’t go out with bare legs…not with this outfit”

It took me a little while to understand what she said but nodded… “But no panties…”

She nodded…”Now get yourself off to school…you will be late. ” She saw the ‘can I trust you’ look on my face and added… “Promise”

My mind was not totally focused on school work that morning… and… it did take all my self control not to tell Sean, my best mate, about the weekend. He suspected something because he kept on asking if I was ok.

At lunch I slipped into the washrooms and locked myself into a stall. I took out Nasty’s phone and sent a text.

“Did you flash?” I already knew the answer but she was not to know that.

A short delay, then . . “Yes. . . and …. more…. showed him my bare tits and cunt”

“Your brother would have liked that…send me the details in an e-mail” I was running out of free texts.

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   I wanted to get her to do something sexual but realised there was no point as I would not be there to enjoy it.

“Ok…6. 30 tonight…msn…. ohhh and be naked from the start…” My cock started to throb slightly as I recalled what show she had put on for me last night.

“Can’t…tonight I have evening classes and won’t be home until 8 o’clock. ”

“Ok …8. 30” I was just about to hit send when I smiled adding…“During your break send me a pic of yourself of how your brother would have seen you this morning”

I would have loved to see Susie’s face when she read the text…

“But I can’t…where …how”

“That’s your problem” I knew she had a camera on her phone “but I want it before two. ”

I left the stall a couple of minutes later…not expecting a reply from her.

A couple of times during the last lesson of the day I eased my phone out of my pocket, as I thought I felt the phone vibrate against my thigh, but each time I was mistaken. My mind was split 50 - 50 between my latest sexcapades and mentally stripping our Miss Adèle. Her French voice almost as sexy as she was.

At 3. 15 I did feel my phone vibrate. My heart raced slightly as I slid the phone out of my pocket. Opening up the message I stared at the small screen.

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   I could not tear my eyes away from it. I could hear Miss Adèle in the background as my eyes feasted on the picture my sister had sent me.

Semi naked with her bra pulled over her tits and her left hand pulling the crotch of her panties aside showing her neatly trimmed bush, taken in what was clearly the stall of the ladies washroom. It was a full body shot from her chin down to her upper thighs. She must have held the camera at arms length when taking it.

I did not hear Miss Adèle walk up and stand level with my desk. She held her hand out indicating that I was to hand to her what kept me so absorbed. My face grew red as I awaited the public humiliation in front of the class as I handed her the phone.

Her eyes kept on alternating between the screen and my reddening face until she finally turned and walked back to her desk and placed the phone on upon it.

“Après la leçon” Was all that she spoke.

“Oui Mademoiselle” I returned in my bad French accent.

Thank goodness there were only ten minutes left as what part of my brain was concentrating on the lesson before was clearly lost to what was going to happen. The bell rang causing my heart to pulsate.

The class emptied including Sean who was waved out by Mrs Adèle as he hung back waiting for me. I approached the desk.

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Miss Adèle lifted the phoned and flicked the screen back on.

“Very beautiful…” Adèle spoke in English but with that sexy French accent to it… “who is she?”

“I…I…some one I know but rather not say”

“Bon…Bon…She is much older than you…non?”


“Bon…Bon…” her eyes did not leave the screen. “A little younger than me, mais not much… non?”

I just shook my head not knowing how old Adèle was but would guess at being about 24.

She looked at me and handed me the phone…”no more in class…Oui?”

“Oui…Non”. I grabbed the phone and got out of there…fast, before she changed her mind and decided to report me to the head.

Sean was waiting for me as I got out and grilled me about what was on the phone and what Miss Adèle had said. To shut him up I eventually showed him the pic and said it was some internet girl that some guy on my face book had sent me. Just as well Susie’s face was not shown in the pic.

Mum was outside the school waiting for me. I hopped into the front seat and buckled up.

“Where’s Cathy?”

“She is going to Vicky’s, Susie can pick her up later…. you’re late?”

“yeah…needed to go to the toilet…” I lied… “Is dad working late again?”

“Yes”. Mum eased out into the traffic.

We were approaching the last set of lights before leaving the town.

“Can we drop by the Mall mum?”

“What for?”

“Have Pizza for dinner”…I smiled as I spoke quietly… “and… …buy that camera I want…cant go to Mrs Knowles camera club without one…”

You could see the concern creep across mum’s face…“Mr’s Knowles might not be starting that club”

“Maybe, maybe not…then again there’s always the pictures of you that need to be taken…cant keep on using Susie’s camera…you know…just in case I forget to wipe the card clean”

Mum’s eyes widened but she remained quiet as the car turned down commercial drive…and then left into the Mall car park.

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Pizza Hut was nearly empty as we sat in the booth, mum sipping on her coffee whilst I toyed with my new camera getting used to what button did what, the packaging piled up on the seat next to me.

“Ross…don’t” mum admonished me as the small booth was flooded with light from the flash. The mother and small girl in an opposite booth glanced on seeing the flash but quickly went back to eatingwhat was before them.

I showed mum the picture…She smiled…she looked good in it. On taking the 4th picture the mother and child did not glance over.

I lowered the camera to my lap.

< Flash >

Mum’s eyes widened…the little girl took a fleeting look across but the mother was gazing out of the window and paid no attention to us.

I smiled at the result and offered the camera to mum. Her eyes kept on flicking from screen, to me, to the occupants of the other booth, and back again

Her stocking tops were clearly seen under her skirt, the flesh of her upper thighs stopping the lens from seeing any more.

“Open them wider” I spoke softly taking the camera from her hand.

“Ross…we cant…we will be seen”

I lowered the camera to my lap and waited. I could not detect any movementbut saw a slight change to her facial expression.

< Flash >

I smiled as I looked at the picture


Mum’s expression did not change except her eyes widened even more.

< Flash >

My smile turned into a grin on handing mum the camera to see the resulting picture.

“Ross…Ross…you can see my…all the way up”

“It’s a good camera mum…see how clear it is…you can even see your cunt glisten…you are excited aren’t you?”

Jackie Gorman blushed on hearing Ross’s words.

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   She could not deny that going to work in stockings and suspenders with no panties had got her aroused…and during the quiet times thinking of the events of the weekend past, although concerned her did not stop her from visiting the washroom on two occasions and silently bringing herself pleasure. This was adding fuel to recent new found fires that burnt within her.

She nodded.

Ross started to slide out of the booth…”Lets go Mum” he was halfway out of the restaurant before his mum pulled herself together realising that the photo shoot was over…she felt disappointed.

They stood by the lift waiting for it to come to their level to take them to the lower car park…it seemed to take forever. Ross was keen to get his mum home knowing that he had a couple of hours at least before anyone else got home.

“Ochh…lets take the stairs down…we could be here ‘til midnight at this rate. ” Ross started to make his way to the stairs. Once again his mother stunned by the suddenness of Ross’s actions was playing catch up.

Ross was a couple of flights down when he stopped and waited for his mum to catch up. He looked up at the flight of stairs when his mum came into view. He turned to carry on when he spun back round and shouted up.

His mother did as he said and stopped looking down at him curious as to why he wanted her to stop. She looked down at her feet expecting to find something that she might step in or trip over.

< Flash >

It caught Jackie out and she shrieked.

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“Lift your skirt up mum”

“Ross…not here…we will get seen”

“Just do it for fuck sake…”

As she raised her skirt up nervously past her stocking tops until her legs were completely showing…she knew the camera would once again pick up how aroused her pussy was…did the excitement of being caught add to the feelings she was having about being her son’s sextoy???


As Jackie drove home she kept on glancing at the camera that Ross held in his hand. She couldn’t believe that she had at once stage been totally naked standing in the stairwell of the car park totally naked with her son taking pictures. As her son clicked from one picture to another she realised that he must have taken 20 or 30 pictures in various stages of her undress.

She licked her lips, still able to taste the semen upon them as Ross insisted on her giving him oral satisfaction in the front seat ofher car before they left the car park…naked from the waist up with his right hand fingering her pussy whilst his left took photographical evidence of it.

She smiled to herself…at least they were not caught…this time…for she knew that this would not be a one time event.

Comments on or about the story very welcome and suggestions as to where you want the story line to go may be sent to my e-mail addy. Nastymann@hotmail. co. uk

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