Tom and Mom


It really upset her. That day, a saturday, I was just sitting around the house. It was one of those lazy saturdays where no one really does anything you just sort of hang out. So anyway, I was sitting on the couch in my undershirt and boxers watching TV when my mom walks through the door. She had just got back from taking my sister to soccer practice. I had been watching porno and when she returned I quickly changed the channel. Mom was wearing a tight baby blue tshirt and cotton shorts that were so high cut they were almost like those shorts/panties. They were pretty tight and I could see the outline of her pussy lips pressing against them. It was probably because I had just been watching porno and was still horny from it, but I saw my mother in a whole new light. She was a hottie. When she came into the living room I stood up and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I could feel my hardon pressing lightly into her thigh but she didn't notice it. She plopped down on the couch and I sat back down next to her. She sighed. "What's wrong Ma?" She looked up "Huh?, Oh I'm just tired, that's all. " "No, not just now, recently I mean, you seem pretty down.

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  " She just sighed and felt sorry for herself, which made me feel sorry for her, I always feel sorry for people who feel sorry for themselves. "Oh, nothing Tommy, you don't want to burden yourself with my problems. " "No really mom, you can tell me. " "I'm not so sure it's an appropriate discussion for a mother and son to have but here goes, my sex life stinks and although you're taught as a child that sex isn't very important it is. I'm not a sex addict or anything but, I do have a healthy sexual appetite, as do all women and men as well. " Any normal day, hearing my mom talk about her sex life would make me uncomfortable and want to hurl, but today it really turned me on. One could tell by the subtle tent pitching itself in my boxers. "I understand mom. " She looked at me, a little in shock and a little in amusement, "Oh you do, do you?" "Well, I've never had sex but I have done some. . . stuff and I think I know what you mean. So what's the problem, can't dad get it up?" It dawned on my that maybe my father's age had to do with the louse of my mother's sex life. "No, it's not that. He can get it up just fine when he's in the mood.

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   The trouble is that since he's constantly traveling, when he gets home he's way too exhausted. " I nodded in comprehension. "Why don't you ask him to travel less often, like to get someone else in the company to do it, I mean, he has seniority. " "I can't do that, my sex life doesn't come before the well being and financial security of this family. " You could tell she was upset. "Well," I said "maybe there is a way you can have both. " "What do you mean?" "I mean like maybe you could make an arrangement so that you could have a good sex life and not jeopardize the well being of the family. " My newly perverted mind was already concocting a plan. "And cheat on your father? I could never do that. " I placed my hand on my mother's bare thigh, "It wouldn't exactly be cheating, just a sign on motherly love. " She was taken aback and I became nervous for a moment. "Thomas, are you suggesting that you and I. . . " she trailed off her sentence.

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   "Mom, it makes perfect sense, you need to get some ass, pardon my french, and I need practice in the ways of love-making, it would be like tutoring sessions. " I could tell that she knew it was morally wrong but I could see she was getting very hot and that she hadn't had sex in a looong time. "I suppose I can get your meaning. " I looked down at her pussy lips pushing through her shorts and they were swollen and her shorts were wet. I looked up at her and grinned, she just smiled, embarassed. I had laid down the blanket and gotten the massage oils. My nude mother was lying on the floor infront on me smiling. I stood above her, naked. My rock-hard seven-inch cock stood proudly. A dribble of precum had wettened the head. She got to her knees and playfully licked it off. "Lay down mommy," I growled. She did. I then applied the oils and rubbed them all over her glorious body.
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       I rubbed scented massage oils into her swollen pussy lips and across her thighs, after she turned over I rubbed them into her back and lovingly caressed her beautiful buttocks. Purring like a cat my mommy got on all fours and leaned her breasts downward, thrusting her ass into the air, up at me. I moved behind her. I pushed my hard cock into her inviting moist pussy. She moaned as my mushroom-like cockhead pushed past her lips. I slowly moved in and out as I worked my massive cock into her tight twat. I grabbed hold off her luscious ass as I pumped harder and harder. She started screaming in delight. "FUCK ME TOMMY, FUCK YOUR MOMMY, SHE NEEDS IT, SHE NEEEDS IT!" Fucking her, still harder I reached up and grabbed her hair, I pulled it, pulling her head up and I lunged my cock in and out of her warm tight cunt. "Take it bitch, TAKE IT!" I shouted to my mother as she lovingly accepted my cock into her most sacred orifice. "Mom, I'm gonna cum!" "Do it baby, fill your mommy up with your hot white cum" This drove me over the edge, as my cock started to spasm, so did my mother. She exploded into orgasm as I poared my hot cum into her. Filling up her belly. I collapsed against her. We lay like that for a few minutes, both exhausted from amazing orgasms, me lying on top of my mother with my quickly softening cock slipping out of her pussy.

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       I watched as my cum dribbled out of her shaved pussy. I fingered her getting a gob of my semen on my finger. I then held it up and she looked at me with a sexy grin and put her mouth around my finger and sucked it off. I kissed my mother and we lay together naked, holding eachother in the warm afterglow of great sex. "So teacher, how did I do. " My mother smiled at me "A+ work son. " And we laughed. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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