Tom's Big Problem


"What is it, sweetie?", she asked, still not looking at him. Tom summoned up his courage, and disclosed, "Mom, it won’t go down". Susan Jenkins was still rubbing the sand out of her eyes, so to speak, not quite yet awake. Her routine of a nice lazy wakeup had been the same for the last couple of years, since the divorce of her husband. The settlement and continued child support payments, and the somehow overnight maturity of her son, Tommy, after said divorce, allowed a complete change in her normal doings of getting ready herself for ‘the cubicle’, and Tommy for school. No longer did she need to work, and her son, now 18 and very self reliant, was a continued blessing. As she sensed a commercial coming up, she turned her head a glance toward him, now a few feet away, and kindly pressed, "What, dear?, what won’t go down?". "It. Uh,…" he stammered, and looked down at himself, as if pointing. "…my, uh, thing". Susan followed his eyes downward and was instantly stunned. "Jesus Christ, Tommy, what’s wrong with you?!", she yelled out. There before her was her son, dressed only in pajama bottoms, tented completely outward and upward from his body. As she looked back up at his eyes, then back down again at the jutting out of flannel, she thought to herself, ‘My god, it must be huge!’"I’m sorry mom", Tom pleaded, his face clearly distraught. "I don’t know what to do. It won’t go down".

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  Eyes again back up at his, a mix of anger and shock on her face, she stated loudly, "What are you showing it to me for?! Go somewhere and jer-, uh, take care of it! What’s the matter with you anyway?!, coming in here like that!". "But mom, I tried, I did," he said, still guilty and completely uneasy about the whole situation. "I’ve been in my room for the last half an hour, but it won’t happen. I can’t get it to shoot out. And it won’t go down either. I don’t know what to do, mom, I can’t go to school like this!". Susan shot a glance down at the massive protrusion every other second, between the leering eye she was giving her son as he explained. "What am I supposed to do about it?!", she again yelled. "Try jerking it faster! I don’t know, think about girls or something!". Again, her eyes glued themselves back down at the obscenity in front of her, her face still in shock, her mouth actually a bit open as if to say ‘Oh my god’. "I tried", Tom again pleaded, his eyes starting to well up with tears. "My arm is sore and my hand hurts! What’s wrong with me, mom?". Susan looked up at his sad face and realized she had scared him. Wiping off what was left of a scowl on her face, she tried to comfort him. "I’m sorry sweetie, I didn’t mean to yell at you.

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   I don’t know what I can do though, Tommy". Her sight trailed back down him. She had no idea what to do, but her mouth spoke anyway. "I suppose…I could look at it", her mind actually shocked at her own voicing. "Would you, mom?", Tom asked, stifling back more tears. She didn’t know what to do. She was almost dizzy from her own thoughts. "Oh my god, I can’t believe it! Shit, ok, I can handle this’, she said, more to herself, trying to will a maternal feeling within herself. "Jesus, Tommy, if anybody finds out about this…". "I won’t say anything, mom. Please just help me, though". Susan was now locked onto her son’s crotch, glancing up only momentarily now to his face. Flustered, she took a deep breath and spoke. "Ok, Tommy, let me see". Her son then reached in front and undid the bow of the knot of the drawstring of his pajamas.

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   They immediately loosened and fell slightly, exposing half his butt, his phallus still holding up the front for the moment as he shifted and shimmied out. Bam! There it was. ‘Jesus god almighty, look at the size of that thing!’, she thought. ‘It must be fuckin’ ten inches!, and thick as his wrist!’. His father, her ex, had about half that, how could Tommy have such a slab of man meat?As if floating down slowly, Susan not-so-suddenly found herself now on her knees in front of him, her face inches from this freakish stump of carnality before her. My god, she was wet, she could feel it between her legs! Her nipples were fully engorged, hard and hurting as they rubbed against the silky fabric of her thin nightgown. Again, without thinking, her hands reached for and grabbed a hold of the beast. ‘Jesus god, so thick, so long, so fucking hard! Look at those balls, for crissakes! They look like cue balls!’, her mind’s voice betraying her current motherly convictions. Both hands started slowly going up and down this cock of cocks. She jumped when she heard a moan, even though it sounded like it was from far off. The timbre told her immediately it was from her son, though, and for a moment her dizziness subsided. She looked up at him. He was looking down at her. "Tommy,", she spoke. "…do you know about your size, I mean, compared to other boys, uh, I mean, men?".

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   Her hands were still slowly stroking in unison. "I kinda thought it was a little bit bigger, but I never looked at too many. It grew in the last couple years, but I haven’t been in gym class since the tenth grade, and I seemed to remember I was like the other guys in the locker room then. I just figured that theirs grew, too". Susan had again affixed her eyes at prize level as her son spoke, then looked up again and finished her thought. "Oh, no, sweetie. Yours is way bigger than big. It’s-, your…cock…is really big. It’s …gigantic, baby". "Isn’t that supposed to be good?", Tom asked. "Sweetie, that can be very good for some girls, but most girls could get hurt by… your cock". She couldn’t believe she said it again. To her son. ‘Cock’, she thought to herself. Her son’s cock! Her eyes wandered back to her hands ministrations.

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  "I don’t want to hurt anyone, mom". "You’ll just have to be gentle when you’re with a woman". Susan’s eyes were now fixed, transfixed, on this majestic pole she continued to stroke. It actually made her shiver a bit, imagining it inside her. She tightened her grip slightly and quickened her strokes. "Uh, mom, I think something’s happening", Tom breathed, his hips now moving contrary to his mother’s handiwork. He started grunting a bit, in spite of himself, his purplish dick head now itching real bad. "Oh, mom,…I…think…". "That’s it sweetie, let it happen", she whispered, speeding her hands faster still. As obvious as it was, her common sense forgot to tell her that her face was still directly in the line of fire. Suddenly, her son grunted again and shot a small glob of cum at her, hitting her right in the forehead, like an executioners bullet. As her mouth opened to say "Oh", the next blast, a torrential geyser of a blast, sharpshooted out of his pulsing cock and into his mothers slightly opened mouth, straight to the back of her throat, stopping her voice dead in its tracks. As if on strings, as if not even in control of her own actions, she gulped the massive load down into her stomach matter-of-factly, before her consciousness had a chance to say otherwise. Realizing what she had done freaked her a bit, and her normally pleasant vocabulary turned suddenly sailor. "Oh jesus, fuck!" slipped, as now her rampant stroking of this magnificent meat whistle continued.

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   Giant wad after giant wad sprayed her face, again and again, and soon she felt (and looked) like she had been hit with creampie, the spunk dripping in big globs off her chin, nose and lips, and onto her thin gown. Her eyes glued shut by the mask of goo on her, she blindly wrenched and wrenched the throbbing hose, still spraying her down, spurt after spurt, five, six, seven, seemingly unrelenting. Out of nowhere, she was cumming, and it was all she could do to stifle a groan into a quieter moan. Tom was bucking and jerking around, moaning and gasping, as yet unable to say anything coherently. Finally, as his spasming cock started to subside, he was able to form somewhat proper language skills. "Oh god…, oh mom, thank you, thank you!".
    Susan faded out of her orgasm slowly, easily, back straight to reality. The now softening thing was released from her grip, and her hands went immediately to her face, wiping down her eyes and cheeks. Plop! The whole mess dropped straight down onto her covered tits, the thickness of the liquid pinning down the fabric onto her chest. She opened up her eyes to look down at herself. "Oh my god, I’m soaked", she said. "I’ve gotta clean up". She got up immediately, avoiding eye contact with Tommy, and headed right for her room. Tom looked at her a bit puzzled as she left the kitchen, then looked down happily at his finally soft cock. He bent over and pulled up his pajama bottoms, holding the loose strings in front to keep them on, and decided to get into some school clothes.

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       He figured he would still be late, but trotted off to his room to get ready still. When he finally came out again, clothed, coated and book-bagged, his mother was again standing in the kitchen, wearing a loose tee and sweats. Although she had her coffee cup, she wasn’t watching the t. v. , as before. She was looking at him as he entered the room, her face showing her hand, that of anxiety and yet glow. "Sweetie, we-". Tom interrupted her as he went at her directly, arms hugging tightly his tiny loving mother. "Thanks so much mom", he cheered, and kissed her repeatedly on her adjacent cheek. "I didn’t know what I was gonna do". Withdrawing his hands from around her back, he held her arms to push away to look at her face on, a smile from ear to ear. "Tommy, sweetie", she finally continued, "I wasn’t supposed to do stuff, things like that with you. Christ, if anyone found out about it, I would just die, sweetie!". "Mom, all’s you did was help me out, I thought something was wrong with me, and I was scared. But now I feel much better, and now I can get to school.

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       I’m late, you probably know", he finished, pointing his eyes again up at the clock on the side wall, a gesture to her. He suddenly stopped, and acknowledged. "I promise, I promise I will never tell anyone about what happened. I love you mom, I want you to be happy". His face shown genuine care and reassurance. "Ok, baby, thank you", she smiled, her expression suddenly changing to concerned inquiry. "So,…do you think you’ll be able to take care of things from now on?". "I’m sure I will. It’s probably just an off day". Tom slightly blushed at his next admonition. "I usually have no problems with stuff like that, this was sooo weird. Maybe it was something I ate". They both had to discard seriousness for the moment and chuckle. Susan was feeling better, she didn’t want to scar her Tommy. She put her hands to his cheeks and held his face and looked at him, her face bright and happy to his observances.

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       Tom interrupted immediately. "Mom, I’m sorry, you know, gotta run?". He pointed as if to show a wristwatch on him, though he didn’t have one on. His mother leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek, and a quick slap on the butt as he turned around, since he could remember, that was always her goodbyes. "Bye, mom!", he echoed as he ran out the back doorwall. Conveniently, past the backyard of the house was the school property. He quickly jogged to the gate, and through, and off to school. His mother standing just inside looked out the glass, as she usually did, watching him off. Susan turned and walked away from the view, moving back to her original spot in view of the tube. Her eyes were glazed, she wasn’t even paying attention to what was on. Her hand, holding her morning mug, was actually trembling slightly. All of a sudden, her body was just too heavy to hold up, and she slid down, finally resting her back against the lower cabinet doors, mug to the floor, almost spilling it. As her butt hit the linoleum she could feel it again. Her three-minute-fresh panties were soaked! "Oh my fuck", was all that grammar could muster at that moment. What was wrong with her!? Getting all moved and such by her own son! Her own son’s magnificent smoke pole.

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       She shivered, then a few seconds later she shivered again, when she realized one of her hands was rubbing between her legs. This was not helping. Not at all!.

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