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The day came when we were to go pick up our mom. I was up early as it was an hour or so to the airport. I showered and went back to Traci’s room and again had to roust her out of bed.
“Get up, get ready, we need to get going. You would spend all day in bed if I let you,” I told her.
“As long as you are in bed with me I would. Can you just drop me at Roxi’s? She says she has some clothes I should try on. You get Mom and I will get Uncle Jack to bring me home. ”
“I guess, just get up and let’s get going. You know how mom can be if she has to wait. ” I thought about Roxi with her head between Traci’s legs, working that pussy for all it was worth and started to get a little hard.
As she headed for the shower I said, “Maybe you should take that ‘blue thing’ over and show your cousin. I’m sure she would look just about as good in it as you do. ” Looking over her shoulder she said, “She has a hot pink one just like it. ”
Deck shoes, chinos and a Polo, and I’m good to go, but am made to wait as Traci ‘got ready’. Waiting in the living room after what seemed an eternity, in waltzed Traci.

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   Three inch, cork heeled sandals, tanned legs leading up to cuffed white shorts, a white button down, tied at the waist. She walked to me, put her arms around my neck and said, “Do I look O. K. ”
Leaning into her ear, “Good enough to eat!”
Just before our lips met, I heard hear say, “I hope so!” We kissed, our tongues mating, my mind reeling with the thought of them together.
Pulling away, “Just don’t leave me out. ”
“No way, big bro,” running one hand along the outline of my erect 8 inches, “Roxi likes this as much as I do! Let‘s go. ”
We boarded the land yacht and headed out. On the way to our cousin’s house, Traci trailed her fingers across my cock, “I’m going to miss having you next to me at night. You feel so goood inside me. ”
I dropped her off at Roxanne’s. “Don’t worry, we just need to be more Mom came through the skywalk I saw her before she saw me. ‘Wow’ I thought as I watched her. Black oxfords, knee-high white socks, mid-thigh pleated academy, monogrammed v-neck sweater, her 36D’s pushing away from her chest, her strawberry blond hair pulled back in a pony tail, a small clutch in her hand. Mom had lost 10-15 pounds and with the outfit a good 10 years.
“Suzy,” I said loudly, raising my hand to her.

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   “Over here!”
Her head turned quickly toward me. A smile full of perfect teeth beaming my way.
‘Now THAT looks good enough to eat’, I thought, my eyes leaving hers and wandering down her body, then back up to her face, my cock stirring with my thoughts. She approached, putting her arms up to hug me. Her arms went around my neck, mine around her waist, “Stevie, I’m so glad to see you,” kissing my cheek, then her lips to my ear, “What’s with the ‘Suzy’?”
I moved one hand up to the middle of her back, the other down to her ass, squeezing, pulling her close, blood pumping into my rod, whispering “I just didn’t want everyone to know that such a lovely young lady has a son as old as me. You absolutely look like you are ready for college. You know what they say about college girls. ”
Pulling her head back to look at me, she said, “Yes, I do. They chase college boys who tease them” Tightening her arms around my neck, tits pressed into me, my hard cock pushing against her stomach, my hand on my moms ass, she sighed in my ear, “Let’s go get a drink. ”
Moving away from me, she took my arm steering me toward the bar.
“You know, you shouldn’t be holding my butt like that in public. ”
“Oh, and how am I supposed to hold it? In private?”
Looking up at me, smiling, she changed the subject. “Where’s Traci? You said you both would be here. ”
“She’s wanted to go to Roxanne’s. Something about trying on some clothes”, I told her.

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   “Those two have always been close, you know. ”
We sat at a table, the waitress came over and said, “I’ll need some ID. ” Pulling out our license, Mom smiled at me.
“I haven’t been carded in years. ” Satisfied we were old enough, Mom ordered a double Bloody Mary. “A Coke, please. I gotta drive. ” Waiting for our drinks, Mom said, “I hope Roxi doesn’t give her any ideas. She is a little…well, grown up for her age, if you know what I mean. ” Yes, I did know what she meant, thinking about a few days ago, my hard meat plowing into her, her lips and tongue bringing Traci to close to orgasm, her young pussy milking me as I unloaded inside her.
We sat and chatted, Mom having a few more drinks, telling me about the trip. I told her I was transferring to the local college, as it would be cheaper, and a little easier to find work while attending. I called the waitress over, paid our bill and said we should get her bags and go home. As we stood to go, Mom stumbled just a bit, “Oooo…I guess I had a little more than I thought. ” Taking my arm, we made our way to baggage, then the car and headed for home.

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Once on the high way, Mom took off her shoes and curled up in the seat, her head on my shoulder. “I’m going to take a nap, Stevie, wake me when we get home. ” In just a few minutes she was sleeping. As I drove she moved her head down to my lap, her hand underneath her head. As I watched her sleep, I could feel her warmth against my cock, bringing it to it’s full hardness. I put my right hand on her shoulder, then moved it slowly down to the curve of her breast. Cupping it, I squeezed gently, felt her firmness, teased the tip with my thumb and forefinger through her sweater and bra, her nipple hard. Moving my hand further down, I pulled one side of her skirt up over her waist, my hand roaming down her thigh, back up to hold her panty covered ass.
Slipping my fingers under the waist band, I pushed my hand between her legs, my middle finger finding her clit, rubbing it slowly erect, her pussy becoming wet. I heard her moan softly in her sleep, her body shifting, her legs parting just a bit. I moved my hand further down, slipping my finger into the moist folds of my moms hot twat, finger fucking her, my palm rubbing her clit. Each time she moaned, I stopped, not wanting to wake her. My heart, a drum in my chest, my cock, a piece of steel inside my pants. For the next 45 minutes I played with her, but too soon we were pulling onto our street. I pulled my hand from between her legs, re-arranged her skirt and drove to the house.

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Unable to wake her, I gathered her in my arms and carried her to her bedroom. Laying her sideways on the bed, her legs hanging over the edge, I removed her sweater and skirt, revealing a thin, white, lacy bra and matching panties, her hairless pussy clearly visible, lips clinging to soaked the material. She looked so delectable, I could have fuck her right then, but thought if that was going to happen, I wanted her to know about it. Going to the bathroom, I wetted a washcloth and lay it next to her. I removed her bra, stripped and took my full 8 inches in my hand. Standing in between Mom’s legs, I stroked my cock, watching her, wanting her, faster I stroked, my hand milking my cock, faster, my hard flesh growing in anticipation, pulsing, tensing, my seed raced up the length of my member, releasing rope after rope of hot come onto my mom’s tits and stomach, the last, dripping onto her panties.
I relaxed, took the wet cloth in my hand with full intention of wiping up the evidence, but instead used my mouth, tasting her come covered flesh, licking, sucking my come from her tits, moving down to her filled navel. My tongue touched the waistband of her panties, down to her clad lips, reveling in her taste, wanting to have nothing between me and that sweet hole, licking, pushing my tongue and panty material into her, her lips wrapping around the edges of my tongue. She moaned softly, my cue to stop before she woke. I stood, got her under the linens, gathered my clothes and left her to sleep, in my robe, I went to the living room, lay on the couch and thought about what had happened. Looking at the clock, I watched the pendulum swing. 3:20. . . 21.

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  . . 22. I had jacked-off on my sleeping mom, sucked my come from her and pushed my tongue into her slit, that sweet slit. The taste still on my lips, I fell asleep. The sound of the door awakened me. Looking at the clock, again I saw it was just after 8 o’clock.
I sat up as Traci walked into the room and sat next to me.
“Where’s Mom?”
“In bed. ”, I told her, “I’m thinking she will be there till morning. She had 3 or 4 double bloody’s at the airport. I had to carry her to bed. You guys have a good time?”
Traci leaned into me, my arm around her, and said, “Roxi has got the sexiest clothes. A lot more than me. Except for some of the tops, her boobs are bigger than mine, I thought I looked good.

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   We were dressing and undressing all afternoon. She got me to try on some garters, stockings and this push-up bra. She came up behind, naked, me and said the garters needed to be fixed in the back. She reached down and adjusted something and took off the bra saying it didn’t fit quite right, then she had her arms around me, her tits in my back, her hips pressed into my ass. ”
Traci reached into my robe, wrapping her hand around my cock, bringing it to life.
“She started squeezing my tits, pinching my nipples. One of her hands moved between my legs, sliding two fingers into me. Steven, I was so hot, I wanted her. She was whispering in my ear, ‘You’re going to eat my hot slit while I eat yours’. I said yes, show me. ”
She was stroking just a bit faster.
“Roxi pulled me the floor and pushed me onto my back. She put her knees next to my shoulders, her pussy right above me. OOOhhh, Steven, she was dripping. She lowered her pussy to my lips.

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   I stuck out my tongue, pushing it into her, she smelled divine. I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me, burying my face in her cunt. Her hips were moving back and forth across my lips. She reached behind her and spread her butt cheeks. I couldn’t resist. I drove my tongue into her sweet little ass. ‘YEEEESssss, push your tongue into me’. She leaned over, spreading my legs, taking my clit between her lips, lashing it with her tongue. I did the same for her. ”
Traci was pounding my cock.
“Steven…Steven, I felt her tighten against me, my pussy was gushing. I could feel my cream running onto my ass, my legs were pulling Roxi’s head into me. She started to shake, her hot pussy coming on my face, she moaned onto my clit, I couldn’t hold back, Steven, OOOoooo, Steven, I’ve never come so hard. Come for me, Steven, shoot your hot load! Come in my hand!!!
My cock pulsed in my sister’s fist, “Traci…TRACI…AHHHHHhhh” my orgasm released. Muscles tensed, legs rigid, I came, one short spurt the rest dribbling onto her pumping fist.

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   Slowing, she brought her hand to her mouth, licking it clean. Our lips met. Pulling back Traci looked at me, “Roxi wants your cock again. She says she wants you to fill her full of jizz while I watch. Then she want me to suck it out of her while you watch us. She told me there is nothing that tastes as good as a pussy full of your hot seed. I can’t wait to find out. ”
I can’t wait either!
Phil Stevens
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