Tracy gets her bother 5


It had been 3 or 4 days since Tracy and I had been out to dinner. We had not had sex since that night, but now as I stood in the tub letting my sister take a razor to my body as she had promised I was getting just a little excited. She had started with my upper body and was now working on my legs. Thank goodness my body was sparsely covered to begin with. Tracy finished with my legs and said
“Turn around, bend just a bit and spread your ass cheeks. ” Lathering with the shaving gel she carefully shaved in between my ass cheeks and around my anus. Because she would shower off the area that she had cleaned of hair the room was hot and full of steam. My balls, because of the heat were hanging low.
“There, now”, she said, “Turn around one more time and I will get the rest done. ”
As she applied the gel to my balls and cock, gently rubbing, I became hard.
“Good”, she said, “easier to work with something rigid than something soft.
Tracy lifted my sack and shaved under, then all around my balls. Once done, she wrapped her hand around the middle of my cock and pulled, shaving along the bottom of the shaft. 3-4-5 times she did this making sure all the hair was gone. Once done, she used the hand held shower to wash away the shaving cream and hair. With her hand almost around my 8” cock, she stood and started to use the shower head to clean me from head to toe all the while slowly pumping me.


She placed the shower head back in the holder and said, “Come on, we need to get some lotion on you or your skin will dry out. ”
We went to her bedroom where she told me to stand and she would take care of everything. She got a bottle of lotion and started smooth it all over my chest, back and legs.
“Bend over one more time so I can get this on your butt”
She began working the lotion around my butt and into the crease of my ass
“We need to shave at least once a week, or it will start to itch. ”
As she spoke one of her fingers pushed into my ass and I breathed in deeply.
“OHH, you like that. ” and worked her finger into my ass.
“Tracy, that feeels so good. ” I was holding my ass cheeks apart and she took free reign. She worked two fingers into my ass and began to fuck me with them, then three.
“Yeah, Tracy, fuck me. ” It felt so good. This was something I had not experienced until now. I put my hand around my cock and stroked in time to Tracy’s fingers sliding in and out of my ass. The sensation was pure pleasure.

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“YESS, YESS, GOD THAT FEELS WONDERFUL!!!” She now had four fingers inside my ass, the difference between pain and pleasure was indiscernible.
“Oh, no you don’t”, and pulled her fingers from my ass. Grabbing my hips she spun me around and pushed my hand from my cock.
“Lotion, big brother. I don’t want you to dry up. ” She squirted lotion into her hand, rubbed them together and proceeded to apply it around my balls. On her knees, and face level with my now hairless, rock hard cock she started to stroke me. Slowly she ran up and down my cock.
“Should we call her?” Her tongue passes across the tip of my cock.
“Call who?” I ask, as the head of my cock enters her mouth.
“The lady from the restaurant, you know. The one that had me close to orgasm. I told you about her. ”
“Would you like to?” She strokes a little faster.

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“Give me your hand, Steven. ” She oozes lotion onto my palm.
“Yes, yes I think we should. ” She places my hand on my cock. “Pump your cock. I want you to come. I want to see you come. ”
I felt my cock tighten. I stroked back to the base of my cock and squeezed. As the first pulse of my orgasm hit, I held tight. On the second spasm I stroked forward pushing my pent up load of come out of the end of my throbbing cock onto Tracy’s face. Each spasm of come went just a little lower hitting her neck and then her tits. I dropped to my knees and pulled her close. Kissing her. Once again tasting my own come.

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“We will call her as soon as we clean up. ”

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