Truth or dare with aunt Pam


my name is James i just turned 18 and I stay with my super hot aunt named Pam she's 5'6 and she has the most hottest tits in the world. well this story starts off when one day at school i ditched my last period with two girls Tie and kayla and i went to my house ,because my aunt didn't come home till 5:00. We got there at 3:30 and did'nt have much to do so i thought of a idea i asked the girls did they want to play truth or dare and they said yes so i went first.James: truth or dare tieTie: truth James: have you ever fucked with a girl before
Tie: no but i thought about it
Tie: Kayla truth or dare
Tie:i dare you to let James suck your tits for 30 seconds
kayla:okay and lifted up her shirt
Then i started to suck her tits but just when things was heating up  my aunt Pam came in and said WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE!!!! I was so scared I thought i was going to pee my pants. Then she told the girls to leave and then she asked me what was i doing with those girls, and i told her i was playin truth or dare and she said why did i ditch my six period, i told her because my teacher doesn't like me, and i thought she was going to be mad but she started smiling at me and said truth or dare was her favorite game and said lets play so we started playin
Pam:truth or dare
Pam:i dare you to show aunt your dick
James:okay then i pulled down my pants and underware and she seen me dick
she was shocked how big it was
James: truth or dare
James:i dare you to finger fuck your self
she was fucking her self so good i was so hard
Pam:i dare you to suck my tits just like you did that girl
then i started suckin them tits
then thats when the game ended we just started fuckin right the and there she started to suck my dick it felt so good i let out a few moans then she stoped then she told me to fuck her so i did iwas fuckin her so she said YES FUCK YOUR AUNT FUCK HER GOOD then she wanted to get fucked in the ass so fuck for a cool min  
then i said IM ABOUT TO CUMMMM then she started suck ing till i cam all over face
now we play truth or dare all the time