Turning 18 What Fub!


Hi I should introduce myself, my names Samantha. I am one of three daughters and four brothers and the second youngest. I live in a large family as you can see but apart from that there are numerous Uncles and Aunts and we are all very close, but I was to find out how close on my 18th birthday.  
My dad who I adored was so excited about the bar-b-q that he was arranging for me, he always got this way. I remembered my sister’s bbq’s and he was the same then. He walked around with a silly grin on his face. My sisters we all happy and kept offering to take me out and by me a special outfit, it felt very special.
The night before the bbq dad insisted we all had an early night so that the next day we would be refreshed and able to cope with the whole day. I asked my sisters if they had enjoyed their 18ths and they all grinned and said it was one of the best days of their lives. My eldest sister Dawn (who was pregnant, no one mentioned who the father was!) said to just enjoy the attention I would get, and Sarah agreed saying ‘you never get it as good as on that day’ both grinned and went off to bed. So off to bed I went, happy and content that tomorrow would be great.
My brother Joel waked me in the morning; he sat on my bed and had a steaming cup of tea for me. As I sat up I noticed him stare at my tits, they were a good 36d and he looked at them hungrily. I kicked him off the bed and told him not to be a perv, but he just laughed and said ‘ Oh Sam that’s nothing’, and walked out of the room.
I drank my tea dressed in a little halter top and short skirt to show off my legs, as I looked in the mirror mum passed my room and said ‘ oh yes baby you will do nicely’. I was happy with the way I looked and when I got downstairs dad and all my uncles were there.

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   I thought I might be imagining it but they all looked and not in a normal way in a hungry sexual way. I passed it off as my imagination and kissed them all good morning but noticed how they all held me a little longer than usual, uncle Tony even moaned a little as he held me and it made me a little turned on.
The party started outside and everyone was there, none of my family seemed to bother with outsiders and I had never found this unusual, it was just us a tight knit group. Dad offered me a few drinks but said I was NOT to get drunk; I hugged him and said I promised he said ‘if you do angel what happens later wont be right for you’ then he squeezed my arse and walked off. I was sure that I saw his trousers straining at the crotch, but just shook my head and walked off.
We were having a great time dancing and laughing and I noticed Uncle Tom sitting alone so like I always did I went and sat on his lap and kissed him. I felt his tongue enter my mouth and pulled back a bit, he moaned in my ear ‘ oh I cant wait for later, you have grown in to a sexy woman’, it felt naughty to have kissed him like that but I was getting hot sitting on his lap and squirmed a bit, uncle Tom held my hips and I felt his cock under me swell. He pushed me off and looked so hungry and said ‘later baby its all yours’. God I was so wet and nervous maybe I had gone too far he was my Uncle for god sake. I walked off and decided to stay away incase I got more than I bargained for.
Dad decided it was time for the presents, everyone gathered round. I opened presents from all the women of the family – I remembered now this was the way it was done. When this was finished and I had thanked them for all the undies, smellies etc the women left (again this was tradition) and I was left with all the men. Dad stepped forward and took my hand and looked at me – all my uncles and my brothers were standing in a circle round me. ‘Baby’ dad said ‘are you a virgin?’, I blushed and said dad in an embarrassed way.

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   He looked sternly ‘we need to know are you?’.
 I was wondering where this was going, ‘god dad yes I am’.
 He seemed happy with this and grinned ‘well my little one in about 5 minutes your family here are gonna help you with that’.
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing – ‘pardon’ I stammered.
 Dad looked at me ‘ you see honey this is tradition, on every girls 18th they get to fuck the entire male side of the family!’ he looked at all they men there and carried on ‘then baby your ours always, we have you when we want, share you around. Your sisters have been there – why Dawn is having one of our babies not sure who hehehehe’.
I felt sick, ‘dad no this isn’t right’ I looked scared but he came forward and brushed my hair out of my face, then his hands slid down the front of my top and rested on my tits he squeezed and pulled my nipples.
‘Quite a woman now aren’t you Sammy, ok lets get started, first you have to kiss everyone then we go from there – so why not start with your old dad lets have a kiss’. He pulled me close and deeply kissed me I could feel his tongue in my mouth, god this wasn’t happening. Then I was sent round the group each Uncle kissed me hard, my brother Troy grabbed my tits and pulled them. My body was betraying me and I could feel my cunt getting wetter.
Dad came and put me in the centre of the group he pulled down my top and exposed my tits; my Uncle Jim begged dad if he could be the first to suck them and dad said yes. Jim came over and placed one nipple in his mouth and sucked hard god this girl is hot Greg he said to my dad. I felt hands lifting my skirt and looked it was my brother Joel, he was inside my panties running his hand along my slit, he whispered in my ear ‘I’m gonna be the first to fuck you little sis and boy have I waited for this, I have wanked off thinking of your sweet cunt on my cock’ his hands were everywhere. They stroked my clit one minute were inside my wet cunt the next and after that they were rubbing the outside of my tight arse.

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I was beginning to love it and as I looked up my Uncle Simon was stood next to me stroking his swollen cock he looked at me and said ‘suck me now’, I don’t know what came over me but I took him in my mouth rolling my tongue over his precum covered bell end, he held my head and shot his load down my throat ‘god Sam I’m sorry I wanted to last longer than that’ he groaned.
Joel pulled my panties to one side and lay under me ‘come on sis lets fuck’ he said and slowly I lowered my virgin cunt onto him, he gasped as he entered me.
 ‘Joel no it hurts’ I cried.
 My dad was sucking on my tits and looked at me ‘baby the pain will go in a second and then you will love it’ he said then he went back to sucking on my sensitive nipple.
I decided I WAS having fun and pushed myself further down on Joel ‘oh god aghhhhhhhh’ I cried and as my mouth opened Uncle Tony slid his cock into it and started to fuck my mouth. I was beginning to get waves of ecstasy sweep over me
‘Dad she’s gonna cum’ Joel moaned.
 ‘Good boy Joel fuck her hard now’ said dad. I was cumming over my brother’s hard cock, while sucking my uncle and my dad eating my tits and I loved every second. Joel held my hips and pushed into me .
‘Oh god Sam yessssssssss I knew your cunt would bring me off’ he came like a rocket deep in me. I felt hands lift me off and position me on top of my Uncle Harry he slid into me with ease.
Uncle Tony pulled out of my mouth and sprayed my face with his cum, I looked at him and licked it off my lips ‘hot damn Greg shes a natural she loves it’, and I did.
Uncle Harry was sliding in and out of my wet cunt and pulling on my tits, I looked for my dad and he was gone, then I felt his hands on my hips – his fingers were sliding over my tight arse hole. I knew then I was going to be fucked in the arse by my dad, but I wanted him to do it. My other brother Mike came over and held my head ‘gonna suck me off now Sam I always wanted your lips round my cock’.

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 I looked at him and groaned ‘ come on then Mike’ he slid his cock in my mouth and sighed at the feeling
‘oh sis yesssssss do me with you mouth’ he sighed.
Dad had got 3 fingers in my tight arse when Harry cried ‘shit I’m gonna cream yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ he filled me up with his hot cum.
‘Fuck Harry’ cried dad ‘I was gonna do her then – Pete’ he cried ‘get over here and fuck this bitch’ my Uncle Pete sauntered over slid under me and pulled me roughly onto his huge dick.
 ‘Ohhhhh Uncle Pete’ I cried as I took his whole length ‘please fuck me Uncle Pete that feels so good’.
Dad then pushed his cock against my arse hole ‘baby this is gonna hurt a little but daddy had waited so long to fuck your arse and its gonna be great’. I wriggled a little to let him know it was ok. Then he pushed, slowly at first then harder and harder till his balls were against my arse! That when he started to fuck me in and out stroke for stroke god it was great hurt like fuck he was jack hammering in and out ‘oh baby daddy’s fucking you good, mmmmmmm my angel best fuck I have in years’. I was about to loose control. Uncle Pete and Mike were matching dad I was about to explode. I opened my eyes and all my uncles and brothers were stood over and around me wanking. Mike pulled out of my mouth and covered me in cum and as he did that and orgasm ripped through me
‘GOD YES FUCK ME DADDY’ I screamed ‘FUCK ME UNCLE PETE’ they both did as they were told and Pete was first to cum.
Then my dad held my arse and groaned ‘oh baby you made daddy fill your arse, your gonna be daddy’s best girl always’ and he deposited his full load in my arse.
They lay me down then and 20 or so of my male relatives stood over me and covered me in cum, I loved it and strummed my clit as they did. I was a walking cum covered whore at the end.
After it had finished and I had showered and dressed, I went and sat with my dad, he slipped his had into my blouse and played with my tits, this was to be part of everyday life now and I was gonna to enjoy every minute, just like all my sisters, aunts and my mother did.

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To be continued

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