Twist of fate 2


Twist of fate 2.
The boys had now secured their second mother as their sex slaves; Jason Mc Duff’s mum had been the hardest to seduce as she had been the first and the boys had no real idea of how to go about making one of their mother’s their sex slave.
They had stumbled on the successful formula quite by accident having read several reports from various websites about some seventy percent of mother’s have the desire to mate with their own offspring but less than one percent actually carry it out. They had read that in anonymous surveys at least fifty percent of mother’s admitted to finding it a massive turn on to have witnessed their son’s masturbating and even more so if they watched unobserved and she was the apparent object of that masturbation made it even more intense.
Alice Mc Duff had been no exception, she had thought she had chanced upon her son wanking off into her panties and had curiously checked it out afterwards in an almost carbon copy of the way they had trapped Sarah Hare. It had taken four weeks before they had managed to trap her in mid action and had made her their own cum slut. She was 38 years old, five foot seven tall and had striking red hair which matched her pubic hair exactly. She had cute if smallish tits measuring 34C but her nipples when aroused stood proud by almost an inch.
The first time Jason had slipped his small cock into her cunt she had exploded releasing all the pent up passions which came from forbidden desires. Since she had experienced several sessions as the whore to the musketeers, the one which always stoked her boiling cunt to the highest passions was the time they used her as a cum target. Each boy managing to wank off three or four times and shooting their load over her naked bound body whilst calling her all her secret names she loved to hear her own husband call her.
But now the plan moved on to seduce the third of the mother’s. David Andrew’s mother turned out to be the easiest of their challenges. She stood six feet tall with dark Auburn hair shoulder length. She was not exactly slim and petite but her generous arse and 40DD tits looked normal on her frame. Like Sarah she too shaved her cunt but the main difference was her clit, when aroused her clit looked almost like a miniature cock.

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David’s mum had an ensuite bathroom which proved to be the only problem they encountered. David got round this by sticking large amounts of kitchen roll down the main toilet which left only the toilet in the ensuite bathroom as the working loo. Thus after his mom showered late one evening he excused himself and walked naked into her bedroom towards the loo. He had deliberately stroked his long cock until it was hard and proud, feigning embarrassment as he passed through her bedroom. David’s father had died several years before and his mother had never sought out male companionship so she was full of horny pent up feelings.
David entered the bathroom turned on the light having earlier that day placed the full length dressing mirror at the correct angle for his mom laid in bed to see into the bathroom as the door remained open. With trembling steps he approached the laundry basket and found a pair of silk stockings and still warm panties. He slipped his hand inside the stocking and using that hand he started to slowly stroke his cock, mean while he brought her still warm panties to his mouth and popped the gusset of them in.
He could feel his mother’s eyes watching him without needing to look and he actually turned as he was stroking his cock, now at its full majestic height of ten inches. He was totally shocked as his mother was so close to him as he turned that she reached slightly forward and took his cock in her hands. Suddenly she was knelt beside him murmuring “Oh, David, you certainly have inherited your father’s large cock! How I miss the feel of that cock in my hand, my cunt, my mouth and yes even in my arse!”
Suddenly she was silent, red faced and embarrassed as she realised who she was talking to and about what. David responded, “Oh mum, your tits are so fucking large and great, I wish I could suck on them as I used to do as a baby, and your cunt is so wet and horny, I can see its juices on your inner thigh, how I wish I could lick there too!”
Without another word said, Carol Andrews leaned forward and took her son’s hard cock slowly into her mouth and savoured the taste as it slid half way down her throat. She was suddenly shocked when her son declared “Yes, suck it like the whore you are, mother you are a cock loving bitch! I am going to assume the role of master of this house and you will fuck me when and where I choose. My friends will love your mouth on their cocks and they will love sucking on those fantastic nipples!”
Carol could not believe her ears, her son whose cock she was willingly sucking was talking about sharing her with his friends, she thought I will soon convince him that would be a bad idea for they would not understand their incestuous relationship and it could land them in trouble. Now David demanded she get on the floor in the doggy position and immediately she did so without a word of defiance.

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   He moved behind her before feeling her cunt and sticking two then three fingers up it. Then he placed his cock head against her anal ring and held it there; before telling her to beg him to fuck her shit hole.
Carol’s pent up passions now burst forth and without thinking she began, “Oh my darling wonderfully big cocked son, slide your delicious man meat hard into my anal ring and fill your horny fuck slut of a mother’s arse with your weapon, ride me to anal heaven, Son, and then spurt forth your baby making seed deep inside this whore’s arse. ”
David heard every word but pretended he did not telling her to speak louder, he knew by now his three friends would be listening in the hallway and wanted them to hear his mother’s declaration to being his slut.
Once more only louder, Carol declared, “Oh my darling wonderfully big cocked son, slide your delicious man meat hard into my anal ring and fill your horny fuck slut of a mother’s arse with your weapon, ride me to anal heaven, Son, and then spurt forth your baby making seed deep inside this whore’s arse. ”
Suddenly there was pandemonium as David slammed his full length into his mother’s unsuspecting anal ring, till his balls slammed against her cunt lips and the three friends burst into the bathroom.
    Carol nearly died of shame being caught with her own son’s cock buried up her arse, until she realised that all three boys who had burst in were naked and sporting raging hard cocks.
    Suddenly Mike had his cock at the lips to carol’s mouth and as she opened them to speak he slipped his cock in pressing down against her tongue, Tim and Jason began pinching her nipples and as they did so they twisted them. Carol was overwhelmed as her flood gates opened and she groaned like a wounded bear and her cunt sprayed its crystal clear fluids halfway across the bathroom floor soaking her son’s legs in the process.
    Before Carol could muster her strength, David unleashed his torrent of spunk up her arse and as soon as he pulled out he was replaced by Jason and Mike now spurted his load; only at the first tell tale signs of its arrival he pulled from Carol’s mouth and came all over her face. Now Tim began thrusting his cock into her mouth as she was closely watched by her son David who called her a common whore wanting so much cock. As Tim fired off his load also over her face, Carol could barely see through the thick white sticky mess but she could hear all the obscene names she was being called by her own son, she did not feel ashamed or even humiliated by this but instead she made a vow under her breath to live up to every single name he had just christened her. David demanded to know if she was going to love honour and obey her new big cocked master of a son. And she eagerly accepted his dominance and promised to obey his every word.
    After a few quick phone calls the four boys had arranged to spend the night at David’s and informed Carol that she was the newest recruit to their Musketeer mother fucking group and she was to sleep with all four of the boys and had to allow them access to any hole they wanted.

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    In the early hours of the morning she was laid there with her own son’s cock buried deep inside her clutching cunt, his best friends cock buried just as firmly in her arse and another of his friends cocks tickling her tonsils and all this while a fourth mouth was nipping at her nipples. Carol sighed and decided that she had died and gone to fuck heaven and never again would she go four years with out a stiff cock in one of her holes.