Twisted Sister Part Two


I woke up next to Lora my mind coming out of its sleep riddled fog. In the darkness of the night I must have rolled away from Lora’s side. I felt alone rolling onto my side I caught sight of my sister. Lora had slid under the blankets at some point in the night. I could see her outline in the darkness of the night. Crickets chirped out on the porch so I knew it wasn’t close to morning yet.
I lay on my side now in the darkness looking over my sister. I still was in shock that we had made love. I could still feel Lora’s caress as I lay there knowing how good it had felt. It was then I decided I would have to show her how much I had enjoyed the night. I reached over and carefully pulled down the blanket stopping a moment. Lora began to whimper as the blanket exposed her the more of her I saw the more I knew I had to taste her again.
I kept pulling on the cover now knowing what I wanted I exposed her to the night air. Coming in closer to her I could feel her body heat I stopped a second to look her over again. Lora’s blonde hair was spread out on the pillow making her look so innocent. Her tits rose and fell with each of her breaths the tan skin contrasted perfectly with her mocha aleora and nipple.

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   I noticed one difference in our bodies then. I had a very small tan line from my bikini top and bottoms. Lora on the other hand was tan from head to toe. She looked like a bronze goddess resting there in my bed.
Lora was murmuring in her sleep now I could tell she was dreaming. I reached out ever so gently stroking her right nipple with the pad of my finger and thumb. Slowly her nipple began to harden for my fingers it was so sexy. Lora began to moan but was still sleeping next I began to part her thighs wanting to see her beautiful pussy up close again. As I spread her legs I began to smell her cum from earlier mixing with a fresher scent. I moaned at the smell it was like a drug to me, my pussy began to leak as I looked on my sisters for the second time this evening.
I finally had her legs open I moved forward placing my lips to her pussy kissing it. I was kissing her pussy like you would kiss your lover smashing her hot lips with my own. My hands slid under her ass lifting so her angle was better giving my tongue much better range. I began to suck as my tongue slid deep between her outer lips. I was in a frenzy, now the taste of my sister was overpowering to me.

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   I felt Lora shake herself awake as I invaded her pussy.
I began to lick slowly from bottom to top pausing to linger around her hole for long moments at a time. Each time I spend a long second on her clit sucking on it like a small cock. Lora gasped in pleasure then said something that I had hoped for. “Turn around let me eat you Lisa. ” Lora’s tone was like the purr of a cat full of lust right now. I would not let go of her pussy I turned awkwardly as I tried to stay in contact with her.
After several moments of struggle I was straddling my sister’s face. At first I didn’t feel anything, then I felt her breathing on my pussy she was aiming each puff at my lips. I was moaning and thrashing over her face wanting her to eat me. I heard her laugh softly as I wiggled desperately above her mouth. What seemed like months later I felt Lora’s tongue part my wet lips. I pressed down forgetting her pussy for a long time wanting to enjoy this moment. When her tongue struck my clit she kept it there lapping at it like a small lollipop.
I felt Lora’s hands grip my ass holding me still as she began to toy with my clit.

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   I moaned at the pleasure she sent coursing thru my body. I knew I was a novice unlike Lora but I wanted her to cum again for me. Looking back at her pussy again I saw her lips parted invitingly. I slid two fingers into her hole as my tongue went to work on her clit once more. I could hear Lora moaning into my pussy as I fucked her with my fingers and tongue.
I felt her body responding to my fingers and tongue I was in awe that I could do this to another woman. The woman being my sister made it even more exciting to me. Slowly I began to work my fingers in and out of her pussy. Each stroke I slid them into the knuckle then spread them as I drew them out. My tongue was moving over her clit which I had captured between my lips. I kept Lora’s clit pinned as I stroked it over and over with my tongue applying suction when I could.
As I began to suck on her clit I felt her stomach rippling that told me she was getting close to cumming. I increased my pace trying to make her cum before I did. I added a third finger to her stretched slit making her moan again. Lora wasn’t slacking off as she moaned she devoured my clit with her tongue.

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   Her fingers on my ass cheeks were kneading them like dough. I kept up my pace on her clit trying to distract her. Lora tried to continue on my clit and ass but my tongue was too much for her soon she surrendered to my fingers and tongue.
Lora began nipping my thigh, whimpering in pleasure. “YES LISA YES YES YYYEEEEESSSSSS” I had to bite her clit with my teeth to keep her from shaking me loose as I felt her pussy rippling over my spread fingers. Her contractions were so powerful they forced my fingers back together gripping them painfully tight. I just held on as I kept working her clit wanting her to be pleased with my efforts. I could feel her finger nails raking over my ass leaving welts behind them as she lost control. Her cum was delicious sweet, musky, and warm. I was in heaven at that moment proud of myself once more making a woman cum was still novel to me.
Lora lay there under me gasping for air as the next series of convulsions hit home. I slowly withdrew my fingers from her slit wanting to change positions I had spied something I had to try out. It took me several more seconds to slip free of Lora’s grip. I slid off to her right where I had been laying as we slept. I reached down into the tangle of sheets gathering her toy I had totally forgotten about.

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   Lora was busy trying to find earth so I had plenty of time to move into position once more. I picked up the double headed dildo smiling wickedly.
I slid one end into my waiting pussy feeling it filling me made me moan as I fed it deeper. I felt the center guard I had managed to take eight inches into my aching slit. I moved to Lora’s pussy spreading her legs I scooted forward till I was almost on top of her pussy. I draped my legs over hers as my hands fumbled with the dildo. Lora seemed to know what I was trying to do she reached down grabbing the end not in me. With a moan she fed it to her wet slit as she pulled more into her pussy part of it left my own.
I bet we would have looked funny had there been a mirror for us to look in. Both of us began to hump our hips trying to get more of the dildo into our hungry slits. I would buck forward feeling it slide into Lora more, and then she would press forward driving more into my slit. Both of us were moaning in need now. Lora began to move with more rhythm then me. I was going insane it felt like my sister was fucking me with this eight inch monster. I looked across to see my sister was fondling her nipples with her hands while she rode the dildo.

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   I reached down spreading my lips I found my clit beginning to stroke it feverishly.
The feelings of having my sister fucking me while I fingered myself was to much I began to whimper. My sister sensed I was close she chose to surprise me once more her voice coming out between pants. “Cum for me . . . . . cum for me Lisa. . . . . cum for your little sister. .

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  . . . please. ” Each time she spoke she would thrust into me with that cock we were sharing. I thrust in a frenzy now her words pulling at me dragging me helplessly to the edge. We were riding that cock so hard we could feel our slits kissing frequently.
My body starting coming apart as I starting howling, my sister had ignited a fire in my loins. My stomach started to ripple which was swiftly followed by my slit. I couldn’t breathe my body went rigid as my pussy gripped the cock trying to peel the rubber from it. I couldn’t even scream a moaning whimper was the best I could manage. My finger on my clit had a mind of its own though. I couldn’t stop it as it continued to pinch, roll, and stroke my poor clit. What I had thought were waves of my orgasm were not. Each wave became a powerful climax all its own.

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   Distantly I heard Lora ohhing and ahhing as she watched me cum.
I was seeing spots I was climaxing so hard. I heard Lora speaking and slowly focused on her words. “Lisa. . . Lisa damn girl breathe” Her words sounded urgent and commanding so I obeyed them. Gasping I realized I hadn’t took a breath in a while the spots started to fade. I moaned softly as my mind regained control of my finger. I stopped stroking myself as I lay there gasping my breasts were bouncing from the force of my breathing it felt like I had just run a mile. I could still feel small aftershocks reverberating thru my tight pussy.
Feeling Lora thrusting desperately against the dildo I humped my hips back at her to given her some penetration. I reached out finding her legs with my hands I gripped her by the knees. Using the leverage I kept on the attack now wanting her to cum for me. I humped harder as my breathing slowed a bit I knew what would set my sister off.

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   She was whimpering and groaning her eyes were closed as she thrashed her head from side to side. I could feel her trying to get more inside her as if eight inches were not enough for her.
My voice was full of passion and lust. “I need you to cum little sis. Cum for me so I can lick you clean. I want to feel you ride my face like I did yours. ” The words seemed to egg Lora on as they fucked the dildo in a frenzy. “Play with your clit Lora. I need you to cum. ” Lora released her nipple with her right hand even as I watched. She reached down finding her clit she stroked it gently. After a few strokes she began to pinch it. I could see her face turning a lovely shade of red as her stomach began to ripple.
Gasping she exploded I could feel the dildo shiver as she clamped down on it. I slowly slid off it as she came I got loose from the dildo.

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   I spun around quick like a cat brushing her hand aside I began to flick my tongue over her overheated clit. Her hands shot out capturing my head as she screamed in climax. I slid my hands up to her tits and caught her nipples pulling on them as she shuddered anew for me. I could feel her convulsions I released her nipple and caught the dildo. I pulled slowly as the head drew even with her lips I dove in replacing the dildo with my lips. I drank in all her nectar wanting to miss none of her sweet mixture. I lapped as each tremor pushed a bit more of her cum into my waiting mouth.
Slowly she came down from her climax I could tell because instead of gripping my hair she was stroking it. I lifted my head looking into her eyes her face was covered in my cum it was sexy looking. I moved next to my sister turning on my side. I reached out as she turned looking at me with a smile hers searching my own. I didn’t want to ruin the moment with words so I kissed her softly. I could smell my pussy on her face. I kissed those lips finding my taste almost identical to hers. Mine was a little tarter then hers but both were delicious.


   My lips pressed into hers as her tongue began to caress mine. We dueled softly for several minutes as my arms drug her in close to me.
I held her close I could hear her breathing slowly return to normal. I was happy for the first time since we had moved out. Softly I spoke in the silence it sounded like a gun shot. “Lora I love you” Lora smiled and kissed me again this was different. She was kissing me with passion but the lust was gone. It had been replaced with love It was like a kiss I would have given a lover finally she broke the kiss. “I love you to sis. Relax I want to do this again I have never cum so hard. ” She seemed able to read my mind thru my eyes. Her words had a calming effect on me as my fears were put to rest.
I snuggled into her arms as I held her within my own arms. I couldn’t believe it I was falling in love with my sister. I sighed not trusting my voice I reached up and stroked her face softly.

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   I looked into her eyes seeing all the love. She smiled to me and leaned in kissing my nose. “I love you Lisa I didn’t know this would happen. ” I saw her eyes look past my shoulder to the clock on the night stand. “We need to sleep sis we got class it five hours. ” I still was afraid to speak so I leaned in timidly and kissed her lips. Breaking the kiss I simply closed my eyes and held her. My mind was reeling from what had happened but soon enough I feel asleep.
More To Come. . . .
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