Two Important Girls in My Life.


A familiar thump thump denoted the awakening of my little angle, Maria, and her coming down the stairs. In a few minutes, she’d have a huge bowl of cereal and would be watching her early morning cartoons. The summer days were hot, but she’d still wear her heavy, lacy white nightgown. I, too, was dressed like I came out of bed: it was Saturday, and my company was closed for the weekend. I walked in through the front door, and sure enough there was Maria, sitting on the couch with a large, cartoon animal covered bowl in her lap, with the channel on 51, for Cartoon Network. She smiled brightly up at me as I walked by to get another cup of coffee. “Morning daddy!” She said in her high pitched, fun filled voice. “Morning, sweetheart. ” I somehow managed to mumble out. I wasn’t as energetic as she was during these hours. The screen flashed with the Coyote once again failing to catch that wascally wabbit, or something like that, I couldn’t tell. The pot was still fresh from whenever I set it down, so I poured myself another cup with some sweet-and-low. I dug through the fridge to scavenge for something to eat when I heard a clatter and a loud thump, followed closely with a cry. My little girl had slipped off the couch laughing, and was covered in her milk and cereal. Now she wasn’t laughing, she was down right bawling. She ran into the kitchen, and I scooped her up into my arms and cuddled her close to me, trying to make her feel better.

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   She didn’t seem to make any sense of her own words through her crying, but she calmed down slowly as I held her. With her warmth pressed up against me, it wasn’t hard to see that I realized that she was going to turn out to be a fine young lady… I hastily pushed those thoughts out of my head, thinking that I must be losing my mind. My wife, Sakura (She’s part Asian, but it doesn’t show unless you get a good look… or see her height. ) And I had a sort of rule. If one of us got hurt, it would be the others job to kiss and make the boo-boo feel better, unless it was bleeding of course. Now, with my girl calmed down, she finally managed to form words. “I hurt my bum!” she said in between sobs. More thoughts filled my head, but I pushed these out. “Can you kiss it to make it feel better?” She asked, and immediately, my heart froze. Should I do this? Should I just do it quickly, get it over with, and then go to my room to work things out? Or should I take advantage of the situation? My mind was searching for an answer as she squirmed out of my hands to the floor. She turned around, and instantly my mind was made up. I don’t know why I did what I did, but now I don’t feel that bad about it… ”Okay honey, just take off your gown and I’ll kiss your bum. ”She did what I asked without hesitation. I immediately had a hard-on, watching my little girl strip before me. Kneeling down, I could see that her bum, in fact, had a bruise on it.

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   I kissed the spot, feeling my cock rub against my pants tightly… I kissed it again, and between tears she giggled. “Daddy, that tickles!” I kissed it two more times before putting my hands on her hips, spinning her around. She was so young, not knowing what was going on, just thinking that this was some new game. I stared into her eyes, then down at her legs. Her baby fat was almost gone, leaving her tall and slender, and between her legs I could see two small folds of skin denoting where her hole lied. “Daddy… this feels funny…” She said, her eyes turning from glee to something almost like concern. “Where does t feel strange, honey?” I asked in an indifferent voice, and immediately she pointed down to her pussy. “It’s like it’s in my tummy, but deeper. ” she said, without a change in her voice. “Do you want me to kiss it and see if it gets better?” I asked, hoping for permission. “… Okay. ” She said, still standing there. “I’ll need you to spread your legs a little, honeybunch, so I can kiss there. ” I said, and almost exploded with excitement as she did so, opening her legs just a little. Without any more warning, I dove right in, licking her entire honey-pot in long sweeps.

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   Her hands came down on my head, not in an attempt to push me away, but more of a surprised movement. “Daddy… OH! …That feels… so good…” She said, but I didn’t reply. I was on automatic, licking away violently. After a few minutes she moaned again, and I could taste her under mature juices, albeit not a lot of it, flow from deep inside her and into my mouth. It was like nothing I ever tasted before in my life! I licked up as much of the stuff as I could before pulling away to look my daughter in the eyes. “What did you do, daddy?” Maria asked me, looking at my juice-glazed face. “I… No, you wouldn’t understand. ” I said, standing up. Then thinking quickly: “And let’s not tell this to mommy, okay?” She nodded, and I turned to leave when I felt her hand on my leg. I turned around again, and she seemed almost… shy, in a cute way. “Daddy…?” She said softly, asking something that I will never forget: “Can you do it again next time?”CHAPTER 2 I was horny the entire day through, just waiting to get into bed with my wife. The episode with my daughter was still in my mind, and it was hard not showing off how aroused I was to my wife, for it being Saturday, I always wore PJ bottoms. I could tell that, several times through the morning, she eyed my crotch, and twice when we passed in the halls between different rooms, she gave me a quick rub. I decided that enough was enough, and I was going to go in the bathroom when my wife was there and get my hard-on down. It took some timing, but finally I saw her walk down the hall to one of the 1st floor bathrooms, and heard the door shut with a click.

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   I checked, and my daughter was absorbed in the Television set, and thankfully with a loud program. That’s when I made my move. We have an old fashioned bathroom, but we made some adjustments to it. The bath is large enough for two people, and we have a separate shower stall. As I approached the door, I heard the hiss of the shower. The doorknob on the bathroom door had a little hole in the center,Which was a form of emergency unlocking. I grabbed a pen (Without the casing, the part that holds the ink) nearby, which was just for this purpose, and let myself in. Although the glass was steamed up, I could still make out the shape of my beautiful wife. She stands a good 5’ and a few inches, we don’t talk about it much, just about above my shoulders, had the perkiest pair of boobs you’ve ever seen, and a well rounded ass that was great for getting a hold on. She has long, flowing dark hair down to her shoulders, nice, tightly closed lips that felt great on your cock-head, big, Emerald green eyes, and a nice tan from a recent beach trip. She was standing in the shower, letting the water run in torrents down her shapely body. She didn’t hear me come in, or at least, if she did a good job hiding it. Her eyes were closed, and her body was a pink-tan from the hot water. I silently took off my clothes, putting them in a basket next to hers. I walked cautiously towards the shower, grabbed hold of the curtain, and whipped it open.

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   The look on Sakura’s face went through many different phases, ranging from complete and total fear to arousal in a few seconds. I stepped forward, and my engorged member rubbed against the skin of her thigh. There was no need for words at that point on. She draped her arms around my shoulders, not an easy thing to do normally, but I was stooped a little, and her lips found mine. As soon as our lips were together, my tongue went into action, rubbing against her front teeth lightly before finding her own tongue to play with. One of my hands was on her hip; the other was exploring the inside of her legs. She moaned into my mouth when my fingers drew near her love-pot, but quickly flew away again. She finally managed to force her pussy down onto my fingers, and I reluctantly (Hey, it was great fun messing with her like that. ) Began fingering away, my mouth leaving hers for a new hold on one of her cherry-pink nipples. I spun her around quickly, and pushed her forward slightly, bending her at the hips. The shower’s water was now falling directly on her back, just a little above her beautiful ass. With one hand holding onto her lightly around the waist, the other aimed my cock right into her. I was done messing around; I needed to get off. In two quick thrusts, I was up to the hilt in her box. Although we had been together for a few years, she was still as tight as the day after we married.

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   Words cannot describe how it felt, at least, not mine. Her entire body shook as she climaxed, and after a few more thrusts, we both let out screams, I cumming into her deeply, she reaching her second orgasm. Yet, I was still not satisfied. She spun around, and I pushed down on her shoulders until her boobs were level with my cock. I stroked myself like a man insane, and shot the rest of my load right onto her cleavage. I washed off her body after words, starting with the mess I made on her breast, then giving her cunt a good washout (Mostly with my tongue after I washed away the soap. ) And she gave my cock and balls a good scrub down (With a little lip work). We clambered out of the shower together, and we dressed slowly, passionately kissing in between each piece of clothing. I left first, making sure Maria wasn’t around, and my wife came out a bit later. We kissed once more; she had to go off to work soon. We would most likely do it again when she came home and we went to bed. I was taking a nap on the couch. I wasn’t sure what time it was, but I heard something very feint. I’m one of those weird sleepers: I can awake at the slightest noise, but not at loud ones. It sounded like one… no… two people talking, rather quickly and excitedly.

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   I decided to investigate. After walking around silently for a little bit, I found the source: My bedroom. The door was closed, but it was unlocked. I opened it just a slight bit, just to hear my daughter’s voice: “And then, he started kissing me right here!”OOoooooo!!! Spooky ending! If I get some positive feed back, then I’ll quite possibly continue this story, and maybe a few others. See you in that thing you call the real world!.