Uncle Al And Krissy


Uncle Al And Krissy
A Purvversion

Part 1

Krissy was a shy and quiet little girl, but because of her beauty and her early budding, she drew more attention than most 13-year-olds, mostly from boys a year or two older than her, but even a few grown ups. Even at thirteen she had breasts that would have made a full-grown woman envious.

Her Uncle Al was one of those that had a hard time keeping his eyes off of the youngster, in spite of the fact that she was his own niece; and a blood relative, at that. Married and divorced, he had never felt any pedophilic desires in his life, but each time that he was around his little niece, he found himself wanting to touch her exciting little body. He soon took to masturbating with her in mind; in the beginning hating himself for doing so, but then finally accepting that it was just a mental thing. He would never really touch her, he told himself.

Then came the day he got the call from Krissy.


“Hey Uncle Al, it’s me. ”

“Hi, sweetie, what’s up?”

“Ma said she thought you might be home; that I should call you,” she said.

“Yeah, I am, Sweetheart. I’ve been off all week. ”

“That’s what she thought, that’s why she said to call you. ”

He glanced at the clock and saw that it was after 3 PM and realized that his little niece was out of school. “You need a ride or something?”

“Nah, er, no, it’s not that. It’s that our computer is broke down and I have to do some homework and need a computer. I could go to the library, but she thought it would be better if I could use yours.

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“Sure Hon, no problem. When? Now?”

“Yeah, I’m with a couple of friends. Their mom was going to drop me off at the library. Could she drop me off by you?”

“I’m waiting with open arms, my love. ”

She giggled. “’Kay, see you in a few. ”

Al put down his drink and hurried over and took the DVD out of the machine. He had watched it the night before but hadn’t bothered to extract it. Best do so now, just in case Krissy decided that she wanted to watch something.

Next, he wandered over and turned on the computer, and paused. He was only in his shorts. The alcohol he had consumed was enough to cause him to toy with the idea of not putting on anything over the shorts, but not enough to convince him to do so. Instead, he went into the bathroom and grabbed the robe that had been hanging on the door. As he walked back out, he was thinking that it would be best for him to get dressed, when his bell rang and his door opened immediately thereafter.

“Hey Unk,” Krissy grinned, walking into the living room.

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Al couldn’t help but to allow his eyes to quickly run over her sweet body, from the top of her natural curly blonde hair to her shoe covered feet, pausing along the way by split seconds at her ample chest and over her tight jeans. He felt a bit of an arousal starting and was somewhat ashamed.

“Hi Love. Get yourself settled,” he said, pointing to the computer. “Can I get you a soda or anything?”

“You got diet?” she asked as she dropped her bag on the floor by the computer chair, and began rummaging within it.

He nodded and she got herself busy. Then, as if out of the blue, he exclaimed with a smile, “God you’re beautiful!” as he walked out to the kitchen and grabbed a soda for her. “You want it in a glass with ice?” he called out to her.

Krissy called back, “Nah, that’s okay. ”

He walked back and handed the can to her. Because she was already busy at the computer, he walked away, grabbed his drink, and sat on the couch. After taking a long drink, he grabbed the remote and put on the TV. However, he barely paid attention, even though he tried to make it appear that he was watching it. Instead, most of the time he would steal glances at his hot looking niece.

During the half hour or so that she was on the computer, he occasionally would throw a comment or question to her over his shoulder, again telling her how attractive and grown up she was, remarking that he thought she was probably the prettiest girl in school.


  Like all young girls, Krissy enjoyed this flattery from such a good looking guy, even if it was her own uncle. By the time she was finished with her homework on the computer, she felt relaxed and very cool being talked to as an equal by a guy who was older and more mature than the boys in her class.

He had gotten up and was standing alongside her as she shut the machine off. Then she rose to stand, facing him. Krissy had been so distracted by some of his comments that she now didn’t notice the smell of alcohol on his breath, nor recognize that he was being bolder than at any time in the past.

"I bet all the guys at school are always telling you how gorgeous you are and how they love your blonde hair and hit on you constantly. "

"Not really," she said, feeling so flushed by his interest.

"Have you ever gone all the way with a boy?" he asked her matter-of-factly.

She blushed and was quite taken aback at his direct question, but the question gave her funny feelings in between her legs, just as she felt when she rubbed herself in bed at night.

"N-no I haven't. T-That’s silly, Uncle Al. My folks would kill me, you know?" she heard herself say.

She could see by the considerable bulge in the robe that he was aroused, and she felt the thrilled tingles in her breasts and her pussy. Her nipples were hard now and showing quite prominently through her bra and shirt.

"Have you ever seen a cock?" he asked in a matter of fact way.

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Krissy tensed, knowing how wrong a question that was, yet still, she responded, saying, "N-not really. Only my brother’s; and not since I was much younger. ”

Al was standing very close in front of her and she could see the tented area in the front of his robe as his cock tried to get free.

He watched his niece’s eyes as they looked down at where he bulged. With the alcohol having taken its affect on him, along with what he perceived as his niece’s agreeable attitude, he dared to become bolder. His hand casually went down and opened the belt of his robe, and when Krissy just watched without recoiling, he allowed the terry cloth garment to open. Then, with her eyes watching, he stuffed his hand into the opening of his boxer shorts, and emerged with his fully erect cock.

Krissy gasped and caught her breath. She suddenly realized then that her uncle had been drinking and that she should get out of there in a hurry. Instead, she couldn't take her eyes off of his manhood. It looked so big and beautiful, even if a little frightening.

"You can touch it if you want. Just feel how warm and soft it is," he invited.

"I-I c-can't," she said, her quiet, nervous voice not sounding convincing.

Her eyes would glance down, then hurriedly tear away, pause, return and look down again to restart the cycle; each time she looked down, her eyes spent more time than the last.

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   Then her eyes finally stayed looking over the hard cock.

“Can’t, because you don’t want to, or can’t, because you’re afraid?”

She shrugged her shoulders, her young face confused, indicating that she wasn’t sure just what she meant.

"Just feel how warm and soft it is," he invited.

"No I can't; it's not right," she said in a low voice, her eyes seemingly thoroughly fascinated at the smooth and swollen man-flesh.

“No one will know; I won’t tell. Go ahead, Sweetheart; touch it. It won't bite; at least I don't think it will. " He smiled.

"No Uncle Al, I can't. "

He looked at her face, seeing that she was mentally absorbed in his cock. Her breathing was much heavier than earlier. There was a flush about her and he guessed that she was probably feeling some sort of sexual arousal feelings in her pussy.

“You’re grown up now Krissy. You’re not really frightened of one, are you? Haven’t you sometimes thought of what one looks and feels like? Go on, touch it. "

The 13-year-old didn't know why she reacted, maybe it was the challenge in his voice, or the fact that she really had thought about guys down there; what they looked like when they got hard; what it is that make some girls like them and do things with them.

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   She could hear her own heart beating harder with excitement.

Her small slender hand reached out and she gently grasped the object of her fascination.

"Nnnnggg," he groaned at her touch.

Krissy was amazed that she was actually touching a penis. It felt so hard and yet so very silky soft at the same time and she found that she loved the feel of it. It was flawless; not veined or purple, like those angry looking ones she’d seen on the internet.

Al slowly and gently put his hand over hers and paused, so as she wouldn’t get scared. Then he helped her hand to wrap its fingers tighter around his now fully erect cock, and again waited until she lost her tenseness, though her breathing was obviously increased. Finally, he helped her move her fist up and down his smooth shaft. To his delight, after a few seconds of true hesitation where he thought she might revolt, Krissy’s hand suddenly was compliant. He began groaning when she got into the rhythm as she started to jack him off as if she had done it before.

Krissy was going slow and easy, as she realized that she was actually giving a hand job to a real guy…her own uncle. It was so wrong, so nasty, but she couldn’t make herself stop. She knew he wouldn’t tell. Hell why would he, guys liked this.

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   Besides, he would be too afraid that he’d get in trouble. ‘Just make him cum and see what it looks like when it shoots out,’ she told herself. Her young mind was racing.

Al too was no longer thinking with a rational mind. He was well aware just how wrong this was, but he too couldn’t stop himself. In fact, the feelings shooting throughout his body and brain were causing him to react instinctively.

He raised his hands and moved them up between their bodies and onto his young niece’s generous tits; initially just ever-so-slightly cupping them. Krissy’s eyes momentarily clenched as she seemed to push her chest almost imperceptibly toward him. Al then closed his hands to clutch the taut, heated, wonders and he could feel the nipples standing out through her shirt and bra.

Krissy let out a soft moan as her uncle’s hands gently but firmly kneaded her boobs. As he did this, her hand never let go of her prize and although she was no longer jerking him off, she continued to massage his stiff cock with one hand along the shaft, sometimes squeezing, sometimes stroking it, as her other hand felt and fondled his balls.

Al moved his face to hers and their mouths were breathing against one another. He didn’t know if he dared to kiss the youngster for fear that such an act from her much older uncle might spook her. He was also unsure as to what to say, not wanting to be too aggressive in his words.

Being extra gentle, he put his lips to hers to just peck; hurriedly pulling his mouth off before she might react aversely, then waiting a few seconds before repeating.

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   Their lips began to meet in quicker intervals and were soon meeting together for longer and longer periods. Then he was truly kissing her and Krissy was moaning into his mouth. He flashed a tongue to see how she would react and when her mouth pushed tighter to his he began Frenching his young niece. Although she was apparently a virgin, she wasn’t a newcomer to kissing. Indeed, she seemed quite expert at it.

Moving his hands off her wondrous mounds of tit flesh and up atop her blouse, his fingers then began to work on the buttons of her shirt. To his delight, either Krissy was too absorbed in the kissing or she was willingly allowing him to strip her. While their tongues dueled within the youngster’s mouth, his hands unbuttoned her shirt and then moved up her bra.

After momentarily cupping her breasts, he moved his fingers down and under the cotton bra, and then pushed it upward, releasing her large adolescent tits from their confines.

Krissy had resumed stroking her uncle’s throbbing cock, while he massaged her tits, pulling and twisting at the hard nipples that stood out at least quarter of an inch.

He then broke the kiss, and their eyes, wild and feral, seemed to search into each other’s soul. She watched him curiously as he lowered his head to her chest. Krissy made no move to stop his advances because this was the most thrilling thing that had happened to her in her young life.

Al started to suck the youngster’s tits, and nipped on her protruding nipples gently with his teeth as his tongue darted back and forth over the tips. Krissy’s breathing became labored and long moans came from deep within her throat as her fist began jacking him off at an ever-quickening pace.

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He moved his hands, sliding one around her hip, where he cupped her little ass cheek, while his other hand moved directly up between Krissy’s legs and cupped the 13-year-old’s excited little pussy through her jeans.

“Nooooo,” she hissed as her hand continued its frantic stoking of his cock. Al was groaning and Krissy understood that he was about to finish. Her fist was suddenly going as fast as a piston.

“Ahhhh, OH OHHHHHH!!!” Al’s hands suddenly let go of his niece as white sperm erupted from his throbbing cock in pulses.

Krissy watched in awe as her uncle’s cock began shooting spurts of a gooey substance out of his grown up prick. She continued jerking him off as he tightened and twitched and groaned. She was both excited and somewhat relieved, knowing that his lust would be sated. She realized that she had lost control of herself back there and very well could have given herself to her own uncle if he had caught her in the middle of that orgasm that had shaken her so much. Now she was feeling ashamed.

Al groaned a last time as the final clenching at his prostate forced out the last great oozing of cum from the tip of his cock. As his mind began to return, he saw that Krissy was hurriedly straightening herself out. She already had her tits back into her bra and was closing her shirt to button it again.

He reached down to put his now softened and slimy cock into his pants. Looking at his niece, he saw that tears were falling gently down her cheeks.

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   Reaching up, his hands gripped her shoulders as she continued to button her blouse.

“Hey Hon, what’s the matter?”

“I – I – I – We – I was bad, Uncle Al. We shouldn’t have. It was wrong. My dad and mom would kill me if they ever found out. ”

With her shirt buttoned again, she allowed him to pull her close. He wrapped his arms around her and softly told her, “It’s okay, Sweetheart. They won’t find out. You won’t tell. And I won’t. So they’ll never know. Don’t make it ugly, Hon. ”

“But it was!!! No I-I’m sorry; it wasn’t ugly, Uncle Al; just wrong. ”

“But you made me feel so good, Sweetie. And I would have loved to have made you feel as good as you made me…”

She was shaking her head as if she was frustrated.


   The tears seemed to have stopped. “No! That’s so wrong…that’s even worse…”

“Worse than what, Hon. It was beautiful what you did with me. My cock never loved anyone as much as it loved you before,” he whispered. “And I would have loved my hands or even my mouth to please your sweet little pussy, make it feel as good as you made me feel. ”

He pushed her back to look into her face and saw that she was blushing. At 13, no male had ever talked about her ‘privates’. Admittedly, it had made her feel funny when he just called it her pussy.

“I can’t stay here, Uncle Al. I better go home. We can’t never do that no more either. ”

Al had no thought of forcing himself on his little niece, even though just minutes ago, he had dreams of fucking her. Whether or not he would have forced himself on her when he was so aroused he’d never know; she had sated his sexual hunger with her hand.

“Alright, toots. If that’s what you want.

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   But I’ll always be remembering how much I loved you for doing that for me. And I’ll always be fantasizing touching, and maybe even tasting you. ”

Again she flushed, as she stepped away from him and finished pushing her blouse into the waistband of her jeans. Put back together, she kept her distance from him as she then gathered her backpack, and cell. They talked a few more minutes, she listing her regrets while they both seemed to be trying to be sure that the other wouldn’t tell of this. Then she was gone.

“Let me get dressed. I’ll drive you home. ”

“No, that’s all right. I’ll walk. It’s only a couple of blocks anyway. ”

He was going to object, but thought better of it.


After she left his house, Al and Krissy each had their own meltdown. Each went through a period of guilt and a period of fear. Each worried that the other might say something to alert her parents what had happened.

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Because Al only visited his sister’s family once every couple of weeks or so, he didn’t see his niece after that until later the following week. Although they glanced at each other around Krissy’s parents and brothers, they both feared looking directly at the other.

For the first month thereafter each of them had their apprehensions but finally each felt comfortable enough to breathe freely when they were in company, which was just about always whenever he visited, because Krissy now avoided being alone with him like he had the plague.

Part 2

Only a psychiatrist would be able to figure out why Krissy did what she did. It was about eight months after that night. She had already had a birthday party at her house, but that weekend her friend Debbie, along with her friend Margie, decided to have their own birthday party for Krissy at Debbie’s house.

Al was more than surprised when he got this call; first, because his niece had made it clear that she never wanted him to be near her for fear of him doing something to her; and secondly, at finding out that she had been drinking.

“Can you come get me and maybe I can stay with you, Uncle Al?” she asked, the question really catching him off guard.

Krissy had explained things to him, but in her inebriated state, he found it hard to understand exactly what she was telling him. As he pieced things together, apparently the girls were planning an all night party at Debbie’s whose parents were supposed to be going away for the weekend.

Krissy had explained that her mom and Dad only thought that she was going for an ‘overnight’; they didn’t know that Debbie’s parents would be away, and were themselves unaware that the girls were getting together to party.

So for the last couple of hours they’d been drinking and now Debbie got a call from her mom saying the weekend trip was not going to take place and that her folks were already on the way back from the Pocono’s. Al didn’t find out why they were coming home, but it apparently had nothing to do with the girls. However, now with all three of the girls having been drinking, they needed to not get caught.

Krissy explained that she was calling him because she felt that he was the only one that she could trust not to tell on her.


   She said that Margie was going to stay in Debbie’s room and they’d act like they were asleep, but if she stayed too, it would be really suspicious, what with one of them sleeping on the floor. Krissy said she could do that, but she’d feel a lot safer not being around in case Debbie’s folks looked in on them.

She further told Al that she couldn’t go home because she had ‘a drink or two’ and her parents might smell it on her breath.

“Your mom and dad will be furious with me for taking you in and not calling them,” he told her.

“They’ll never know, I swear. I’ll just say that I slept here and they’ll never know, I swear,” she slurred and her repeating of the words told him she was in no shape to go home.

“What’s the address?” Signed, sealed, and about to be delivered!!!

Whether Krissy was consciously aware of what was going to happen, it was inevitable. The 14-year-old birthday girl was going to be fucked for the first time in her young life.

All during the eight months after that first night, Al kept telling himself how foolish he had been to chance touching his little niece. Even as he nightly masturbated to fantasy thoughts of Krissy, he swore that he would never do such a thing again.

Now, while driving to pick up the youngster, it was as if he’d never admonished himself. He was already wondering how much she had drunk and what condition she was really in. Even as he continued to drive, he was convincing himself that this was Krissy’s way of getting him to do more with him; though he wasn’t sure just what she was expecting, as he only had mentioned touching and oral the last time he was with her.

Even if Krissy had been thinking such thoughts, they could only have been in her subconscious mind until that night. Right up until she climbed into her uncle’s car and they drove away, she didn’t entertain the slightest thought of any sex.

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   However, almost as soon as they were on the way to his house and he looked over at her, she felt a strange feeling running throughout her body, most effectively between her legs. What with his eyes looking her up and down, along with the memory of what had happened, all too soon the youngster was acutely aware of the potential. Her mind should have been shouting ‘Danger!’ but instead she couldn’t help but to look into his eyes unflinchingly, almost an invitation to her somewhat delusion uncle.

Al was sporting a hard on from the moment his hot little niece got into the car. Wearing a short skirt, his eyes immediately looked down at her knees when she slid into the passenger seat and widened as the hem rode up her legs. Seeing that youthful flesh only served to encourage his lust.

As he rode along, he softly said, “Do you know how much I’ve thought of being alone with you ever since that day at my house. ”

She tried to put him in his place, but her alcohol laced mind wasn’t doing so well. “That’s not nice, Uncle Al. What I did wasn’t nice. ”

“That’s not true, Krissy, Hon. What you did was very nice. It was the most wonderful thing that anyone has ever done. I loved it,” he said, ever so softly, and then whispered, “I love you Krissy. ”

He couldn’t see, but in the darkness of the car, she blushed.

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   “You shouldn’t, ‘cause you’re older. Well, it’s not that you’re older; I mean you should love me and all ‘cause I’m your niece, but what I did…it was…”

He interrupted her, finishing her sentence, with the word, “…great. It was great, sweetheart. And nobody got hurt or nothing; it was just the two of us enjoying ourselves. And you didn’t tell and I didn’t tell. ” He could make out that she was breathing heavier, so he continued, “I’ve thought about you every night since. I’ve thought about your hand on my hard cock. We both liked that, right? And I thought of my hand on you, down there; on your exciting little pussy; we’d both like that, right? And no one would know about that either…”

“I-it’s, it would be wrong though…” she tried to reason, but her voice was so soft, he knew that she was talking only to convince herself that she wasn’t being easy.

“How can touching be wrong? That’s all I’m going to do for you baby girl. That’s what my little puss wants, isn’t it?”

He was pulling into his driveway now as she was nervously responding, “No, well, maybe, but it’s wrong, right?”

“If you think it’s wrong and you tell me to stop, you know I will, right?” he offered, knowing that none of this conversation made much sense; but it did seem to be keeping his niece from thinking properly.

Then he was holding her hand as he brought her into his house. Putting his mouth to her ear, he asked gently, “You should get up to bed, don’t you think?” She nodded and he quickly offered, “C’mon, I’ll show you the room. ”

Krissy’s legs were shaking as her uncle led her up the stairs. This had all come about so quickly she kept telling herself to stop him from coming to the room, but then she remembered how excited she had been able to make him and how excited she had gotten and didn’t he say that he was only going to touch her…?

She only realized when he sat her down on the side of the bed that it was his bed. However, she didn’t even have time to become alarmed, because he was immediately at her, pushing her gently so that she was lying on her back atop the mattress with her legs bent and her feet on the floor.

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   He was immediately alongside her and in attack mode.

Both uncle and niece knew almost immediately that her deflowering was inevitable. Wasting no more time, he pushed her short skirt up over her waist, and began to cup and to pressure her panty-covered heated mons within the palm of his hand.

Krissy groaned, and his mouth then moved onto hers. Eager to experience her uncle’s exciting mouth again, she opened hers and readily accepted his thrusting tongue. Her hands rushed up about his ears and the back of his head, pulling his mouth with greater force to hers. His hand continued to work about her panties, and a finger of his traced her excited slit.

“Oooooooo,” she murmured.

Sensing that he wasn’t going to have too much objection from his hot little niece, Al then pulled the leg of her white cotton panties to one side and eased a finger into her young cunt.

“Ahhhhhh,” she groaned and he was shocked to find that little Krissy was already soaking wet with her juices. His finger slid up past his second knuckle, while his thumb found her love nubbin, and gently rubbed it, bringing squeals of delight from her.

“Your little cunt wanted this, hah, baby girl?”

“Ooooo god, Uncle Al…”

"Let's get these panties off you Krissy,” he whispered at her mouth. “Your little body’s excited Hon. It knows that I’ve been thinking of it and I’ve been dying to touch such a hot little beauty. You’ve been wanting this.

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   You’ve been touching yourself, haven’t you?”

“Umm, yessss, oh Uncle Al…”

“Now you need my hand there, baby girl, let’s get these off so I can really give you a good finger fucking," he whispered, purposely use the lewd wording hoping to arouse her further.

He gripped the elastic waistband and quickly pulled the panties down and off her legs all together. Krissy eagerly assisted by hurriedly lifting her ass off the mattress so he could easily push them down her legs and pull them off her ankles. He quickly pulled her shoes off her feet at the same time, allowing his hand to rub about only a moment, but enough to awaken another area of her body. .

Then he immediately pushed his hand up between his aroused niece’s legs and onto her excited little mound. Krissy groaned again and Al was surprised at how wet she was down there with her juices; obviously her body was oozing as quickly as it was reacting to the feelings being generated within.

He pushed one finger into her totally moistened cunt and she moaned; with a second finger she gasped and cried out, “Oh god ahhh ahoh god…”

Krissy, who was gently writhing her hips, parted her legs a bit.

“Let me see those pretty titties Sweetheart. Let Uncle Al see your nice tits,” he whispered hotly as his fingers moved in and out slowly, as if purposely trying to touch every pore inside her sopping flesh.

The youngster knew she was about to be fucked for the first time in her life, but instead of having the sense to put a stop to what was happening, her alcohol influenced brain, along with sexually aroused body, were conspiring to bring her to the heights of pleasure and the depths of perversion. She was going to let her own uncle fuck her!!!

As Al continued to finger her excited little pussy, Krissy reached down and hurriedly removed her shirt, haphazardly tossing it to the floor, and then wantonly, as if she was a common slut, moving her hands to deftly remove her bra, tossing that too, baring her breasts for her uncle to do with as he wished.

The birthday girl was almost in her birthday suit, with only her skirt bunched up around her hips as dressing.

His fingers were now sluicing in and out of her totally aroused pussy and she was squirming about and moaning as pleasures overtook her. Krissy was so excited that she reached her own hand down and started to rub the top of her pussy briskly; she was craving more thrills.

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Krissy’s wanton writhings and actions was a pleasant shock to Al. He’d had a few girls over the years that became quite animated with sex, but none like his little niece was at that moment.

"Please. . . " Krissy begged, not even sure herself for what but knowing deep inside she had been hungering after for so long.

Al’s lust was inflamed further as he heard the begging and slammed his fingers in deep and hard. He had thought that she was a virgin, but there was obviously no hymen hindering his fingers. His out of control niece bucked up to each forceful thrust rammed into her, causing her to whimper and moan.


The youngster was on fire!

She was begging to cum and he needed no more urging as he slammed his fingers into Krissy’s needy cunt with wild abandon. "Cum, Baby girl. "

Krissy desperately needed to explode within. She bucked up hard and fast, fucking against those invading fingers. Her back arched, it did not take long for her uncle's magical fingers to bring her to release; they were experts at manipulation. Krissy’s excited little body tensed and held, suspended in the air as she came hard and seemingly endlessly.

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   She couldn't stop and she screamed aloud, “I love you Uncle Al…” Her body convulsed and thrashed under his expert sluicing of her aching cunt.

Both uncle and niece had obviously wanted this - - craved it - - were looking for it. Now they had it and there would be no turning back.

Krissy’s juices saturated his fingers. Al lifted those fingers to his own lips and sucked them clean with obvious delight before smiling at Krissy like the cat that ate the canary. He gazed down in wonder at his little niece, his now for the plucking.

Krissy lay silently with eyes closed, trying to control her heavy breathing, now that her body was temporarily sated.

Al pulled off the T-shirt that he had been wearing, baring his naked upper body. Watching his little niece lying there with her eyes shut, he quickly undid his belt and deftly shifted to remove his jeans and shorts, lowering himself immediately again. Al had been kneeling for over two minutes, watching her catch her breath.

He momentarily partially arose to a crouch so that he could pull her bunched up skirt down and off her body, stripping the youngster of her last bit of clothing. They were both naked now. Then he took hold of her ankles, lifting them up and spreading her legs open. At the same time, he knelt again.

He bent his head and kissed one of her knees.

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   Krissy lay back in wait; only imagining what could be in store after what she had just experienced. His lips kissed the inside of her thigh. Then one of his hands was on the inside of her other thigh, petting gently, starting another sensation for her.

Krissy caught her breath as her body began to tingle again.

Instantly, his head dropped down between her erotically quivering thighs, while at the same time he placed both his hands behind her knees and spread and raised them higher, so that his young niece was wide-splayed, completely and defenselessly open to him.

For an instant his lustful eyes devoured the delicious feast before him; his mouth and tongue eager to get at the wonderful girl-flesh. Then, with suddenness, almost too swift to follow, he embedded his face into her virgin cunt. His hungry wet mouth was there on her desire-ridden cunt, eager to lap up her juices and suck on her clit.

“Oh my god it’s ahhhh oh god Uncle Al oh please, yes…” Never could Krissy have explained it. Of their own volition her thighs relaxed and spread wider in utter surrender to the mass of erotic sensations that overburdened her nervous system.

Al hummed into her sweet tasting pussy, “Mmmmmm. ” He was amazed at just how wet young Krissy was about her upper thighs and her pussy. She had been sticky and wet, and his previous sluicing her eager pussy had caused the oozing fluids to spread about. Eagerly his tongue lapped out, his lips occasionally puckering to suck in as much all of the cunt juice that had spread over her baby-like flesh.

“Nnnnnngggggg,” she groaned, with the contact of his mouth to her most sensitive arousable flesh.



The smell of pure sex permeating into his nostrils caused Al’s mind to dessert him. All he wanted at this point was to live forever with this wondrous aroma of his excited niece and to give her total oral pleasure.

“Mmmmmmm,” he continued to murmur into her young flesh.

As she felt her uncle’s moist tongue thrusting deeply into the passion-tormented depths of her youthful cunt, Krissy could contain herself no longer. She cried out her pleasure and wanton hunger. Instinctively, her hands reached down to grasp her uncle’s head, and pulled him in harder against her. The 14-year-old was completely helpless; her whole being giving in to her urges. Her reactions, now, were animalistic. There was nothing in the world for her but sex, sensuality, sensation . . . and the need to orgasm - -to cum.

"Oh, ooooh, oooooohhh, my goddddddddd! Do it to me! God! D-do…it. . .

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   to…m-me. . . now!" she moaned.

His tongue thrust into and out of her pussy as she writhed about; and then he was lapping within her wet slit, moving up, trying to find and capture her tiny little clitoris. Krissy was grunting while bucking up in search of accommodation. Al's tongue probed for a moment until he found the erect, pulsating nub and began to lick at it moistly as he inhaled the warm heady aroma of her vaginal slit, which drove him almost wild with desire and caused his painfully aching cock to lurch in a lewd hunger.

“Nggghhhh,” Krissy moaned as her uncle took the pulsing bud of her clitoris between his wetly pursed lips. Continued sounds of agonized pleasure issued from her lips. Holding it lightly, he exerted a sucking pressure on its tiny, hardened length for a few secondsbefore shifting again. Then he was holding the erect little clitoris between his teethwhile his tongue played a drumming tattoo directly on its sensitive head .

He had hardly started to suck, when the youngster started to buck harder up and down on the mattress, pulling his head deeper into her sodden pussy. His head buried in the searing muskiness of the youngster’s hotly throbbing pussy. Al heard her loud whimpering mewls of pleasure, as each time, now, he swirled his long, probing tongue around and around inside her desire-swollen cuntal mouth.

“Ohmygodohmygod-ohmygody ah ah OHHHHHH it’s ahh oh god Uncle Aaaal…!”

Krissy came in a flood of cum into her uncle’s waiting mouth, her convulsions making it difficult for him to keep hold of her clit between his lips.

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"Ohmygod, ohmygod, god, ohmygod! Don't stop! Lick me there - - kiss it - - oh yeah Uncle Al - - I love it love it. Keep doing it. Aaaaah OH – MY - GOD! I'm cummmmmiinng!"

Her spasms were uncontrollable as her body exploded its juices, as his face burrowed within her, her thighs clenched tightly to him.

Finally, her body gave way to exhaustion. Al’s tongue soon just slowly swirled about, lapping up the remnants of that wonderful nectar, as Krissy’s thighs relaxed around his face and she fell back into an unmoving state.

Part 3

As she lay there, on her back, eyes closed, catching her breath, he lifted her legs and guided her over to the center of the bed. Then he moved up on the bed himself, cuddling himself alongside the youngster, moving his hand onto her stomach and then sliding it up to cup one of those wondrous tits.

Krissy immediately caught her breath, turning her face to her uncle and whispering, “You’re never gonna tell no one, are you?”

Gently massaging her breast he kissed her cheek, her ear and her neck, murmuring, “Krissy, Hon. Kids in school talk about what they did. Grown ups and mature girls just appreciate each other - - maybe love each other - - but they never tell. ”

She turned her face to him and whispered, “I’m scared, Uncle Al. ”

“I know, Sweetheart. But it’s all been great so far, right?”

“Please don’t…”

“You don’t mean that, do you?” he asked and pecked her lips.

“I do, I really do!”

“No you don’t. ”

Al shifted up and over on the bed between Krissy's legs.


   The frightened young teen put her hands to his shoulders as if to reject him, but made no effort to fight him off. Instead, there was another weak, “Please, don’t Uncle Al, I don’t want anyone to find out…”

Krissy actually wanted him to take her virginity and now admitted it to herself. Her eyes watched his huge cock. She didn't think it possible for her to take it inside her. Al sensed her apprehension.

"I'll stop when you tell me to," he murmured, leaning down to kiss her.

“I-I love you Uncle Al. ”

The youngster instinctively spread her legs further apart. She nervously watched him guide his cock towards her throbbing pussy. Then she felt what she feared, yet hungered for the most - - her uncle’s cock!

Al lowered himself gently, pushing his throbbing cock against into the lips of the youngster’s sodden slit.

Young Krissy lifted her legs to his waist, as she watched him guide his cock towards her swollen pussy. She felt the enlarged head touching her pussy and looked up into his eyes. She saw in his heated face how much he wanted what she apparently have to have too; her body wanted him! She wanted her body to be ravished by her own uncle. He had brought her to such heights of pleasure that she just had to see if there was more.

Holding himself above her, Al flexed his hips slightly and forced the bulbous head of his excitedly throbbing penis inch by slow inch into the elastic little opening of her hungering, moist and wanting cunt.

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"Ohhhhh Goddddd, Uncle Al," she cried out, feeling his prick poking in search of her pussy’s cocoon.

Flat on her back beneath him, Krissy was aware for the first time how truly enormous his lust-hardened shaft was. With a sudden fright, she was positive that, as his thickened cock-head began to stretch her cruelly, he would rip her apart. Almost at once, as she tensed in fear, the stretching pressure of it was too much for her to bear. She screamed in agony.

"OOOOOOoooooooaaaaaagh! God! It's too big!"

"It’s okay Sweetheart. Relax. It’s okay. You're too nervous, Hon, just relax!" he whispered soothingly.

"Oh please! I-I can't stand it!"

In spite of her need for the expected pleasure that only his hotly throbbing cock could bring her, now that its swollen head was in her, starting to stretch her beyond her wildest expectations, the pain was horribly real for the moment. Her tortured eyes begged him for mercy, but through her tears she saw his lust.

Al held still for a brief moment before forcing it in deeper.

Young Krissy lay in abject surrender. Naked, legs akimbo as if in offering. Her hands grasped the sheets tightly, almost tearing them, her pussy stretching so tight it felt as if she was on fire.

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Suddenly fear overtook her. "Uncle Al. . . Nooooo! Stop! Don’t!"

Al paused immediately, not wanting to hurt her. He tried to pull back but Krissy's ankles were locked tight behind him. His niece's eyes were shut tight, her whole body tensed. Al rubbed her sides and legs, trying to get the youngster to relax. Krissy's eyes slowly opened.

"I'm okay," Krissy muttered. "It’s okay. Don’t stop. "

Inch by massive inch his heatedly pulsating shaft bored into her wetly cringing vaginal tunnel, until suddenly, with a satisfied gasp, he plunged deeply into her tightly resisting pussy with the force of a rutting stallion.

Krissy screamed again. "Aagghh! Stop! You're splitting me! It's too big! Oh, God! Pull it out.

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  . . p-please. . . ?" she cried, as his thick hot length raced into her, pushing the moistly warm walls of her resisting cuntal lining before it, until with a resounding smack, his sperm-laden balls came up heavily against the smooth white cheeks of her nakedly upturned buttocks.

"Yaaagggh!" he groaned and closed his eyes in relief. "That's it, baby. It's in all the way; how about that?"

He lay immobile on top of her nakedly impaled body for a moment or two before flexing his hotly throbbing cock deep up inside the constricting walls of her vaginal sheath.

Al leaned down, kissing Krissy softly. “Try to relax, Sweetheart, here it is again. ” He pulled back a little and then plunged his hard cock all the way inside her, his hips moving to drive his long thick pole of male flesh yet another fraction of an inch deeper into her tight little cunt.

“Ahhhh!” Krissy's hands shot up off the sheets and gripped his shoulders tightly, her fingers digging into his skin.

His young blonde niece groaned with each muscular lurch as he repeated the slow sluicing several times. After only a few moments, it seemed, she was surprised that her cruelly stretched passage began to adjust to the presence of her uncle’s wonderful penis, and she realized she was accommodating his entire length with ease! Now all those delicious sexual sensations, which had been masked temporarily by his painful entrance, came flooding back to her, and her moaning mewls of pain were gradually replaced with wanton gurgles of unequivocal pleasure.

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Her arms and legs tightened around him, pulling his hips tightly to hers. His cock was buried deep within her from the force of her legs as they wrapped around his ass.

Al began a slow grinding motion, swinging his hips from side to side and around and around, insinuating his massively hardened rod deeper into his hot little niece’s tightly clasping pussy. More and more the resilient walls of the youngster’s heatedly pulsating cuntal passage stretched and relaxed, until her whimperings of pain became purring mewls of delight. . . of outright enjoyment of her forbidden pleasure, an enjoyment over which she had no control.

Al was suddenly in shock at what he was feeling, buried into the depths of his own niece’s cunt. Her pussy seemed to be sucking on his cock. The inner muscles milking his penis as she pulled him tighter. He knew at that moment that little Krissy would be craving cock from that point forward, and he only hoped that he could satisfy her enough that she wouldn’t seek it elsewhere. His little niece was going to be one hot little cunt!

Krissy was on fire with wild, unfulfilled yearnings, and unbidden, her naked young loins began to gyrate lewdly beneath him, countering his hip-swinging grinding motion into her.

Al held her tightly to him as her pussy massaged him. He slowly fucked his hard cock in and out, taking short strokes. Krissy's body responded instantly, matching his rhythm.

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   The youngster's pussy was quickly becoming accustomed to being stretched to its limits. She was gritting her teeth, forcing her ankles hard against her uncle’s butt.

“Oh god Uncle Al, this is the best…”

He then began to rock backward and forward using short, smooth strokes that gradually lengthened and deepened at the same time as the speed of them increased. He felt the wetly clinging inner lining of her vaginal tunnel squeezing tightly around the entire length of his rock-hard cock, giving him an ecstatic feeling of overwhelming sensual pleasure and assuring him that his long wait had been worthwhile. ‘God! She's got a luscious, tight little cunt!’

Al fucked faster, still trying to be gentle, afraid he'd lose control and hurt her.

Not having come down completely from the last climax Krissy again felt her body reacting to the tremendous sensations within her. As her naked uncle drove deeply into the desire-inflamed depths of her hotly throbbing cunt, Krissy's body reacted of its own volition to the wanton desires he had engendered in her. She surrendered herself completely and unconditionally to being fucked by her own flesh and blood! She began to move her hips from side to side, then up and down; each movement creating a different type of pleasure inside her throbbing pussy.

She was so wildly aroused, the pleasure couldn't be minimized. This was real - perhaps the only reality for her. She loved everything about her uncle; his mouth on her mouth; his chest to her breasts; his cock buried deep inside her, his legs inside hers!Deep in her loins now, the flaming heat of wantonness was being unleashed, flashing from nerve ending to nerve ending within her highly aroused sheath, as her uncle’s cock pistoned in and out.

Uncle and niece were truly fucking now. Their bodies were pressed tightly together, her legs pulling at his ass. As her uncle increased the depth and speed of his thrusts into her, his hips pounding with pile-driver force, the 14-year-old writhed nakedly in complete and happy abandonment beneath him, welcoming every body-jarring thrust with a bucking counterstroke of her own, fucking him back with all the strength of her lithe young body. Her pussy was wild with the throbbing of his cock as it jumped from the blood pulsing into it.

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He dropped his lust-distorted mouth to hers, capturing her wetly glistening lips between his opened ones, and she lashed her tongue deep into his throat and mouth to be sucked, while at the same time she thrust it back and forth in tempo with his hard-boring cock ramming in and out of her pink-fleshed pussy below. As he kissed her mouth, she could taste her own cum as it still rested on his lips, his tongue still coated with the juices of her inner being!

“Mmmmmmm. ” Moaning incessantly up into his face, willing to accept any and everything he was giving her, the young girl slid her moistly lubricated cunt up and down the thick fucking shaft of her own uncle’s cock with a wanton abandon without compare.

Her lovely face contorted with lust, her eyes glazed unseeingly, her nostrils flared wide as her breath came in loud rasping pants. Krissy she was lost to everything but the lurid sexual dance she and her uncle performed as they fucked each other with everything they had.

“Oh my god Uncle Al, this oh this oh so good…”

Then for the first time, he heard her whisper those lewd words, “Fuck me Uncle Al. ”

Krissy was now giving herself totally. Al felt her hands reach down and clutch his ass cheeks, pulling at him, her body moving out of control, her legs and arms clutching him tightly.

“Oh god oh god oh god…” The 14-year-old was wild with wanton lust. As she moved with him, sliding her eagerly pulsating cunt up and down the thick length of his expanding cock, fucking back for all she was worth, she found that the intensity of her sensations was increasing. It was delicious and almost unbearably wild and insane. No fantasizing could ever conjure up the true ecstasy of being fulfilled with her Uncle Al’s beautifully hard penis jackhammering into her. “OOOoooh, it’s great ah ah oh I love it…”

The youngster’s pussy muscles squeezed tightly around his cock as he began to thrust his cock in and out of her pussy with greater speed and force.

Al was in awe at how excited his niece was. Her long legs were gripping him so tightly that it would have been impossible to pull out at that moment.

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With each hard downward thrust into the youngster, their bodies crashed together, his balls slapping her bucking ass cheeks, the base of his cock hitting hard against her clit. Their hips came together harder and harder as he felt the cum churning in his balls.

"Fuck me. . . fuck me hard. . . harder!" Krissy begged, her eyes glazed with lust.

Al pounded the youngster’s pussy harder and faster. He had entered her bareback, intending to pull out. Now, her cunt had him more aroused than at any time in his life, and he had a tremendous urge to shoot inside her. He thought only fleetingly of how she might become pregnant, but instead of that thought dissuading him, it seemed to inflame him further.

"Fuck me, hard, Uncle Al!" Krissy gasped. "Don't stop! Just keep on fucking me, hard! Harder! Harder!"She knew that her words would spur him on, excite him further, and let him know she was loving every moment of it.



Now he was fucking into her with increased speed. Beneath his powerfully pounding hips, Krissy writhed wildly out of control, grinding her wetly heated pussy up and down his almost ready-to-explode cock with mounting fury, her legs jerking, toes curling and hips nakedly gyrating as though she would never get enough of this forbidden pleasure. She was in complete subjugation to his ravishment of her flaming, wildfire loins, and unceasingly she moaned and mewled her throaty enjoyment of it all.

Krissy's pussy was so tight on his cock that Al could feel his cum as it slowly worked its way up through his cock. He strained to hold it back - - not ready yet - - wanting to cum with her! He slammed harder and harder into the youngster, his balls hitting her ass over and over. Her clit was being driven harder and faster.

Suddenly Krissy convulsed under him. It was there for her explosively, her orgasm surging through her tingling, alive body like a tidal wave. Finally, what he has been holding out for was happening. Krissy screamed loudly that, “OH GOD UNCLE AL, I’M CUMMINNNNNGGGGG…”

His niece was cumming! Her head tossed wildly from side to side, her naked young body spasming in the grip of her convulsive release, and she was rocketing to the heights where time and space are meaningless approximations.

As Krissy climaxed she began screaming out his name. "UNCAHHHHHHHH AAAAAAL. . . OH MY GOD I LOVE IT!"

Al felt the rhythmic tremors of her unbelievably intense release in her heatedly clasping cuntal passage, and with a final effort, he pounded into her rapidly, plumbing her wetly throbbing vagina deeper than he had been before.

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With a loud groan he felt his wildly jerking cock beginning to cum. “Here I come too baby girl…” he groaned.

His white-hot sperm hosed through the thick expanding length of his massively ejaculating cock with satisfying force, splashing deep up into her milking young womb as it spurted from the tiny slit in its madly pulsing head.

Holding himself rigidly above the nakedly thrashing young girl while the exquisite sensations of his release flooded through him, he grunted, "God damn, Krissy, baby. . . that gorgeous cunt of yours is pumping me dry!"

The grown up was erupting, shooting huge amounts of sperm into the orgasming young girl. With each squirt, Krissy's body spasmed reflexively. Her eyes were squeezed tightly closed. Her juices were instantaneously mixing with his gushing cum inside her hot clenching pussy.

Al had let go of all of his control. He eagerly exploded inside the child, hoping she could feel every drop of cum as it shot over and over inside her.

To his delight, her legs held him tightly and her hips continued to move out of control. And every ounce of her inner self poured out of her pussy. Her body was drained of all its strength.

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Al saw the wanton passion in Krissy’s eyes as her convulsing pussy got him off. He plunged into her hard as his cum spewed. His body was paralyzed as he felt himself cumming deep inside his own niece.

Krissy held him tight to her, not releasing her firm grip, as he slowly drained himself of his life making fluid. Then, with a groan of complete satisfaction, his body folded, collapsing on top of her, while below his wildly pumping cock jerked involuntarily in the moist confines of her tightly clinging cuntal passage, the final dregs of his semen spurting from him in lessening spasms of intense sensation.

The two of them lay there in each other’s arms, as his sperm sought out her egg.

Finally, Al managed to lift himself off his young niece. He eased himself out of the sopping pussy, her body limp and almost lifeless.