Uncle John & Little Sue


“Oh yes, baby…your sooo fucking good baby. so fucking good…” Her daddy’s sexy words and encouragement made her happy and she pumped his cock harder, wanting him to be even happier, and she knew what made him happy, he had taught her well. He lay back, and luxuriated in the feelings she was giving him. She pumped for all she was worth, both little hands flew up and down the shaft, squeezed and milked his bulging cock, its thick veins standing out like rivers, as it swelled and hardened beneath her fingers. He began thrusting up against her down strokes, meeting her, matching her. “Ohhhh God…. yes!!!!” With that groan he released his seed, the thick white stream spurted in a fountain from his cock, three, four, thick spurts were forced out by Sue as she milked the cum from her daddies balls. It fascinated her as she felt the strong pulse of his orgasm, wave its way up the length of his cock, erupting, spraying its milk over his body. The spurting slowed, but she continued to drain him of every drop, carefully milking him. He had been a good teacher. She remembered that first time, in the bathroom, when she had first seen her daddy secretly milking his own cock. Her eyes had gone wide and her mouth had gaped open at the shocking size of the forbidden monster she discovered. She had looked up from the sight of this huge cock held in her daddies hand as he stopped it’s pounding, and saw him smiling at her. He daddy raised a finger to his lips. “Shhhh” was all he said. She had wanted to run away, but was too transfixed by what she saw.

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   “Want to feel it, Sue?” He had asked. “Come on, it wont bite you…” He turned towards her, his erection stiff and upright, slightly bouncing from his heartbeat, it almost called her over. She came closer, studying its frightening size. He reached down and took her hand and placed it on his cock. Her ten-year old little hand was tiny against such hugeness, it felt massive and she was shocked at how hot it was. “That’s nice Sue, rub it a little, like this…” He whispered to her hoarsely, whilst he moved her small hand over his cock the way he wanted her to do it. “Oh that’s so nice Sue, that makes me feel good, keep doing it…good. . yes…” She did as she was told, rubbing that cock for the first time, amazed, slightly frightened but a strange excitement had flooded through her. This was sex. She had heard about it, talked about it, and now she was doing it. “Ahhh ahhh. . ” He moaned suddenly and she stopped, took her hands away, thinking she had hurt him somehow. “No.

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  . no…keep doing it…harder” He told her, quickly putting her hand back on his throbbing cock. Then it happened. White stuff jumped out of the end of it, onto her hands, face and clothes. As it did so, she heard her daddy cry out as if in pain. She was confused, shocked, but he took her in his arms and held her, telling her how nice she had made him feel, and that they will do this more and more and that he would teach her how to make him happy. Now she had made him happy again. “That was good Sue, very good, now clean it all up like a good girl”He reached up and pulled her head down to his body and she began to lap up his cum, her little pink tongue cat-like in its efficiency. It was time to put her training to serious use. “Good girl, tomorrow night is the party night for you, your coming out party, you will have a lot of fun, my girl” he chuckled. She wondered what he meant. She wouldn’t have long to find out. All that I have described happened to Sue because she told me. And her dad was in fact my Uncle. I was only a few years older than Sue, and Uncle John had sucked my cock off not long before, initiating me into his family.

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   You will have to read the previous ‘First Threesome’ stories if you want to find out more. And I had been chosen to deflower Sue, which I had done. Now, we were both invited to a party. The room we were in was a large sitting room. The lights were turned low, but it was still easy to see. Several candles were arranged about the room, giving an added, haunted, and strange otherworldly atmosphere. “Jeff, come and sit next to me” One of two strange men who I had not met before were sitting together, and this guy invited me to sit between them. He patted the couch next to him. I sat down between the two men a little nervously. Both seemed to be about 40 year old, but not fat or gross. “You’re a good looking boy, Jeff, do you know that?” I just nodded a reply dumbly as he placed his hand on my thigh and squeezed. I felt my cock harden inside my pants, as I knew exactly what these two wanted. Just then the door opened and we all turned to look. In walked little Sue, dressed in a very short flared dress. Her hair was in pigtails.

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   But what shocked me was that she was blindfolded. Uncle John guided her into the centre of the room. The men next to me gasped. “Sue” Uncle John spoke softly to her “Sue, tonight you are going to make your daddy very happy” She said nothing, simply nodded her head. “Good girl” He said slowly, as he turned her to us. “Fucking lovely!”“Shit, yeah!”Both men next to me exclaimed their delight at what they were presented with. “Who is that, daddy?” Sue asked. hearing them. “Just some friends who I want you to make just as happy as you make me, you will do that wont you?”“Yes, daddy” Sue answered, a little unsure tremor noticeable in her voice. “Good girl” As he said that, he took her hands and placed them in restraints before hooking them to a rope. This rope was suspended from the ceiling and he pulled it tight, pulling her up by the arms until her arms were held high above her head. The two men left me and went over to her. They were licking their lips at the helpless young girl made available to them. They began to move their hands over her young body, exploring her. Sue wriggled and writhed but was unable to move away from the touches, held tight as she was by the rope.

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   This only excited the men more, and they swept their hands over her. They lifted her dress, and saw her tight white knickers clearly showing the lips of her vulva outlined salaciously through the soft cotton. A hand cupped her between the legs as another caressed her ass cheeks. “Oh! Oh! …Daddy!!” Sue called out, a little scared now as the unseen hands explored her body. “Its ok Sue, daddy is here, make me happy…” Uncle John was standing close by her, his cock was out, already hard and erect at the sight of his daughter being fondled and touched by the men in front of him. It was pretty hot, and my cock was aching. I released it from my pants, and sat stroking myself as I watched Sue being explored. Uncle John saw me and came over. He just pushed his fat cock to my face. “Take it Jeff, suck on my cock while we watch”I did as I was told, and I took hold of his cock and sucked on the big flared head as I watched what was happening to little Sue. We both watched. Her dress was coming off. It was unzipped from her back and fell around her ankles. Now all she had on was her knickers. The men started licking her body, one on each side, moving around her as she wriggled under their teasing.

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   Both men sucked on her budding small breasts, each man to one tiny nipple. “Ohhhhh. . ohhhhh” Sue was keening now, the exploration of her body by unseen hands and mouths working her up more and more. One man broke away, fumbling to rid himself of his clothes. He was naked very quickly, cloths discarded, his erection stiff and upright, looking large and menacing in the half-light of the room as he stalked the almost naked young girl. Uncle John was pushing more of his cock into me, fucking my face slowly now. The naked man moved close and, taking his cock in hand, slowly rubbed its head over her small breasts. Sue was not very tall and he could do this easily. The other guy took his opportunity to remove his clothes also. His cock bounced into view and was truly impressive in size. It curved up like a scimitar, topped by a large flared mushroom of a head. Maybe it was the light, but it looked a good eight inches in length, and with a proportional thickness, looked even larger against the small girls slim body. Two cocks were now exploring her, sweeping their hardness against her. The largest, the scimitar shaped cock, went behind and speared itself between her ass cheeks, between her legs, poking out now in front of her, almost as if she had a huge cock of her own.

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   The other guy knelt down and started to suck this strange girl-cock. Sue was lifted up off the ground by the strength of the hard erection between her legs, suspended on this bulging, enormous cock. It was a wild sight and I sucked on Uncle Johns cock harder, swallowing as much of his hot hardness as I could. The excitement was getting to the men. The scimitar cock was withdrawn, and her panties, the only item of clothing left, were dragged off her urgently. The man behind lifted Sue by her ass as the guy in front spread her legs wide, pulling her to him. She was like a suspended doll. Her hands held high by the rope in the ceiling, as she was supported by the guy from behind enabling the man in front access to her young pussy. He wasted no time in licking that hairless mound. His tongue darting in and around her little girls wet snatch. The ‘Scimitar’ cock slid in once again from behind, pushing the other mans lapping mouth away from her snatch with its brutal hardness. He slid it back and forth, sawing his length over and under her pussy; his cock glistening and slick now from her excited juices. Sue, still blindfolded, rocked her head back and forth with mewling sounds as the unseen abusers worked her tender body. The guy in front of Sue now placed his mouth at her snatch, licking her hairless pussy and at the same time, catching and sucking the head of the thrusting cock as it came sawing out from between her legs. He sucked and licked the sweet girl juice off this curved cock eagerly, each time it came bursting out from between her legs, each stroke.

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   Then the curved cock pushed upwards, eager to enter her, spreading her swollen lips, demanding entry to her girls body. The guy in front guided its probing, opening her with his fingers, pushing the fat cock-head into her more, a bit more each time. The fat head of the cock forced its way in, opening her wider, and Sue was wailing now, but they ignored her as they forced the huge cock further into her wet little snatch. It looked monstrous against her small body, its head slipping in and out of her stretched pussy lips. With a high-pitched wail from Sue, it gained deeper entry, burrowing into her. “Oh Shit. . Oh fuck. . Yes!” ‘Scimitar’ cock shouted as he found himself half buried in the sweet body of Sue. He jerked and pushed as he instantly came unable to restrain himself and I watched fascinated as his white cum bubbled out along the sides of the tight confines of her pussy. The curved cock slipped out, slick with dripping spunk. He fell back from his orgasm, panting. There was no respite for Sue though as the other guy, mercifully smaller in size and girth, immediately swung Sue towards him and impaled her on his own waiting weapon. Not as big, but still substantial for such a small girl.

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   Sue once again wailed and mewled her feelings as he slipped his length deeply into her opened tiny cunt. She was slippery and wet from her own juice and the previous guy’s spunk, so she offered little resistance as he pushed his meat into her young tightness. “Shit man, your fucking right, she is sooo fucking tight!” He pounded at her, without restraint, eager to fill her with his own cum. “Oh!. . ohh. ooh…” Wailed Sue in time to his thrusts as he fucked her. He used her as a doll, pulling her onto him, as she swung helpless from the rope in the ceiling above her. He lasted only a short time, before shouting out his release with a final thrust, deep into Sue. Poor little Sue hung limply from the rope; unable to stand after the fucking she had been given. Uncle John had stopped me sucking him as he fought off his own climax and now withdrew his cock from my mouth and went over to Sue. He lifted her up and released her hands from the rope, laying her on the carpet floor. But kept the blindfold on. “That’s my girl, you did well, you made me very happy” He kissed her as she regained her breath. “But we are not finished yet” He turned her over, pulling her up and onto her hands and knees and without a further word knelt behind her and shoved his stiff erection, still wet from my sucking, deep into her small cunt.

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   Sue threw her head back and wailed again as it pushed its fat way in. “Good girl, take all of daddies cock, that’s it, take it all…” He kept telling her how good she was at each deep thrust. “Jeff, let her nurse on that boy-cock of yours as I fuck her”I needed no prompting and presented my dick to her face. She immediately opened her lips and sucked me in. It was delicious, she was a good cocksucker, and he had taught her very well. I watched as her daddy’s fat cock sank between her ass cheeks again and again as she sucked my own hard dick. After all I had seen, I couldn’t last long either and I soon found her suction pulling the spunk up from my balls. I didn’t hold back and blasted my hot cum into her small mouth. She never missed a stroke, siphoning all I could give her. Her dad was still slowly fucking her as I withdrew my softening cock. The other two guys, watching the action, had been revived by what they had been watching and took my place, eagerly presenting two new hard hot cocks to her little face for her to suck on. They rubbed them over her face to let her know that two more hot cocks needed more attention. She grabbed each one, one to each hand, supporting herself on their hardness, sucking the head of each one, two, three times, before repeating her action, over and over. Her small hands and little fingers, could hardly even reach around their thickness, and her cheeks bulged as each fat cock pushed into her small mouth. The three men groaned in pleasure.


   They were being expertly, incredibly serviced by this slim, blindfolded young girl. Her daddy was pounding her faster now, his climax approaching His thrusts forced her face onto the cocks in her hands, her mewling muffled by a mouth full of cock. “Ohhh YES!. . Good fucking girl!” Uncle John shouted, as he let fly his climax, spearing his daughter with his swollen cock once more, as he erupted his hot spunk into her ravaged little pussy. Seeing John cum, the two guys quickly took their own erections from her mouth and into their hands and furiously beat themselves off, spurting more cream from each erupting cock all over her young face. They then slowly massaged the thick white love juice upon her face with their deflating and softer cocks. Uncle John looked as though he had never been happier, as he sat back on his haunches, letting his fat cock slip slowly out of his daughter snatch. Her pussy was wide and open from all the fucking. Sue turned around. “Did I make you happy, Daddy?” She asked in a sweet soft voice. Uncle John kissed her on her spunk covered the lips, lightly“Oh yes Sue, yes, you have made your daddy very, very happy!” He told her warmly. Sue smiled for the first time that night, and wrapped her small arms around her daddy. "Good" Was all she said. .

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