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<!--[if I was sitting at the front passenger seat of the carwhile dad keeps his luggage inside the trunk. We were to visit this villagewhere my dad grew up and I basically hated going on this trip, I really don’tlike history. After 3 long hours of drive we reached a place where civilizationseemed to be an unknown word. My dad got out and knocked on the door of thehouse in front of us. The door opened and it seemed that it was a stairway toheaven. Standing there was a lady of mid 30s with stunning figure and faircomplexion. I later found out that the figure detail was 36 24 32. Her titswere bulging out of her blouse and her ass was almost tearing out of her skirt. Let me tell you about myself a bit. I am 17 and got an 8-inch penis. I likekeeping myself fit but cannot gain a lot of attention from girls despite thefact that I am rock star ( I am with the school rock band). Well anyway I havea thing for older women. Coming back to the story I later learned that she wasa widow and her husband died 6 months of their marriage and due to villagerestrictions she didn’t dare see anyone or marry, basically an unsatisfiedwoman. My dad said that she was his step sister and was looking after dad’sproperty in the village. He also mentioned that he would be spending the nightat another village where his friend lived and I was going to be with her. Whata golden opportunity!<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->She introduced herself as FAHIMA CHOUDHRY and said we beganto chat.

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   I found out that she was mainly looking after the household work and rarelywent out. We chatted and soon became close to each other. <!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->We had lunch and I found her cooking to be awesome and shewent for a nap. I began to wonder around the area and finally after walkinghere and there I came back and went near he room. She looked gorgeous wearingthat night gown and while taking a nap. I saw her red panties and rd bra thatshe was wearing underneath and the perfect shape gave me an instant hard on. Atthat moment there was a sound of a jet plane and she work up hearing that sound,I tried to hide my bulge but it was too late and I am sure she saw it. I turnedaround and she asked me what I was doing here. ‘Wandering around, nothing todo’ I replied. She smiled and said that village life is very boring. You haveto get used to it. I just made a face and got out of her sight as soon aspossible. Later in the toilet I shagged thinking of her and relieved mytension. Later in the evening I saw her in the kitchen preparing my mealwearing her nightgown, the same type but this time a sexy red colored one. ‘Howmany of those do u have?’ I asked.

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   She’s looked back and smiled, ‘5 she said, uwant to see the others?’ ‘Sure, said I’ hoping to get a look at her closet. ‘lemme just finish this and show you’ ‘I could wait’ I said. She finished themeal and while doing that a gust of wind flew through the window rising up hernightgown giving me a full view of her sexy legs. My cock started to rise. <!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->I followed her into her room and she opened her closet andout of that kinky silk tiger striped bras fell out. I had an instant hard onseeing that and on the other hand her white face blushed. She picked it upinstantly and put it back. She showed me her night gowns and closed the doorsilently. Evening passed away and still I couldn’t get what I wanted. I washaving constant bulge in my pants thinking of the fact that I was alone withher and I couldn’t make my move. Then came the golden opportunity…. <!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->I saw her reading an article in the newspaper about sex andI asked her, ‘what does it say?’ she said that it was about how regularexercising of the penis makes ones sex system active. Then I asked, ‘How comeyou never married again?’. She said, ‘ I wanted to but no one would let me,there are very hard and fast rules in this village and if I break them I wouldhave nowhere to go as the village elders would drive me out of this village. ’ Ifelt sorry for her.

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   Then I asked her about her panties and said that she couldtell me anything she wanted the reason being that I would not tell anyone. Shetold me that she had wild sexual desires and masturbates thinking of them andalso she watches some porn movies on TV that makes her go crazy. I was shocked. The lady who never even told me anything about herself was revealing herdarkest desires. I went and sat beside her. I took her hand and put it in mybulge. She said, ‘Oh My GOD’ she started to rub it and I started moaning. Itwas awesome. She took her head and started to kiss her in her lips. Sheresponded and let go off my cock and held me all around tightly with both handsand started to kiss me in my lips and shoulders and neck wildly. The kissinglead to sucking of each other’s tongues and finally she took up my T-Shirt andstarted feeling me all over. I also squeezed her tits and ass from outside the gownthat gave me an awesome sensation but eventually took the gown off andbasically tore off the bras and panties. I told her to suck my cock and she gotdown and started doing so. It felt like heaven or something beyond the. Theslurping of her mouth on my hard cock and the ticklish feeling was just way togood.

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   While she sucked my cock like a pro I fingered her ass and pussysimultaneously with my 2 fingers and she moaned wit the cock in her mouth. Iwas about to cum so I told her to stop and she did. I lay her on the couch andstarted to suck her pussy, it was so sweet. ‘Yes honey lick that clit,yessssssssssssssss’ she came. I then got up and put my cock into her pussy andthat was the best thing that ever happened to me till date. I started to ram itin and out and in and out like a pro. She was the best thing on the planet. Iwas fucking her like anything and everything. I put my cock out and started tokiss her cuz I had too much heat on me and I was about to explode but I didn’twant it to end there. When I grew a little easy I put my cock in her ass andshe shrieked out but I didn’t care I started slowly but went on to do it fast Icontinues this for a long time as I never wanted it to end. She was breathinghard and turned all red but I could tell that she was enjoying it likeanything. Then I knew that I couldn’t take it anymore so I told her to keepsucking my cock until I came. She started to do that and I squeezed herbreasts. To make me even hornier I told her to look at me suck my cock and thatincreased my cock size to double I guess but she was my whore and she’s goingto do what I tell her. Finally I exploded all over her mouth and found myselfcovered with sweat.

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   ‘That is the best fuck I had ever’ she gasped. ‘Me too’said I. I ended up spending the whole week in the village instead of 3 days. <!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]--> .

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