unwanted feelings part2


Topic: this is a continuation of my first story. Debbie,come on they don't have to get naked. With a soft kiss on my cheek,she said to late hon they already are. My cock started engorging. I didn't want the girls to think they caused it. I kept my head down as long as i could. Mary started to whimper. Mom,Lance doesn't think were pretty like you. I looked up just to say how that wasn't true,and was pleasantly surprised how pretty they both were naked. I think your both sexy for your age. Mary climbed up on my lap smiling to give me a kiss. As i felt her naked body my cock went fully erect. I had to hold her soft butt so my member wouldn't slide into her virgin pussy. Debbie smiled and winked at me. As Mary was holding me tight Laura asked if they could call me Daddy.
Sure why not in a few days i would be anyways.

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  Mary said mom is daddy going to fuck us tonight?That's up to him sweetie. I slid Mary so my cock was between her legs. I said i don't think thats a good idea girls. I need time to think about this. Mary naturally started dry humping my hard cock. Debbie said lets give your Dad time to absorb all of this. Laura walked over and whispered something in her mom's ear. Laura wants to play a game with us three girls. You have to promise to lie back and keep your eyes closed. I admired Lauras breast as they swayed. Debbie rubbed my balls and took a long stroke from the base to my large mushroom head. You don't have to fuck them if you don't want to hon,but we still want to play alittle game.
How do you win this game Debbie?You will tell us who won later now lay back and close your eyes babe. All three went to the corner of the room and i could see their mom explaining things to them. Were ready Lance are you?I just closed my eyes,waiting to see what will happen.

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  I felt Debbie's hand wrap around my cock i could barely hear her whispering to her girls. I was so fucking horny i just wanted to cum. I heard Mary say how would it fit in her mouth. I was to big. My meat was throbbing by then. I felt Debbies lips wrap around my cockI heard the girls giggleing,as i felt some smaller fingers rubbing my balls. I then felt smaller hands holding the base of my cock. Then Mary or Laura started licking the length of my shaft. I moaned with pleasure. She slowly engulfed the head. She took slow long strokes as her tongue twirled on the ever expanding head of my cock. I was pretty sure is was Mary. I cheated and grabbed her hair and started bobbing it up and down. By the short hair i knew is was Mary. She was giving me a great bj,she needed to cum to.

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  I ran my hand to her open leg and found her hairless pussy slit. I ran my finger over her luv button and she moaned in sheer delight. I started to slowly push my index finger in her virgin pussy and she orgasmed
Debbie said,ok thats 5mins,it your sisters turn. Awww Mary said i never came that good before when i masterbated. Daddy's real good i can see why you love him so much. Come on your next,i want to show you what daddy does that makes me come alot. I could feel Debbie moving Laura's body over my chest. I reached up and felt her asscheeks. I knew what Debbie wanted me to do with Laura. Debbie told her this position is called 69. You give him a blowjob as he licks your pussy. Again she had no hair. No hair on your pussy yet Laura,your old enough. Mom showed me how to shave down there,Mary doesn't have to yet,as she laughed. Well Laura,Mary did such a good job it won't be long before i cum.

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  I looked at Mary and she smiled and said thanks daddy,i love you. Laura smiled and said goody i can swallow your cum just like in the videos mom got us.
I could feel my pre-cum leaking out my hole. Laura immediately licked it off. I wasted no time and positioned her pussy to my lips. I nippled on her clit,she screamed in extasy. Her juices flowed on my tongue. Tasted like hot honey. As she was rubbing my balls,she had my meat deep in her mouth. She wanted my cum so bad,but i wanted Laura to cum first. i started finger fucking her with two fingers and rubbed and licked her juicy clit. Mom i'm cumming. Thats all i needed and shoved my cock as deep in her throat it would allow. My cum spurted out faster than she could swallow it. Debbie said good girls see how happy you made your dad.

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  Laura turned around and i wiped the overflowed come off her face with her panties i got from the floor. As Laura and i had a deep kiss,Debbie told Mary to lick all cum off my cock. My cock was only half hard. Marys could get most of my cock in her mouth,as she enjoyed tasting my cum.
I broke the kiss and sat up. We were all exhausted. Well Lance what do you think about your new step-daughters?Debbie winked and said with a laugh i think you enjoyed it. Well girls it did feel good but i don't know if we should do it again. I feel guilty thats all. Its not that i didn't enjoy how it felt,but your to young. All that matters is that he loves us. Girls Lance and i were going to try something new tonight,but i think you two wore him out,Debbie smiled. What were you going to do Mary asked. I want Lance to put his cock in my ass. Noway mom they both screamed.

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  He's to big mom won't that hurt?Laura asked. Well girls along time ago,when we were first dating i asked what the kinkiest thing your dad ever did with a women. He told me he fucked his gf up her ass. I said the same thing big cock would hurt to much.
Well now i want to try it. I bought some big dildos and i fucked my ass with them when i masterbated. Now i think i can handle your dad fucking me there. Mary asked if they could watch?Ok thats it after this weekend lets try to be a normal family. The girls and my future wife smiled. Off to bed with you. I put my sore cock back in my shorts,and put them in their beds. I was getting ready to go to our room and Mary said no kiss goodnight daddy?They both gave me deep kisses.
I woke up about 8 am and my wife must have got up. I fell back asleep. I woke up still groggy and felt a warm body next to me.

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  I spooned her and felt my cock getting harder parting her open thighs. I really wanted to fuck Debbies pussy before i nailed her ass. I squeezed her breast and kissed her neck. I ran my cock over her wet slit and just before i was going to ram it in I felt another body on the other side of me. Who the hell is there?It's Mary mom told me i could. Just then the women i thought was Debbie pushed down on my cock. I felt the tip of my head hit her hymen. She moaned loudly. Debbie walked in our room. Lance are you fucking Laura with a devilish grin. Damit Debbie you fucking tricked me. You knew Laura had almost the same breast size and height. With the sheets up to her neck i thought it was you. Laura is his cock in your pussy now?Mom it kinda hurts. You will like it more once hes deep inside your pussy.

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Her pussy was wrapped tight on my cock. Debbie i don't want to do this. Lance it wouldn't be fair if you stopped now. Your almost there. Anyways you said after this weekend,we would try to be a normal family,well it's only Saturday,with a wink. With that i held Laura tight. this might hurt. I took a hard thrust and burst through her cherry. My cock grew even larger,i slowly worked all 9in in her vice like pussy. Mary took the top sheet off so she could watch her sister get fucked for the first time. With my cock still buried in her i moved Laura on top off me. I kissed her and ran my fingers over her hard nipples. I kissed and licked her nipples. Laura was really getting into a nice rhythm. I glanced up and saw Debbie video taping me fucking her daughter.

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  I was to into it by then,i held Laura's asscheeks and shot a huge load off hot sperm in her pussy. Laura totally spent said she had multiple orgasms. Just like your mom. Debbie said only Lance ever gave her multiple orgasms. I believe it mom he's great. She slid off onto the bed as my slippery cock plopped out of her cum draining pussy.
Can i mom?Sure go ahead sweetie. Before i knew it Mary was licking all the cum off my cock. Mary said can i be next. Mary i really need to take a shower with your mom. What did i tell you about being patient Mary. Mary sadly nodded her head ok mom your right. I told Mary and Debbie to leave the room i wanted to spend some time with Laura. Being her first time i don't want her to think that boys should have sex and leave her. I layed on the bed and held her gently.

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  I kissed her neck and told her how much i cared for her. Well was i any good?Sure sweetie for the first time you did great. You made me cum right?Yea your right,she leaned over and kissed me. We french kissed acouple minutes and she reached down and grabbed my cock. Can we do it again i'll do even better next time. Ohhh honey we have the rest of the weekend lets wait awhile. This weekend is the only time this will happen. After that we shouln't do this again.
You know this would have never happened if your mom didn't trick me. With that i kiss her and went to go get Debbie. She was already was in the shower so i hopped in. I said what the hell is going on Debbie?I'm suppose to fucking you not having sex with the girls. Don't worry before tomorrow your cock will be in my virgin ass. I wanted this weekend to be mostly for the girls. After showing them the videos they wanted to know what it was like having sex with you.


  Needless to say they now know your the best lover and soulmate a women could ever have. I wanted them to enjoy there first time,and with you i knew that was something you could do for them. Debbie kissed me with fiery passion. Her large nipples rubbing on my chest.
One more thing babe why did you tape us?I wanted the girls to remember and watch how a real man does it. So when they get older they won't settle for anthing less than a guy like you. As i said Debbie after this weekend,this should never happen again. You know there's one more favor you need to do for me. Let me guess Mary. It's only fair hon. Is it alright if i get her ready for you?What do you mean Debbie?Well hon Debbie likes wearing makeup,so i thought i could do it for her. I guess,anything else?Well i got her a short nighty from victoria secrets. Its pink thats your favorite color when i wear one. She leaned in and hugged me. We got out and Debbie told Mary before we showered to eat her breakfast.

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  I put on my underwear and sat and had breakfast with Laura Debbie and Mary were in the bathroom,while we finsihed our breakfast. Laura was trying to touch me when we were eating. I told Laura she was first now it Mary's turn. I was drinking my second cup of coffee,and they finally walked out to the kitchen. Her mom did a good job,with her makeup. She looked much older,like a smaller women. Her nighty was soft pink,and short. Her mom shaved her legs,and Mary wanted some glitter on them. I felt my cock growing harder looking at this small version of a sexy women. I stood up and kissed her and said how pretty she was. Debbie smiled and pulled down my shorts,you won't be needing these. Mary reached over and wrapped both her hands on my hard cock. Is this all for me mom?Yes sweetie it is. Your dad must think your sexy look how excited he got when he saw you.
I sat down and admired how sexy she looked.

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  Debbie reached over and got the video camera. She walked over and i ran my hands up her nighty. You have a very nice butt Mary,as i squeezed her ass cheeks. She gently took her hand and tryed to wrap it around my cock. As she stroked my meat i kissed her neck and we french kissed. I ran my hand over her small breasts. She started moaning louder. I moved the chair so her mom could get a better view with the video camera. If we were going to make our own private porn movie,we should do it right. Laura was getting horny and asked if she could masterbate. Debbie waved her on. I ran my fingers over her swollen clitoris. I looked over at Laura and she was laying on the rug with her legs spread rubbing her pussy. I could see my half tried cum leaking out her pussy lips. What a turn on that was.

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I picked her up and had my cock inches away from her entrance. I wanted to tease her and dropped her softly on my mushroom head. I rubbed it over her very wet pussy. As i kissed her neck and brought her to her bed. Debbie follow us with camera rolling. Laura got on her bed and started fingering her pussy. I layed Mary out on her bed. I moved up her nighty. I kissed and licked her inner thighs. Her breathing became short. I stuck my tongue deep in her pussy,and she screamed with her first orgasm. I licked and sucked her pussy and clit until she had numerous orgasms. You want to try a 69 like your sister did Mary. Ohhh yes please. I moved over her and moved my hard cock to her awaiting soft lips,smothered with lip gloss.

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  i put my head between her thighs,and licked her clitty all over. Mary was attacking my cock, she was stroking hard and spitting on it. She was licking and trying to get as much of my shaft in her mouth,as she could. I knew i had to stop before i came . I got off her and spread her legs wide. i slid her to the end of the bed and grabbed a pillow and put it underneath her butt. Her legs were dangling over my arms,as i slid the head in her hot slit. Debbie said you doing good honey.
You ready Mary?If Laura can handle your cock,i know i can,as she smiled at me. Please fuck me. With that i slammed my cock right through her cherry. Mom it hurts but you said it gets better. Debbie said you want me to help you?I can stop taping. No mom. I took a long stroke.

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  I thought Laura was tight,Mary's even tighter. I rubbed her small tits as my cock pounded her pussy. Dad i'm cumming,i felt her pussy clench on my meat. She squirted her cum out of her pussy,drenching my crotch. She stopped for a moment and asked me if that was pee. No baby its just your cum from when you had a orgasm. Your mom does that to sometimes. With my wet balls i slapped them against her butt as i buried my cock in her. I'm cumming again,sweet Mary me to. As i shot my load i slowly took it out and let her pussy completely fill with my sperm. She sat up and held my cock to her face. When she released her grip the rest of my cum sprayed all over her face and hair. I thought finally Debbie is next,and this will never happen again.
Well i must admit this was a difficult story to think up. I will most likely try a new catergory to write about.

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