Upside Down IV - Deeper and Harder


“You two are very, very bad girls. ”
            He then kissed both his daughters slowly and deeply.
With Sara due back from her book club sooner, rather than later, the incestuous trio didn’t have much time to come down from their sexually charged high. Rachel and Trisha lay on the bed together and watched contently as their father dressed; evidence of his cock’s huge eruption splattered randomly on the creamy, tanned skin of the girls’ torsos and thighs.
As Dan finished dressing, Trisha sprung up off the bed and stood between him and the doorway.
“So, Dad, is that all you’ve got in the tank? Or are you planning on giving Mom some of this tonight. ” The brunette began to gently stroke her father’s flaccid cock beneath his pants as she ended her sentence.
            Rachel giggled as she watched Trisha working their father. Dan closed his eyes and took a deep breath as his younger daughter’s petite hand caressed his tired prick teasingly. He then opened them again and with noticeable effort, took Trisha’s hands and held them down by her side.
“When we have a little more time, I’ll show you just how much I have in my tank, honey. ”
            His loving expression belied the intense tone of his avowal.
“And that goes for you, too. ” He added as he turned his head to Rachel.
            The blonde felt a surge of lusty anticipation flood her system as her father locked eyes with her. The look he gave left her no doubt that given the chance he would indeed show them just how far he could go.

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“Is that a promise?” the younger girl asked suggestively, her hands still being held fast by her father.
            Dan answered only with a fatigued smile and a deliberate kiss on Trisha’s forehead before leaving his daughter’s room.
            The sisters cleaned themselves up and went to their respective rooms to get dressed shortly after.
Rachel watched herself in the mirror as she dressed slowly. It seemed hard for her to believe that only three weeks had passed since this all began. It felt like years; almost like this was the way things had always been … or should have been.
Just a few minutes later though, Rachel found herself dealing with her first feelings of remorse. She thought she had examined the situation from every possible angle before the seduction of her father; but she had missed something, a glaring something at that. Her father had been unfaithful to her mother, and she and Trisha were the cause.
Sara came home only minutes after the girls had finished dressing. Rachel found it impossible to look her mom in the eyes and almost as hard to hide her guilty feelings. Although she knew she was just being paranoid, she felt that Sara could see evidence of the forbidden deed all over her face. Before long, she had retreated to the relative sanctuary of her room, where she stayed for the rest of the night.
At 11:30 the beautiful blonde was laying in bed quietly staring into the darkness, unable to sleep as she grappled with her conflicted emotions. She heard her door open and propped herself up on her elbows to see Trisha slip silently into the room.

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   By the pale moonlight bleeding through her window, Rachel could see her sister was wearing nothing but a pair of white cotton panties.
Trisha slid alongside her older sister on the bed and began to kiss the blonde deeply as her left hand found one of Rachel’s firm breasts. After a long kiss, Trisha pulled back with a slightly puzzled look.
“Is something wrong?” the brunette asked as she idly continued manipulating her sister’s breast softly.
            After a brief pause Rachel answered.
“It’s just that … well … I feel like shit that we made Dad cheat on Mom. ”
Trisha stared blankly at her sister for a long moment before suddenly breaking into a muffled laugh.
“Rachel, first of all we didn’t make Dad do anything. He wanted that for a long time. Believe me. And I don’t think she minds the results so much anyway … can’t you hear that?”
            Rachel stared, a little confused, at Trisha and after a moment she did hear something. It was moaning. And it was coming through the wall from their parents’ room. Just as she realized what the sound was, Trisha nodded deliberately to confirm it.
“Have you ever heard them through your wall before?” the younger girl asked, as if she already knew the answer.

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            Rachel shook her head slowly.
“So why do you think that tonight, of all nights, Mom would be moaning louder than ever before?” The brunette’s hand slipped down like a snake between Rachel’s legs as she continued. “You know if you still feel bad, you just might get a chance to make it up to her. ”
Rachel whimpered as Trisha began to stroke her pussy gently.
“Would you like that?”
            The blonde’s body began to respond involuntarily to her sister’s delicate ministrations as she answered her question with an affirmative nod.
“Would you like to slip down, between her legs …” Trisha increased her pace and Rachel’s breathing quickened accordingly. “And bring your mouth to her hot, wet pussy…”
“Yessssss. ” Rachel hissed as her younger sister moved down between her legs.
“Say it! Tell me what you want to do!”
            Rachel moaned out as Trisha penetrated her with two fingers and began to tongue her clit.
“I want to eat her pussy!” she managed to spit out between breathy moans.
“Who’s pussy?” the younger girl asked immediately with an edge.
“I want to eat Mom’s pussy!”
            Trisha hesitated for a second before continuing her passionate tonguing of her sister’s pussy. Rachel’s proclamation had been much louder than she had expected and if their parents hadn’t been busy with their own noisemaking, she was sure they would have heard it. However, their mother’s faint moans could still be heard carrying through the shared wall so it was only a matter of a minute or two until Trisha had Rachel squealing and writhing in orgasmic ecstasy.
            The instant that Rachel stopped twitching, Trisha pulled her off the bed as she leaned back against the wall and rested one foot up on the night table.

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   The older girl immediately dropped to her knees and dove into her sister’s dripping pussy. The brunette smiled and bit her bottom lip as she turned her ear to the wall and let out a low whimper. She caressed the wall gently as her hips began to sway in reply to Rachel’s delicate lapping.
            Trisha listened acutely to the growing moans of her mother. She envisioned her father’s huge cock blasting away relentlessly at Sara’s juicy pussy and tried to imagine exactly what contorted look her beautiful mother was wearing in response. Knowing that they were fucking only a few feet away heightened her arousal and along with Rachel’s keen knowledge of just how to eat her pussy, she soon found herself struggling to hold off her certain release.
            A few moments later when she heard her father begin to grunt as her mother let out a long, unsteady wail, she too let go. The brunette came simultaneously with her parents as she stared down at Rachel’s pretty blue eyes, watching her unblinkingly. She moaned out as she loosed a torrent of juices down her sister’s throat, the excess cascading over her chin and down the front of her tight body.
            Rachel dutifully licked Trisha clean as the younger girl reluctantly came back to reality. The sisters were soon back on the bed, kissing and caressing each other lovingly, tasting themselves on each other’s lips and tongues, before falling asleep in each other’s arms.
            Rachel stirred from a deep, comfortable sleep and squinted her eyes against the invading light knifing harshly through her blinds. She snuggled back against Trisha who was still asleep and holding the blonde tight in the spoon position. She had only closed her eyes for a second when they popped back open, wide. The nineteen year old stared at her clock for a long moment, trying to comprehend the numbers with her sleepy mind.

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   It read 8:32.
            She quickly turned on her back and shook her sleeping sister.
“Trisha get up, it’s 8:30!
            The brunette only stirred briefly. Fear gripped Rachel tight. While waking up next to Trisha was wonderful, they hadn’t dared to actually sleep together since their parents had been home.
“Hey, come on!” she whispered louder and gave her sister a more forceful shove.
“What?!?” the younger girl whined as she woke reluctantly.
“Shhhhh … it’s already 8:30! You’ve got to go to your room!”
            Trisha took a moment to absorb the information and silently agreed. She gave Rachel a loving peck on the lips and pulled the sheet off their naked forms. Just as she did however, there was a knock on the door.
“Rachel? Are you up?” Sara called out.
            The sisters looked at each other in sudden panic for a long moment before Trisha sprang off the bed and dashed to the wall beside the door. Rachel threw her sheet back over her bare body just as Sara turned the doorknob and pushed the door open.
“Hey …”
            Sara paused as she surveyed the unusually messy room curiously. Rachel was generally very neat so it was strange for her mother to see two pair of panties as well as a bra and various other pieces of clothing strewn about so carelessly.

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   Of course she had no way of knowing that one of those pair of panties belonged to Trisha.
“ … do you know where your sister is? She’s not home and her bed looks like it hasn’t even been slept in. ”
            Rachel tried desperately to act casual but it was a thin facade at best. After a longer than needed pause she finally answered.
“ ummm … she was here last night … maybe she went for a run. ”
            Sara again looked quizzically at her oldest daughter. Although Trisha was in phenomenal shape, she had never been much of a runner. Her mother’s eyes quickly scanned the room again as her intuition hinted that Rachel knew more than she was letting on.
            Rachel knew her hasty explanation was lame but hoped it would buy them enough time to at least sneak Trisha out of her room.
“Well I won’t panic yet …” Sara said slowly. “ … pick up your room a little when you get out of bed OK?”
            Rachel nodded and glanced over at Trisha, just inches behind the door, as she covered her mouth in an attempt not to laugh. Sara then closed the door slowly as she left. The blonde flopped dramatically back on to her bed in relief as Trisha giggled and quickly slid alongside her again.
“God damn … that was way too close. ” Rachel said, her nerves still evident in her shaky voice.

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            Trisha chuckled again as she lifted the sheet up off her sister’s nude form and took a playful peek inside.
“Do you think she knew you were naked under here?”
“Shut up!” the blonde answered quickly, failing however to conceal her own amusement.
“Mmmmm … all that excitement made me kinda horny. ” Trisha squeezed one of Rachel’s breasts as she finished her sentence.
            They both laughed as Rachel playfully pushed Trisha’s hand from her breast and got up from the bed.
“I’ll go distract Mom so you can pretend you were out for a walk, or run or whatever. ”
            The blonde slipped on a pair of warm-up pants and a t-shirt as she spoke.
“Maybe she went for a run?” Trisha asked jokingly. “What were you thinking?”
            Rachel grinned and shrugged before she turned and left the room.
            After changing into workout clothes, Trisha snuck out of the house as Rachel’s conversational diversion worked flawlessly. It was only a few minutes before the younger girl reentered the house breathing heavily as if she’d just run a marathon.
“Where were you?” Sara asked suspiciously as her daughter poured herself a glass of water.
“I went for a run, Mom. ” Trisha answered coolly as she took a big gulp of water.
“After you made your bed?” Sara continued in her skeptical tone.

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            Trisha turned to Rachel who was sitting at the table and gave her an overly dramatic, incredulous look.   She even added a “Huh!” for effect. She then approached Sara and took her mother’s face in her hands as she began to speak in an exaggerated “parental” voice.
“I’m so proud to have a daughter who’s organized AND takes an interest in her health!” She then planted a big novelty-type kiss on her mother’s lips before releasing her.
            Sara couldn’t help but be amused as she turned to Rachel. “I swear she gets stranger every day. ”
“You have NO idea Mom!” the brunette declared theatrically as she left the kitchen.
            Early that afternoon the girls decided to lay out by the pool. Sara was sitting in the living room organizing paperwork as her daughters came down the stairs in their skimpiest bikinis. Trisha stopped Rachel just before they entered the room and without warning gave her sister’s nipples, and then hers, a good, hard pinch.
            They entered the room a moment later, giggling.
“Hey Mom. Rach and I are going to go lay out … wanna come?
“No, honey. I’ve got too much work to do. ” Sara answered without even looking up from her reading.

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“Work, work, work …” Trisha teased as she and Rachel stood directly in front of their mother.
“You know, pretty soon we’re both going to be away at school and then you won’t have these opportunities. ” The brunette draped her arm over her sister’s shoulders and Rachel responded by laying her head on Trisha’s shoulder.
            Sara lowered her reading and looked up at her daughters. “Oh OK already … just give me five minutes to finish up and I’ll come out, OK?”
“Alright, but if you’re not by the pool in five minutes, we’re gonna come in here and drag you out. ” Trisha said only half jokingly.
            With that the two sisters strolled out towards the pool. Sara, true to her word, finished up her reading and went up to change into her bathing suit, a nice floral print bikini; sexy, but not quite as revealing as her daughters’ suits. She then made her way down to the pool to join her daughters.
            She adjusted the lounge chair next to the girls as Rachel rubbed some lotion onto Trisha’s bare back. Sara noticed her younger daughter’s bikini top lying next to her chair but didn’t think much of it, considering she was lying on her stomach. A few minutes later as she began to apply her own lotion, Trisha sat up and nonchalantly pulled the string on the back of Rachel’s top, letting it slip off her sister noiselessly.
            Sara shot a surprised look at her topless daughters.
“What is this? The Riviera?” she asked, a slightly disapproving, parental tone permeating her voice.
            Both girls looked back at her incredulously before Trisha answered.

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“Oh come on, Mom … they’re only boobs . ” The brunette took her perfect breasts in her hands and began to juggle them playfully as she smiled at her mother.
“Ok, Ok … just as long as you don’t do this at the beach … you don’t do you?”
            Trisha stopped juggling and gave her mother a devilish smile.
“That all depends on what beach. ” She raised her eyebrows jokingly a few times and gave her breasts one more squeeze before sitting on Rachel’s chair as the blonde laid down on her stomach.
            Sara just shook her head slowly. “Why do I even ask?”
            Trisha poured some lotion on her sister’s back and proceeded to work it in slowly. Instead of just spreading the coconut-scented cream, the brunette was soon massaging it in, paying particular, but not obvious attention to her lower back and the insides of her thighs. Rachel melted at Trisha’s teasing touch and turned her head to scan her mother’s hot body, her eyes hidden by her sunglasses.
            The blonde felt her pussy begin to drip as she eyed Sara’s still pert breasts, flat stomach and hidden mound with Trisha’s fingers only inches away from her swelling clit. She fought the growing urge to groan, she wanted release so suddenly and so wholly but knew that wasn’t possible, yet.
            After a few minutes, Trisha suddenly stopped and shifted over to her mother’s lounge chair.
“Alright … you’re turn. ” The seventeen-year-old twirled her finger in a circle prompting Sara to turn over on her back. She hesitated for a second, unsure why, but then complied.


            Trisha went right for the clasp on her mother’s bikini top and unhooked it in an instant.
“Hey! Leave that on there. ” Sara said in surprise.
“Oh come on, Mom. It’s totally in the way; it’s such a pain to have to go around it. ” Trisha responded as she ignored her mother’s appeal and pushed the straps up over her shoulders.
“Don’t worry, when I’m done you can put your top back on, you big prude. ”
            Rachel laughed out loud at Trisha’s joke as their mother replied.
“When did you become such a wiseass?” Sara asked, though not really annoyed.
            The younger daughter just chuckled as she dropped some lotion on her mother’s smooth back.
“Alright, I’ll stop being mean, and to make it up to you, I’ll give you a nice, little backrub. ”
            Trisha slowly and deliberately began to work the cream into her mother’s pale, soft skin and was soon massaging her shoulders with a practiced touch.
“Mmmm … now that’s more like it. ” Sara said softly.
            The brunette took her time making her way down her mother’s back, slowly rotating her massage wide down her sides.

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   She skillfully brought her fingertips within the proverbial hair of the base of Sara’s hidden breasts and she noticed her mother jump a little as she did.
            Sara immediately attempted to first deny, then justify the pleasure she was getting from her daughter’s massage. “Backrubs are supposed to feel good. ” She told herself. But she knew deep down that she was feeling a little more than just muscle pleasure.
            Trisha took her hands away as she reached for the bottle of lotion on the far side of her mother’s lounge chair.
“Dammit!” the girl whined as she “accidentally” knocked the bottle off the chair.
            She then leaned over Sara and dropped her heavy, bare breasts into the small of her mom’s back. Sara’s eyes popped wide open as she felt her daughter’s tits on her skin, her hard nipples jutting firmly into her flesh. Trisha took much longer than needed to finally corral the errant bottle, giving her a good opportunity to mash her gorgeous tits into her mother’s skin. The girl could feel prey tense up immediately and continued her manipulation with haste.
            She squeezed some more cream onto her lower back and took her time working it in as she had before.
            Sara sat completely still, her wide-open eyes faced away from her daughters as she chastised herself silently for the sudden sexual reaction she was getting from her daughter’s rubdown. She was instantly filled with disgust. She wanted to put a stop to it but felt like a deer caught in an oncoming vehicle’s headlights, simply unable to move.

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            Rachel lay still and watched it all intently, feeling her pussy begin to drool at the thought of what might come from this.
            Trisha then squeezed some more lotion out, this time onto the back of Sara’s legs. The brunette began to rub the cream in, in the same, deliberate manner but with only her right hand. Her left suddenly slipped beneath Rachel’s ass from behind as she started to rub her sister’s pussy over her bikini. The blonde girl forcibly muffled a whimper and spread her legs a little to give Trisha’s probing fingers easier access.
            By now, Trisha could easily read the effect her massage was having on her mother and so continued to test her limits. She worked the lotion in even slower than before, letting her fingers pass perilously close to Sara’s inviting pussy, working the inside of her thighs purposefully. She also increased the pressure on Rachel’s mound and soon had her sister noiselessly humping her hand.
            Sara remained frozen, unable to comprehend what she was feeling. To her, this was all in her head. It never even entered her mind that Trisha could be doing anything to intentionally sexually arouse her. She felt a deep shame but also an undeniable, taboo, sexual intensity like nothing she’d ever felt before. She longed to put an end to the massage but didn’t want to be obvious in any way. “You’re making my pussy way too wet …” was the only reason she could think to give for abruptly ending the rubdown. And that was obviously not an option.

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            Trisha continued to rub Rachel’s pussy harder and harder as the blonde watched her massage her mother until mercifully she reached the older woman’s ankles.
“There. All done. ” The brunette’s voice dripped with false innocence as she hooked her mother’s top again.
            She then leaned over Sara again to grab the bottle of lotion and purposely let one nipple just graze her mother’s back again before laying back down in her own chair. Sara lay motionless and silent for a few minutes, still unable to fathom what had just happened to her.
    After nearly ten minutes, she finally stirred, rose from her chair and asked the girls if they wanted anything to drink. Both girls smiled as they saw their mother’s nipples, rock hard, straining against the fabric of her top. They both declined and she headed back into the house to get herself something cold.
                Once inside Sara poured herself a big glass of ice water and downed a hearty gulp, her face still wearing a fresh look of bewilderment. After a moment she slowly reached her hand into her suit bottom and pulled it out a second later. She stared in awe at the evidence of her soaking pussy glistening on her fingertips. It had been a long time, fifteen years to be exact, since she had been with a woman but she knew in her heart that it was the fact that it was her daughter that had elicited that powerful, completely unexpected reaction in her.
                When she rejoined her daughters by the pool, both girls had flipped over so that they were lying on their backs. Sara found it impossible not to steal guilty glances at their topless, nubile, young bodies as she tried in vain to ignore her growing lust.

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       It became quickly apparent to her that she would have to tend to the swamp between her legs if she was going to be able to focus on anything else the rest of the day.
                The next hour passed relatively uneventfully. Sara continued her subtle peeping, which was not lost on the girls who in turn did their best to act naïve while stealing their own lusty gazes at their mother’s tight body. When Sara had finally had enough, she excused herself to go take a shower. Trisha and Rachel exchanged confident smiles as they eyed her still sculpted ass until she disappeared into the house.
                Within a few minutes Sara stepped under the refreshing, cool flow of water pouring from her showerhead, images of her near-nude daughters pervading her every thought. While she was obviously somewhat conflicted about the source of her sudden libidinous cravings, she saw no real harm in indulging in them. She attributed her heightened sexual awareness directly to the pounding she received at the hands, or more appropriately, hips of her husband the night before.
                She couldn’t recall Dan ever fucking her with such passion and intensity; it was like they were kids again. Whatever the cause, he had awakened a sleeping sexual giant inside his forty-year-old wife and she was all too happy to give that giant life.
    It was only a matter of moments before her hands were liberally roaming all over her naked body. The imagery swirled; Trisha’s breasts, Rachel’s hard little nipples, Dan’s huge cock punishing her, just how perilously close her daughter’s fingers had passed to her soaking pussy.
    Her hands quickly settled down, one on her breasts and one between her long, silky legs as she began to whimper softly. Within minutes, Sara found herself in the throes of an intense, long orgasm. Shuddering and shaking she had to brace herself against the tile wall to keep from literally falling over.

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    Shortly after she finished her shower, Sara got a phone call from Dan. He informed her he had to go away for an emergency meeting with a client in Atlanta. He asked her to pack a suitcase for him because he would only have a half hour or so to spend at home before he had to leave to catch his flight.
    Sara disappointedly packed her husband’s suitcase. She was hoping to have another night like the previous one, especially since her orgasm in the shower only seemed to whet her suddenly voracious sexual appetite. But now it looked like she’d be left to her own devices, which would have to do the trick.
    When Sara made her way back downstairs she met up with her daughters as they finally came in from the pool.
    “Who was on the phone? Rachel asked.
    “It was your father. He has to go away on business almost immediately. Do you think one of you could go bring his suitcase down from our room?”
    “Sure Mom!” Rachel answered sweetly and quickly shot up the stairs to get the bag.
    “Well, Rachel and I are going over to Erin’s house for a little party so it looks like you’ll have the house all to yourself. ”
                Sara smiled internally at that prospect, already knowing exactly how she was going to use that “private time”.
                The girls were still, and not accidentally, in their bikinis when Dan came home about an hour later and he had a near-instant hard-on as soon as he saw them. Trisha gave him a playful hug and as she did, whispered into his ear.

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    “Come downstairs before you leave. We have a little going away present for you. ”
                Before he could respond she backed away, smiling, and led Rachel into the basement family room. It was all he could do to not follow them that second but just as they disappeared, Sara came down the stairs to meet him.
                His wife didn’t bother with the standard “welcome home from work, honey” kiss. Instead she kissed her husband slowly and deeply. He had to try hard to keep his hips away from hers in an effort to hide his half-swollen cock.
    “Mmmmm …. What was that for?” Dan asked.
    “ That was for last night. And this …” Sara kissed her husband passionately again. “is for when you get home. ”
    “Well then, I’d better hurry. ”
                They both chuckled before one last loving peck. Sara stepped into the kitchen to prepare a quick dinner for her husband as Dan slipped downstairs under the guise of organizing some paperwork for his trip.

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                He felt only a twinge of guilt concerning his infidelity. He still loved Sara very much and indeed still loved sex with her. He was easily able to justify, to himself, the blossoming sexual relationship with his daughters. If not so with everyone, he was very honest with himself and he had been secretly lusting for both his daughters almost as soon as they had begun to develop.
                He quickly descended the stairs and stopped dead, with an excited smile, as he turned the corner into the room.
                His girls were kneeling together on the floor. The cups of Rachel’s bikini top were pulled up and Trisha was behind her slowly massaging her sister’s bare tits powerfully. Dan drank in the searing image for a long moment until Rachel beckoned for him to approach them.
                As soon as he was within reach, Rachel grabbed hold of his waistband and pulled his crotch to her face. Trisha slipped her right hand into the blonde’s bottom as both girls started to stroke their father’s already stiff cock through his pants.
                On a whispered command from her younger sister, Rachel then unzipped his pants and with some effort extracted his steely cock from it’s cotton prison. Knowing time was short, both girls pounced and began to kiss and lick the length of it passionately. Rachel began to whimper softly as Trisha rubbed her red-hot pussy steadily and placed her free hand on the back of the older girl’s head.
                The brunette then suddenly forced her sister’s head down and hissed, “Suck his balls …” before taking his rod into her throat smoothly. Dan couldn’t keep a deep groan from escaping as Trisha began to deep-throat him expertly while Rachel sucked hard on his big, exposed nuts.

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                After a few minutes, the younger girl slipped her mouth off her father’s cock and forcibly replaced it with Rachel’s. Dan stared down in awe as the heat of the moment continued to rise exponentially. Trisha continued to stroke her sister’s pussy furiously as she forced the girl’s pretty face up and down on their father’s achingly hard cock.
                Rachel’s muffled moans grew more erratic as she neared her inevitable orgasm. Just before she started to come, Trisha yanked her mouth off Dan’s throbbing meat and resumed blowing her father ferociously. The blonde girl squealed and shook all over as she came and watched closely Trisha swallowing most of his immense length relentlessly.
                It was only a matter of moments, still while Rachel was coming, until Dan was ready. Trisha sealed her lips just past his enlarged cockhead and stared up into her father’s lust-filled eyes as he started to blow. She immediately closed her throat off and allowed blast after burning blast of his seed to fill her mouth. Her eyes never left his as he unloaded everything he had into her.
                In one even motion, Trisha finally released his spent cock from her vice-like lips and immediately planted a hard kiss on her older sister. Rachel was still twitching from the remnants of her climax when Trisha surprised her with the kiss and subsequent mouthful of her father’s come. Dan stood frozen, his heart pounding in his chest as he watched his incredible daughters kiss lovingly, sharing his huge load as what they failed to swallow unavoidably escaped in streams down their chins. When they finally separated Trisha swiped her index finger across her chin, looked up at her father innocently and slid the finger into her mouth, releasing it a few seconds later with a “pop”.
    Dan dazedly put his cock away as the girls kissed once more then stood up.

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    “Are you sure you have to go away Dad?” Trisha asked teasingly as the three shared a light embrace.
                For a split-second Dan actually found himself trying to think of ways to get out of the trip, but he quickly gave up, knowing it was impossible. They each kissed deeply before heading upstairs, first the girls followed by their father a minute or so later.
                The family ate a quick, casual dinner and saw him off only a few minutes later without any more fanfare.
                At around 9:00 that night the sisters left the house for their party. Sara almost immediately poured herself a tall glass of wine and settled down on the couch with one of the few porno movies (and the only lesbian one) that Dan owned. Within minutes she set about the pleasurable task of her self-satisfaction, which she intended to make last the whole night.
                The girls stayed at their party long enough to get good and drunk but both had only one real goal for the night, to take each other home and fuck for hours. It was still relatively early, just before midnight, when they arrived back home from the short drive. They hurried up the front walk and quietly entered the house.
                They were surprised to see the soft glow of television light coming from the living room. Usually Sara was an “early to bed, early to rise” prototype, even on weekends. The sisters walked quietly over to investigate and both stopped, stunned at the scene they found.
                Playing on the TV repeatedly was the title screen of the lesbian porno. And lying on the couch, with an empty bottle of wine on the carpet where she had dropped it, was Sara; passed out and completely nude.

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    Sorry for the ridiculous delay on this chapter. I actually had most of it finished a couple months ago but ran into some problems that slowed me WAY down. Chapter 5 is already in progress.
    Again I’d like to really thank everyone for your continued feedback, ya’ll have some great ideas and it’s always great to here what parts of the story people liked best/worst. Keep it coming!

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