Valentine's Day


Let me begin by stating that this is a true story.   I'm writing here because I couldn't think of where else to put it.   I'm also writing it to get it off my chest and out of my system.   Names have been changed to protect identities. Back in February I went to visit my sister during the week of Valentine's Day.   I hadn't seen her for a long time and I figure it would be a fun weekend.   My sister's name is Stephanie, she's blonde, loves aerobics, and stands at around 5'3".   She is 24 years old and has been married for a few years.   We're close, but just as close as any brother/sister could be. The morning after Valentine's I woke up around 5 o'clock.   Our family while visiting had all gotten sick, so when I awoke my nose was clogged and I felt like crap.   I tried to get back to sleep but simply couldn't, so I decided a shower might wake me up and make me feel better. I got out of bed and headed for the bathroom in my sister's condo.   It had a main area with the sink, mirror, etc, and then had another door that led into the shower.   The shower was larger than normal, with a shower head on each side to really get the water flowing.   It felt like a rainstorm when you were in it there was so much water.

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    So, got into the bathroom, took my clothes off, and stepped into the shower.   I left the sliding glass door open so I wouldn't be suffocated by the steam. I stood there showering for a few minutes, trying to wake up, and was starting to feel better.   I was spacing in and out slowly when I heard a *click* type noise.   I stood there for a few seconds and then turned my head left.   My sister had opened the door and was standing halfway in the bathroom completely wide eyed at me.   I too was wide eyed because she was wearing only a pair of panties. "Steph, can't you knock?!  I'm taking a shower!" I said. "I thought you had the middle door shut is all, that's why it's there!""Well jeez, it's not hard to knock, it's a thing called privacy. ""Well YOU should have locked the door if you wanted privacy!"She had good comebacks.   I guess you learn that in a family.   "Holdup, we're being too loud. " she said.   "We'll wake everyone else up. "  She walked into the bathroom and turned and shut the door.

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    She turned and we faced each other in silence, only the sound of the shower going is what we heard.   After a few seconds, I decided to break the silence. "So uhh. . . " I spoke.   ". . . what’s with the underwear?"  I guess she suddenly realized she had no top on and quickly folded her arms across her chest.   Her face turned a tint of red, I could tell she was mildly embarrassed. "Oh, my husband got it for me for Valentine's.   He likes it when I wear them to bed sometimes. "Now, when I said just underwear, I don't mean any ordinary underwear.   This had to be one of the sexiest kind's I had seen.


    Yes, it's my sister, and yes it's wrong, but I couldn't help it.   She was wearing this shiny black silk kinda with red and silver hearts on the front.   Earlier, when she had turned to shut the door, my eyes stared at the back.   It was black string that connected with a small gold ring, forming a T sort of in the back.   The string waistbands had small frilly pink lace connected to them going from the front, around the waist, to the back.   Overall, it was a pretty fancy g-string.   It was hard not to look. "Besides, most guys like them any who" she continued.   She started to laugh.   "I can tell you probably do too!"  I had no idea why she was laughing and then I realized it. I guess seeing her topless and wearing that racy g-string had the natural male effect on me.   I looked down and could not believe it.   In the past minute or so of seeing her I had slowly grown what was now a large erection.   I immediately tried to cover it up, which only made Stephanie laugh harder.   My face had never been so red in my life.

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    I couldn't believe this was happening. "Wyatt, you need to relax a bit.   It's not like I haven't seen one before, and it's only natural for that to happen.   Calm down. "  I was glad she didn't freak out, and her words did calm me down somewhat I admit.   We both stood in silence again, she trying not to laugh and me trying to get my face back to a normal color. "So uhh, Wyatt. . . " she started.   "I have to leave for work soon and I came in to take a shower.   If it's OK with you I just want to use the other shower head real quick.   If that would make you uncomfortable in any way I totally understand and I can leave.   Is that OK?"I couldn't believe what I had just heard.   I kept thinking I was dreaming because NOTHING like this has ever happened to me.

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    I stood there and figured since we had both seen each other naked, what else is there to lose.   I slowly mumbled "Sure" in agreement. "Ok, great.   I'll just scoot in.   Remember, I can get out whenever if you're not comfortable. "  I turned and faced my shower head as she came through the 2nd doorway.   Out of the corner of my eye I saw her slide her g-string down her legs and off onto the floor.   I quickly faced the wall again.   I heard the glass door slide open and she came in behind me and shut it.   We both stood for about a minute showering, me facing the wall. After about a minute or so I slowly turned around.   My sister was facing me with both hands massaging shampoo into her hair, her eyes closed.   Her boobs were about a foot from my face, right out in the open.   I stared.   I couldn't believe I was staring at my sister like this, but I couldn't pull my eyes away.

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    It was the first time I had seen real boobs, let alone a foot away and covered in water.   I slowly looked down past her flat stomach and that's when I couldn't believe what I was seeing.   My full erection got even harder at the sight. It was right there for me to see.   Below her belly button and just sitting there was Stephanie's pussy.   It was beautiful, I couldn't help but look.   She had even shaved her hair into a thin strip of blonde going down, it was perfectly clean.   I heard my sister say "Never seen a naked girl before in a shower huh?"  I looked up.   She had a smirk on her face and said "It's ok, you can look if you want to. "  I took my gaze down and examined it once again.   "That's cool what you did with the shaving, it looks nice. " I said. "Yeah, I like it.   It just looks and feels better. " she replied.

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    "It looks like you could use a little cleaning up down there too actually. "  We both laughed.   It was true, I had never even thought about shaving around my 'south pole' but after seeing her I was curious.   I told her I had never tried it for fear of nicking something with the razor.   She laughed. "Well, if you want to try it I could do it for you.   I won't cut you and I have some really nice shaving gel.   Only if you want to though, and remember I can stop whenever you want. "  Slowly my embarrassment turned into a tinge of curiosity. "Sure, you can if you want to. " I told her.   She stepped towards me in the shower and reached past, grabbing a can of shave gel and her Venus razor. "Ok.   This gel is great, it smells nice. " she said as she removed the cap to it.

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    "You sure you want to do this?"  I nodded in agreement.   "Ok, it should only take about 5 minutes.   Ready?""Sure, go for it. " I told her.   She set the Venus down on the side of the shower and got on her knees in front of me.   She squirted a bit of gel into one hand which quickly foamed up into a handful of cream.   She lathered it on both hands and started to apply it at the base of my now full erection. I can't describe what it felt like.   Her hands rubbed all over, slowly and delicately, and I let out a small moan without even realizing it.   I still couldn't believe this was happening.   "Ha ha. . . feels good doesn't it?" she said as she continued to work.   I nodded, and when I was lathered up properly she set down the can of gel and picked up the razor.

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    I stood and watched her work.   She held my erection in one hand to move it out of the way and began to shave.   It sure felt great having someone else do it.   For the next 5 minutes she shaved, holding my grown penis in her hand, moving it out of the way when she needed to.   After 5 or so minutes she said "Ok, that should do it.   Do you like it?"  She stood up and folded her arms underneath her boobs, making them look even better.   I looked down and couldn't help but be impressed. I had a clean shave except for a small patch directly above my erection.   For some reason it looked even larger. "Feel it, it should be totally smooth. "  She was right.   I let my hand wander and felt no resistance at all.   She really did have a good touch.   I stood there feeling around the base of my penis, it felt wonderful.   Then I heard her say "You can play with it if you want.

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  . . "I looked up at her.   She stood staring straight into my eyes.   I couldn't believe she was serious.   She slowly turned, facing her back towards me.   She bent forward. I instantly looked down at her butt.   She leaned forward and inched her feet further apart on the shower floor.   Her pussy slowly came into perfect view.   It was so clean, just a small slit with that strip of blonde hair.   I stared.   I couldn't help but stare.   She was my sister and I knew it was wrong, but I continued. .


  . I don't think I have ever been as hard as I was then in my life.   I continued to watch as I saw her hand slide between her legs and onto her pussy.   She began to rub it with her fingers in a small circular motion. I felt like I was dreaming.   Stephanie, the sister I always thought was normal and kept that kind of stuff in the bedroom, was masturbating right in front of me.   Her hand continued to rub, she bent over with her boobs swaying slowly.   I couldn't take it anymore.   My hands both wrapped around my erection and I started pumping.   I never felt anything so good in my life. I watched as my sister continued to rub herself.   Her middle finger then slid up and down her slit, and I watched as she slowly pushed it all the way in.   It began to slide in and out, and I was transfixed.   I had never seen anything like this in my life, let alone my own sister.   I continued to masturbate, my mind filled with sex.

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  I moved closer and watched.   She pulled her fingers out and began rubbing again.   I saw where she had entered and stared.   The head of my penis was inches away from where I knew it was supposed to go.   I wanted so badly to feel what it was like, to slide in and have her wrapped around my erection.   I knew I never would, but the thought invaded my mind.   She stood up and turned around facing me, both hands rubbing her crotch as I stared and had both hands squeezing my penis.   I watched, and rubbed myself faster, and felt a hot feeling creeping up from the base of my erection.   It grew, fast and steady, until I couldn't bear it anymore.   I came, and I came harder than I ever have.   Stream after stream shot out, I was seeing stars.   Stephanie started bucking her hips and I think she too had an orgasm.   We both stood there watching each other, our bodies covered in water. I had to be dreaming, but I knew I wasn't.   Stephanie grabbed a bar of soap and handed another to me, and started soaping me body.

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    I slowly reach out and did the same.   Her boobs felt wonderful, they fit perfectly in my hand.   I let me hands wander, as did she.   I slid my fingers down and rubbed her pussy as she slowly massaged my still hard erection with one hand.   I slid a finger into her and couldn't believe how tight it was.   I wanted so badly for my erection to be there, all 8 inches inside, but that would be asking too much and I knew that WOULD be wrong.   We continued to shower and wash each other off.   Finally, she said "Well, I'll trust this stays between us.   I hope you had fun. " and gave me a wink.   I would never look at my sister the same again.   I watched as she dried off and slid that incredible g-string back up her legs and over her beautiful pussy.   She walked out of the bathroom, her butt swaying back and forth, my eyes held to it. I never will look at her the same again. We've never done anything like that since then, and I don't think it will happen again, but we trust each other more now than we ever have.


    I learned a lot about anatomy (both mine and hers) and would do the whole thing over again if I could.   It was the most embarrassing experience I've ever had, but also one I will never forget.

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