Vijay and his Dark-Skinned Mother


©Dark Tales of Burning Love, 2006
“Vijay? Vivay? Is that you?” You hear your mother’s voice from behind the half-open door of her bedroom. It is almost midnight and you are alone in the house with your mother. Your father is away on business and your younger sister is still out with her friends from school. You have stolen guiltily from your sister’s bedroom, where you have been rummaging silently in her underwear drawer. All day you’ve been thinking about sex with your sister, thinking about her lithe brown body, her perfect breasts, the soft lips of her vagina… you desperately want to kiss those breasts, to let your tongue wander over her body, to finger her pussy while she squirms happily under your strong body. But all you can hope for tonight is to masturbate quietly in your room, the delicate perfume of her panties in your nostrils, yesterday’s panties still redolent of her pussy. Your cock is already stiff with anticipation, under the loose folds of your silk dressing gown. You are naked under its soft folds and you can’t wait to get back to your bed, to lie with your stiff cock in your hands, to touch yourself, pretending that your hands are hers, to dream of tasting her cunt, of feeling her soft pussy sliding down over your erect cock. You freeze when you hear your mother’s voice. Your heart is beating heavily and hot blood is coursing through your penis, causing it to bulge thickly through the thin silk of the dressing gown.
“Yes, Mom?” You answer, praying that she won’t come to her door and see your mighty erection.
“Come in here, Vijay, I want you” you hear her say. Groaning to yourself, you go to her door, thrusting your sister’s panties deep into a pocket and trying to hide your erection. “I’m going to bed, Mom, it’s late” you say to hear. You see her seated at her dressing table, languidly brushing her long black hair, stroke after careful stroke. She is wearing a sheer white negligee which contrasts strongly with the lushness of her brown body.

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   She pulls the negligee closer around her body but not before you have seen her black silk brassiere, cupping her full breasts, and her black silk panties, cut high on the thigh, accentuating the smooth skin of her inner thighs, her legs encased in black stockings held by a garter belt which encircles her waist with just a hint of abandon and promise. As you look at her, you realise again how sexy she is and your erection jerks against the silk of your dressing gown. You remember how often you have jerked off in her underwear in the dark of your room, imagining what it would be like to feel her tits, to smell her pussy, to fuck her cunt. She is every young boy’s dream, the perfect woman…
“No, come in for a moment, I want you to brush my hair for me” and she hands you her silver-backed brush. “Oh Mom, I can’t do that!” you protest. “It’s late, I’ve got to sleep!”
She laughs and says, “I won’t bite you, I just want you to brush my hair, you know how it relaxes me at night”.
“OK, just for a few minutes”, you give in, taking the brush. You stand behind your mother and start to brush her hair gently, with long even strokes, each stroke of the brush gently caressing her long locks of soft black hair, reflected gloss like a raven’s wing. You feel her body relax with each stroke as she leans back into your body, you hear her sigh gently and she says, almost to herself, “Ohh that feels so good, Vijay, you are so gentle, you are so good, I love it when you do that”. Her voice sounds blissful, like a woman talking to her lover as he caresses her body with his hands. You glance in the mirror and you see her face. Her eyes are closed and her head is thrown back. Her neck is exposed and now her negligee has fallen back, revealing the soft slope of her shoulders and the rhythmic rise and fall of her breasts as she sighs her pleasure at your touch. You go on brushing her long hair, now soothing the temple of her head with your hand. Her hair flows like a waterfall to the small of her back.


   The skin of her forehead is soft, unworried, unwrinkled. She leans back further still, eyes still closed, and she reaches up to hold your hand. “Ohh Vijay, you are like a lover!” she laughs. “Don’t stop, don’t stop!” she laughs again. You remain silent and continue to brush her hair, each stroke like the long slow stroke of your penis as you imagine yourself sliding gently into her pussy. You can see your mother’s breasts beneath you, full, heavy, straining at the sheer silk of her bra. Are her nipples stiff or are you imaging it? No, they are definitely stiff, jutting forward like tiny pencils, pushing stiffly out. You see your mother part her legs, and she allows the silk negligee to fall back further still, now revealing her long brown legs encased in black silk clearly to your hungry eyes. She crosses and uncrosses her legs as she makes herself more comfortable in the chair, the sibilant sound of silken stockings exciting you further as you imagine her legs crossing and uncrossing behind your thrusting torso, your thick cock buried deep between her legs. Is she teasing you? No, she appears to be oblivious, dreaming perhaps. Minutes pass. Her breath is coming faster now and you see her bite her lip as she lets one hand fall to her breast, sliding beneath the silk, touching her nipple, eyes still closed but her breath definitely faster now. She leans back further still and now you see her slide her hand slowly down her body, over her belly, down to her inner thigh, between her legs. You catch your breath as you see her legs open slowly, as she touches herself, her hand moving slowly between her legs, her long brown fingers caressing her slit, scarlet-painted fingernails glinting in the lamp’s soft light, her clitoris now protruding through the silk of her panties, a tiny bead of moisture darkening the silk. You go on brushing her hair, trying not to reveal your own excitement.

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  . … but you cannot help yourself, your cock is as stiff as a poker, eight inches of steel sheathed in silk-soft brown skin, throbbing between your legs as you gaze at your mother.
Slowly you move your hand down from her cheek to her throat, caressing her gently before bringing your fingers to her mouth, tracing her full lips with your fingers, seeing her lips open to draw your fingers in, her white teeth biting gently before she kisses your hand and brings it to her breast. “Do you think I’m pretty, Vijay? Do you think I am beautiful?” She is thirty-nine, you are nineteen but at that moment she is the most beautiful woman in the world. You let your lips answer her as you kiss her on the mouth, your hand on her breast, fondling, squeezing. You feel her mouth open as she returns your kiss and quickly you slip your tongue between her lips, and feel her tongue reach for yours. Her eyes are still closed and she is panting now as she kisses you hungrily, her arms reaching for you as you stand over her seated body. Your cock is only inches from her breasts, standing as stiff as a poker and as proud as a soldier on parade, throbbing with life and desperate to be touched. You move your body so that she feels your stiffness and she gasps as she feels your big cock between her breasts. “Vijay, Vijay!” she murmurs as she reaches for you, touching you gently, her hands soft on you. “You are so big, so hard, so beautiful, my beautiful son, my lover, my son” she whispers and she leans forward to kiss your penis. You gasp as you feel her warm breath and her soft lips. She swivels in the chair so that your body is in front of her and you look down to see her long black hair fall around your groin. You reach down and pull her head closer to your body and you feel her tongue swirl up and down your shaft as she cups your bulging balls with her hand. “You are so big, Vijay, so big, so beautiful, I want you, I want you”, she sighs and looks up, gazing deeply into your eyes before she lowers her head again, her hands reaching behind to grasp your naked buttocks, pulling you closer to her mouth.

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So far you have not spoken but now you decide to whisper… “Do you want me, Momma? Do you want my cock, Momma? Do you want to suck my cock?” you ask as you pull her head back, gripping her long black hair firmly. “Yes, yes, yes, yes!” you hear her sigh. “I want your cock, Vijay, you are my beautiful son, I want to kiss you, I want to hold you, I want to love you, I want your kisses, I want your body, I want to suck your cock, I want to taste your cum!” “Then suck it, Momma, make me cum in your mouth”, you reply.
Greedily she lowers her head again and starts to suck you, noisily, wetly, her head rising and falling and you begin to thrust forward, your cock hitting the roof of her mouth and you hear her slurp as she pulls you closer still, willing you to fuck her face, to fill her throat, to cum in her mouth, to fill her mouth to overflowing with your hot sticky cum. You reach down and roughly pull her bra from her shoulders, exposing her breasts completely. You reach down and squeeze them in both hands, rolling her nipples between your fingers. Your balls are nestled between her breasts and your big cock juts proudly upward to meet her hungry mouth. She does not break her stroke but you hear her moan as you pinch her tits. They are big, heavy, but still beautiful and you want to spill hot white ropes of cum over her brown skin. You kick her legs apart and stand between then. She is still seated, legs apart. “Touch yourself, Momma,” you whisper. “Touch your cunt”. She reaches down between her legs, slides her fingers beneath the silk of her panties. “Finger-fuck your cunt, Momma, finger-fuck yourself while I cum, I want to smell your cunt, I want to see you cum”.

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   Smiling, she slides her panties to her knees and one hand still on your cock, her mouth still rising and falling on you, she starts to masturbate herself beneath you. She is panting now, panting like a whore, hungry for cock, wanting to feel her own hot rush of cum, wanting to orgasm with you, her son, her son’s big stiff cock buried deep in her throat.
You are straining now, you feel your orgasm mount and you want to let your cum spill into your mother’s willing mouth, you want to fill her throat with your cum, you want to see your cum spill over her lips, to splash on her brown breasts. You want to lick your own hot cum from her breasts, to bite her nipples and taste your own seed, you want to taste her blood mixed with your semen and as you feel her mouth on you you drive your cock deeper and deeper into your mother’s mouth and at last, at last, at last you cum in her mouth, filling her throat, filling her mouth, your hot cum splashing the back of her throat as she sucks and swallows, sucks and swallows, talking you in deeper and deeper as she savours your cum, so much cum! so much cum! Wave after wave of hot cum in your mother’s mouth, filling her, causing her to gag but still she swallows, gulping down splash after splash of cum, your cum now overflowing, oozing from her lips, dribbling down her chin, falling onto her swelling breasts until at last you are finished, your cock spent, your load of cum in your mother’s mouth, in her throat, on her face, on her chin, on her beautiful big breasts. Slowly your mother lets you pull your cock from her mouth and slowly, gently, she licks you, licks your cock from top to bottom, licks your swollen balls, licks you clean of cum and you hear her croon as she savours every last drop of cum.
As you look down at your mother’s head you aware of a new mastery, of a new control. You have just fucked your mother’s mouth, you have just filled her throat with cum, she has licked you and loved you, sucked you and fucked you and still you want more… and you know that she does too, for you know that you want to taste her cunt, to make her cum and to taste her cum. She is yours now, to do with as you will. Your mother is your fuck-puppet, your sex slave, you are a man and she is your woman, your bitch, your pet cunt. With this knowledge comes a new strength and reaching down you grasp her firmly by the shoulders, pulling her to her feet. “Come, Mother” you say quietly, “come with me”. Trance-like, she rises to her feet and tottering, follows you to the bed. You throw her down roughly and she lies there, arms laid back, legs open, breasts tumbling, breath heaving, eyes glistening and excited, her whole body trembling as she awaits your will. You drop to your knees, pushing her legs wider apart. Her pussy is shaven, just a tiny black stubble gracing her open vagina.

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   Her cunt is wide open to your eyes, tiny beads of moisture glistening, seeming to thrust itself upwards towards your mouth, demanding your kiss, hungry for your probing tongue. The sweet smell of sandalwood soap mixed with the heady aroma of her woman’s sex fills your nostrils. As you bend your head to your mother’s waiting cunt you feel her fingers entwine themselves in your hair, pulling you anxiously closer. Deftly you reach underneath her soft buttocks, cupping her in your strong hands as she lifts her legs and positions her thighs around your head. You feel her thighs, warm, strong, smooth, against your face, her silk stockings on your neck, her pussy redolent of cunt-juice close to your mouth and you dip your mouth to her treasure of pleasure, her trove of love, her cave of lust, her perfect cunt. Her cunt is wet and willing and your tongue probes deeper and deeper, teasing, playing, finding her clitoris, feeling its stiffness, tasting her, your saliva mixing with her juices, her fingers gripping you tightly now as you wash her pussy with your mouth, feeling her get wetter and wetter, her thighs gripping your head tighter and tighter still, her hips rising to meet your mouth.
Reaching up, you find her breasts and you cup them with your hands, fondling, squeezing, pinching, her nipples stiff to your touch, and you hear her moan above your head, lost in lustful pleasure as she whispers your name again and again “Ohhh Vijay, Vijay, Vijay, that feels so good, that feels so good, ohhh Vijay, don’t stop, don’t stop, give me more, give me more, make me wet, make me cum” you hear her say, her hands pulling you harder and harder into her cunt, her hips pushing against your mouth, her thighs tight around your head, her sharp high-heeled shoes digging into your back. Her mounting excitement is making you hard again despite the ocean of cum you have already unleashed. When she cums, she cums with a rush, her whole body stiffening as a torrent of cum floods your mouth. Drinking deeply, you swallow her salty-sweet cum, every drop making you harder and harder until you know that you are ready to fuck your mother, really fuck her, ram your big cock deep into her cunt until she screams for mercy but mercy you shall not show for she is your cunt now, your fuck-puppet, her only function now is to be fucked by you. Pulling yourself up onto the bed, you hold her body to the bed, pushing your fingers deep into her cunt, finger-fucking her as hard as you can and she grasps your wrist while with her other hand she reaches down to grip your penis and she moans as she finds you stiff, long, thick, hard, pulsating, oozing droplets of pre-cum and she knows now that you mean to fuck her. Suddenly she tries to resist, saying, “No, Vijay, no, no, this is wrong, this is wrong!” as she tosses her head from side to side. Her voice says, “Stop!” but her body says “More! More! harder! harder! Fuck me, Vijay, fuck me! Fuck your mother!”  and she works her cunt against your hand, squeezing your cock, tugging it, feeling its strength and power. Moaning, she bites down on her lower lip in her excitement, drawing blood, tiny droplets running down her chin. Moving as if to kiss her, you lick the blood from her lips, tasting its salty-sweetness, salty-sweet just like her cum.

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   Her cum mixes with her blood on your lips, in your mouth, arousing an ancient primeval lust in you. With one last savage thrust of your hand you pull away, pushing your mother brutally back on the bed, pulling her up across the white sheets so that her head hangs back over the edge. Pinning her wrists to the bed, you position yourself between her legs, your big cock now feeling its way into her cunt. Harder and harder you push, deeper and deeper, feeling her heat, her wetness. Her body is pushing against yours now, willing you to fuck her but again you hear her say “No, Vijay, No! Stop! Stop!” Reaching into the pocket of the silken dressing gown which still drapes your muscular body, you find your sister’s panties, soiled and dank from her day-long sweat and lust, and you push them into your mother’s mouth, stifling her voice. Her arms pinned to the bed by your strong hands, she is powerless beneath you and you can have your lustful way with her. You know that she wants your big cock in her tight cunt, wants to feel your heat and strength in her wet and willing cunt and so your begin to ride your mother, pushing your cock home harder and harder, faster and faster, deeper and deeper until you are hammering at the very walls of her womb and now you feel her body rise to meet yours, you feel your mother’s legs tighten around you, her silk stockings rasping softly against your skin, you feel the leather and steel of her high-heeled shoes bite into your back, you feel her breasts bounce against your chest, you feel her arms grasp your shoulders and pull you closer still. With arms outstretched you let your body stiffen, towering over your mother, you are a master of the universe and your mother is your slave, you see her eyes rolling as her body arches to meet your thrusting cock. With your teeth you pull your sister’s panties from your mother’s mouth and you hear her shout your name, “Vijay! Vijay! My beautiful boy! My beautiful boy! I love you! I love you! Love me, Vijay! Love me! Ride me! Ride me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder, make me cum! Cum inside me! Cum inside me! Ohhh god fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me!!!” and then you feel her cum on your cock, drenching you, her cum streaming from her cunt, running down the shaft of your cock, oozing from between the lips of her labia…
But you are not ready yet and with a last throbbing thrust into your mother’s cunt you pull your cock out and quickly turn her on the bed, pushing her face down, face buried in the pillow, breasts hanging, buttocks soaring to meet you. You kick her legs apart from behind and ram your cock into her open cunt, your balls slapping against the walls of her cunt, filling her with your hard hot cock. One leg hooked around her warm sticky thigh, you slap her buttocks with one hand while squeezing her tits with the other and you begin to ride her like a giant dog, like a stallion, driving your cock in and out, ramming it in like a pile-driver, a giant steel piston, in and out, in and out, in and out, harder and harder, faster and faster, your mother pushing her big beautiful arse back to meet your thrusting hips as she bites down on the pillow to stifle her screams of pleasure, her muffled shouts exciting you, driving you to even greater heights of ecstasy as you pump your mother’s love-hole full of hot brown meat. Grasping her arse you get ready to cum and at last, at last, at last with one mighty push you let your orgasm explode inside your mother’s hole, letting wave after wave after wave of streaming white cum flow into her, flooding her, filling her to overflowing as you hear her scream with pleasure and feel her cum again and again and again, her cunt gushing streams of cum, washing down your loins, mingling with your cum, drenching the white sheets until at last you let your body fall forward on your mother’s and you kiss her cheek gently, saying “I love you, Mom, I love you” as she collapses beneath you, full of her son’s hot cum, tears streaming down her face but the happiest of smiles telling a truer tale of requited love and satisfied sex.
As you lie there, caressing her face, kissing her breasts, gently touching her now sore pussy, her hand on your cock, her lips showering you with kisses, her tongue licking your face, you see a shadow at the door and you look up, in time to see a shape disappear. Was that your sister? Did she see you?
To be continued…….