Virginity Lost ... to my mother


Mum and Dad split up about a year ago because Dad was drinking heavily. My sister and I lived with Mum in a single storey building close to our school. It had been a tough year but Mum was now seeing a guy called Nigel and things seemed to be getting better.
One day I came home early from school because I was feeling unwell and as I passed Mum’s bedroom window I could not believe what I was seeing.
Mum was laying on her bed completely naked and fingering herself. As she worked her fingers around her clit and into her hole she rocked on her hips and groaned.
I just stood there watching and began to stroke my cock through my trousers. I had often wanked but as this was the first time I had seen a naked woman, apart from some magazines the guys at school had shown around, my cock was harder than ever before.
As I watched and wanked my Mum’s groans grew and I could see her breathing getting heavier, her breasts rising and falling more rapidly.
I wanted to keep watching but I could feel that I was about to cum. It would have been too embarrassing to have to explain to Mum why my pants were coated with cum, so I rushed into the house and straight to the bathroom.
I pulled down my trousers and gripped my cock, wanking hard whilst keeping the vision of my Mum in my head. It wasn’t long before I shot my load and had the best orgasm ever.
I was breathless and panting as I cleaned myself, and the surrounding area. I decided to take a shower and to try and regain some control before I faced Mum.
Whilst I was in the shower I heard the phone ring.

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   Mum answered the phone and seemed to be arguing with someone. I turned off the shower and began to towel myself when I heard Mum slam down the phone and begin to cry. Through all the problems with my Dad, she never cried. Mum was always strong and hearing her sobbing had me worried.
Without thinking, I ran into her room to find out what the problem was.
Through her sobs, Mum told me that Nigel had dumped her, telling her that she put us kids before anything and he didn’t feel ready to take on a family right now.
I didn’t know what to say so I just put out my hand and touched her shoulder.
Without looking up, Mum reached out and put her arms around me and hugged me close.
As we held each other, I could feel her breasts against me and, though I knew it was wrong, could feel my cock getting hard again.
I could not believe what was happening. Until today I had never even seen a woman naked and, now, here I was, my naked body held close to my mother’s naked body. I felt that I should pull away but Mum was holding me tight.
My cock was growing quickly and I was suddenly aware that my knob was touching my Mum’s naked stomach. I felt Mum twitch but, instead of pushing me away, she held me tighter against her. I began to move my hips so that my cock rubbed against her and, as I did so, my mother ran her hands down my back and grabbed my arse.

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   She began to pull me closer and moved slightly and gently with me.
I thought I was going to cum and a groan escaped my lips. My mother released her grip on me and pushed me back a little. She looked down at my cock and brought her hand from my arse and gently gripped my cock. She never looked up at my face as she slowly began to toss me off, her grip getting a little tighter with each stroke.
Again I felt ready to cum but she released my cock and told me to lie on the bed.
I lay down with my head on her pillow and she lay on the bed beside me.
She took hold of my cock again and, whilst stroking it, looked at me and smiled.
She lowered her head and slowly began to lick my knob. She licked around my knob like she was licking an ice cream cone that was melting. Sometimes her lips would cover my knob and she would suck. Then she began to take more of my cock in her mouth. Sucking and licking she began a rhythm. Watching my mother suck my cock, the warmth of her mouth and, every now and then, the contact with the back of her throat all became too much. With a groan I shot my load into my mother’s mouth.

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   I was surprised that she did not pull away. In fact, she griped my cock harder and sucked and swallowed.
I had never cum like it before. The sensation was so great I thought I would pass out and, even when I had emptied my full load, she kept on sucking and licking. More slowly this time but the heightened sensitivity of my cock was sending waves of euphoria through me.
My mother wiped her mouth to remove some cum that had dribbled through her lips. She moved up the bed and lay beside me and gently kissed my lips.
She told me I had to help her now and instructed me to change my position so that my face was level with her vagina. I did so with pleasure and was now lying with my mother’s pussy inches from my face.
I could smell her sex and did exactly what she told me. First I had to rub her slit with my hand. She told me then to part her lips and to rub her clit.
As I did she moaned a little and kept adjusting her position whilst guiding me in how to really excite her clit.
I was then to take my middle two fingers and slowly insert them into her vagina. Her hole was hot and so wet that my fingers slipped in easily.

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   I pushed in and out a little clumsily at first but she just kept explaining what she wanted and soon I was fingering her with ease.
The position of my hand ensured that each time I inserted my fingers, the heel of my hand touched her clit. As I fingered her faster and harder she would push her hips forward to meet my hand. I was panting with pleasure as she moaned. She asked me to speed up and push harder and as I did so, she began to thrust her hips with more urgency. Each time I pushed my fingers into her and slapped her clit with my hand she moaned a little louder and then, suddenly, she thrust forward and clamped her legs together. I felt a warm liquid spurt from her as if she was peeing on me. I couldn’t move my hand as she locked me in position with her thighs. I realised that I had made my mother cum using my fingers and waited for her orgasm to subside. Slowly she released the pressure of her thighs and I was able to continue fingering her. Her pussy and my hand were covered in the warm wet fluid and I could not resist moving closer and tasting her.
My cock was hard again and she took hold and began once again to suck me. I was still fingering her wet pussy and kissing her clit. My mother told me that she would teach me how to give her oral sex some other time but that right now it was time for me to lose my virginity.
I removed my fingers and turned around.

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   As I did so my mother rolled onto her back, bent her knees and opened her legs. I awkwardly positioned myself between her legs, my cock throbbing with anticipation. She put her hands above her head and held on to the bedstead, turning her face to one side, she closed her eyes.
I took hold of my cock and directed the knob to her pussy. The wet, warm feeling was even better than when she had sucked me and I pushed my cock slowly inside her.
I lowered myself on to my mother and took her nipple into my mouth. The nipple was hard and felt good as I sucked and licked it. I pushed my cock in until I was completely immersed inside her.
My mother never turned to look at me. She seemed to just lay there while I pulled out and pushed in again. I began to push harder and faster until I was slamming into her. Her body jerked with each thrust and I loved the way her breasts jumped a little each time. This just encouraged me to go faster and harder.
My mother’s eyes were only slightly open and she gave a ’huh’ sound each time I slammed into her. This was joined by a faint moan and soon I was moaning in time with her.

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My cock was so hard it was aching and I knew I would cum soon. I thrust harder, faster and my sucking of her nipple turned into biting. As I bit her she moaned louder but still never looked at me.
I don’t know what it was but I wanted to push harder and further into her. I wanted to bite her. I wanted to hear her moan!
My cock was raging and, with a huge thrust, I shot my load inside her. Another thrust, then another. I felt like I wanted to push so hard that I would disappear into her cunt. Each thrust was accompanied by my cum surging into her. By now I had taken as much of her breast as I could into my mouth and was sucking and biting.
Finally, there was nothing more for me to give and I released her breast from my mouth and gasped for air as I collapsed on top of her.
She wrapped her arms around me and held me in place with my cock softening inside her. She was breathing heavily too and her breasts rose and fell with each breath.
I lay on her and could feel myself drifting into sleep.

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