Vodka is good


I swung the door open, nearly snapping it off its hinges.
"For fuck sake, this day will never end," I screamed, throwing my schoolbag onto the sofa, in which an already tipsy older sister was sitting grumpily.
"Chad," My sister, Jenny protested, as she through the bag back onto the floor. "Do you no what day it is,"
I pondered on the thought for a while, recapping over what was so speacial about the day, except for the fact, it was the worst day I have ever had. It started with me missing the school bus, causing me to be late for school, and this was the third time this week, so i lost my lunchtime. The time which i was planning to scramble my essay together. But of course i couldnt then, so i simply had to wait until i got my big fat juicy F, stamped onto my paper.
But when i thought this golden day could get no better, i travel over three miles on my bike aftershool to my girlfriends house, to find her fucking some older jock.
So here i was now, waiting to here the latest installment to my day.
"Its my birthday you dick," She cursed as she glanced up at me, "supose you didnt get me a present"
"Oh shit," I slammed my fists against my head in anger, "I am so sorry," Jenny was looking beauitiful tonight, she had long curled golden blonde hair, waving over her bronzed face in which the most sinister look of annoyence sat in her smile. She was wearing a wonderful golden dress, with diamond earings studded on each of her ears, matching the £600 pearl necklace that her millionaire boyfriend must have just bought her. My sister had just turned 21, and was a decent 5 years older than me.
I must say, seeing my sisters tits, held back so unfairly by her revealing dress, I for the fist time in my life started thinking about just how lucky her boyfriend was.
She sat up, with a bottle of vodka in her hands, and took a swig from the bottle.
"Your already pissed as it is, dont you think you should lay off the booze?" She sunk her eyes when he said this, and took anouther prolonged swig from the bottle. I could tell she was completly pissed and was not in a right state of mind.

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Then she closed her eyes and fell asleep, right there on the spot. "Oh for christ sake," I cursed, mum and dad were upstairs and if they came down and sore her like this, she would get hell in the morning.
I grabbed her shoulders and tried to wake her up, but she didnt even flinch or stir.
"Jenny," I whispered into her here as not to wake mum and dad, "wake up," But she never replied.
She looked so beautiful when she slept, so peaceful, the funny thing was i could not take my eyes off her, and before i knew it, i had to give her a kiss goodnight. Just a gentle kiss on the cheek. When i saw she still didnt wake up, i moved onto the lips, then i thought, what the hell! What have i got to lose! So i shoved by tongue into her mouth and began massaging her tounge against mine, she still didnt wake up. I tore myself away form her mouth and still, she didnt even stir.
"Christ, shes out cold," I muttered, so i slowly moved my hand passed her pearl necklace and placed my hand under her dress and fondled with her tits. They felt so perfect so right, i had to have more. I knew what i was doing was sick and wrong. But i would never get this chance again.
I rolled her over and began undoing the laces holding her dress to her body, when they had all come off, i slowly tugged her dress over her head and stripped her naked, all apart form a pair of white panties that hid the ultimate treasure which i was going to have all for my self.
Her tits came free and i saw just how beautiful they were, i slowly placed my mouth on her right nipple, carefully checking to see if she woke up, but she didnt so i continued to suck like a new born baby. I was so hard by this point, i had to take it further, so i took down my trousers and i popped out my 9 incher, i held it in my hand, my heart pounding before slowly parting away her teeth and slipping it inside.

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   She still didnt wake up. So i started to move back and forth, sadly, although the thrill of having my sister suck me off without even knowing, was a turn on, she wasnt actually sucking, so i took my cock out and planted one more french kiss on her, while i slowly tugged down her panties.
When i saw her bare pussy, my cock sprang to a whole new length, i had never been more turned on in my life. I had to have her, i took my cock and slowly edged it into her pussy, it was so tight and the walls contracted against my cock. It felt so good. I started to slowly move back and forth, and when i was assured that she was still asleep, i went a little faster. Her jusices began to flow form her pussy, and soft moans erupted from her mouth, although i was still fairly sure she was still asleep. I fondled her tits while pummeling her pussy at full whack, her necklace bounced in time with her tits as i slammed her again and again and again. But then my cock could take no more, i was going to cum, so i took out my cock and slammed it into her mouth where a stream of white cum erupted from my balls, filling her mouth.
But i was stil hard, i needed more, so i flipped her over until her bare ass protruded out to me, i took my cock and teased her ass gently, stroking my cock lovingly against her bare flesh. I fist of allstuck my finger in her pussy and finger fucked her for a while, when i had enough pussy juices to lubricate her anal, i slowly forced my cock into her ass, even tighter than her pussy, i slowly again moved back and forth, before reaching full throttle, but it wasnt long before my sisters ass had me cumming again, but this time i didnt take my cock out, i just let her ass over flow with my juices.
I took my cock out once more and put it to her mouth, where i rubbed her toungue against my cock to clean her own shit off. I carried on doing this, until for the first time in my life, i came for a third time in 1 night, unloading everything i had into her mouth, some dribbled out and formed a puddle at the top of her tits.
"Happy Birthday baby," I said as i released every last droplit into her mouth. I quickly put my trousers back on followed by putting her dress and panties back onto her.

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   I smiled down.
"Tomorrow, im gunna get you so pissed, im gunna fuk you all night long," I kissed her once more on the lips before running off to bed.
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