Walker Family Fun Part 04


My name is Susan Walker and I am a forty year old, happily married mother of two. Tommy is my twenty two year old son, and Krissy is my twenty one year old daughter. Tommy goes to school at the University and he comes home to visit whenever there is an academic break. Krissy, on the other hand, still lives at home and would rather party with her girlfriends than go to school or get a job. My son came home for "spring break" a week ago, so all three of us have been having a great time being together while my husband has been busy with "out of town" business ventures.

It is late at night, but for some reason I can't sleep, so I decide to sit up in bed and read my new women's magazine. I pull the satin sheet away from my naked body, then get out of bed briefly to turn on the reading lamp and walk across the room to get the magazine. I stop in front of the "full length" mirror to admire my beautiful body, then grab a brush and run it through my hair a few times. I am almost forty one years old, but I still have the body of girl in her twenty's. I keep in shape by swimming in our pool everyday, and I try to have sex as frequently as possible. Anyway, I grab the magazine, get back into bed and lean against the padded headboard. I glance over at my son sleeping soundly on his side, and watch as his muscular back gently expands and contracts with each breath he takes. I reach out and slowly run my fingers across his broad shoulders, then down to the middle of his back. The sheet is partially covering him, so I push it away to get better access to his sexy male body. I am enjoying caressing his naked ass cheeks for the next few minutes, then I hear my daughter open the door to her room. She walks down the hallway, then stops in the doorway of my bedroom and watches my playing with her brother's ass.

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As I continue running my hands over my son's naked body, I look over at Krissy and say "Oh honey, you can't sleep either! Let's go downstairs and I will make us a couple of "Bloody Mary" drinks. That should make us relaxed enough to fall asleep. " I lean over and kiss my son's neck, then get out of bed, and go downstairs with Krissy. When I get to the kitchen, I open the refrigerator and get everything I need to make us the drinks. Krissy stands next to me and we have a lively conversation about the fun adventures we have been having since Tommy came home for spring break. I notice that she appears to be horny because she is running her hands all over her naked body. She gently caresses her breasts, then runs her hands down between her legs.
I think to myself that I will help her with her problem in a few minutes as I hand her a drink. She takes a sip of it, then suggests that we sit naked on the front porch in the moonlight. I follow behind her and stare at her cute little white ass cheeks gently move up and down with each step she takes.

She opens the front door, then we step outside onto the porch. Gosh, it is almost daylight outside! With the full moon and the streetlights, I can see all the way down the road! I suddenly have an idea, so I give my drink to Krissy, then tell her I will be right back. Within a few seconds, I return with one of those extra large beach towels, then walk over to the middle of the front yard and spread it out. Krissy comes over and we both sit down on it. We enjoy our drinks and watch as several cars going by slow down a little bit in front of our house, then continue on their way.

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   I am sure they can see us, but I really don't give a shit. It must be one o'clock in the morning, and they should not be out driving around anyway. Krissy is obviously enjoying being naked on the front lawn because she is slowly masturbating herself while we talk. She puts down her drink, then looks over at me and says "Mom, Tommy has been sleeping with you every night since he got home for spring break. He has to go back to school Monday, so I want him to be with me tomorrow night. The last time he was home, we fell asleep together with his cock inside me. I really enjoyed that and I want to do again before he leaves. " Krissy is now vigorously masturbating as I look at her and say "Well, okay, but if he wants to fuck me during the day, I am not going to turn him down. " Krissy thanks me over and over again, then leans over to kiss me. She sticks her tongue in my mouth, and I begin sucking on it while I reach between her legs and insert two of my fingers in her pussy. A car driving by suddenly slows down, so we quit kissing, and I remove my fingers from my daughter's sweet pussy.

After the car drives off, I stand up and suggest to Krissy that we go for an evening stroll around the neighborhood. She says to me "You mean right now without any clothes on?" Within a few seconds we are holding hands and walking down our driveway to the sidewalk. I have second thoughts about walking through the neighborhood completely nude because the bright moon makes it almost like daytime, but Krissy is enjoying herself. After we have walked about a block, I notice an elderly woman walking her equally old little dog on the sidewalk a few houses down.

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   When we get closer to her, I expect her to say that we are just a couple of sluts looking for attention, then threaten to call the police if we don't put some clothes on. Instead, she speaks softly and says "Oh my, you two girls don't have any clothes on! If I were fifty years younger, I would take off my dress right now and walk with you!"We have a laugh, then she says "Be careful sweethearts, because their are a lot of perverts around that would like to get their hands on those gorgeous bodies of yours!" While the old lady continues to talk with us, her dog gets scent of Krissy's moist pussy and keeps jumping between her legs. Krissy keeps pushing the old male dog away from her, then we say goodbye and start to walk away. Suddenly, I feel the woman's cane smack me softly on the ass. I look over my shoulder at her, then she says "You are only young once Honey! You are doing the right thing by enjoying yourself before you get old like me!" I smile at her, then Krissy and I continue walking towards the busy main street about a block away.

Krissy wants to walk out in front of the "strip mall" and walk through the brightly lit parking lot, but I tell her that we had better not. I suggest that we walk through the alley behind it, then walk back home on the other side of the block. As we walk down the alley, we hear music and laughter. I know there is a lesbian bar about half way down, so I tell Krissy we will stop there and look through the privacy fence. They have this outdoor seating area behind the bar with about eight or ten picnic tables in it. It is a popular place for girls to meet other girls and I have been in there a few times. Anyway, Krissy and I continue walking and see the gate to the outdoor area is wide open and there about a dozen cars parked in the alley. As we get closer, we notice two girls fighting. One of the girls appears to be about my age and is dressed in a black leather skirt and black leather bikini top. The other girl is a young blond and she is completely naked! The woman dressed in leather grabs the blonde's wrists and pushes her backwards over the hood of a car, then leans forward and begins to suck on her tits.

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   We stop a short distance away and watch the young girl struggling to get out from underneath the older woman. After about a minute, the older woman suddenly releases her grip from the young girl's wrists and buries her face between her legs. The young girl immediately starts moaning with pleasure and thrusts her hips upward into the older woman's face

Krissy and I walk closer to a better look, then the older woman looks up and spots us! She immediately stands up and says "My, my, what do we have here? She snaps her fingers and tells the little blond to run inside the fenced area to get her friends. Within a few seconds, five or six beautiful girls dressed in black leather surround Krissy and myself. They forcefully grab our wrists and hold them behind our backs as they run their hands all over our naked bodies. Krissy is enjoying herself immensely and starts moaning when one of the girls gets on her knees in front of her and starts licking her pussy. We all watch as Krissy's eyes close and she thrusts her hips forward into the girl's face. Krissy starts yelling "Don't stop! Don't stop!" All of a sudden, the tall woman tells her girls "Stop what you are doing! They are going to be our entertainment for this evening!" The older woman immediately grabs my long, blond hair and pulls me with her as she walks through the gate, into the outdoor seating area of the lesbian bar.

She continues to hold onto my hair and parades me around in front of thirty or forty beautiful girls who are drinking and dancing to soft music. She keeps saying "Look what I have found for us to enjoy tonight!" After we make one trip around the outdoor area, the two girls holding my wrists force me to climb onto a picnic table and stand up. I look over to my left, and see that Krissy is standing on the picnic table next to me. Suddenly, someone turns off the music and every girl in the place puts their drinks down and gather around Krissy and myself. They glide their hands up and down our smooth legs, across our naked pussy's and pay particular attention to our perfect breasts with their hard nipples. Thirty minutes pass as each girl waits patiently in line to run their hands all over our naked bodies. Suddenly, a beautiful naked Asian girl steps up on the picnic table and hands me a cold "wine cooler".

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   One of the girls holding my wrists lets go of me, then I take the bottle and take a big swallow of it. Just as I am ready to thank the Asian girl, she puts her arms around my waist and begins kissing me. All the girls in the whole place cheer her on while she moves her hands down to my firm ass cheeks and begins squeezing them with her slender fingers. After a couple of minutes, she suddenly gets down on her knees and buries her face between my legs. After having dozens of beautiful girls touch every inch of my naked body, I am ready to orgasm at any second! I start moaning loudly while the beautiful Asian girl runs her tongue up and down my pussy lips.

Suddenly, I see the woman that grabbed my hair and paraded me around naked in front of everyone. She steps in front of the picnic table I am standing on, then looks up at me. The Asian girl licking my pussy immediately stops and hops down off the table. I look down at the beautiful woman, then she says "My name is Katherine, and these are my models! I have found out that the beautiful girl on the picnic table next to you is your daughter! She told us that she would like to continue being our guest for a while if you approve! Otherwise, you are free to go!We just like to have fun, and I thought because you are walking naked down city streets, I would drag you in here to see if you like our party?" I immediately tell her that I would like to stay!Immediately, she snaps her fingers and the girls behind my daughter and I release the grip from our wrists and step off the picnic tables. Katherine motions for me to sit down on the edge of the picnic table so she talk to me. She says quietly "You probably will not believe me, but I have a real cock between my legs! I was blessed with being a beautiful woman except for one difference, I have cock that gets rock hard when I touch a beautiful woman like you! Please stay for the next half hour while my models take turns licking your pussy, then I will climb up on the picnic table and shove my hard cock inside you! Please tell me you will stay!" I think to myself for a moment, then ask "Does it get really hard, and how long is it?" Katherine replies "It is about eight inches long and it gets so hard that it sticks straight out from my body!" I think about the offer for split second, then reach out and shake hands with her. For the next half hour, Krissy and I lay on the picnic tables with our knees bent while girl after girl takes their turn pushing their faces between our legs.

Suddenly, Katherine opens the back door of the bar and walks towards me. She snaps her fingers and all the girls that were waiting in line to lick my pussy take a seat at the picnic tables and chairs around me. My daughter sees that everyone has abandoned her pussy, so she sits down next to her new girlfriend.

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   Katherine looks absolutely stunning in her black leather bikini top, but she reaches behind her, unclasps it and pulls it away from her body. Oh my gosh, her breasts are perfect and her hard nipples are sticking out at least half an inch or more! All thirty or forty girls suddenly go silent as Katherine holds her arms over her head and shows off her magnificent breasts for everyone to see! After a few seconds, Katherine tells me to move closer to the edge of the picnic table and let my legs dangle below me, then she turns around faces the audience. She slowly slides her black leather skirt down a little bit, then her cock pops into view! I watch from behind her as she strokes it a few times, then turns around to face me. Oh my gosh, her cock is the most perfect looking one I have ever seen in my life! It is sticking straight out from her body and I can see the veins on the shaft bulging as they carry blood to the purple head!

Katherine leans over the picnic table and begins to kiss me while I reach between her legs and slowly stroke her cock back and forth. Oh my gosh, it is getting even harder and bigger! After a few seconds, I position it at my pussy entrance, then lean back on my elbows. Katherine slowly moves her hips forward and her cock starts sliding into my saliva lubricated pussy. After she gets about half of it inside me, she withdraws, then slowly slides it back in me again. She does this a few more times, then starts picking up the tempo. Pretty soon she is ramming her cock into me over and over. I start moaning loudly and the audience responds with cheering while Katherine fucks me for the next five minutes. Suddenly, she stops and groans. I think she is going to immediately pull her cock out of me and ejaculate on my stomach, but she leaves it in me! I can feel her cock pumping warm sperm in my pussy for the next ten or fifteen seconds, then it stops. Katherine leans over me and rests for about a minute, then she slowly starts pulling her cock out of me. I think Katherine is finished, but when her cock is about half the way out of me, she pushes it back in! She slowly does this for a couple of minutes, then picks up speed! The audience cheers as she fucks me again!

I have not been fucked twice in succession like this since my son did it to me about six months ago. I am enjoying myself immensely and lay flat on my back with my legs up in the air.

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   Suddenly, Katherine stops, leans over me and rests on her elbows. I think she is going to shoot another load of sperm inside me, but she points to the only man at the party and motions for him to come over to us. He must be a male model, because he is one of the most handsome, young men I have ever seen in my life. He walks up behind Katherine, quickly strips naked and starts jacking his cock back and forth. He does this for a few seconds, then grabs Katherine's ass cheeks and pulls them apart. Then, he positions his cock against her asshole, then puts both of his hands on her hips. With one big thrust, his cock pops inside her! He starts fucking her ass slowly at first, then starts picking up speed. Katherine hovers over the top of me and smiles as her cock plunges inside me with each thrust the male model gives her. After just a few minutes, the male model pulls his cock out of Katherine's ass and ejaculates on her white ass cheeks. I think the show is over, but Katherine immediately begins fucking me again!

She starts sweating profusely and the water droplets run off her naked body and splash onto mine. She continues to fuck me for the next four of five minutes, then suddenly stops. I feel her hard cock jerking around inside me, then it starts pumping another load of warm sperm inside me again! Katherine waits for a few seconds, then pushes herself up from the picnic table and pulls her cock out of me. I immediately climb off the table, give Katherine a quick kiss, then walk over to my daughter. I grab her hand and we run through the gate and start walking down the alley. I glance over my shoulder and see about a dozen of the girls watching my daughter and I fade into the darkness, so I turn around, and blow them a kiss.

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It must be about three o'clock in the morning now, as Krissy and I casually stroll naked down the alley. We make a left at the next street, then start walking the next three blocks to our house. Krissy says "Mom, even though all those girls put their hands all over my naked body, I still have not had an orgasm yet! Will you promise to give me one when we get home? Please Mom!" We have about one more block until we get to our house, so I say to Krissy "Why wait until we get home? I will do that for you right now!" As we pass a brilliant streetlight, I guide her to the middle of the road, then immediately get down on my knees and bury my face in her sweet pussy! Krissy moves her legs further apart, then reaches down with both of her hands and forces my head harder against her. Krissy starts moaning loudly and shouts "Don't stop! Don't stop! I am almost there! Don't stop licking my pussy!"

After a couple of minutes, the living room lights of the house closest to us suddenly turn on! I push my daughter's hands away from the back of my head, and look over in that direction. I can see an outline of someone walking through their living room to their front door, so I grab Krissy's hand and we run all the way back to our house. When we get there, Krissy immediately sits down on the blanket, then leans back on her elbows and spreads her legs apart. I step between her legs, put my hands on my hips, then say to her "Okay Krissy, I will finish giving you an orgasm, but you had better keep from moaning so loudly this time!" She promises me that she will be quiet, so I get down on my knees and put my face back between her legs. In just a few seconds, Krissy is bucking her hips off the beach towel and ramming her pussy into my face. My tongue races around her clit, then after a few minutes she suddenly stops moving and her body relaxes. I wait a little bit, then get up and help her to her feet. We go into the house and I kiss her goodnight, then I take a quick shower and get back into bed with my son.

When I open my eyes, the sun is shining through my bedroom window. I look over at Tommy and see that he is laying on his back and breathing slowly while he continues to sleep. I should wake him up and tell him to get ready to go to the nude beach today, but instead, I pull the satin sheet away from his body and start running my hand over his muscular chest. I make my way down to his cock and start fondling it.

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   Since he has been home for spring break, I have not seen it deflated like this. It looks so cute, so I start playing with it. After a few seconds, it starts getting larger, so I wrap my fingers around it and slowly stroke it up and down. Pretty soon, it has got so big that I can't touch my fingers together anymore! I keep jacking it up and down and watch as the veins of the shaft get larger and head of it starts turning a dark purple color. Suddenly, Krissy appears at my open bedroom door and says she is ready to go to the nude beach. I give my son's cock a few more strokes, then get out of bed. I tell Krissy that she can take off the bikini she has on because she won't be needing it today, then instruct her to put on a simple dress without a bra or panties. She turns around to go back to her room, then I select my favorite yellow "summer" dress and put it on. As I brush my hair, I raise my voice and tell my son to get out of bed and get dressed. He opens his eyes, climbs out of bed and puts his arms around me. His hard cock pokes me in the stomach, so I playfully slap it and tell him to go to his room and get dressed. Within a few minutes, the three of us are in my new car, speeding down the interstate, heading towards the ocean.

The parking lot at the State Beach is almost full, so we have to drive around for a little bit, then Tommy pulls the car into an empty spot near the busy entrance. He immediately gets out of the car, then opens the trunk and starts unloading the cooler and huge canvas bag filled with beach towels, suntan oil, and other items that we will be needing later. Meanwhile, Krissy and I push a brush through our long blond hair then get out of the car and put on our sandals and sunglasses.

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   I hesitate for a second about taking off my dress in such a busy, public setting, but I unbutton it and throw it inside the car. I am now standing completely nude in the crowded parking lot while hundreds of people are coming and going from their cars. Krissy takes a quick look at me, then strips out of her dress and throws it on top of mine in the car seat. She pushes the door closed, then steps over to me and takes hold of my hand. Tommy slams the trunk door shut, then looks over at Krissy and I. He says "You and Krissy should put your dresses back on! Then clothing optional part of the beach is way down at the other end! We have to walk past hundreds of people first before we get there!" I just smile at him, then the three of us start walking through the crowded parking lot to the beach. Nobody seems particularly interested in seeing two naked females walking along holding hands.

Perhaps it is because my daughter and I spend so much time sunbathing with our swimming suits on, that it looks like we are wearing white bikinis. Anyway, we make our way through the parking lot to the sandy area, then see a sign that points us to the nude beach. We make a right and head in that direction while hundreds of people are having fun in the sun. When we get to a food vendor, I order four hot dogs, three bags of chips and three bottles of diet cola. As the man in the booth places the order in front of me, he says "Lady, you have the best body I have ever seen on this beach, so I am not going to charge you a dime for any food or drinks you want from me! Anytime you get hungry, just come over here when you are naked and order anything for yourself! Thanks for letting me serve the most beautiful woman in the world!" I thank him for the compliment, then pick up the bag of hot dogs and chips. Krissy grabs two of soda bottles and puts them in the cooler Tommy has brought along, then unscrews the top of hers and takes a big swallow of it,then turns towards her brother. She looks directly into his handsome eyes while she moves the ice cold bottle back and forth across her breasts and licks her lips. My daughter's nipples are normally very perky, but the ice cold bottle makes them suddenly spring outward, and they are pointing directly towards my son! Tommy stares at her tits for a few seconds, then says to me "Mom, tell Krissy to stop doing that! She is teasing me again!"

When we get to the nude beach area, Tommy pulls two large beach towels out of the big canvas bag he has carried here and spreads them out across the sand.


  Krissy and I immediately jump on one, then Tommy sits down on the other and immediately stuffs his face with a couple of hot dogs. Meanwhile, I have layed down on my stomach and Krissy is spreading suntan oil all over my naked backside. I prop myself up on my elbows and look around at all of the naked people doing pretty much the same thing. Eating, drinking and laying in the sun. Krissy squirts some more suntan oil on the backs of my legs, then begins running her hands from my white ass cheeks, down to my ankles and back. She quietly says to me how beautiful and smooth my legs are, then lays down on her stomach next to me and tells me to put some oil on her. Instead of sitting next to her to apply the oil, I climb between her legs, then push them further apart so her pussy is completely exposed to anyone walking along the beach. I squirt a generous amount of oil onto her back and begin rubbing her shoulders.

Tommy is intently watching me run my hands all over his naked sister while he reaches into the cooler he brought with us and takes out a cold plastic bottle of flavored water. Krissy starts moaning softly as I move my hands to her lower back, then I grab the oil bottle and squirt some on her ass cheeks. I gently caress them for a few seconds, then look around to see if anyone is watching me. I see only a few people looking in this direction, so I quickly push my daughter's white cheeks apart, then lean over and stick my tongue in her asshole! Her body jerks as my tongue shoots inside her for a second, then I quickly sit back up and continue to casually run my hands up and down her legs.

I spend a minute feeling her young legs, then I tell her to turn over so I can put some suntan oil on her front. As Krissy turns over, I tell Tommy to get his video camera and start taking pictures. He takes another gulp of water, then reaches into the canvas bag, grabs the camera and turns it on.

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   I look directly into the camera and say "Hello, my name is Susan Walker and I am going to demonstrate the best way for two naked girls to put suntan oil on each other at a public beach! Helping me with this demonstration today is my daughter Krissy!" I position myself between Krissy's legs and squirt a large amount of the suntan oil on her breasts, stomach and hairless pussy.
    Tommy tells me to wait a few seconds before we begin so he can get a better camera angle. He gets to his feet and takes a couple of steps backwards to get the full length of Krissy and myself in the picture. Krissy and I wait until he is ready, then I lean forward over her and rest myself on my elbows. We start tongue kissing, then Krissy wraps her legs around my back. I pretend like I have a big cock and begin fucking the hell out of her! Krissy starts moaning loudly as I thrust my naked pussy against hers over and over again.

    After a couple of minutes I suddenly stop, look over at the camera and say"I hope you have enjoyed watching this demonstration of the proper way for two girls to apply suntan oil on each other!" I give my daughter one last kiss, then I sit up and suggest that we go swimming in the ocean. Krissy immediately grabs my wrists and pulls me back down on top of her. I raise myself up on my arms and look down into her eyes while my breasts hang down and our nipples touch each other. Krissy immediately says "Mom, you can't leave me like this! I was just ready to orgasm! Please finish me off! Please, please! I will do anything you want me to do for an entire week!

    I will orgasm very quickly, so it will not take you very long!" I look around and see that most of the people that were watching us a couple of minutes ago have gone back to doing other things. I hesitate for a few seconds then say to her "Well, okay, but I am not going to spend more than three minutes with you! At the end of three minutes, we are going swimming!" Krissy smiles, then I look over at my son. He is still taking video of us, so I tell him to let me know when three minutes is up. I rock back and forth over the top of Krissy a few times while our nipples say goodbye to each other, then slowly lean down and start sucking on Krissy's neck. She begins to softly moan as stick out my tongue and drag it along her smooth skin to her breasts. I gently bite and suck on one of her nipples, then do the same thing to the other one.

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       Krissy starts thrashing around on the beach towel with the anticipation of having my tongue inside her pussy. Suddenly, I rock back on my knees and bury my face between her legs! Krissy starts going fucking wild and grabs onto the back of my head with both of her hands! She starts screaming at me "Don't stop! Please don't stop Mom! I'm going to orgasm any second now!" Krissy is bucking her hips off the towel and rams her pussy into my face for the next minute, then suddenly, she releases her grip from the back of my head and becomes silent. I get up to my feet and look around to see about twenty or thirty naked people watching me. I smile at them, then reach down and help Krissy to her feet.

    I tell my son to mount his video camera on the small tripod he brought with him and point it towards the area where are going to swim. Krissy and I run to the ocean and wade up to our waists. Gosh, the water is cold! Krissy and I quickly retreat to the waters edge and wait for my son. He makes a few adjustments to the camera, then walks over to Krissy and myself. He is still wearing his swimsuit, so I casually walk up to him, then yank it down to his ankles!He tries to pull it back up, but his sister pushes him, and he falls into the water! I bend over, grab his swimsuit and throw it as far away from him as I can! He chases after us and slaps our naked ass cheeks. After a few minutes, Krissy and I are laying on the sand and enjoying the soothing pleasure of the waves crashing before us. The surf rises to about our ankles, then recedes over an over. Tommy swims around in front of us for a while, then he gets out of the water and tells me that he has to walk over to the restroom to take a piss. I have always had this fantasy about someone urinating on me in a public setting, so I suggest to my son to piss on me instead of walking all the way to the public bathrooms.

    He says "I can't do that! There are fifty or sixty people watching me!" I tell him to relax and do as I say, or, I will not let him fuck me all summer when he is home from college. He immediately agrees to piss on me, so I tell him to urinate on my breasts and stomach area.

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       Suddenly, my son unleashes a torrent of urine that splashes directly into my face! I suddenly have a tremendous orgasm that sweeps through my entire body at light speed! All of these years I have wanted to have someone piss on me in public, now my son is doing it! I open my mouth and it fills quickly, so I swallow over and over again. The orgasm took all the strength out of me, so I collapse on the sand while I feel his warm urine splashing over the entire length of my body. I lay there for a minute, then sit up. Krissy helps me to my feet and we walk over to the beach towel and lay down together.

    I immediately fall into a deep sleep for about half an hour, then open my eyes and see Krissy laying on her side next to me. My son is on the beach towel next to us checking out the nude girls walking around. I decide to get closer to him, so I crawl on the sand, then lay down next to him. He is still naked, but is laying on his stomach so his big cock will not bring any attention to himself. I whisper in his ear that he really made me happy today, then tell him to roll over on his back. He hesitates for a few seconds, then pushes himself up from the towel and lays flat on his back. I reach between his legs and grasp his deflated cock while we start tongue kissing. Within seconds, his cock is full of blood while I casually stroke it up and down. Tommy tells me that people are watching us, and some of them have moved closer to get a better look. I tell him to not worry about the people around us and continue jacking his cock. Pretty soon I am getting really horny, so I suddenly get up and straddle my son's legs.

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       I lean over and kiss him while I move my pussy lips up and down against his hard cock. In a sexy voice, I start asking him if he would like to put his big hard cock into my little girl pussy while everyone watches us. As I keep rubbing my pussy lips up and down his hard cock, I look around to see thirty or forty naked people have gathered around Tommy and myself. I am getting horny as hell, so I reach between my legs and guide my son's cock into my pussy. I always have a hard time getting the full length of it into me the first try, so I have to rise up then lower myself down a few times.

    After minute or so, I am completely seated down on my son's ten inch cock. I relax and look around at the people walking around us, then a very pretty naked girl comes up to me and asks if she and her boyfriend can move their beach blanket next to ours. I tell her to go ahead, so they run over to their blanket, then bring it back and spread it out next to ours. Without asking, about ten other couples do the same thing! I must look a mess, so I lean over Tommy and grab my hair brush from the canvas bag. As I do this, my son's cock leaves my pussy and everyone around us gasps at the size of it! I immediate sit back down on it, then casually run the brush through my hair a few times. The cute girl next to us asks "Who is that handsome young man you are sitting on top of?" The people around us start talking between themselves after I reply "This is my son Tommy! He is home for spring break, and I decided to show him a really good time before he has to go back to school!" I brush my hair a few more times then lean forward to put it back in the canvas bag. My son's hard cock pops out of me again as I put the brush back into the canvas bag, then I sit back down. The young girl and I continue our conversation as my son holds onto my hips and begins thrusting his cock upwards into my pussy. I look around at all the people standing around us and say " Does anyone have a cold beer they would like to share with me?" Immediately, a nice young man hands me a cold bottle, so I twist off the cap and take a big swallow of it. I tell him thanks, then hold the bottle over my head and empty the rest of the contents.

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    The audience cheers while I toss my long hair around while the beer sprays off against their legs. Suddenly, my daughter wakes up and looks over at the crowd gathered around Tommy and myself. I immediately tell the girl next to me to go over and pleasure my daughter while my son and I put on a show for the audience. I pause for a few moments to make sure she has her face between my daughter's legs, then I start bouncing up and down on my son's cock. By this time, there is a large crowd of people standing around us, and most of the men are stroking their cocks! I am really enjoying myself and reach out to grasp two of the hard cocks pointed at me. I suck on one, then the other for minute or so, then tell them to get away from me so I can suck on some new ones! After about ten minutes, Tommy suddenly stops fucking me and I can feel his cock pumping gallons of sperm inside my pussy! I immediately release my grip from the two cocks I have in my hands, and lean backwards so the cock in my mouth pops out. I feel an orgasm building up in me as I put my hands on my son's chest and bounce up and down on his hard cock a few more times. Within just a few seconds, I have the best orgasm of my life and slump forward on top of my son.

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